Sunday, September 11, 2016

Black Chili Compound

Oh wait! Maybe I got mixed up between riding and the tires ha ha! Well I did receive my shipment from Ribble. Had a discount code so I ordered 205 of tyres (that's English for tires :-P). SO now I have 7 spare Conti GP40002's and a couple of Gatorskins for the tandem.

This is the black chili compound but now let's talk about CHILES!!!!!

Got in my ride on Saturday but it's another double birthday weekend,  a party each day. So Gina goes and buys another 76 pounds of New Mexico Hatch chile. This time she ordered X HOT and yes it is! Chiles look a bit small but man they are spicy and hot!

So after the party Saturday we get home about 9 pm. So I stay up roasting chiles on my grill till about 1:15 am. Then I get back up about 8 am and finish roasting them, Wow that is a lot of chile ha ha! Of course everybody in the family wants some so we ended up giving away plenty of the last batch about 3 weeks ago (70 pounds). But now it is all roasted and bagged ready to go in the freezer!

It was the only chance I had to get it roasted so I had to skip today's ride but you can tell I was missing my bike ha ha!

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