Saturday, September 3, 2016

Saturday SART With The Gang

Should have a video at a later time.

44 miles @ 16.6 average. Nice ride with Gina, Aimee, Mike and Jose. I was at the front for the first 25 of so then let Jose and Mike do the work to the coast. Nice sitting in draft recording and taking pics ha ha! Did see Bad Bob heading the opposite way. Mark showed up about an hour after we go there so we had a very brief chat with him then we headed off.BTW, we missed Gail today. The little chuckle in the video was because Aimee would not repeat the reason why Gail did not ride today on video seconds after she told me.

All in all just a nice ride at a decent pace.

Ride video!

OK I will have a ride video at a later time but I threw this one together. At he beach stop she walked by. Not many bikinis today but this chick, nice and perky with some jigglin' init! :-P

Oh and that is me swallowing water not making grunting noises as she passes by ha ha!

Not many bikinis today but the Big Guns were out ha ha! Darn Go Pro sucks as far as images imo!

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