Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Local Midweek Ride

Well I headed out and figured it would get dark by the time I was done, and it did! I only hit 23rd street figuring it was dark about that heading to 24th playing it safe. Go tin 12 miles with 1,012 ft gain.

I did push my self at the top knowing there was a Strava segment there. 4% for 1/2 mile. I set my own PR and so I am 116 out of 430 all time. 12 out of 78 all time over 200 pounds. This year I am 6 out of 25 in the over 200 pound category. Kind of strange but I know one the riders who says he is 200+ and I'm pretty sure he isn't that heavy at like 5 ft tall. Hmmm, Strava people!

Kind of hard to get a good pic at 21 MPH in the dark with no hands! :-P

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