Saturday, October 8, 2016

Me & Jose Holding Down The Pace

44+ miles with a 17.4 average. Well Gina once again at the hospital with her son so I headed out with Jose today. I rode my old Cannondale cause I really like that bike. I actually like this old  1998 aluminum CAD3 more than I like my full carbon Madone. Thing just feels like it wants to roll. We headed out for the 44 miler when Jose informed me that Joaquin would be joining us later in the ride. We do the 44 but Joaquin does 19 so Jose said we ought to let him pull us to the coast from Edna Park ha ha! So we did and I will say Joaquin did a pretty good pace up there considering that is usually the stiffer headwind section. I think Joaquin had his Wheaties cause he did really well today. On the return I took the lead for a while then Jose, then Joaquin. Joaquin did lift the pace pretty good. I am not sure if he is trying to drop riders behind him or just his style but he does a lot of accelerations. Heck, I remember seeing 27 on the section near Moon Park. I was feeling pretty comfortable though. Must be the midweek rides kicking in.

It was a really nice day! While I was eating my Clif bar at the rest stop, some bird just flew up onto my lap. Dude was missing a foot! Heck friendly little guy so I fed him part of my bar. He didn't even mind posing for a few pictures ha ha!

Mom opted for the Levi look!

What kind of nutrition bar is she eating? I need to get a few of those ha ha!

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