Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Mas Midweek Ride & GMR Motorcycle Wipeout !!!!!

Well we didn't ride over the weekend so I did get out this evening. Of course Gina is still busy at work so again I headed off alone  trying to maintain some fitness.

My mind wanders when I don't have anything to think about so I made up my own sign along the way. Hey, seems to be the thing nowadays. Riding up and through the rich neighborhoods made me think, I'm a Mexican on a carbon fiber bike in a ritzy neighborhood.

So my sign, symbol of peace is one arm up. Much easier than the two arm symbol that is going around right now. My symbol stands for, "I'm a Mexican on a carbon fiber bike. Don't shoot because I do have a receipt!". :-P

Oh well, so I got in 15.8 miles and 1214 ft of gain.

BTW, Ron sent this link of a motorcycle wipe out on GMR. Hope he doesn't mind that I share it. If you do Ron, let me know I will remove it! :-P

Link to his video. No worries I don't post viruses stuff, I ain't that smart ha ha!


  1. Amazing crash video. I am glad to see the biker was not too badly injured, and that Ron was out of the way and did not get hit. From the look of the sight, I can see it happened early in the climb up GMR.

  2. Ah good observation. For some reason I was thinking it was on the descent. But then again Ron climbs so fast, even the uphill looks fast! :-P