Saturday, October 15, 2016

SART 44 & Lost Water Bottle (Camelback)

Pretty nice ride today. Gina hasn't been on the bike much so I was really expecting her to suffer today. But she didn't! Actually did very well. After the ride she said she was trying really hard but she actually made it look pretty easy. I was in front the whole time just trying to control the pace staying in her comfort zone, but just a wee bit more ha ha! No complaining, no calling me obscene names so yeah I guess she felt OK ha ha!

Saw Herb and Alyce. Hadn't spoken with them in a while so we stopped to chat for a bit. Plus it gave me a chance to snap a pic of Alyce and her new bike (Di2 stuff).

44.2 miles at 16.2 average.

This sad bottle was at the beach stop setting all alone. NO RIDERS around, matter of fact we did not see one cyclist heading our way from Edna Park all the way to the coast and not many heading the opposite direction. I thought it was Christmas day or something ha ha! I know a couple of friends had been at the coast before us so who knows? Maybe it belongs to one of them and they'll get it back. Little things can be expensive ha ha! So if it's yours, let me know!

Crossed paths with Tammy!

Some dude hopped on the back as we rolled by. He was cool, said thanks as we turned off into Yorba Park.

Alyce and her new bike.


Same bird as last week, sitting and eating from Gina's hand.

Ron and Dixie heading to the coast.

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