Friday, September 30, 2016

Some Loco Local Riding

Well I wanted to head out on Wed eve but as soon as I got my bike ready and loaded (lights etc) it started POURING!!!! Forget it, I waited till Thursday. Gina has been working late so no sense in waiting for her, end of month is always busy for them.

So Thursday I head out and darn it, after riding up San Antonio for 6 blocks or so I realize I hit the wrong button to start the Garmin timer. Well Strava shows it a bit short but I got in about 12 miles with 1,000 ft. I know as it was the same exact ride as last week's mid week ride.

Friday she plans to be even later so heck I might as well ride since we can't ride Saturday. Once again prepped the lights and headed out. This time I racked up 16 miles and 1500 ft of gain. Not a bad ride and really quiet for a Friday as far as traffic.

Of course I had to make a stupid little video of my lights ha ha!



The video!

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