Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Little house update

So this is the little hall. At the first pics stage, still need a little touch up. Then I started on the little anti room to Mom's dining room. Yeah this is a big house. A few rooms and I'm getting tired ha ha! Hopefully I get most of the downstairs back in order. It's 2400 square feet. I might not live long enough to re do it all ha ha!

This is the anti room, it's next. Matching the same colors as the hall in the background.

This is the anti room. I still need to do some trim around the window thingy, and another coat of white on the baseboards and some touch up in corners etc.

Looking much better! My brother said he had a hard time coming over when Dad was sick. Since he passed, he said he has a hard time looking at the way the house was, very depressing with the wall paper, ugly baseboards etc. But hey, at least Mom will appreciate living in a better looking home. :-)

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Yeeah, Still Working on the House!

Been lazy AF! Ha ha ha, just learned that AF thing. I see so many people using it so I figured I'd fit it in here. Some of you might not know what it is, like I didn't so.....AF + As F#@k, lazy AF. Hopefully I get that one out of my head! :-P

Anyway, been working on the house. Not sure if that is actually lazy really. But time consuming. Finished the finishing touches on Mom's restroom. She's pretty happy with it. She found a mirror she wanted to hang. Looked everywhere, Pier 1, Bed Bath and Beyond but came up with nothing. But she did end up finding this closet door mirror and like the finish on the frame. So I mounted it on the wall sideways like she wanted. Actually looks pretty cool with the big round bulbs she has in there. At the right angle you can see the light in the mirror and the mirror in the mirror and so on.

So between that and trying to keep my Gina pic collection going, I've been too lazy AF to get on my bike. Saturday morning comes, alarm goes off but I chose to stay in bed instead of hitting the bike. Riding the streets around  here would suck. Narrow streets, heavy parking all along the way. I'd have to ride like 10 miles just to get to a decent area to ride. And that's if I make it there alive. So been avoiding local riding and not wanting to drive to the trail lately. Well I want to but don't want to! :-P

Finishing touches

                         I thought it was weird with a closet mirror but after it was up, I likey!

Some cute little simple deco. Look pretty cool!

Thinking about putting a frame around the window in her shower. Looks pretty plain right now so maybe add a little deco to the window later, maybe soon.

Now out to the little hallway next.  Filling all the pits, the heavy paint drips, digs and scratches on the walls. Dad would paint but paint over whatever was there. Drives me crazy, all those bumps, drips and crap. So before I paint, I sanded the walls as best I could. Smoothed out all the dimples and pimples and rough spots.

Nothing a little Bondo won't fix ha ha! You know us Mexicans ha ha! But looking smoother already!

Somebody went up there and made a mess.

WTF! Does Mom wear steel toe slippers around the house? :-O

So many bumps and lumps I had to fix. Mom says Dad didn't do it cause he was getting old. Ha!  I remember him doing it when he was young.

Oh well, it will be smooth now!

You know me, got to have my Gina pics too! Of course look if you like but don't copy please. ;-)

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Yeah, still going at the makeover!

My Mom's house was a mess as Dad was sick the last 6 years with kidney failure. This house was a 1300 square feet home when we moved in. I was a ripe age of 3 months old. When I was about 14, my father woke me up one day, handed me a shovel then said, "START DIGGING!!!'.

Oh man, my brother sucked at construction, he was 2 years older. I always had an easy time doing things as I was more coordinated and more of the physical type. The plan was to go from a single story 1300 sf to 2400 square feet, 5 bedroom house. And yes we did! The shovel was given to me as a token of appreciation, for digging up the foundation of the addition. My God, it never ended! I think I spent all my young teen years and summers doing construction. Go to school, private all boy's Catholic school. Comoe home, go work at Weinerschnitzel 4 or 5 hours, then go home and help with construction, sometimes before work if needed. Every weekend was spent going to lumber yards and picking up lumber, wall board, wiring, whatever it took to build the house. EVERY summer, every weekend, all year. Crazy one year we had the back framed but not covered and it poured like a mother! We spent all weekend and all Christmas vacation pushing water out of the house, missing a back wall with squeegees. We spent windy days standing on the second level as Dad bolted down the wall frames. How I didn't fall off and die, I dunno! Maybe I did and that was part of the hell I had to live through ha ha!

Of course my brother sucked at everything and he was of driving age. My Dad called him and idiot more times than I can remember but now I wonder if he was smarter than we thought making his way out of the hard work. I remember one day, my Dad outlined a large closet door figure with the blue chalk line. Clearly one could see that we would knock out the wall inside the blue chalk to form a closet door for a big butt walk in closet.

My Dad made the outline, handed a sledge hammer to my brother then said, "hit it at the top". Of course I knew at the top of the line to form the doorway  but my brother was either really good at playing dumb, or he was a genius and willing to take some verbal abuse just to get out of work. HIT IT AT THE TOP !!! At the top? Yes, at the top!

BAM!!! He hits it on the ceiling and puts a big hole in the ceiling. GREAT, another hole to fix. But the dude talks his verbal abuse then heads of to pick up a few hamburgers for lunch. Of course I'm swinging away with the sledge wondering when my idiot brother will return with my lunch. I don't think Dad really cared cause big little Beanz was busting out walls like there was no tomorrow. It was so easy for me and kind of fun but after hours of work and that idiot isn't back yet, I'm getting irritated. of course he never gets in trouble cause Dad is getting his work done through me and the longer he is gone, the less Dad has to deal with him.

Really was a sucky time in my life, really was! Spending my childhood, young teenage years breaking my young back and drawing blood and sweat on a daily basis when I knew I should have been out at the roller rink holding some young chick's hand. But Dad wanted to teach us responsibility, and save lots of money through child labor.

We still laughed about it last year before Dad got too sick. He would say, "remember when your brother and I were building the house, oh wait, when you and I were building the house....!!".

Yeah Baby, that was the payback. After years and years of listening to stories of how WE broke our backs, Dad finally admitted that I did a majority of the work while my brother pretty much was a lunch Go'fer most days. It really sucked back then but now that I see this old house falling apart, it inspires me to fix it up a bit. Dad was always working on something to fix over the last years of his life. Like that was all he did, work and fix the house. I can't really say my Dad was all that good with construction either. I mean I look at things and the freaking outlets are crooked. I'm known as a perfectionist and I look at things he did and pretty much laugh. I'm no construction expert but I look and think, Dang Dad, you suck! I look at things as simple as painting and see he missed large sections here and there. He would have beat my ass had I done a half ass job like that when I was 14 or 15 years old.

Now I point things out to Mom and say, "wow, look at this, I can't believe he did this bad of a job!". She always says that he was getting older and couldn't  do things right any longer as he aged. OK, Uhhh he was like 58 when he did this, I'm 56 and no freaking way would I have done this!

But then I think back to my childhood slavery days and think, that is probably more than likely why I got stuck with all the work. I did things right. Just like I do now and always will. heck no you won't see me install a tire on my bike half ass-ed, even if I am 65 years old. I think Dad knew that!

Sadly, Mom knows it too! So Dad is gone and guess who is doing all the stuff Dad didn't do, or couldn't do the last few years. ME! :-P

But that's cool, my Mom is really cool about things. She is alone in this big ass house and is super lonely since Dad passed away. Talked about getting a room mate. Nah! Letting her sister move in rent free just to keep her from being lonely. Nah, all her kids are jailbirds and alcoholics. If she moves in, they will find a reason to let them move in and probably try to take over my Mom's house. My brother and I were like HEEEELLLL NO!

Gina and I had just moved to Creekside, sweet little house with a 2 year lease and a decent rate. Been there 6 months and loving it, you've probably seen my jacuzzi pics, my bike ride around the loop pics and videos. Loved it! But brother comes to me and says when he goes to visit Ma, taking her a sandwich to eat, she's alone crying in the house. Saying she feels like she is going to die and has no reason to live now that Dad is gone and the two of us have lives of our own. Mom tells me of all these bad plans and bad people she is considering as rent free roommates. Uhhh no!

Then they tell me, that Gina and I are the only logical choice. Yeah, my Mamma loves me! Loves Gina too, who doesn't? She hints and hints then finally I tell her, that if we do give up our cool little house, I want a bike room! She agrees and asks when we can move in! Dang, we have a 2 year lease and only there 6 months. But the owner says no problem, he understood as he was leasing his house after his mother fell in the same situation. Cool deal!

Get our deposit back and all is well. Except that we have to move all Mom's stuff from upstairs to the lower level, rearrange the entire house, then make room for our stuff. Lots of work but we get it done, not even sure how we did it but we did!

Mom is so happy and says since the house is paid off, we can stay rent free. Uhh what! Well, she was going to let other bums move in rent free so better us than them ha ha! But we have to help, can't take advantage of Mom like that. Feb was the first month and just about every other day we take her to the mall to walk around. She will be 80 in March and has not walked this much in 6 year, maybe 15 years seeing Dad was not much of the walking type.

But Gina cooks for her, we clean the house, she watched TV with us in The Lounge, seems really happy! One big thing is that she tells me she feels so safe with me there. Yeah, I'm the big dude who if anything goes down, I'll be the first one to get shot while the others have a chance to run ha ha!

So anyway, getting back to construction, I can't stand the crap others have done to take advantage of my parents. Had they let me know, or asked for my help, I would have helped them. But the kind people they are, they let others accept the tasks for a chance to earn some cash. My cousin, sad mother fucker, took over $400 to paint and install the baseboards in Mom's washroom. You've seen the pics. He also installed a fan for them. Dumb shit actually was supposed to brace the new motor, install the fan for them. He didn't want to, or couldn't brace the motor so he actually installed the new fan with the old motor. He THREW AWAY THE BRAND NEW MOTOR and lied to my parents.

Everything he did went to crap even before he left. The baseboards fell off, the fan failed 2 minutes after he walked out of the house. Mom called him and he swore he would be back the next day. 3 years later, he has not returned. Freaking loser. I didn't know this till we moved in at the beginning of February.

So anyway, I fixed his crap, then removed the falling wallpaper from Mom's restroom. She had someone install a new fan for her. But the exhaust pipe was left uncovered even though the installer had found a nest in the old one. OK, so I found a gutter strainer for $3, a hose clamp fro $1 and covered that baby.  Less than $4. Lowe's employees were directing me to materials that would cost more than $25. I knew I could find something that was more reasonable.

OK, some pics from tonight after I painted her restroom. Much better!

This was the before pics. First one I started stripping off the wallpaper. BTW, vinegar and hot water work great. Don't waste money on that $18 solution stuff. That cool little wall paper stripper/slicer thing worked great, $6.

This is why Mom asked me to fix the restroom. I would have done it anyway cause this kind of stuff drives me cray cray! :-P

Here are some pics of the upstairs rooms we inherited. Some huge rooms. King size bed, some furniture and still have space to dance around. This was the middle of Feb so still needed some tidy up. One the bedroom, a walk thru restroom with a shower big enough for 2, maybe 3 he he he! the second room is The Lounge. My Dad's old karaoke room converted into my TV room/guitar room.

Look, here comes Mom with her popcorn and all ready to watch some TV with us. Even though she has her own huge living room downstairs. Also my bike room is downstairs.

OK so part of fixing this stuff up was because Mom needed it. She had put up with some shabby stuff over the last few years knowing Dad was not in good health. Paid a few jerks to do work and ended up getting ripped off. I didn't know but seeing the work it needed, I got to work. It sucks as far as cycling. Every time I had a chance to ride, it would rain.

But we did have a couple of yard sales. Raked in over $400 selling little things here and there to make room for 2 homes worth of furniture. Like Mom already had 2 refrigerators, why do we need 3?  Got our brand new washer and dryer in storage. Will use Mom's till it poops out then move ours in. Might not be to long ha ha!

Sad thing is that Mom was alone. But everything was put in a trust so that when she passes, we sell the house and my brother and I split the cash. Only 2 of us. I tease Mom that she may have a year or two but just to be snippy, I might tell her only 6 months ha ha! But honestly, she has never been the exercise type but always fairly strong and in good health though she will tell you different. Will be 80 in March but I really think she could make it to 90 hanging around with us. She has walked more this month than she has in the last 10 years at least. Her legs getting stronger, getting up out of the chairs easier and actually eating better now that we are here.

But my Mom loves me, knows I would never do her in for money. Actually I have never taken or borrowed a dime like every person in our family. I think that is why she tried so hard to convince us to move in. She did say since the house was paid, we could live rent free if we take care of her. Well we have to help, never been moochers but she did say no rent the first month because we went out of our way to move in and that made her happy. Then she said if we wanted, we could pay $100 or 2 but only if we wanted the second month so that we could recover from the move.

Well I actually recovered pretty well. I cleaned out and reorganized the mess others made in the shed I built for them. Wow, so many lazy unorganized people borrow their stuff, then toss it in the front doorway when they return it. I emptied the thing and reorganized all of Dad's tools and equipment. Made a ton of room. Then I cleaned out and organized the utility room Dad has as an itty bitty workshop type of utility closet/room connect to the outside of the house. Again, made a ton of space and room.

Then I did the washroom, now her bathroom, fixed the stair banister and a few other things. Today we drove by the bank on the way to take her to walk the mall. OK, drink coffee and tea while people watching too! Pulled out the first couple hundred to help out but she refused. She said no way, Gina does lots of stuff for her, I have done a bunch of repairs, and we take care of her, pick up meds, doc appointments, so she said no way, maybe next month. Hmm, she must really be enjoying them TV nights and late evening salads ha ha!

Just so funny that the house that so haunted me for so many years is now coming back to treat me really good! I can do this and my bike are happy in their own room. ;-)

Another 9 hour on this fine rainy Saturday. Not like I was going to ride my bike anyway with this project going on. The floor installers really made a mess at the bottom of the tub years ago. Looked black. I painted it the same color as the wallboard. White. I also applied a little silicone rubber at the top of the trim and the wallboard to seal it and make it look uniform since Mom wanted two different colors. Not my style but it is her bathroom ha ha!

The vanity was a mess. grout falling out, big separations between boards, old adhesives covering the tiles. Whoever worked on this stuff was a slob, all I can say. I sealed everything, painted some stuff and even pretty much rebuilt the wall on the other side by the toilet.  I cleaned up a lot of this mess and if you had seen it two days ago.... ;-)

But got everything finished, even cleaned up the outside of the tub, old adhesives, junk, and whatever else one could imagine on a dirty tub. Funny thing is, Mom hires this cleaning lady to clean her house every so often. I'm thinking because my Mom can't see that well, the lady is taking advantage of it. Mom thinks it looks clean, but is legally blind. Some of the things Mom tell me that the lady cleans, has not been touched in years. I could tell when we moved it. the corners behind dressers were really dusty, dirty actually. Umm OK lady! I can see and you ain't getting paid to fool me ha ha! Doubt we will even need her at all anyway. Well anyway, I am done with her bathroom.

Sadly I see a bunch of other stuff that needs attention. Hopefully they are small projects. Like painting halls etc. :-P

Monday, February 25, 2019


Been so busy with home improvements on my Mom's house that I haven't even thought of riding my bike. OK so yeah, I thought about it but I didn't ha ha!

Give you and idea, this is the baseboard in my Mom's laundry room that I had to rework. Mom and Dad did a relative a favor allowing him to do the laundry room for some cash. Turns our he used some self adhesive stuff that didn't stick. I mean come on, a corner rounded, pretty much wrapped around a corner? They paid him $00+ to paint the room and do the baseboard. of course Dad was sick and could no longer work on the house himself. Now that he passed in August, Mom asked me if I could do a few things around the house. Of course I will get paid in tacos ha ha! So anyway, they got royally screwed by our relative.

He also, supposedly installed a new fan for them. Brand new fan, he tried to install but did not take the time to brace the new motor so he jimmied the set up. He removed the new motor, tossed it in the garbage then told my parents that he had installed the new motor with a new brace. It didn't last the night. Neither did the baseboards. They fell off even before he left. Mom told him about it then he said he would be back the next day to fix them. That was 4 years ago and she was still waiting!

Wow, what is family for? Robbing some old dude in a bed doing dialysis?

So anyway, been busy doing improvements, salvaging the crap that the other dude left, trying to save Ma some money!

                     These two are the same corners. First one Cheesy Relative style.

This is Mr. Beanz style! A little effort and honesty goes a long ways. I'm no construction dude but a little searching shows you shave the back of the material, notch the bottom then fit the it like a corner into the wall. Like I said, a little effort...........

How is this for a corner? Like fitting a round peg into a square hole, kindergarten stuff.

What kind of construction dude uses 3 layers of baseboard? I guess the first 2 didn't stick. Also he stopped about 2 feet short of the door telling Ma that it wouldn't stick cause it was wet behind the tub? What? It's not wet and I got it to stick. 

So anyway, after that, I tried some crazy videos.

Got the clone thing down and a ghost video ha ha!

When your twin brother has gas! :-P

Security cameras picking up the evil spirit moving around behind me, up and down the stairs.

Just when you think you're alone picking your nose, you have to worry about security cameras and ghosts.

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Mark and Mark, The Amazing Guys!

Some photos for now, will have a video at a later time after I create it. :-P

After a mix up with another buddy, I ended up texting Jose to meet me for a ride. I was supposed to do the other section of SART for the first time, the Northern section. But Eyemage thought it was Sunday and I thought Saturday.

But I knew it was pretty windy here, 35 mph wind with gusts up to 60 MPH. I thought about going myself just to do the 40 solo but heck, I have been moving heavy furniture all week, up and down stairs. So I figured I'd ask Jose to ride and good thing I did. It was windy and my legs was a burnin'!

Headed inland to Imperial from Orangewood. Crossed paths with Mark along the way but didn't realize it was him. Later he said he thought I knew as I nodded. But I not or wave at everyone ha ha!

Jose and I got to Imperial then doubled back to the coast. We stopped at Edna Park to refill the water, OK, my legs were burning ha ha! There we ran into Mark again. There was his buddy, another Mark with an amazing medical story. Mark with the tracheotomy tells us the other Mark's story of a quintuple bypass. Back on the bike! Hmm, much more than that, let's say 10 months after his procedure, the dude does a full Iron Man! :-O

Wow, heck and here I am crying about carrying furniture and riding SART ha ha! Both these guys are medical madmen. Can't think of how to word it but figure these guys are against the odds, issues that I have seen bring the most macho of men to sissy status. But these two guys are Bad Ass, excuse my language. Inspiration to us all as I figure if something happens to me, I surely won't give up. Just as these guys did, I will adapt and conquer. Nothing less than amazing and inspiration! Mark and Mark!

But Jose and I worked well to Imperial fighting the wind. One mile turns at the front then rotating. Of course I have to tell Jose when the mile is up cause he has no idea. Not sure why ha ha but if I don't say anything, he'll just keep going. As much as I would like to let him, I know I have to take my turn into the wind.

But once we turned around, we took 2 mile turns at the front. Held the pace down to 21 or so knowing we could do more but hey, we have to fight that wind on the way back so I conserve! Once we ran into Mark and Mark, Jose took the front and kept going, hey it's all good with me.

Had some fun and a visit at the coast but heading back, OH MAN! Pushing with a good effort, 14 MPH was on my screen. I figured it would ease up 2 miles down the road as it usually does. Thank goodness I was right. Then we were up to 16 and 17. Not bad with a pretty good headwind. But once we were passed the soccer fields, I started to feel my legs burning like crazy. OK, I took my turns at a lower pace giving Jose a good rest but once he got up front, he kicked it up and I was doing all I could to hold on. Breathing was OK but the legs just didn't want to hold up against the wind, stupid stairs and furniture.

Jose turned off at Garden Grove Ave so I did the final 2 alone. 16.9  average at this point so I figured I'd try to hold it back to the fire station at Orangewood, my exit. I was doing pretty good above 17 for a bit near the 22. But once I got to the condo area, the wind slapped me in the face and that slight little incline felt like GMR ha ha! Well that sucked so I only managed a 16.8.

I lost to the wind but did I? Heck no! I got out there and did my ride. Far fewer cyclists when the wind kicks up like this so I figure I'm still on top! ;-)

                                                                     The Video! I did catch Jose R in the video too, riding by with his buddies.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

A Very Short Ride Around Home on Sunday

Hey Wow! I found a nice little cycling forum last night. I posted a couple videos and introduction and a couple of pics. I actually received several "likes". Something that is missed on other forums I have posted. Pretty active site. With the little I have posted I have received about 40 notifications since posting the material a few hours ago.

Seems very active and the comments I have received are pretty friendly compared to most others. Looks like a good thing!


FTR, I had been posting on bike forums dot net but man that place is a ghost town and also looking at other sites, most of which have little traffic. Not even worth the effort so I found a new site with some action. On this new site, I posted a ride video in the "your ride today thread and actually got 12 likes.

That's my kind of action! :-P

I really whipped this little girl on the bike, she was no match! Actually a cute little girl who shouted hi at me when I rolled by. She must have done a mile on her little bike! :-)

Saturday SART Ride Video 1/19/19

Took me some time to get the video done but here it is if you like videos. :-P