Sunday, October 23, 2016

More Tandem, Less Rain

Again Gina and I had a chance to ride alone so we again took the tandem. Did a shorter ride of 36 miles while trying to do a more relaxed pace today. Legs still burning from yesterday's tandem ride, first in a while and it is a bit different from singles. Ended up with a 16.5 average though which is not bad.

Forecast said there was about an hour window chance of rain in Anaheim then it would vanish. Well it did start to sprinkle while we were at Edna Park but not hard enough to suggest heading back. Got a bit heavier on down the road near the soccer fields but it seemed we were under a dark cloud so resting under a tree in a dry spot might do the trick. Still wasn't too hard but heck, our butts were sore so it was no biggie ha ha!

It was then Bong and his buddies rolled by giving me a chance to snap a pic. Light showers didn't seem to be stopping so we just said heck with it and headed on to the coast. Little did I know had i waited another 3 or 4 minutes, I would have gotten a good pic of Jose R and his gang. But I missed it, bummer!

Later we say Bad Bob leaving the coast. As we crossed paths he shouted,"IT'S RAINING!!!". Good thing he let us know or we might not have noticed ha ha! It did get a little heavier for a bit as if it might start to pour but it actually dried up. Got lucky and not one drop on the 12 mile return leg home.

Did see Gem near the Circle K where we turned around today. Also Alex at the coast for a little chat.


Bong and his buddies...all 3 pics are the same pic but edited to show different views.

Smile Alex. He said this is trying to smile smile!

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