Sunday, September 18, 2016

BUSTED!!!! SART Sunday

Another 36 miles today at 16.4 average with Gina and Aimee. I didn't get the guy's name but when we stopped at Edna Park, some dude asked if he could ride back with us to the coast. Seemed like a fairly nice friendly guy! He hopped on the back and seemed pretty happy with the lift back. He said he had started at Warner & PCH then headed inland on the trail for 20 miles. He said he would end up with about 50 or so. Somewhat of a language barrier there so I missed a lot of details but he was happy as heck when he turned off on PCH with a few big thank you's!

Good thing is my overtime has been cut out so I can get back to riding. The OT was killing me,gained weight that I had loss so time to work it off now that I will have a little more energy.

As we were sitting at the beach stop Bob rolled up. I saw him coming but wasn't sure as I didn't couldn't be sure not fully recognizing him without his buddy Dave. But yes it was Bob. He stopped for a while and told us about his cycling adventures and trips to far off lands. Nice to chat with him again after what? 5 years maybe?

After the ride we kicked back at a new structure put up by one of those office buildings where we park. Right next to the cars so I told Gina she should go relax in the shade on a swinging seat they put out there. Nice little structure. Really nice BBQ too but it's all locked up. Nice deck and some outdoor type furniture. Kind of a test to see if security would chase us out, they didn't. :-)

They "busted" part. Yesterday I mentioned that I was at the front the entire time. But this image was captured but Ron and Dixie. It shows me behind my lead out rider ha ha! Ohhh BUSTED ha ha ha!

The dude!

Bob (no Dave!)

A couple out there that rolled back with us for some time.

They hang out!

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