Sunday, October 9, 2016

Sunday No Gina

 44.5 miles at 17.8 average. So I hit the trail again today. Felt pretty breezy today. Legs felt tired but hey, that's when you get the best workouts right ?! A bit warmer than I expected, Garmin says average 91 degrees. But the bright side, as few peeps as there are at the beach, there were a few bikinis here and there. Where else but in Southern California ?!

                                                 Rode my old Cannondale today!

                       I tried as hard as I could on the last mile to raise the average up to 17.9                                                                  but my legs wouldn't let me. I was toasted ha ha!

Cruiser bruiser!

Yup, those look like some bruisers to me!

Not crazy about tats and skinny butts but pretty sure somebody will like her!

This gal was a doll IMO!

Dont'cha just hate when the surfer dudes hog the water faucet?

Bikinis in October!

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