Saturday, October 29, 2016

Tandem Saturday

 So today was a 44 miler with Gina on the tandem at 16.8 average. We took the front for the first 25 miles then moved over for a little help. Got a pull for about 5 then we did another 7 or so looking for more help. Got about another couple of miles then ended up at the front again. I tell ya, good help is hard to find!

Once at the coast we ran into Ron and Dixie. Oh, and a lot of birds. Some real brave bird brains out there ha ha! They love the Clif Bar ha ha! One brave dude was letting me touch him even before I gave him some food. Once I gave him food, it was on! Sitting on my hand gripping my finger chowing down his lunch. I really thought the bird liked me and we had a connection but Dixie says it's because I had food. Meh! Who is Dixie anyway! She doesn't know birds like I do! Just kidding!

Let's mention the fly bys! I like the Strava function so you can tell who is around and identify some of the riders out there. Of course I called it a fly by way before Strava was around when I started taking pics back in like 06.

First there was Jose R and his River velo buddies. Bad Bob heading the opposite way ready to dive bomb us with a head on ha ha! Saw Tammy and her girlfriends out there. Alex heading the opposite way. Haven't been able to capture that guy on his bike with the camera lately. Then there was Mr. Miyagi again. I remember the day he was asking for an ass whooping, he was arguing that he was faster than us and passing us like 3 times. Uh yeah because we would pass him, he would draft, spring then fade. I asked him to stay off us as the women we ride with don't wish to have these dangerous off and on again riders with us. He got upset and threatened to kick my ass. Uhh OK, 5 ft tall and hefty like the heavy bag I used to have for punching practice. Surely this guy's forehead was a target for several quick stiff jabs before the right cross across his jaw that would surely put him to sleep ha ha! So anyway I find this guy on Strava via fly by function. He is doing 19 mile rides at 15.5 averages. Ummm OK! I looked way back in his history and that is about it. You know Gina at her best did an 18.1 on a 44 miler. Recently 17 point somethings on her single bike. Yeah she is drafting me but when you see Mr. Miyagai, he's sucking wheel as much as he can ha ha! So like I told him, he needs to beat Gina before I would even consider racing him  ha ha! I told him my wife was faster than he is and after viewing Strava, I have proof ha ha! Let's see, my 44 miler at 19.3 vs his 19 miler at 15.5??? Who would you put your money on ha ha! nyway, he was out there today sucking wheel on a couple of roadies. More  than likely getting ready to sprint around them and annoy them too. Well at least he wasn't competing with women this time ha ha! Oh, women that would kick his ass ha ha!

OK now the homeless. I know I am supposed to be a caring young man but these people are really rubbing me the wrong way. Some say they are looking for a better life blah blah but in my opinion, they don't give a damn about anybody! So many tents out there. Most on the other side of the river which is good because they cause some major confusion on the trail around bikes.

Some organization goes out there and feeds them every Sunday and man what a mess! Couple weeks back I am just about back to the Orangewood when I run into one of those feed the homeless things. Wow, those people really should be responsible for the safety of the cyclists out there. It's a bike path not a feed zone! These idiots were parking their bikes ACROSS the freaking path! What a bunch of morons I tell ya! Free food, the least they can do is make it safe for everyone else.

the next ride I was just about to drop down into one of the steeper underpasses at the south end of the
golf course. Plenty of cyclist going through and an idiot up on the bank was sweeping dirt onto the trail making a huge cloud of dirt. Guy was actually using a broom to push the dirt onto the trail. I had to shout, "you idiot! You're going to get somebody hurt!!". He says he is trying to clean up.Stupid idiot, what are you doing under there in the first place?!

So if any cyclist has passed under the mess on Katella, you can see they tried to seal it off with steel bars. Sure enough they have been bent and smoke stains along the concrete shows those idiots have set fire to the underpass there.

Not to mention the piss across the trail, the dirt, the glass, the bikes they park there blocking the trail and safety of others. The loose dogs! Hell, these bastards have more rights than I do and they don't pay taxes, or for shit for that matter. I had a dog a few years back. I let him out in the front yard to take a leak. I was cited for having a loose dog, in my yard, with a fence because the gate was not closed. The dog was not going anywhere other than the front lawn but I was cited. These idiots let their dogs loose on the trail around hundreds of cyclists, bullshit!

I guess I really got ticked off today as we stopped at Edna Park. Maybe 5 women waiting to use the restroom and some drug addict bitch was in there taking a shower. Seen the gal before and often she's got the place locked down and smoking some kind of chemical in there. Today she had another gal in there fulling bottles for her so she could shower in the stall while women waited to use the restroom. WTF! Women were asking how long they would be in there and they  would not answer, just kept on their business! Bullshit I say! They need to get these people in check! Bastards have more rights than the rest of us who pay for this shit! :-(

Skank ass drug bitch taking a shower in the stall wile 5 women wait to use the restroom. This idiot helping her fill the bottles.

Nobody at the beach!

Ron the photographer's nifty work with the camera.

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