Saturday, February 17, 2018

40 Solo, Almost Again!

40.3 miles at 15.9 average. I thought it was windy, heck heading to Imperial from Katella felt windy to me. Then I turned around and Oh My God! Yes, you can still say GOD on my blog. If not, then you can go to hell ha ha! Just kidding, not my problem if you want to burn. :-P

So anyway, it was windy imo. But then it could have been that I have not done a 40 mile ride since early November ?? Only a couple of 30 milers and a 12 during the week. BUT I wanted to do the 40 just to test myself to see if I could after slacking for so long. I made it!

I did see that Mr. Miyagi guy again, the little short guy that wanted to beat me up. Well he did make me laugh I will say that ha ha! I turned around at Imperial when he went by. I let him get far ahead then did my thing. I ended up passing him and without fail, he took my wheel. So did some other dork I saw hop on the trail. OK whatever, so I sat up and slowed way down so they would pass me. Neither one did, bastards! Then I realized my batteries were dead in my point and shoot, bastards!

I'm sitting up riding no hands slowing down and both bastards stay on my wheel. Really? At 10 MPH? Finally I heard Mr. Miyagi shout left then took off like a bat out of hell. Just continuing my 10 MPH pace the other dude would not go around. So I turned around, looked at him then waved him around. Finally he took off, GREAT, that's what I wanted.

I saw them far ahead, second dude caught Mr. Miyagi, took his wheel then sprinted around dropping him like a bad habit. I was just sitting back about 100 yards laughing. I'm guessing the other dude had to be some kind of strong or he would not have caught Mr. Miyagi so easily. Of course if you remember the story of Mr. Miyagi, me and the girls caught him from behind after he passed us as we exited the park at about 2 MPH. We passed him, he drafted then sprinted around. We caught him again then did the same about 3 or 4 times. Finally I told him to just go on his own and stop interfering with our little group. Yes, he was cutting off the girls to "stay ahead" I guess. He got upset saying I was just mad because he was faster. Uhh OK! Then I blasted his doors off for like 1/4 making him look stupid so he got upset. Uhh yeah dude, you're really fast on that short little ride you do. We have a 2 MPH faster average than he does on a ride double his distance ha ha! Just a refresher on Mr. Miyagi.

So anyway, I slowed to 10 MPH, held it there for a bit then I returned to my normal pace. Once we got by Lincoln, I could see Mr. Miyagi fading fast ha ha! The other dude rode him off his wheel so he was out in the wind alone.Sure enough by the time we got to the Honda Center, I had caught him. I slowed down behind him wondering if he was going to continue on or turn around for his cheesy little usual ride. He turned around. :-P

The other dude noticed I had caught him too and was about 10 yards behind him at Honda Center. This was after being back about 200 yards at one time. But I was not trying to lift the pace knowing I had not done the 40 for a while, and definitely not solo. I was trying to conserve figuring the worst was yet to come. I will say the other guy had to be strong. He raced off once again and once we hit Edna Park, he vanished somewhere. Didn't see him cross the bridge and didn't see him at the park restroom, hmmm!

So anyway, after Edna Park, it really felt windy! At this point, I did not see anybody going my way as far back as I could see or as far ahead. Kind of an awful feeling when you look around and wonder why you are out there alone ha ha!

But I survived the worst part and met Ron and Dixie at the beach stop. I was thinking man it was windy till I asked Ron how they were doing and asked for his average. Darn! It was one mile an hour faster than mine so at that point, I knew it was me and my out of shape legs. :-P

A short bit later, Jose showed up. I didn't even know he had planned to ride. Usually at 8 am if he rides alone. I didn't start till almost 11 figuring he was done already. He only does 20 if he rides alone.

Then Ron and Dixie asked if I wanted to ride back with them. HEEEEEELLL NO! they tear it up with any kind of a tailwind so I figured I'd be dropped anyway so it was better I stay back and hold my pace so I didn't die.

Jose was there and said he would ride back with me. OK, I really did want to ride alone as a test but hey, if I get tired, I got some help. So he rode my wheel back to the soccer fields then I let him go to the front. He did pull me back to Memory Lane but I won't lie. It's kind of hard to keep somebody's wheel when you are tired. I had planned to keep it at 18 to make sure I got back since I was doing the long ride and he the shorter 20. But after he got up front, I looked down and say 19.7 a few times. OK, that explains why my legs were feeling toasty, 18 hunh???

Oh well, it was a decent ride and I figured I better do it now since the evictions are going to continue on Tuesday. So I figure the trail could be closed for 3 months and this was my last chance for a while.  I was actually planning to do the San Gabe trail but a quick change of mind figuring the return would be flatter on SART till I get my legs back.

I did see Bad Bob heading the other direction. Then Thai and Tony. Almost missed them and only a quick glance and "HEY!" as I was busy trying to wipe the tears from my eyes heading into the wind ha ha!

Well I did catch this one! Somebody who rode back with me said he liked this chick cause one could tell she was a little older but kept herself in good shape. No names because he is married ha ha but we rode back together. ;-) No worries, he doesn't even look at my blog so I doubt his wife does! :-P

My stupid point and shoot batteries were dead so I took a selfie with my cell. With no camera, this is all you get! :-P

Gina came home for a while from the hospital. Long enough to eat dinner with me then back to my cell. I did get a pic of her so I might remember what she looks like.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Windy 30 Miler on SART

So some judge put a stop to the homeless evictions, don't get me started. I wasn't sure so I started at Memory Lane and Bristol with a plan to add a few miles on PCH to get in a 30 miler.

Little did I know the trail must be open as I saw riders coming through the area I thought was closed. Anyway, felt pretty breezy today. I haven't done many miles in the last couple of months, maybe 50 total so today I wanted a shorter ride than our usual 44. Man was I glad I chose a shorter ride. Not really the distance but the wind! If I had done a 44 miler today, I would have been toast.

Jose and I started out doing pretty well. Holding it down to a steady 17 heading to the coast. Wasn't hard. Caught up with some guy ahead of us who hopped on the back. Jose and I rotated and the guy tried to stay at the back. But hey, I've been off the bike so any help we get would be cool.

As I always say, I don't understand riders. We were holding 17-17.5. I was at the front for about a mile then moved over so Jose could take his turn. He was up there about 2 minutes when the other guy raced around to the front. He did wait for us but he kicked it up to about 20 mph. OK! Not sure why he did that after 2 minutes when he could see we were doing longer pulls. So anyway he kicks it up. After 1/4 mile he looks to be struggling. Another 1/4 and he pulls off. OK, let Jose finish his turn.

So Jose goes to the front and and returns to 17-17.5 again. After about 1/2 mile, the dude falls off and within a minute or so is like 50 yards behind. MMMMKAY! Now if the dude had let Jose finish his turn, held it down to 17.5, he'd be cool but instead got dropped like a hot potato and not that we were trying. :-/

So anyway, we hit the last bridge heading to the coast and man did it get windy! We were rotating taking turns and holding 15.5 ha ha! AND trying hard to keep our average up. We had about a 16.9 when we hit PCH.

But we stopped for a second then a group of gals rode by. We hopped on PCH behind them but stayed back about 20 yards as they had a pretty good size group and 2 dudes, maybe 15 all together. Not wanting to bother them, we hung back knowing we'd roll down PCH about 4 miles then turn back.

We'd all group at an intersection and they would stay in line pretty well to avoid cars. Jose and I stopped at the back and maintained the line for safety reasons. But we get a green, plenty of cars so we take off and not long after, all 3 lanes to our left are empty.

BUT here comes the idiot cyclist, all 3 lanes clear, we are hanging back trying not to crowd the chicks and this idiot buzzes me. WTF, couple inches! I swear I love cycling but the with all the sports I have participated in, cyclists are the biggest hypocrites of the bunch. WHINE WHINE GIVE ME 3 FEET YOU ASSHOLES!!  Then you get the idiot that buzzes you. I should have chased him down and started whining he didn't give me 3 feet ha ha! I swear, cyclist running lights, blocking peds with their bikes across the sidewalk, stopping and blocking the bike lane. Do that to one of them and they'l whine for sure. Well I can't say all will whine but I will say all the crybabies on the bike forums do and would ha ha! I see it way to often. A few in person too!

So anyway, we had an easy 17 average heading North on PCH but once we turned around? Heck, our average dropped from 17 to 15.9 within 4 miles ha ha!

We were just out for a cruise though we did work hard against the wind. Had to or fall down ha ha!

So heading back on the trail, seemed we had a decent tail wind but we just cruised back and ended up with a 16.5 average. Of course my Garmin read 16.5 for like the last 3 miles but I get home, plug in and Strava rips me off a tenth, bastards! :-P

                                              Ran into Alex at the beginning of the ride.

Yes, new wheels! Reynolds Strike. And I know who to go to when I need new wheels, cassette, and a chain installed ha ha! You know who you are!

Good work with Jose today, nice and steady!

Hey, I got get one of me too!

Dark, cloudy, cool day at the coast and on the trail. Did I say windy yet?

Stopped on the return for a brief chat with Mark who was heading the opposite way.

Good thing is, Gina came home for the day so we got to play the avocado game. :-P

Monday, February 5, 2018

Sick Kid but BACK on the Bike!

14 miles, 1,079 ft of gain, around the hood tonight. As much as I wanted to ride this past weekend, I was a bit worried about doing distance only having been on the bike like 2 times in 2 months so I opted for the shorter but hillier ride around home. My usual midweek evening ride when I start riding at night.

Another month off, NEVER have I been off the bike this much in the last 20 years. But as some of you may know, my stepson fell ill again. Gina's older son on dialysis for 18 years now. Gina donated a kidney, it failed after a year. I won't go into that, I get upset. 6 months ago open heart surgery. Doing well at age 36 and has learned the importance of taking care of himself so he's good for a while.

Then Gina's younger son also ends up on dialysis. Been doing it for 5 or 6 years now. Not very good at taking care of himself. Age 31, Plenty of strokes, a few mild heart attacks, seizures but still doesn't take care of himself very well.

4 weeks ago he starts feeling bad so he goes to the ER. Doc says he's having a heart attack. So they insert a couple of stents. His heart is doing better but all of a sudden, he has a massive stroke. BLIND, can't see a few minutes after the stroke. Then he has a shower of strokes, 20 smaller strokes in various parts of the brain. Major stroke was at the back affecting motor skills and sight.

Thinking he may bet better over the next few days, he gets worse. So now he can't move, can't talk, can't even move his thumb at the end of the first week. Things don't get any better. I don't know if it would be paralyzed or a coma. But he can not respond, can not answer, can not eat.

He moved his thumb a couple times during the second week, that's about it. Then the docs said he was not doing well and may not recover. So they tell Gina prepare for the worst. May have to make a decision if his heart stops, to revive or not revive.

But he has seemed to pull through so far but last week the docs said he is not breathing on his own properly. So they insert all kinds of tubes down his throat so he can breath on the machine. the docs say he is not getting better but not getting worse at his point,

But he can not breath on his ow, can not eat, can not move and can not see. He has tubes down his throat to feed him, rectal tube for the out process, and now a tracheotomy so that he can breath with the aid of a machine as they plan to place him in a home sometime this week.

Gina just replenished her 4 weeks vacation at the beginning of January, bone. Week of sick leave, gone! Plus she has been at the hospital 24/7 for 4 weeks. I think I have had dinner with her twice in that time. Make that 3, I forgot about last night.

So if you are wondering why we have not been on the bikes, that pretty much explains it!

I will tell you I feel sorry for Gina.

Anyway, felt good to be back on the bike in the fresh evening air!

Yeah, I am thinking my tights are nearing their end!

Saturday, January 6, 2018

After 1 Month off/Gina 2 Months

I'd have to say that is probably the longest I have ever  gone without riding in the last 20 years. Felt good to take time off but then it didn't feel good getting back out there ha ha! Legs felt OK, breathing a little harder, but the BELLY! :-O

Oh well, time to gt back into shape, been too long! Gina did pretty well for taking 2 months off. 31 miles at a 15.5 average on a pretty breezy day. Darn headwind felt like it was both ways, I hate them days, no reward for working against the headwind to the beach.

I read the articles about the city giving the homeless 3 weeks to get out. thank goodness! Seems there will be a detour for a few weeks as they fix up the area but hey, I'm down ith it if it means getting the trail back to where it was. I hope it works!

But down in the Fountain Valley area, I could see a few homeless here and there looking as if they are scoping a place for camp. I sure hope they chase those scumbags out right now and don't wait again or all these efforts are pointless.

Having been off the trail for a month, I thought it looked even worse today,. Many more tents in the Honda Center area. But didn't see anybody feeding them there today. Those are the morons they need to stop! A few volunteers near the Rampart area. Hard to see that they have no consideration for the people who live in the condos and continue to attract thugs and scum to the area.

Anyway, I did see several cops that seemed to be raiding the camps. Every time we went by today, 3 times, there were cops stopping someone, or citing them, not sure! But they were there doing something!

                                                                   Did see Alex zoom by!

One of those poor down on their luck Vietnam Vets I guess. Bullshit! Another low life scum bag thug with another bike frame he probably just stole from a hard working citizen, looking to see it for drug money scumbag! ;-)

Looked worse today than last time I rode a month ago. But I did see a few spaces with scum packing their bags! Yes, Leave!

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Little More Photography over the Last Week

Having a little more fun with the camera. My granddaughters (16 & 11) love to pose. Might sound strange after you have heard me play my guitar and sing but both of these gals are really really really good singers. Both in drama clubs as well. Trinity the 16 year old is in high school drama as a junior and Franki the 11 year old is in some drama class through an acting school or something like that.

So I took their pics and sent them about 50 shots, they were happy. Then I used Gina as a model again for a few more. :-P

Then I got a call from a pro photographer friend of ours. Tipped me off on a car show going on at a local park. I myself not much into low riders, not really even into car shows. I love an old hopped up Camaro or Malibu with fat tires, hot rod style myself but even then, at Route 66 events, I can look at about 5 cars before I lose interest.

But once I took a few pics of the cars and saw the final results, I was impressed. I'm thinking the cars come out prettier than the people ha ha!

I did try to get Gina to put on a biking for the car show pics but she wouldn't. OK not really, but if I had a nice car, I would! :-P

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Few More Days Then Back to the Bike !!!

Ran out of bike motivation after getting this new editing program. What the heck? Have to take some time off the bike now and then. So for now, took a trip to Vegas with family and took the camera along.

Thursday thru Saturday. Freezing cold for us SoCal folk. High winds added to the chill factor and being 45 degrees, I was still able to talk Gina into posing for a few pics without her coat on ha ha!

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Too Busy Learning How to Edit

So been off the bike because I got a new editing program called Lightroom 6. I guess it's the latest top dog in pro editing software. So I have been busy taking pics and experimenting with the photos.

The big thing now is taking pics in RAW format (CR2 files). They come out of the camera looking ugly but they are big so it allows for more detailed editing. Lightroom really is pretty cool for editing colors and details.

Who knows, maybe will a little more practice I can start my own little business shooting event pics etc.

A few below have the RAW file included as well for comparison. Click on the images to really see the difference. Pretty cool!

                    Of course I had to take some pics on GMR like any devoted cyclist would ha ha!


RAW file


Raw file

Edited, I really like this one!

Boring RAW file!

Edited. I thought this was cool. A big tree hanging over the edge by the roots alone. I'm surprised it hasn't fallen yet but it made for a cool pic.

Ugly RAW file.

Edited colors and highlights in dark spots.

Dark ugly RAW file

Just a couple in RAW converted to more colorful JPEG files in Lightroom. Not so sure the RAW does any more than JPEG when it comes to close up profile pics. Guess I'll find out with a bit more experience.

                         Top of Archibald. Stupid cars won't stop moving for the picture! :-P

Wow, some new images, pretty cool this Lightroom program.