Thursday, June 14, 2018

Me and A Coworker Guitar

Found out a coworker of mine plays the guitar. He found this guitar in the trash so he brought it to work and asked me to bring mine. I brought my cheapo $100 guitar. We played at break time and damn this dude is good. Rommel, 60 years old, Filipino dude. He plays really well but said he was looking for a rhythm guitar. We tried it and it sounded pretty good. Now he wants to do shows ha ha!

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Break from cycling, Need to Get Back on the Horse

Well, plenty going on here! Haven't been on the bike much lately but it's been fun. Really strange situation with work. I had gotten a job some time back making pretty good money but the drive to work sucked so I started looking around in curiosity with no real intentions of leaving my job seeing I was making the most money I have ever made in my work history. Employer pretty unorganized, people are all against one another, plenty of friction but hey, the best money I ever made and I just put the stupid people aside since I was there just to collect the money.

But I saw a listing for a job only 6 miles from home. I posted my resume on the net just to see what would happen. No reply for about 3 weeks, no problem figuring they skipped me by. But then the fourth week, they asked me to come in for an interview. Sure! I went in and man what a sweet place to work. All AC, small parts, repairing airplane components such as altimeters etc, all small stuff similar to stereo components back in the day when we used to piece together a rack stereo.

Did the interview and was really impressed. I asked about the pay rate and they said about the same as I was making. So even if they would have payed me the same, I would have taken it because of the environment. They said it would be a few weeks and it was, turned out to be 3 weeks later when they called which really surprised me.

They offered the job and told me the rate and I was like, "Heeeeeellllll Yeeeeeah!".  Turned out to be $10,000 more per year!!! :-O

Took a drug test the following day, then got the OK to start the following Monday. Took the test on a Tuesday, said it would be 3 days for the results, got them the next day. Of course it was probably the fact that examining my results was a fast easy chore seeing Mr. Beanz is totally clean. Heck, takes me 15 years to consume the amount of one beer ha ha!

The company being a federal repair station for airplane parts requires random drug testing. No problem!

So I started over a month ago and it has been super cool! I'm still trying to accept the fact that they are paying me so much, an amount I never thought I'd reach so it's a dream come true, a milestone I guess you could say.

But I have been learning so much stuff. I am doing inspection on aviation parts that require a certified FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) authorization in order to inspect the airworthy parts. So pretty much, I sit at a computer, type up info into a system and get paid for it  ha ha!

So yeah, I haven't been on the bike, been celebrating! Went to Laughlin, bought some new custom sunglasses, bought Gina some new clothes, ate at some nice places, and had some fun!

Today is Saturday and I have talked Gina back onto the bike after 6 months so hopefully we will be out there tomorrow on the tandem starting all over again! :-P

                                                                   North Woods Inn for my birthday

Few random pics in Laughlin. Just woke up last Saturday laying in bed with a plan to ride. But instead told Gina, freakin' eh! Let's head out to Laughlin. Was hot, 112 degrees. :-O

Custom Oakleys, had them pieced together at the Oakley Vault store. They didn't have exactly what I wanted so I picked the components then they built them up right there on the spot, pretty cool

Carbon fiber design frames, gun metal logos, polarized bluish green tint, matte black sleeves and nose piece.

Actually a bit too nice. I'm going back today hoping to find a more basic pair to wear on the bike. Original plan was to wear these but now I am thinking they are too nice to get them all gooey on the bike. And if I drop them, I might have a heart attack ha ha!

Bought another Eco Drive Citizen watch (chronograph) and a matching one for my brother, why not!?

Actually been the first time in a long time I can drive to and from work with a smile on my face knowing things are well organized, no hot work environment and light duty work! Something I can do till I'm 80 years old if I don't go senile ha ha! 2 different work stations and both are super comfy, no heavy lifting, no confusion, just follow the rules of the FAA!

Driving home with a smile for once in my life! Well since the early 90's after getting laid off from General Dynamics (13 years employed there)!

A few fun outfits and cool items for Gina. Of course it's always more fun when she wears them and poses without a bra he he he!

AND though she has not been on the bike, I have managed to motivate her to getting back on the bike by dressing her up in her cycling duds to remind her how much fun cycling can be, even if you aren't actually riding the bike! ;-P

Saturday, May 19, 2018

SART Saturday Chatting with Ron (Pinoybenter)

Headed off alone today. Forgot to start my Garmin so I did get 44 point something miles even though my Strava shows 41 or so. 16.5 MPH average speed. Pretty windy on the way if you ask me. Getting near the coast, after the last wooden bridge I looked down at my Garmin and saw 14 MPH ha ha, OUCH!

At the beginning of the ride I headed to Yorba Park from the fire station on Orangewood. Ran into Ron ) Pinoybenter on the forums). We rode side by side doing a cruise pace while carrying a conversation about life. Yeah life, why Gina has not been on the bike in 5 months and lives at the hospital while I try to fight off this old age ha ha! We did have a nice chat about how we ride to ride now and really don't go out to race people, just enjoying the ride in our old age. :-P

He did ask about Eyemage and mentioned he hadn't seen him on the forum. I think Eyemage ran off with one of his neighbors or something and is in hiding! :-P

At Yorba, I turned and headed back to the coast alone. Sat and hung out with the birds for a while then headed back.

Crazy dude on a hybrid or some kind of MTB came flying by me as I was warming the legs back up. Doing really well, I almost thought he had a motor hidden somewhere on his bike. But he like so many others kept looking back once he passed me. Heck I had no intentions of trying to catch him. I was just doing a cruise today trying to get my mileage back up. But he kept looking back. Okay!

That was the first wooden bridge heading back (North). He got way ahead, almost one entire strip. But maybe 6 miles down the road I noticed I was catching back up to the guy. Still no intentions, just doing my ride. Then he started looking back again, and again, and again, and again! OK mister, it's on now ha ha!

Soon I was about 20 yard behind him and still he kept looking back and pedaling in desperation. Damn, we have about 2 short strips to the Edna Park bridge so I poured it on ha ha! Caught him and blew by him right before the final strip, second  to last underpass.

Had to have a little fun with the guy seeing he had been looking back at me for nearly 8 miles. I went slowly across the bridge catching my breath expecting him to roll by but he continued straight at the bridge and headed into the apartments there. Sure was doing a pretty decent pace on the hybrid for the entire 9 miles or so from the coast. I did a 19.6 average from bridge to bridge heading north so he had to be doing a pretty good clip on that hybrid.

I usually don't care if someone passes me but if they keep looking back at you for 10 miles, you better not fade or I'll try to catch you ha ha!

                              The Beanz crew is getting smaller and smaller, just me today! :-P

Ron (Pinoybenter)

Not bad, other than that gross tat on the back of her arm.

The only dudes that would hang out with me today.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Granddaughters and Ukuleles

Saturday night I got to see my granddaughters sing a little song. Trinity is 17 and took up the ukulele a couple months ago. Always been good with music, loves drama class. Strange as she is very quiet and really shy as a younger child. Doesn't really talk a whole lot at family functions but give her a stage and she is a different person. Fanki is 11 an also performed in a few plays like Willy Wonka with some singing parts.

Trinity and Frank are cousins.

We knew Trinity had a good voice but one day Franki was asked to sing for us as she was doing in the play and WOWZER! Everybody's jaw dropped. We had no idea she could sing but she has a beautiful voice. Harder to get her to sing if you askes, a bit more shy about performing in the kitchen for us ha ha!

But yesterday, Saturday, Trinity gave her the ukulele she had bought for herself seeing that I bought her a new one since I knew she would appreciate, use it and advance with it. So ti was Franki's first day ever picking up a ukulele but she learned a few chords and sang along with Trinity for us in the kitchen.

The video loses some of their voice quality but still much better than I could ever do with my guitars ha ha! Franki seemed a little shy but they sound great together.

I really like the part about 1:30 in where they pick it up a little. Trinity lives about 2.5 hours away or you could bet I'd be at her house every day practicing with her ha ha!

Just a little recording I made of them last night. The little kid my grandson Anthony, Trinity's little brother also wanted to get in the act and throughout the night, he'd jump in there and sing too. Not bad for a little kid, think he's going to be a performer too! ;-P

Saturday, May 12, 2018

I Meet Some Real Jerks Sometimes

Rode alone today, 35 miles at 16.6 average speed. A little threat of rain so not many riders, Jose seemed worried about getting wet so he opted for a shorter ride than I had originally planned. I wanted to do 60 but he said the weather report said there was rain. I looked and there was like 12% in Anaheim. When the heck does it rain when it says 12%? Heck, when does it rain when it says 50%? :-P

I had said I wanted to do 60 today. Mike took part in an organized ride somewhere in the OC.  Jose didn't seem happy about that so I figured I would go alone after he sent a text this morning saying he was going to breakfast first with his family.

OK great so that gave me a chance to ride alone. I was pretty happy about that. Busy workweek and got news a couple weeks back that my father has stage 4 prostrate cancer and could be in his last few days. Been in the hospital twice in the last two. This week he was home on hospice but actually seemed better. Dementia, can't stand or walk but sat up a few times and ate a bit. SO though he won't get better, we all know the time is near.

So today I was happy to ride alone, thought about a lot of things. I'm just cruising along at a decent effort. Not racing, just riding hoping to get through the wind. I see this dude up ahead, maybe half mile if you know the trail. Later I am gaining ground, not trying to catch anyone, just riding and thinking. Soon I catch the guy and I lift the pace a bit figuring if he was going that slow, he wouldn't take my wheel as I rolled by. But the dipstick latches on and I really don't want to ride with anybody today.

So I move over and swing my arm up as to say, go ahead! As he rolls by I say to him, "I'm just looking to do my own ride today and would like to be alone!". Yes, I said it very politely.

He lifts the pace and sprints off. Great, run Forrest run, get the heck away from me!

But sure enough a mile down the road he fades. I can't help but catch him again. So I pass him and because there is hardly any riders around, I stay way to the left on the opposite side for like 1/4 mile. I look back and the dipstick is on my wheel, WTF!!!!

So again, I look back and tell him to go ahead, "I want to do my own thing today!" I say to him.

But the ass hat fades again and I really don't think I need to stop and take a 10 minute break so some ass hole can get far enough ahead that I don't have to deal with some idiot on my wheel.

No I am not fucking racing you, I'm  just riding but he keeps sprinting around and yes, I don't give a damn about catching you, I just want to ride alone. But the idiot fades again and I really can't stay behind him. So again after catching up and closing another 50- 100 yard gap, I pass him again.

How many freaking times do you have to give a guy a 50 to 100 yard gap and hope you don't catch the guy again? I did like 4 times but every time I pass, he hops my wheel. Pretty obvious you aren't as strong so do your own freaking ride and quit trying to race me and stop with the games.

But as I pass again I stay way on the opposite side for about 1/8 of a mile but the dope doesn't get the message. I look back and he's on my wheel again. WTF!!!

Now I'm pissed! I sat up looked at him and shouted," WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU BEING A DICK!". He just looked at me and asked,"what?".  Dude, I told you I wanted to ride alone, my father is dying of cancer and I told you I wanted to be alone so why the fuck don't you let me ride alone?.

Oh I'm sorry! Have a good ride, be safe! WTF! What does it take to get another rider to understand that you would just like to ride alone for the fucking day?

Dumb ass! This is like his third fade and catching back up after 100 yard gap. This is when I decided to take his picture for being a dumb ass!

Just a relaxed smile on my face having my own good time.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Gina's Son after 5 Months, Still in Hospital but............

At one point the docs told Gina to prepare for the pulling of the plug. Dialysis patient at 24, now 31 and plenty of problems, he suffered a heart attack, massive stroke at the back of his brain and 20 smaller strokes around the rest of his brain, he went into a coma for 2 months.

Tubes up his nose, down his throat, out his butt, couldn't eat, couldn't swallow or breath, a tracheotomy, couldn't move even a thumb, he 's back from the dead, no joke!

Not one person expected him to live, not even Gina. Somehow after 2 months and preparing to accept that the plug may be pulled, the dude snaps out of it little by little. 3 months straight in a hospital, 2 months in a convalescent hospital, then a couple weeks in a rehab center, he took nearly 40 steps a few days ago with some help. Then this day a few more.

Talk about a miracle, still can't see right, but speaking half way decent, Gina's more than delighted to see him up and trying.

If you had asked me, I would have said he had no chance. Gina thought the same thing, but there he is! :-O

Saturday, May 5, 2018

SART Saturday

Nice warm day on the trail but cool at the coast. 43.4 miles at 17.5 MPH average speed with Jose. He's looking strong on his new lighter bike, Bastard ha ha! But I got in my workout and I'll be back! :-P

Ran into Alex, Ron and Dixie at the coast. Had a long chat with Ron and Dixie about hospitals. That is pretty much all I know nowadays with Gina's son being in the hospital for a straight 5 months. Then my father has been in the hospital for a few weeks. Had prostrate cancer for a couple years but didn't want to tell anyone to avoid pity he says. OK! Now it is stage 4, very sick and maybe only has  a few days, maybe weeks to live. In and out of the hospital over the last few weeks. He had gotten out but then fell somehow, banged his head then ended up back in the hospital.

Was at the hospital till about 1 am last night visiting thinking this could be it. Had his last rights about 3 days ago. But of course today he is back home and they say doing better. Strange thing these illnesses. You can have one foot in the grave then be singing karaoke the next day. OK so he doesn't feel that well but you know what I mean.

They probably thought it was strange listening to 40 minutes of hospital talk but I tell ya, 2018 has been nothing but hospitals. Not much cycling and too many hospital visits so today, screw it, I need to ride before I end up in the hospital myself.

Oh, so an image from a friend's recorder. No names so they bleeding hearts don't come down on him but this is an image of some crack skank out there on the trail cooking up her drugs. Plenty of cyclists going by but this skank lays her bike right across the lane then decides to cook up some drugs. And they wonder why they are not wanted by the local and cycling population there.

I saw her there too and felt like yelling something at her but would she care? Probably to wasted to care. I did see a cop car heading that direction so hopefully they took her drugs away, rented her a hotel room for a couple months, and gave her a year worth of free meals from Sizzler. Might as well right!?

Jose a the coast

I didn't want to say it but yes, my sexy legs! :-P

My sexy face! :-P

My 1998 Mr. Beans Mobile

Caught an image of this cyclist watching the birds fly by! ;-)

And my poor Gina has not been on the bike in so long, she's lost her tan lines. I'm guessing the sun will do a number on her once she gets back out on the bike. Skin and hot head issues. :-(

My favorite burger joint Burger Town USA has really been a drag last few visits. So last couple of times I stopped on the way home at Kosmos on Rt 66 Near San Dimas Rd. Nothing spectacular but at least it seem like a fresh burger. Well if you can find the meat. It's about half the size of the buns ha ha! No fries, they're bad for ya!