Saturday, September 24, 2016

SART Saturday

44 miles at 16.1 with Gina and Jose today. Tried to hold the pace down trying to conserve for a Sunday ride. Gina said she felt really good on the ride till I let Jose go in the front after 25 miles or so. I was controlling the pace pretty well then he went up front and lifted it. OK that was not in the plan but whatever!

After the first 7 miles or so we ran into Mark at Yorba Park. He asked if he could ride with us and I said sure but I was keeping the pace controlled. Of course my legs were a bit toasty from riding during the week which I hadn't done in a while. So I was happy to keep it down. He said after the Circle K store (Kramer ??) he would be happy to take the front for a while. But he was starting slow so he wasn't sure if he would still be up at that point as we had already had our warm up. So we headed off and no kidding! When he says slow he means slow ha ha! I think we were doing 15 or so as there was a pretty good headwind. I noticed he fell back right away so we just kept an easy pace. I figured once he warmed up he would catch up to us anyhow. He never did so we sat up a few times to see if he was coming up but nope! Knowing he can do a pretty good speed I figured he'd catch us by Orangewood but still didn't see him. So kept on to Edna Park for a break, Surely he would catch us there. But he never showed so now I am figuring he probably flatted. I know one of his Strava rides last week was titled "3 Flats" so I'm figuring. After the ride we got in touch and sure enough! I told him by now he probably has the record for most flats in one week. He said this was his 5th flat this week and that he should be good for the rest of the year ha ha! Keep your chains crossed for  him ha ha ha!

Also saw Ron at the start of the ride. No Dixie or tandem today so I figured he'd kick butt while he had the chance to race his single bike. Looking at his Strava, looks like he got his way, pretty fast average there Ron! I did snap a pic but I think I was a bit too far, kind of grainy! But I tried to work it best I could.

As far as the picture of the bikini, I swear some women look like models when they are 40 yards away. Once they get close, kind of disappointing but hey, I took the pic anyway just to show that there are still bikinis out here ha ha!

One shot I did miss today was some young thin gal in a bikini. She walked by wearing a cover but open in the front not covering much. After she walked by Gina asked, "did you see that?!". Yeah bit I didn't have my camera on so I missed the shot. This gal had a very tiny biking bottom on very low cut in the front. Ummm so low that she had about 2 inches of thick bush sticking out of the top. Neatly trimmed but about 2 inches of bush I said! Never seen that at the beach before and I miss the freaking shot! She wasn't even concerned about it, just strolling around like she was proud of it ha ha! Damn, can't believe I missed the shot! :-(

Joaquin and his buddy Eduardo were at the coast as well. Short chat then they headed off to a BBQ birthday party. I got a few shots first, give me something to post on FB as they are both on my friends list.

Yes, bikinis still out there.

Gina's final sprint to the finish!

The end of a joyful ride!

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