Monday, September 5, 2016

Happy Anniversary Gina!

Well the years just fly by when you are having fun! Been living together 29 years and legally married 12 years. Life got in the way or we would have been married long before. Family medical (for those that know about Gina's sons) and other life stuff. Plus Gina believes in long engagements, like 18 years ha ha!

Anyway we had dinner at our usual anniversary spot. I took Gina there on our first date 29 years ago so it only seems right. Had the lobster tails. Really good stuff! The server happened to give the larger of the 2 tails. Usually she offers me the plate with the larger portion but she didn't even bring it up this time, hey it's lobster! Oh well, I ended up giving her a part of my lobster anyway, she really loves the stuff!

Had lunch earlier then wondered the streets ha ha ha!

                    I gave her the card the night before at midnight. As usual, no card for me! :-P


Anniversary bike ride

Really good workout ride!

We had the lobster tail

That white streak forming in he hair means she is only getting sexier imo!


  1. Happy Anniversary to you and Gina. Looks like you had a very nice day. Funny picture of you on that bike. Where was that taken?

    1. Thanks Jimbo! The pic was taken at the Santa Anita/Westfield plaza next to the Santa Anita horse track. There is a section on the upper level called the promenade stores. A little section tucked away in the corner with a few bike settings. Pretty sharp little deal ha ha! Lots of people taking pics there on the bikes.

  2. Happy Anniversary guys!! You inspire us. Love the picts and the Northwoods. Take care!