Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Local Midweek Obese Ride!

Just cracking up as one of the topics on a bike forum today was obese people. Yeah I qualify according to the doctors ha ha! So today I rode solo again and decided to head all the way up to the top of San Antonio on my second loop since there was a little segment there averaging 9% average with a short kicker of 12.5% at the top. Short 1/2 of a mile but it hurts ha ha!

Well the 200 lbs class and over on Strava I hit #14 today out of 31 riders this year. Not bad for an obese guy ha ha!

Got in a decent ride, 12 miles with 1,024 ft. Good midweek workout!

Got my cheap safety glasses on top of my helmet. Just about time to switch. That's what happens when you ride from sun up to sun down ha ha!

Rough getting a clear pic riding no hands at night. :-P


  1. Hey us Clydesdales have to stick together. I always let my legs do the talking, and most little guys I run into can't get they to shut-up. Stay safe out there Mr. Beanz !

    1. Ha ha Zipp! It was just a funny thread that made fun of the fact of people are mostly considered obese now. I think most of America is ha ha!