Sunday, October 14, 2018

Team Fat Bastard

35 miles at 17.6 average today. I planned to ride today but when the alarm went off, I said screw it and stayed in bed. Then Jose sent a text asking if I was going to ride. I typed yes, time and place then erased it ha ha! Nope, staying in bed. Thought about it a while then said yeah OK, then no, then yes! Dang it get up before I changed my mind again.

SO I asked if he was going to wear the fat bastard jersey that I had bought him (what a deal, $19). He said yes so I figured I'd wear mine and go as Team Fat bastard today. Glad I went, it was pretty good. A bit on the dark side, couple of dirty underpasses (rain debris) but other than that it was pretty nice.

Jose did some good work at the front. It was cool as we both held a steady pace and in the end it worked out well with the 17.6. Jose looked pretty strong so I was happy that accelerating up those stupid little ramps today was much easier and I could feel my legs coming back. Man what a difference when you don't ride. At least today I could feel my quads react and contract when I pushed. Heck, last few week felt they felt like twigs when I tried to respond.

So anyway, had a good time and happy with the ride.Did see Tony at the coast and had a short chat. As well as Ron and Dixie heading to the coast as we were heading home. Boy they must have started late.

Some guys really crack me up though. One dude we ran into at Edna Park, wearing all black, tall thin skinny guy looking pretty fit. We headed off to the coast then he hopped on the back for a second. Next thing I know he sprints around like a madman and gets far ahead, like 100 yards. I was up front and shouted to a couple of other guys that we were passing, two of us. They said OK then as I passed, they cut off Jose and tried to keep my wheel. I don't think that was going to happen but I did notice Jose was behind them. They lifted the pace and blocked Jose so he couldn't get around. Dammit! I had to sit up and wait til he could make his way around. Finally he gets around then we regroup, the guys never caught up and couldn't keep up so they fell behind.

But the dude in black got way ahead. I thought wow he's fast but then saw him fading. We didn't lift the pace but catching up quickly. Then we roll by him and I shout on yer left. But he sticks on the side of Jose not letting him pass. OK whatever! He stayed there for a bit then fell back anyway. Once to the wooden bridge near the coast he was nowhere to be seen. Wow, after he displayed that fireball sprint, I almost expected him to stay somewhat close but he didn't so I had to laugh. Later he pulls up at the coast and mutters something with an embarrassed type smirk on his face. He sat there for a bit then took off. These guys are hilarious ha ha! I think he underestimated the Fat Bastard Jerseys ha ha!

                               Fat Bastards! :-P

Tony is the only guy I know who color coordinates his jersey with the restroom doors! ;-)

Yes, I got in my exercise and Gina sat out again.  I did have THE TALK with her last week about getting her butt back on the bike but again she bribed me with a swim later and a visit to the jacuzzi. I have a hard time resisting those kinds of offers. :-P

Yeah baby! Back on track. No medication,  all about proper diet, exercise, and jacuzzi time! :-P  

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Awesome Sauce! New Jersey Mark's Bike Shop

I had ordered this jersey from Mark. I told him I wanted one from his shop if he were to ever order jerseys. So finally after a couple years he tells me he is about to order. I order mine. Not really caring about the color, design etc. I just wanted a jersey from Mark's Bike Shop because he is such a cool guy, excellent mechanic and always been a good friend.

Nope, won't order a jersey from any other shop other than Mark. Mark knows I'm a stickler when it comes to my bikes, nobody touches then but me and if I can't, then I want the best to help me out, Mark!

Anyway to my surprise, the colors are awesome imo. Available in red or blue, I chose blue. The samples on paper he showed me looked cool enough but when I got it, wow, it is really cool looking, I am impressed. Anyway, I'm happy with it and it seems to fit well enough to use on my rides. I'm happy!

Mark's Bike Shop

Sunday, October 7, 2018

They Was A Killin' Me Today!

Well I did better today but I sure was tired! Rode with Tony and Jose the first few miles then ran into Joaquin at Edna who joined us to the coast. Almost 35 miles with a 17.2 average according to Strava. Stupid Strava gave me a 17.2 but Garmin Connect gave me a 17.3, I like that one better ha ha!

We were pretty nice and steady when it was just the 3 of us but once Joaquin joined in, it got a little faster and more slowing and accelerations that were killing my legs. Only 4th ride back but the quads don't want to respond on the little upty dupties. But they will come back once I get a little more riding in the saddle. I ended up riding the last couple hundred yards to the coast alone after falling behind. My legs just ran out of gas but hey, can't blame nobody but myself for that. I will say I didn't go to the front once today which was nice having a few guys to do the work.

Sat at the coast for a bit then Alex rode up. Wow, the dude did a ton of miles yesterday and another ton today. I want to say 65 yesterday and another 60 or 70 today. I could be off a few but that is close I know.

A brief chat with Alex then we headed off, Joaquin, Tony, Jose, and I. Alex stayed back a couple minutes but I knew he'd be catching us. Well me anyway!

So I can tell the guys are holding back a little for me but we are rolling at 20.5 or so. But I notice when we go down the underpasses we are about the same except that on the way up, we're doing 22.5 and it's killing me to go faster on the up than the flat sections. That's cool though! I'm the one who hasn't been riding and I am not about to slow the others down so I do my best. I was actually OK and recovering once we got up the ramps but then comes along Alex!

Alex is flying pretty good to catch us so he takes a very short breather then heads off flying at the front. We have only a few short miles to go, maybe 3 or 4? Tony and Joaquin hop on his wheel then the 3 take off. Jose was somewhat taking off when he looked back and saw me holding back and not lifting the pace to catch them. Oh heck no! I was suffering enough, if I lift the pace, I'll be toast within the next half mile and they'll have to call an ambulance to pick me up ha ha!

So the three start pulling away when I tell Jose to go ahead. He says no and waits for me to get back on his wheel. I tell him I don't want to slow anybody down and he says it's OK, he'll be a good teammate and help me back. And that is exactly what he did! Maybe because I bought him that new jersey he is wearing, The Fat Bastard jersey ha ha!

I had gotten a gift card from the jerseys I had bought online from Love2Pedal dotcom. Wow, amazing service these guys and up to 5XL in plenty of jerseys with cool patterns. You probably saw my spider, bone collector and Sesame Street jerseys in earlier post. Blazing fast delivery and free shipping on some jerseys, only 2 business days and they were on my doorstep! I had gotten a $5 gift card from L2P and the jersey I got for Jose was only $24.99. I got one for me and one for him since the card took his down to $19.99. I got kept the more expensive $24.99 one ha ha! As if one could tell! So yeah, I think that is why he waited and pulled me back!

 The other three guys, Alex, Tony and Joaquin were gone! I was just happy to make it back and add a few more miles into my ride today!

          Fat Bastard jersey, an eating club with a cycling disorder printed on the jersey ha ha!

Tony looking good on the bike!

My Drunk Bastard jersey today. And I rode like one ha ha!

Alex the fast man!

Okay, for the boys! Little hush hush picture. Posing for pics in the community jacuzzi.  Boy, she keeps them strapped down on the bike but when she unleashes them suckers, they look kina on the big side! Yes some topless and the security guard was coming around a lot more than usual. ;-)    
And yes, the really do float! 
  I do miss her big butt jigglin' on the bike! :-P 

This is funny, the security I was talking about. I saw them today as I do everyday. They sit in the car in this spot day after day for hours. The night I was taking topless pics of Gina, security was driving by again and again by the fence (right side of pic and facility) as there is a clear view from the street. Pretty sure he got in a peek as she was not doing much to hide when she realized he was driving by over and over. She just smiled and kept on guessing she liked the attention.

I changed the name on the car to protect the innocent, I mean peepers! :-P

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Solo Chorizo Ride

Headed out for a 32 miler today alone. Wore my spider jersey to make sure no other riders would ride with me ha ha! It worked. Actually I wanted to see if my legs were coming back after the 3 months off. Sure enough, felt much better, no cramps, no signs of cramps, able to push a little when I had to without wanting to cry he he he! Ended up with a decent 17.1 average speed alone on my third ride back which is much better than the 15.2 I did on the first ride.

I did see Alex, Herb and Alyce and Ron and Dixie flying by in the opposite direction pulling a gang of guys. Later I would meet up with them at the coast to find out it was the infamous Ray Clone riding with them. Had a chat then I headed off alone trying to get home early to entertain Gina.

On the way to the coast riding into a headwind, in the residential area right before Edna Park, somebody was cooking chroizo. Oh my, SMELT really good. I love chorizo and the smell almost melted my tires ha ha! Continued on the the coast only to have that smell haunt me for like 10 miles ha ha! Now talk about a tough ride! :-P

Nice tailwind back so it was a nice return! Nice day, sunshine but not hot. :-)

Some pics:

My spiders!

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Got 101 Excuses But I Rode My Bike!

Yes, saddle sore is way down and after a week of leakage, I figured it may help more if I rode. Maybe the pressure on the side would force out more of the bad stuff though it seemed to have stopped the drip. I must have been right because I got home and saw the blood and guts on my chamois. Of course right into the shower for a good washing so hopefully it stays under control. Not much discomfort on the bike seeing it is more in the crease of my leg and not directly on my nutty buddies he he!

On the way to the coast I was doing a decent pace for myself seeing it was only the second time on the bike in 3 1/2 months now, oh how the weeks go by. I was working but going OK when Ron and Dixie caught me from behind. We ended up slowing down and chatting most of the way to the coast.  Mingled at the coast for a while then they headed off. Was I going with them? HEEEEEELL NO! I know they fly back with the tailwind and no way could I keep up at this point.  So I headed back alone after they took off.

On the way another dude caught me from behind. He slowed and asked me if I rode with (Enter female like name here, used as a sir name). He asked if I rode with this person, I asked "Alyce and Herb?" He said no then mentioned the name again. Nope! Then he said Bob and my mind was so set on Alyce and Herb that I forgot that second about Bad Bob. Hmmm! Few seconds later he was so far ahead no way could I ask him if he meant Bad Bob seeing I have no idea of his sir name.

But anyway, I managed a 25 miler at 16.1 with some of it cruising at relating pace ha ha! Better than last week and I only got 2 half cramps. I was able to back off a bit and let them pass, much better than last week but I did only do 25 figuring 30 last week was an end of the ride sufferfest ha ha!

As far as the new jersey, no more than 2 minutes on the bike, first guy I encounter asks if I was a orthopedic surgeon ha ha ha!

                                                                New jersey!

New jersey, new helmet, new glasses, new gloves, new under layer ha ha!

Managed to catch Jose R. and his buds. 

Ron and Dixie

I took the pic from the front so it looked like I towed them into the wind ha ha ha ha!

For those of you guys wondering, yes, Socal still has boobs at the beach this time of year! :-P

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Freakin' Saddle Sores are Expensive!

OK, I ain't gonna lie! As much as I have been wanting to ride my bike lately, I got a freakin' saddle sore. I guess that is what it is cause I never had anything like this before. 3 months of the bike then I did a comeback ride of 30 miles. I actually felt fine on the bike, comfy on the saddle and all. But maybe it was too much for my baby tender groin skin. I did return home and hesitate taking a shower as I was excited to load my info into Strava and blog. big mistake, I should have taken a shower right away after a comeback ride. My goodies weren't conditioned like they were last time I rode. :-(

I rode Saturday but on Wednesday I felt something wrong down there. F#@K!!! It's a pimple and some sore swollen tissue right next to my huevitos! I made the mistake of putting some Neosporin on I then went to work all day. Didn't think the grease would affect me the way it did. By the time I got home, I was hurting. Something was wrong and it hurt. I knew then my weekend ride was out as much as I wanted to ride having a new helmet and all.

So the weekend came and it still hurt. So dang it, the ride is out but I decided to take Gina to Laughlin for the weekend instead since I couldn't ride. Mistake! I should have stayed home on the couch watching TV with my nutty buddies in the air healing.

It was 104, hot and we were walking and walking. Nice and fun till my pimple or whatever the heck it was decided to get irritated. It started to grow and soon the skin around it felt like a pregnant lady's belly getting ready to rupture. Ouch, that stretched skin feeling is never fun!

So I hobbled around the casinos as Gina played the slots. I don't gamble at all so I just sat in the lobby, watched her at times, went all out and ate 2 pieces of pizza. BTW, the eating habits have been great over the last month and I'm feeling great, down 2 belt notches!

But we were in Laughlin and I was splurging! Well I thought I was till Gina told me she had lost nearly $300. Holy crap! I love a certain purse I see at Macy's all the time, $280. But great leather and really nice, not like those plastic Coach crap purses. I saw it on Friday before Laughlin and told Gina we ought to buy it for her since she loves leather purses. She said no, she didn't want to "waste" $300 on a purse. So I said then maybe I'd buy it for her. She said no that she would not let me spend that kind of money on a purse.

Umm OK! So we go to Laughlin, she plays the slots and gives away $280 to the casino.  Here I thought I was splurging money on 2 pieces of pizza! Holy crap Gina, and that is fun for you? She says yes with a smile! :-O

$280 down the drain and right into the slot machine. I'll never understand the thrill but she had fun!

So now my pimple/sore is really hurting, probably even more after she told me how much she had lost in the slot machine. :-P

The drive home was a bit rough feeling like it was stretching out every time I adjusted my butt in the seat. But later at night, it really started hurting and even came to a head rupturing. It was actually a relief for me, the loss of pressure. But it was nasty, I was actually straddling the bowl with one leg up on the seat draining into the bowl. It started bleeding and I was applying pressure near to see if that would help drain it. Nasty, it's like now I know what it's like to have a period ha ha!

Great, 10 pm Sunday night it decides to rupture. So I'm up till 2 am trying to nurse it. Yeah, nasty but what a relief. Wondering if I need to go to the doc or just stick it out hoping it was nothing serious like my liver failing and forcing puss out through my nuts ha ha!

Ah so much better now and what a relief. Very little discomfort now and I can walk with a straight leg again without having to take every step like I was trying to step around a toy left on the floor.

Well I really missed riding and it cost a few hundred bucks to find alternate entertainment. Hmm! Next time I get a saddle sore, I'm staying home and saving the money. :-P

  A couple pics I took of Gina in the casino. How she can smile after losing nearly $300 puzzles me!

Breakfast!  A good reflection of my marriage. She has 3 forks, 2 knives, and about 5 napkins while I have one fork! :-/

Just kidding, Gina is an amazing giving wife!

Of course she gambles for fun but I manage to get my thrills one way or another! :-P

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Ready to Hit the Road

I had to have this one! Matched the new helmet so I got it. Cracked me up because a few years ago a poster in a cycling forum said he saw me in my yellow jersey pulling Gina and some friends. He said I looked like Big Bird pulling a line of Muppets ha ha!

So looking for a jersey to match the new helmet, I ran across this one. Sesame Elmo jersey ha ha! Somebody ought to get a kick out of this one. If not them, then me ha ha!

Well heck! I just ordered another jersey. Had to take advantage of that $5 gift card that came with the new jersey. Plus a free pair of socks with each order.  Not bad, $45 or so and free socks.