Monday, January 18, 2021

Video Balboa with the Group

 The video, 52 miles at 17.4 average speed. A few hills at the beginning but 142 PR's for me on Strava, I'll take it ha ha ha!

Sunday, January 17, 2021

Easy 31 with Gina

 31 at 15.8 average speed. Pics for now.

Saturday, January 16, 2021

Saturday to Balbo 52 Miles 142 PR's (video on Monday)

 52 miles at 17.4 average speed with the group today. SART north to Lakeview then through Santa Ana rd, Jamboree, Mtn to Sea trail to Balboa. I'm not even exactly sure where I was, I was just riding trying to keep up in the hills seeing there were a bunch of hammer heads that showed up for the ride. I knew it was going to be a fast one for me ha ha ha!

But did well and once on SART heading back to the train station, we really picked it up. I have to say, there are some terrible guys out there that have no idea what team work is about. One guy sucked wheel for miles then shot around getting about 50 yards ahead.  Let him hang out knowing he'd fade but why not help rather than show off......that you can't keep a pace ha ha ha!? Make more sense to stay in the group and help. But after fading, he got back in line. Only to be dropped. Another guy, I was 3rd in line doing about 21 when the lead guy pulled off. The next guy sat up and looked confused as if he never heard of taking a turn at the front. When he realized he had no choice, he sprinted off raising the pace by about 3 -4 MPH. Wow, I kept pace and figured why should I try to close the gap? Let the guy go and later he was back in line too. Some people just don't get it though.

After a bit, a couple guys shot off the front and pulled away some. It was Mike at the front and soon after dropped back as if to wait for me. I had been behind a guy that was doing well but got tired. I took the front and tried to get him on my wheel but he said, well thought he said that he was done and to go ahead. Later told me he tried to say it but didn't have enough air in his lungs to get it out ha ha ha! But I really didn't want to drop him after helping at the front. By this time, we had a gap on the riders behind us, who were the fools that shot around and faded.

I found myself out on my own. Doing about 20.5 IIRC trying to stay ahead of the guys with the lousy tactics. I looked back at one point and saw a group of the 3 gaining on me. They got about 30 yards behind me but I gave it my all trying to stay away.  I didn't want them on my wheel but if they did catch me, I surely would have taken their wheels ha ha ha! I was planning to be the weenie then!

But after about 2 miles, I looked and they were falling behind, yeah buddy! One guy leaving behind a group of 3 that though they were the sheot! I saw Mike fall back off the faster group of 4, maybe. I saw him up ahead and thought if I could catch him, the dudes behind me would certainly be toast knowing Mike would help me out.  He did and they chumps fell pretty far back. I had asked Mike why he dropped back, tired or did he see me coming up? He said he saw me and that being at the front of the group ahead of me, he was doing all the work and he knew they too would sprint around when they got the chance. That is what I thought. It really is not worth it trying to work with guys that don't seem to get it. My average speed bridge to bridge north on Strava was 21.4 so that was decent for the final section of the ride.

Some of the guys up there, I had not seen on the entire ride. Though they were ahead on that section, Strava had one of them at 16.0 average speed. So pretty much just pushing on the final section of the ride and sucking on the rest ha ha ha! Looking at the average speeds on Strava, there were a couple of guys I expected to be fast. But the rest, I had a better average. 4 or 5 riders skipped the lunch section riding through town and went back to SART via PCH instead of hitting Balboa. Having 300 ft more climbing, one guy had the same average speed and the other guys I thought would be faster were a couple points behind me. So that was nice!

I guess doing all these miles is bringing my fitness back up and it feels good! 

The video

Some pics from the people and I'll have a video on Monday. Few of my stills from the clips as well for now.

BTW, finally figured it out! Since I use front and rear GoPro recorders, it's usually a pain in the but to watch them all and try to organize them in chronological order. This takes me an hour to do even before I can get started on creating a video. I have to watch them all, then delete the clips I don't want to use. Then trying to figure out where to put each clip where. I have to watch then a few times trying to squeeze them in order.

But I finally got it! I set the time on each recorder trying to be exact. So now, I watch and delete unwanted clips. Then I go and rename each clip in military time according to the time it was taken. So 9 am is 0900. I get about 25 clips so if I rename them all this way, they auto go in order. I do this for the rear recorder, then repeat for the front recorder, or vice versa.

So all clips are renamed then I send them to documents and all are placed in order.  So for example, the order might go like 09015, 0923, 1015, then afternoon, 2:05 pm is 1405, continuing on  up the clock from there might read 1425, 1502,1520 and so on.

So I send them all to documents and all placed in order. SO then I go back in documents and change the file names to 01, 02 ,03 on up to 25. Now everything is in order and I saved about an hour trying to watch every clip and figure out which goes where!

A video takes about 4 hours to create so no it's down to about 3 hours. SO this step saves me a lot of time and then I can put them in the editor and start ha ha ha!

I can see why many cyclists record but never produce. It can be a lot of work!

Friday, January 15, 2021

Thursday Night Ride

 25 miler with the group at 16.4 average speed. Garmin is correct to what I see but Strava jacked me .2 this time, wow! But a fast group tonight. I actually hung back and even rode at the back with Nadine letting the others fly away. But we regrouped at the bowling alley on Bonita. After that, I applied some pressure ha ha ha! Nothing wrong with crushing a few souls along the way ha ha ha!

There is a sign on the Mountain Ave climb. I rode it one time with a guy on my wheel and the digital speed read out said 11 MPH. The guy was shocked that we were going so fast up a climb that is about a mile (?) But last night, there was a fast lady and putting on some pressure, I ended up right behind her as she went around and pulled away from the group. Got to the sign and it said 14 MPH! :-O

Wow, she was flying up the hill and I was able to stay with her. The last 50 yards or so, I was dying ha ha ha! But I wanted to stay with her to the top knowing there was a regroup point. Somehow I managed to hang on and as we reached the top, I said thanks for the tow but she kept going as I pulled over to regroup. Hmm, then the other rolled up and rolled through. OK, so now I have to catch up ha ha ha! Not too many people follow the plan when it gets going hot. And it was hot last night. Most of the group seemed to be racing. Supposed to be a nice ride for all but it's getting to the point where, if you slack or not a strong rider, you ain't keeping up. Good ride but I think a few riders have shown up lately and said, forget this! But it ain't my ride so I can't control it. 

But a good strong ride for everyone, lots of PR's and I think this may be my fastest time on this ride. 

But hey, I told you I get to ride with beautiful women! I will take a pic one by one cause if I take a pic of all them together, you guys would probably have a heart attack ha ha ha!

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

I Missed My Calling (Hair Stylist) & Lights

So I have never used a rubber strap mounted light. All my rear light secured by plastic mounts provided by Cygolite.

But I did buy a $10 rear USB light on ebay with a rubber strap just to experiment with the rubber strap mounts. This light is pretty cool but the strap is pretty flimsy. I figured I'd try it and see how long it lasts but not wanting to lose it, I figured I'd use a wrist strap as a tether. Couple bucks on ebay and I needed some back ups for my go pro recorders, and a couple extras.

So I used the lasso style on the thin section hooking onto the rubber strap where it is less likely to break as the light is secured by the second hole of the band. Than a lasso onto a vent of the helmet. Then secure light with the rubber strap onto the helmet.

Heck, I'd bet it's not noticeable at night and the weight my slow my average speed by .2 but it won't fall off! 

Also I got some new pads for my helmet on ebay. $10 Foam style but much better than the old stinky worn ones that were in there ha ha. A wash, new pads, and still a little stink but it feels like a new helmet. This is my workhorse helmet. Night ride for the lights, solo rides, and helmet light straps, takes a beating but keeps on ticking!

 I love long hair but Gina's grows pretty long. But every now and then she likes to have it trimmed saying it is hard to manage and looks scraggly. So I have trimmed it a couple of times and I think it comes out pretty nice. 

Last year she had her sister, who is a stylist, trim it for her and honestly, it looked like crap ha ha ha! So this time she asked me to do it again and I did. Came out nice and I'm starting to think I missed my calling.


                 It was down to about mid peach! I liked it but she said it was too hard to handle!

                                                I do love the white streaks though!

Nope, she didn't pay me but the agreement was that I get to take a pic without a top on so I could see it well. She knows me though, I just wanted an excuse to see her topless ha ha ha! Worth the effort of a trim!

I think it looks rather nice. She wanted it kind of short knowing it will grow back fast. 
I will say it looks much nicer than when her sister cut it!


Monday, January 11, 2021

Monday Night Chill Ride

 20 miles with the group tonight.

The video from Saturday's 67 miler

So last night, a fun 20 mile ride with the group. I planned to take it easy but sometimes you just start rolling and there ya go ha ha ha! I took my MTB as it seems to be much smoother on this trail than the road bike. But at the end when the riders pick up the pace, it'd a darn good workout. There are about 4 riders that beat me back most the times but hey, I'm on an old MTB and they are on modern roadies. So trying to keep up is a challenge and a good workout. But when I get back on my roadies, I feel great. And to me, it's all about exercise. But thanks to the girls for beating me down on the ride ha ha ha!

Nice evening though. I thought it would be colder. Some dude playing the sax outside the coffee shop. Made it fun, few people dancing from the group. Added a little entertainment and better than standing out in the cold for nothing ha ha ha!

I can not get into Starbucks though. I enjoy the ice storm type drinks. The cold Slurpee type blended drinks with the whip cream, almost ice cream like. I had a couple from Starbuck's in the past and THEY SUCK!!! Not much flavor so I usually went to Nordstrom's which were way better and tasty. Too bad they closed but one of the maintenance people at the mall, one of our friends, Wendy, told us about Cinnabon serving them as well. So now I go there and they are actually the best of them all. Very consistent. Always just about the same as the last, always good. So sorry but Starbuck's sucks and last night was confirmation of that. Stand in line 6 feet apart. Finally get the cup of chocolate, walk outside and it is almost lukewarm. Wow, not worth the effort walking back in and complaining. So I just downed it like a soda ha ha ha! I don't usually need a hot cup of something when I get there on this easy ride but I went for it last night. But, in the future, I'll save my money and tip. Heck, the water in my bottle was just as good as a not so hot cup of chocolate for $5.

Hey! I rarely get my own pic. Thanks Nadine! And, they let me take center in the group pic last night. I'm used to them shoving me in the back for pics ha ha ha!

Really nice pic of the group by Nadine.

Hunh, hunh, hunh!!! Where else can I hang around with beautiful women and not get in trouble? A group ride. Nice women, friendly and chill! I can only take a pic of me and one of them at a time. If I took a pic of all of them, I'd have a heart attack ha ha ha! This is Shawn, very photogenic. Lovely lady, one of the best I've met on the bike. Lovely lady, lovely lady! Great attitude and personality!

Steve. Now I'm going to be 58 soon and I know this guy is older than I am. But these guys are my idols. Just an ordinary guy Steve is but he is lickity split on the bike. If I'm riding hard and ease off for a second, he'll fly by me like I'm standing still. I know he is older but love it! I have lived my life around people who are couch potatoes at 25 telling me that I will be too old and tired to exercise when I reach 30. But here I am, still riding at 58 and guys like Steve give me a different outlook on life and hope that I can continue on for several more years. Yay to these guys and boo to those who told me that I would have a hard time getting out of bed when I'm 30. They can live the Life of Suck! I'm following Steve!

Steve and Nadine!

My old beater MTB but hey, I was rolling!

Sunday, January 10, 2021


OK, I'm usually a nice guy but every once in a while, you have to punch somebody in the face! :-O Nice chill 31 mile recovery ride with Gina at 16.2 average speed. All was going nice till I passed some Skin Head looking dope. I dinged my bell, courtesy call but he did not move hugging the line. OK, I passed and I guess he didn't like it and probably a bully used to intimidating people. But he put his hand on my shoulder and shoved me really hard. WHT! Started arguing then he pulled out a knife so I told him go ahead stab me, he'd be going to jail! We argued a bit but the guy was not man enough to back up his words without a weapon. So finally he starts to walk away so I just laughed and started walking back to my bike. But I'm not stupid so I kept him in my vision as I turned around. Sure enough he started back toward me when I turned my back. I was expecting it, I'm not stupid! So he walks up and I turn around surprising him. So he said something then he tried to put his hand on my shoulder again. But my left hand came up and jabbed him on the jaw and he went down ha ha ha! He jumped up and started jumping around like he wanted to box. He took a swing but a text book left elbow came up and blocked his shot. So then he took a kick and hit me on the hip. I know he kicked me but I didn't feel a thing but you want to kick, OK! I threw a couple of stiff quick jabs to find my range so the thought I was looking to punch him but I swift kicked him on the inside of his thigh. I know it hurt because I felt my toes sink into his inner thigh then he flinched and backed up ha ha! Just then, some other guy came and sweet talked him into giving up the fight. Ha ha ha stupid idiot probably used to intimidating people thinking they won't say or do anything. But found himself picking himself off the ground with a short stiff jab. He's going to be hurting tomorrow with the kick to the thigh!👊 I didn't even get a chance to punch him for reals ha ha ha! I be the idiot doesn't do that again! 😁😆😁 But other than that, a nice smooth ride with Gina.

Couple days later. I blocked his punch but it bruised my bicep. Good thing I have the skills to block a close quarters punch. But if he bruised my arm with a blocked punch, I wonder what his face looks like today ha ha ha!

Need my pre ride tinkle at the train station!


I think  it may be time for a bath soon!

The smile that says, watch out you young punks, us old guys can still drop your asses with a good solid jab to the jaw ha ha ha!

Photochromic glasses ?

Bought these to use on night rides. Sometime we start when it is daylight then it gets dark. One guy has these and says they are pretty cool. So I figured I'd try a pair. Rock Bros on ebay, $20 and come with a cool little case, bag, rag, and some weird glass frame. Maybe to insert prescrips to use inside the goggles.

I like them so far only looking out at night. Look really clear and crisp. I didn't buy them for that reason but they are which is a bonus. Now if they don't fog up with my mask, I got it made!