Saturday, October 22, 2016

People We Know & Airshow (SART)

44 miles at 17.1 on the tandem with Gina today. Haven't been on the tandem in a while and since we had planned to ride alone I figured this was a good time. If you've been on a tandem, you know how it is to try to hold someone's wheel when your stoker has no idea what is going on in front of her. You react, she doesn't equals pain ha ha!

But we did run across Ron & Dixie on their tandem so we helped each other along the way for a while. Figuring Gina hasn't been on the bike much lately, she did really well keeping up with me today on the tandem. No fading, no weak spells which is a blessing while riding the tandem for sure!

We did ride through today instead of our usual rest stop at Edna Park. So this gave Gina 44 PR's on Strava ha ha! :-) I got zero! :-/

Ran across a few people we know out there.

                                              Jose R at the Honda Center rest stop

Shawna and her hubby(yellow) and a buddy. It sure is hard to take a pic while turning off a bridge on a tandem ha ha!

Ron & Dixie ( distant and close up)

Jose R again at Yorba Park

Shawna rolling into Yorba, check out that Colnago!

Ron & Dixie heading to the coast

OK so I don't know her, who's going to argue?!

The airshow, Blue Angels ??????

Couple of bombers out there! :-P

77 yo Steve inline skating champ

Fed Ex stunt plane. He did a few stunts but at a much lower rate of speed

Steve's new skates, $1800 molded to his feet. Wowzer!

Our tandem

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