Thursday, October 20, 2016

Ah Home Sweet Home

Another 12 mile evening ride. Finished right as it was getting dark. 1,040 ft of gain, good midweek exercise. I must be taking the right back roads cause so many cars are very considerate and courteous while I'm out there. :-)

Ah home sweet home after the ride! :-P  OK not really, just a nice looking house up in the nice hood!

Headed up from 13th and San Antonio up to 24th, across then down Euclid, across 17th then again back up San Antonio till I hit 1000 ft of gain for the day. Of course it was near the top so I had to complete it which included that little 10-125 butt kicker at the top ha ha!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Local Midweek Ride

Well I headed out and figured it would get dark by the time I was done, and it did! I only hit 23rd street figuring it was dark about that heading to 24th playing it safe. Go tin 12 miles with 1,012 ft gain.

I did push my self at the top knowing there was a Strava segment there. 4% for 1/2 mile. I set my own PR and so I am 116 out of 430 all time. 12 out of 78 all time over 200 pounds. This year I am 6 out of 25 in the over 200 pound category. Kind of strange but I know one the riders who says he is 200+ and I'm pretty sure he isn't that heavy at like 5 ft tall. Hmmm, Strava people!

Kind of hard to get a good pic at 21 MPH in the dark with no hands! :-P

Saturday, October 15, 2016

SART 44 & Lost Water Bottle (Camelback)

Pretty nice ride today. Gina hasn't been on the bike much so I was really expecting her to suffer today. But she didn't! Actually did very well. After the ride she said she was trying really hard but she actually made it look pretty easy. I was in front the whole time just trying to control the pace staying in her comfort zone, but just a wee bit more ha ha! No complaining, no calling me obscene names so yeah I guess she felt OK ha ha!

Saw Herb and Alyce. Hadn't spoken with them in a while so we stopped to chat for a bit. Plus it gave me a chance to snap a pic of Alyce and her new bike (Di2 stuff).

44.2 miles at 16.2 average.

This sad bottle was at the beach stop setting all alone. NO RIDERS around, matter of fact we did not see one cyclist heading our way from Edna Park all the way to the coast and not many heading the opposite direction. I thought it was Christmas day or something ha ha! I know a couple of friends had been at the coast before us so who knows? Maybe it belongs to one of them and they'll get it back. Little things can be expensive ha ha! So if it's yours, let me know!

Crossed paths with Tammy!

Some dude hopped on the back as we rolled by. He was cool, said thanks as we turned off into Yorba Park.

Alyce and her new bike.


Same bird as last week, sitting and eating from Gina's hand.

Ron and Dixie heading to the coast.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Fitty Foh!

Gina's birthday today! 54 years young!

Well I think I made Gina's day today for her birthday! After breakfast i took her to visit her Mom who gave her a gift and had a nice little visit. Then on the way home we passed a little store where Gina worked back when she was 16 years old, 38 years ago! We had passed by several time over the years and she has told me many stories of her time there. This time I told her we should stop to see if the people were still there. She said it was very unlikely but I pulled in anyway. We walked in to find an old Korean guy behind the counter of a pretty empty store, dark and half empty. I asked the guy how long he had been there and he says a long time. Started chatting and sure enough it was the guy. Then he started to recall Gina and her time there working for him. He's 75 now and keeps his shop open because he owns the building though business is slow. But he also has the little missionary shop at the end of the building where he helps guide alcoholics and rehab Korean people. Said he had been in the papers over 500 times throughout the year for doing good in the community. Wife passed away back in 1995. At least he has done good things over the years. He was somewhat timid at first then after a good chat it was funny cause he followed us out to the car and kept talking with us ha ha! It was nice to see Gina spend some time with her mother and this old guy who Gina said had been a father figure to her while she worked there. Nice blast from the past! After that Gina thanked me for making it a memorable birthday! :-) But we weren't done there! We ended up having pizza with Chris and his family as well as Richard and Lil Lizzy! (Sons and grandkids)


Harry and Gina 38 years later!

Gina and her Mom

Harry's Mission Center

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Sunday No Gina

 44.5 miles at 17.8 average. So I hit the trail again today. Felt pretty breezy today. Legs felt tired but hey, that's when you get the best workouts right ?! A bit warmer than I expected, Garmin says average 91 degrees. But the bright side, as few peeps as there are at the beach, there were a few bikinis here and there. Where else but in Southern California ?!

                                                 Rode my old Cannondale today!

                       I tried as hard as I could on the last mile to raise the average up to 17.9                                                                  but my legs wouldn't let me. I was toasted ha ha!

Cruiser bruiser!

Yup, those look like some bruisers to me!

Not crazy about tats and skinny butts but pretty sure somebody will like her!

This gal was a doll IMO!

Dont'cha just hate when the surfer dudes hog the water faucet?

Bikinis in October!

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Me & Jose Holding Down The Pace

44+ miles with a 17.4 average. Well Gina once again at the hospital with her son so I headed out with Jose today. I rode my old Cannondale cause I really like that bike. I actually like this old  1998 aluminum CAD3 more than I like my full carbon Madone. Thing just feels like it wants to roll. We headed out for the 44 miler when Jose informed me that Joaquin would be joining us later in the ride. We do the 44 but Joaquin does 19 so Jose said we ought to let him pull us to the coast from Edna Park ha ha! So we did and I will say Joaquin did a pretty good pace up there considering that is usually the stiffer headwind section. I think Joaquin had his Wheaties cause he did really well today. On the return I took the lead for a while then Jose, then Joaquin. Joaquin did lift the pace pretty good. I am not sure if he is trying to drop riders behind him or just his style but he does a lot of accelerations. Heck, I remember seeing 27 on the section near Moon Park. I was feeling pretty comfortable though. Must be the midweek rides kicking in.

It was a really nice day! While I was eating my Clif bar at the rest stop, some bird just flew up onto my lap. Dude was missing a foot! Heck friendly little guy so I fed him part of my bar. He didn't even mind posing for a few pictures ha ha!

Mom opted for the Levi look!

What kind of nutrition bar is she eating? I need to get a few of those ha ha!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Mas Midweek Ride & GMR Motorcycle Wipeout !!!!!

Well we didn't ride over the weekend so I did get out this evening. Of course Gina is still busy at work so again I headed off alone  trying to maintain some fitness.

My mind wanders when I don't have anything to think about so I made up my own sign along the way. Hey, seems to be the thing nowadays. Riding up and through the rich neighborhoods made me think, I'm a Mexican on a carbon fiber bike in a ritzy neighborhood.

So my sign, symbol of peace is one arm up. Much easier than the two arm symbol that is going around right now. My symbol stands for, "I'm a Mexican on a carbon fiber bike. Don't shoot because I do have a receipt!". :-P

Oh well, so I got in 15.8 miles and 1214 ft of gain.

BTW, Ron sent this link of a motorcycle wipe out on GMR. Hope he doesn't mind that I share it. If you do Ron, let me know I will remove it! :-P

Link to his video. No worries I don't post viruses stuff, I ain't that smart ha ha!