Monday, October 10, 2016

Fitty Foh!

Gina's birthday today! 54 years young!

Well I think I made Gina's day today for her birthday! After breakfast i took her to visit her Mom who gave her a gift and had a nice little visit. Then on the way home we passed a little store where Gina worked back when she was 16 years old, 38 years ago! We had passed by several time over the years and she has told me many stories of her time there. This time I told her we should stop to see if the people were still there. She said it was very unlikely but I pulled in anyway. We walked in to find an old Korean guy behind the counter of a pretty empty store, dark and half empty. I asked the guy how long he had been there and he says a long time. Started chatting and sure enough it was the guy. Then he started to recall Gina and her time there working for him. He's 75 now and keeps his shop open because he owns the building though business is slow. But he also has the little missionary shop at the end of the building where he helps guide alcoholics and rehab Korean people. Said he had been in the papers over 500 times throughout the year for doing good in the community. Wife passed away back in 1995. At least he has done good things over the years. He was somewhat timid at first then after a good chat it was funny cause he followed us out to the car and kept talking with us ha ha! It was nice to see Gina spend some time with her mother and this old guy who Gina said had been a father figure to her while she worked there. Nice blast from the past! After that Gina thanked me for making it a memorable birthday! :-) But we weren't done there! We ended up having pizza with Chris and his family as well as Richard and Lil Lizzy! (Sons and grandkids)


Harry and Gina 38 years later!

Gina and her Mom

Harry's Mission Center

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