Thursday, January 19, 2017

Should I Stay Or...........

Should I stay or should I go now?! Seems to fit the situation. I had jury duty, got home early then started thinking about going for a ride. I wimped out once I picked up my guitar and decided to "stay"! Oh well, I did learn a new song. :-P

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Idiot Cyclists Blowing Stop Signs and Intersections

You know I had poster for years on various cycling forums. I got so sick of reading "Stupid Driver" threads. I have seen for myself firsthand what kind of idiots are out there on bicycles. I will not give names but I have ridden on friendly rides with some of the posters who consider themselves cycling advocates and "SAFE" experienced cyclist. Let me tell you, I have seen a couple of them nearly get creamed by vehicular traffic due to their own stupidity.

Sadly, one guy almost got killed on GMR. It was an ugly sigh to see this guy go head on with a car. Luckily the driver saw him and slammed on his brakes as the cyclist cut the turn switchback to save a second or two. After that, I vowed to never ride with that idiot again. I didn't want to be the one who had to tell his wife he had been in an accident because I just might have said, "sorry, your husband is dead because he was an idiot!".

Another time I was riding with some guy who did something stupid in traffic. I tried to say it gently "uhhh, what the hell are you doing?!". His response, was, "so what are they going to do, run over me?". I'm guessing these idiots think a driver can't run over them because it's again the law. Hello, wake up you idiots!

So this evening, this video was sent to me. Sure I am going to use it! I ride in this same exact area midweek on evening rides. Many cyclists complain about driver behavior but honestly, I get nothing but respect on the road. I ride at night, well lit, front and read, and even ankle bands for side visibility. I make stops, I obey the law and I ride predictably. 95% of the time, even if I am not the first to approach a 4 way stop, the drivers, ALL OF THEM will wave me through. Nothing but consideration out there. I am sure there are a few bad drivers, but yeah, bad cyclists too!

So after all the "stupid driver" threads, my biggest scares on the road were close encounters with other cyclists. You guess it! Stupid cyclists who blow 4 way stops and intersections like this idiot!

One day, day time, plenty of sun, I made my stop at a 4 way stop. I was crossing and waited my turn. I started my take off from the line and WHAT THE HELL!!!!! Some idiot who blew the 4 way almost creams me from the side doing about 25 MPH, running the stop signs. Yes, there was also vehicular traffic present.

Another situation that really scared the piss out of me was when Gina was driving. Plenty of cars at the 4 way stop and she starts her take off as she should have. The video shows a red truck on the far side of the cyclist but in this case, Gina was on the same side as the cyclist who blew the 4 way stop. So she drives 1/2 way through the intersection when this idiot comes flying between cars splitting the lanes of stopped cars. No way could she see him flying through the center of the cars and trucks. She proceeds then this idiot swerves just enough as Gina slams on her brakes to avoid becoming a hood ornament.

I have to say it, there are a lot of stupid cyclists out there! Nobody wants to hear this but ..THEY ARE ASKING FOR IT!!!. You say that on a cycling forum and the cycling advocates jump your ass right away. You should never say something like that because nobody ever asks for it! Uhh yeah they do, they are just asking to be hit!

Too bad these idiots really think they are good cyclists and handlers. Yes, maybe they are and maybe they have been lucky so far but sooner or later, your luck runs out!

Just seeing these idiots for myself from my bike and from my vehicle, I have to say these guys give us a bad rap! Again, the forum world does not want to hear that because...drivers should never lump us all into one category blah blah blah but they do, I have been told myself by people who do not like cyclists for this type of reason. Sure I try to talk sense into them but really, you idiots really are giving us a bad rap!

Sunday Single Bikes

Another 41 miles today at 15.4 average. Not bad considering it felt pretty windy today. The last 2 miles to the coast I was pushing pretty good at the front holding 13.5 and 15 from bridge to bridge heading south. Pretty stiff headwind. I was worried about Gina but she actually did pretty good today! I think she complains less when other people are around. Not to mention she calls me fewer not so nice names when we have company ha ha!

Aimee and Jose rode with us. Did see Mark heading the opposite way as well as Ron & Dixie a couple of times. I thought they would catch us heading to the coast having to ride against a big head wind. Seems they finished the ride shortly after we got back. so they weren't far behind.

We hit a big headwind heading to Imperial today. So once we turned around and headed to the coast, you can see Aimee smiling ha ha! I don't think any of them were smiling much heading into the wind. :-P

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Even Cyclist Need Faith! & SART Saturday

This video was sent to me so I asked if I could post it on my blog, permission granted! So I figure I won't use any name, Err cough cough.........RON & DIXIE !!!! Ha ha ha!

I guess Ron racked the tandem after their ride last week. They drove home but realized when they got home, the front wheel was not in the truck. Uh oh! So, hope I get the story right, Dixie talks Ron into driving all the way back figuring it would still be there. They don't live far from us so I know it was at least a 30 mile drive one way home. 60 Home and back to Rampart where we usually park around the corner. So 60 miles later and over 1 1/2 hours, they return and the wheel is still there! Talk about Faith!

So this is the video footage sent to me, I just added the intro and credits.

Saturday Gina and I rode the tandem, it's been a while! Gina hasn't been on the bike much lately so I was expecting the worst. But she did pretty good and we ended up with an average of 16.3 over the 44 miles. I was ready to get tortured today but it wasn't all that bad, thank goodness!

One point that almost killed me was the steep ramp just South of Moon Park. Strava has it at 15.4% but it's only like 30 yards or so. Gina pulled a cramp going up the short hill and couldn't pedal. Have you ever tried to ride up a 15% grade with a one legged stoker on the back of a tandem? :-O

Old Faithful Jose rode with us and did help ups along the way. Ran into Ron at Edna Park and had a pretty good chat. Ron and Mark at the coast then Alex a bit later.

A really nice day and what made it even better is that we saw Bad Bob on the trail! :-P

Jose, Gina, and Ron (PinoyBnter)

I didn't think that it was that cold but after seeing my nipple..........

Somebody's got some spiffy wheels!

I'm not sure but I think the dude in the red is getting ready to sing to the dude in green! :P

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Running With The Pack!

46 miles @ 17.9 MPH average speed. Mike and Joaquin rode yesterday so they wanted to hold the pace down today. I didn't ride so I was game for whatever our legs could do. I thought it was funny though. About a month ago I did a solo 50 miler on Saturday, then rode with the same guys on Sunday. Knowing I did miles the previous days, they didn't care and they tried to rip my legs off. Just to show them what a team player I am, I went with the plan today. We actually took it pretty easy until 2 miles from the coast heading South. Once we were there, it seemed we had a pretty good average so we did pick it up a bit on the return. I figured I was the freshest out of the 3 so I pulled 5 of the 12 mile return leg. The other guys then rotated once then I ended up at the front for the last mile pushing pretty good trying to hit the 18 average. Didn't work though and I was happy with the ride. It was nice to be the fresh guy for once and take it easy! I was once all night till 4 am cooking tamales so I was a bit short on sleep today. Didn't feel it till the ride was over though ha ha!

Did see Bad Bob, Ron & Dixie on their tandem, and Alex heading the opposite way. Oh yeah, and a set of boobs! That's Winter in Southern California!

Friday, January 6, 2017

Wed Eve Ride

Darn, I forgot to post it so it's a bit late! Local 18 miles with 1,500 ft of elevation gain. 56 degrees average temperature. Looked like rain, smelled like rain, even had rain in the forecast. But no rain! Gina said I better go tonight cause the rest of the week looks like rain. Thank goodness for them bike lights! :-P Now to cook my dinner cause Gina ain't home!

The course and profile!

Lights with aid from street lamps

All headlights

Night selfie!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy Rough New Year Ride For Gina Today

40 miles @ 15.2 average speed. I think she did too much Christmas shopping! We started off alone and she did pretty good. I thought about doing 36 to the Circle K but hey, it's New Years and I figured she would do OK on the 40 (Imperial bridge, not to Yorba Park). But I was wrong. She had a tough time the last 4 or 5 miles and if I had settled for the shorter ride, she probably would have had a bit more fun on the ride. Oh well, maybe that will help her figure out her cycling goals for the new year he he he! Saw Fabulous Frank roll by, I think he's out of retirement now. Also saw Alex at the coast but seemed he was in a hurry to get on with his ride.

It did seem a bit breezy heading to the coast but not as much wind as the last 2 weeks. Once at the coast we ran into Mark and Gail so we headed back with them. Gina said her legs were already hurting but I thought she would be OK. But a couple miles from Edna Park, her legs really pooped out on her. I think she needs more hill training ha ha!

So anyway, I got a flat! But luckily it was my day as it happened in the last 20 yards or so! Have to say, it will take a couple more rides for Gina to get back up to speed!