Sunday, September 25, 2016


36 miles @ 15.9 average.

So it seems it's been pretty breezy lately but I hear many riders talk about wind. Well today was windy! 50 MPH gusts though the wind was not a consistent force. As soon as we got on the trail heading inland we could see the dirt storm approaching Lincoln Ave. I thought it seemed breezy on Saturday but Sunday reminded me of what WIND was really like ha ha!

Good thing Gina opted for a shorter ride after riding Saturday. Kind of broke my heart not being able to go to Yorba Park in the wind. This monster wind is when the real fun starts. But I had a chance to do some miles during the week so I figured why torture Gina?

I did stay at the front all day today to control the pace. Works well this way so that we can avoid the accelerations that seem to wear down Gina. I think she needed it today as the first half of the ride really wore her down. Of course heading into monster wind as a warm up is never fun for her ha ha! Aimee said she was game for whatever distance we chose not having ridden with us Saturday. But I think she was pretty happy when Gina picked the shorter course that would avoid the extra wind toward Yorba ha ha!

Also ran into some dude who was riding a unicycle. He had some interesting stories and some details about unicycle equipment that I would have never thought. Like brakes etc. Different function on a unicycle compared to a standard road bike, interesting stuff.

                                             Uh oh! Dirt in the air means big winds ahead!

Flag at Edna Park was straight out! :-O

I feel the govt should outlaw these bikini cover things! :-P

Unicycle Dude!

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