Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Did You Ride Today Thread! 97,729 VIEWS

The Linky ! :-P

Did You Ride Today ???

BTW, speaking of forums, I have been posting in this quiet little forum for a while. Only very few posters there. Had a few conflicts, few issues but the mod is pretty easy going so we duke it out then continue on. No forum gods, no mod gods, just simple basic riding.

I have heard some would like to see my material in a forum. It's been posted here for a while as well as a few others who add their stories, pictures and videos.

So if you want to join in the fun, sign in! Heck, we can call each other bad names, make up and kiss then continue on. Few guys have asked for bikini pics and not once has the mod said I should be put in jail like a couple of mod gods.

Very little traffic but if you want to see pics, vids, and reports and want a chance to call me bad names, sign up!

Heck post your pics too!

Did You Ride Today ???

I started it some time ago and it has      97,729 VIEWS !!!!!!!! :-)

Thanks to a few other posters, like 4 of us ha ha! But somebody is watching us! :-P

Saturday, October 14, 2017

SART w/ Gina and Friends

Good day today! 43 miles at 17.5 average speed! I got some help from the others today so it made it a bit faster. Good help from Alyce, Rick, and Jose. For not riding much, I was really impressed with Gina today. She looked good most of the way today and only looked a little bushed a couple miles from the end. OK a few, maybe 5 miles.

We did run into some jerkwad today! We caught him from a mile back at cruising speed, yes cruising speed! He hops on, sucks wheel for a mile or so then sprints around us. OK cool no problem the first time. Maybe he just thought he was faster than our group because we had a few gals. But then he fades, falls back, sucks wheel then does it again a couple times. WTF! Finally he takes off then Alyce takes the front. She catches back up to him and passed him. Not much more than a few seconds later, he sprints like a bat out of hell around our left side. I think getting passed by a female was a really big blow to his ego so he tried to fly away. Sorry buddy! Alyce has been doing plenty of training and you're just going to make yourself look like a fool, which he did ha ha!

When he did his major sprint at 20 MPH, Alyce looked back at me and said, "he doesn't know who he is messing with does he!". I knew at that point we were going to fly by this guy. Sure enough, Alyce drops the hammer and leaves the guy in the dust while we just hang on and smile as we roll by ha ha! After that, the guy was toast!

We get to the coast and run into Rick, later Kevin rides up. We have some good laughs and some good chat. Then we head back, Alyce had pushed on per ride plan but we just kept our pace. At this point we had a 17.1 average 30 miles in so I knew I could't push Gina too much.

A bit later Rick takes the front. Rolling pretty good but when we hit that short little ramp at Moon Park, Gina fades and falls back. I think I was at the front at that point. I glanced back with my peripheral vision and saw Aimee thinking it was Gina. Just then Rick pulls up and says Gina had fallen back. I notices she was a ways back so I stopped at the off ramp for a few seconds so she could catch up. Aimee was right behind me so she pulled up as well.

This was a trip! Gina looked like she was going really slow at the top, that's why I stopped. Rick being the gentleman he is, fell back to pull Gina back up. We had stopped and no more than 5 seconds later, Rick and Gina go flying by! OK wait what! It looked like they were doing 5 mph way back there but when they rolled by, it looked like 30 ha ha ha!

I had done the tight little u turn on the ramp but noticed Aimee stopped. Once I saw Rick and Gina go flying by, I knew getting off her bike was a mistake. Aimee had to get off her bike, turn around then remount. I knew we were in trouble because they went flying by and I knew it would take us a while to catch up. I figured though, that Gina would do her pace and we would catch up easily. WRONG! I took off but noticed Aimee had fallen behind, lacking the tight u turn skills that I posses ha ha! I was trying to kind of somewhat hold a good pace but Aimee wasn't catching up. So I slowed a bit then she caught on once she got her momentum going. So I was at the front, Aimee, then Jose.

We picked it up pretty good and I was looking at the pair ahead thinking it would only be a few seconds before we caught up. WRONG! I don't know what the heck Rick told her but they were rolling. Couple minutes go by, I'm pushing pretty good but darn it, we ain't going nowhere ha ha! It took a pretty good effort to catch back up. Finally after  few minutes we did but man I was getting tired ha ha!

So we rolled back to Katella all together. We ended our ride as Rick continued on alone. Nice ride, have to say it was cool getting help from other riders. Once I was on a wheel, I was recovering quite nicely, Heck, I need to suck wheel more often ha ha!

Jerkwad at the back. Starts the games a couple minutes later before Alyce hand him his ass on a platter ha ha!

Don't know that guy at the back who hopped on but at least he didn't race around us ha ha!


Rick in a full uphill sprint! :-P

Friday, October 13, 2017

My Senior Citizen

Gina's birthday was on Tuesday and we had a blast......all weekend and week ha ha! Turned 55 so we had to celebrate more than just one day. As mentioned earlier, we hit Northwoods Inn on Friday for some steak and lobster.

Saturday we hit the Pomona Valley Mining company overlooking the 10 fwy. We always see it and never happen to stop in so this was our chance. Can't say I was impressed. Overlooking Pomona 7/11 and Jack in the Box on Dudley Ave ha ha! The food, overpriced AppleBee's in my opinion. $28 for them ribs, AppleBee's ribs, yuck! Salad/soup bar was decent and probably the best thing. Couldn't even eat the cheese bread without getting grossed out, and I'm a bread lover.

Sunday Night was Spaghetti Factory.

Then Monday night we stopped in at Spunky Steer in Chino, much better than PVM Co and a much lower price. Then on Tuesday, her actual birthday, kids called and wanted to treat her to Spunky Steer so here we go again ha ha! And yes, everything tastes better when it is free thanks to the kids! :-P

Along the way, we picked up a new battery for her watch, some new shoes at Macy's, a couple outfits at Macy's (casual pants and blouses) then last night, still celebrating, we hit Macy's again and found a set of overalls she could not say no with the sale price. Oh what the heck, just a long happy birthday for my very own live in senior citizen ha ha!

Can't put a new battery in it without polishing it up first!

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Team Rodney & Some Bike Issues

43.4 miles with Gina and Aimee today. 16.1 MPH average speed, not bad.  According to my Garmin, a high of 96 degrees, average of 90. I did know that it would be hot today after viewing the forecast last night. Prediction of 92 but I don't tell Gina because if she knows how hot it is, or supposed to be, she'll go all mental about it ha ha! I think she does better when she has no idea.

But she did very well today. I figured a couple more miles than last weeks 40 but tried to hold the pace down a bit compensating for the heat. I think it worked well! Gina did suffer the last couple of miles so we stopped at Edna for a cool down break. Then the return trip home in my truck with the AC on which is very rare. Heck, I use it maybe once every 2 years. Or when Gina is suffering from the heat ha ha!

Did see the Legend Greg out there on his upright! Maybe he's not digging the bent like he wanted? Maybe he was just setting some land speed records today? I dunno, I'll have to get the story next time we run into him!

Ran into Team Rodney at Edna Park. We had spoken before, heck maybe last year but he remembered me too.  We had a brief chat then headed out. Somewhere along the line we ran into Rodney who joined us for a few miles before he stopped at Moon Park to regroup his team. But then we met again at the coast and talked bikes! Always got to talk bikes, it's a bike blog ha ha! So I snapped a few pics then they headed off toward Long Beach, in that direction.

Not bad, they said they would have about 52 miles today. Pretty darn good ride!

I would say today was a sad day for me though. About 7 miles in, my water bottle caged snapped apart. Luckily the base stayed together so my pump was fine. But it sucks carrying a large water bottle in your jersey pocket ha ha! Then of course, I always tell Gina not to switch to her big ring when she has the chain all the way out, and she does. So we have to stop and I have to get my hands all full of grease. Then at the end of the ride, I feel something a little fishy (fishtail) and it is my rear tire, gone flat! Bad flat but good noticed it at the truck after the ride was complete. Phew!

One thing I learned today. Well I may have already known but was reminded today ha ha! Lobster and all the butter sauce does not mix well with cycling. Should have opted for spaghetti but since it is the start of Gina's birthday weekend, I figured we'd get  it started last night! She'll be 55 on Tuesday so we have to celebrate seeing both of us have Monday off.

                                                          Rodney rollin' with my crew!

Team Rodney

Broken water bottle cage.

For the guys in other states who request bikini shots as they get ready for snow ha ha! Guys need to move to Cali! :-P

Funny little story about last night's dinner. The waiters are really good so when you are seated, they start explaining the menu etc. I told the guy, no problem, we had our first date here about 30 years ago so we are familiar. Then I said that we come at least once a year for our anniversary. Cool! If  you  have been there, you will know they sing happy birthday to somebody like every 10 minutes.

Later after we finish our dinner, we hear 3 guys come out singing from the kitchen area. But this time they are singing "happy anniversary". We looked in that direction hoping to see where they were headed and wondering who was having an anniversary. So the guys are walking by then they stop and finish singing the song to us ha ha!

What the heck ha ha ha! It's not our anniversary but we both drop our jaws in confusion. We looked at each other and bust out laughing! Neither one of us said anything because we knew he meant well and it would be embarrassing to say that it wasn't our anniversary.

SO then they finish the song and everybody starts clapping for us and smiling in our direction ha ha! What a surprise for sure! Then the waiter says he heard what I had said earlier and put one and one together reading between the lines. He said, "See, I got ya!".

Yeah, you got us alright ha ha ha ha!

Last night at North Wood's Inn. I saw the guy in the back and thought there might be some live ZZTop entertainment ha ha!

Two salads, green with bleu cheese and marinated cabbage. Mix 'em together, YUM!

I had the lobster with the lumberjack steak. Gina just had the rock lobster.

Cheese bread. Like Sizzler toast but much better!

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Got My Mojo

No, not my mojo riding, more like mojo potatoes at Shakey's last night. On the run Gina and I just stopped in to eat. Mojo potatoes, pizza, and chicken. Boy did I feel those mojo potatoes today trying to warm up into the ride ha ha!

But not a bad ride with Gina and Aimee. I was aiming for a 16.0 average for the 40 but Gina did much better with a 16.5. She was a little tired at the end but overall very well. So 40 miles at 16.5, can't complain.

Ran into some dude at Moon Park. He was on the side of the road. As we climbed that little steep ramp, I looked back and saw he was on our wheels. Gina slowed up so I held back to wait for her. The dude went around and was pedaling like a bat out of hell. Nah, I don't chase people but you know if you go around and fade, I'm going to notice ha ha! So a mile later we roll by him and he hops on the back. I look back at him as if to say, "oh so now you want to wait for us and we're friends!". I did figure he would sprint around later on but never did. When we hit the coast, he did stop at the beach stop for a quick minute to say thanks for the lift. He said it really helped and it was a lot of fun. Yeah, fun for you cause I was at the front breaking the wind ha ha! I didn't say that, just thinking it! :-P But at least he was friendly enough to chat about it for a minute, that's cool, no snob attitude.

Later Tony and Thai rode up talking about the air show. Pretty cool but this year they did not fly near the rest stop so no pics. Bad Bob showed up for a bit to admire Joaquin's new build. Cool bike! Oh yeah, Joaquin showed up too, alone which was surprising as he usually has a group of friends riding along.

Kind of a windy day it seemed but very nice! Not hot, just enough sun but a cool breeze. :-)

                                                     Fat tires, fat...oh never mind! :-P

Nice ride with her boyfriend but we really don't need him in the pic do we? :-P

Bad Bob entertaining the gals with Trump impressions!

Rode my 1998 Cannondale. Actually prefer it over my full carbon Madone 4.7. :-O

Tony admiring the air show.

Thai admiring Tony admire the airshow. :-P

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

OK, Little Bit -0 - Music

Gina hasn't touched her keyboard in a couple of years. I finally talked her into playing with me last night. Not bad, took 3 takes of this song and this was the second which was the best. Not bad really, took us about 30 minutes of playing to get the song down.

After I got the recording, Gina kept playing trying to refresh her memory of what she used to know. Nothing fancy, she just knows a few notes here and there, and the clapping. :-P

Monday, September 25, 2017

Split Screen SART/ Than and Now and the Mess

A video by R. Gerber Productions. A split screen of the Santa Ana Bike Trail...Oh I'm sorry, the Santa Ana Homeless Camp Trail.

Difference of 2 years. Back when people who actually contributed to society had a nice clean trail to ride on and enjoy a weekend of safe cycling after working all week.

New condos, new parks for children to play have all been taken over by the homeless as structural support for their tents. I remember when the new condos there were built, I'd tell Gina we should invest in one so we could enjoy the bike trail right out our front door step. Thank God we didn't because that place is a mess now. Poor residents who have to smell the foul constant odor of feces and urine! Not to mention the crime I read about just the other day. I read a few of those residents have been complaining about the crimes being committed to their cars in the parking lot. Wow, so sad when you can't even feel safe in your own home. I bet there BBQ's suck!

Anyway, before I get started again, or too involved, check out this video. I actually think it looks a little better than it did a few months ago but that doesn't mean the criminals are leaving. It means they are moving North to the Honda Center area. A place where now it has gotten so bad they have closed the gates to the bike trail. Not happy about that but I am happy because it more than likely stops all the idiots who were driving and parking their cars on the trail feeding the criminals and drug addicts contributing to their migration toward the trail.

Damn it! I get so pissed when I think of these druggies and criminals. Yeah you would too if you were out there and saw one of them a holes harassing your wife!  Don't pretend you wouldn't be, any man with a set of balls would be! :-P


Thought I would add this to the post. Stuff that really pissed me off. Plenty of this on the trail not shown in the video.

           Volunteer driving up on the trail parking on the bike trail. Seen several vehicles.

Homeless/thugs/druggies using restrooms to take showers and play house while 3 female cyclist wait to use the restroom. Yes, that gal is loading water so she can pour it over some drugged out chick in the stall in an attempt to take a shower.

Idiots parking whatever and wherever, no consideration for anyone or safety of others.

Druggies and thugs walking aimlessly across the trail. Wires running across the trail from generators.