Wednesday, September 21, 2016

My Worst Enemies on the Road

Another local ride on the road. 13 miles 1076 ft of gain.
Third day in a row doing 100 crunches after some time. Did them right before the ride and boy were my abs sore today!

Ya know, my worst enemies on the road are other cyclists. Cars seem very polite when I ride (accordingly) but the cyclists suck. I can see why they get hurt.

I'm coming down an 11%-7% grade with a 4 way stop at the bottom. I slow way down,, make my stop but the idiot riding across on the flat runs the stop and almost runs into me as I start my launch from the stop. ​​​​​​​ 2 of them, second guy was the idiot!

I can make my stop on a fast downhill be he can't? Yes there was vehicular traffic as well.

Edit: Oh ha ha ha! Perfect timing. Ron sent this image to me the other day. Seems like a perfect time to use it. He says he has been on that road, I believe I was today ha ha!

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