Sunday, October 20, 2019

31 with Gina

31 miles (16.1 average)  with Gina on the trail today. Nice beautiful day as far as weather. Gina said from the start she was feeling it today. Said her legs were resisting but she did very well. She even beat last week's average by 1/10 of a mile as far as average speed.

She did very well I think and I saw we had last week's average beat by .1 near the end of the ride so I tried to keep the same pace but WOW, it really got windy the final mile or so after Edna Park heading North. I rarely get a headwind by the 22. MOF, it usually seems like a tailwind and flat where one can usually lift the pace. So I thought we'd pick up another tenth there but I was wrong. Trying to keep the pace above 16 should have been easy but not today! Heck, I was pushing pretty good to keep it at 16. WTH did that headwind come from?

So we have a 16.1 and that is still better than last week but near the condos, the final stretch she says that's it. No, C'mon !!!! So I told her just another 1/8 of a mile or so, can't blow it now!

So she sucked it up, I'm shocked, she didn't call me any 4 letter names ha ha! But she sucked it up and she pushed the rest of the way. So we still did pretty good  but that darn wind! :-P

Okay, now the suck part. I can not believe how many ass hats ride bikes. There is a bit of construction going on after Edna, heading South. Wood structure. We're approaching heading down being careful, wouldn't want to hit that wood structure. When some ass hole comes by on the left on the descent. He's right on our left side, insisting on passing when a mountain bike type is coming down the opposite side. OKAY, I'm not freaking blind and I can see the MTB coming down. Is this Lance wannabe blind or just fucking stupid? He goes around us on our left squeezing in as we are cautious with the wood structure so the Lance wannabee almost goes head on with the MTB. What a stupid fuck! Probably some ass hat that will go on a cycling forum and cry about how careless drivers are out on the road. Yeah, but this dumb ass can't even be cautious for 10 seconds to make sure all are safe to protect his precious bike trail average. :-/

Then, some dude and a chick are riding by the Honda Center. Plenty of cyclists around this point. I can see 2 or 3 coming behind us, another 4 or 5 coming in the opposite direction.

Stupid chick stops right at the high point of the horse shoe type turn, pulls out her phone and starts talking as several bike approach trying to make the turn. Yes, the stupid ass chick parks her bike perpendicularly across the bike lane. Not to mention, her male partner stops at the inner section of the turn. So both riders are blocking nearly the entire path for several oncoming cyclists.

Dumb ass dude is on Strava and I can see exactly who he is. So tempting to leave a comment on his ride telling him what kind of ass holes he and his female partner are. But really, I don't want to lose my Strava and all it's content ha ha! So I'll say it her, dumb asses ha ha!

I did get to look the dude in the eye and give him a big PFFFT! Hopefully the dumb ass got the message after noticing it was a big mess, several cyclists heading in opposite directions trying to find a way around the turn.

Just hard to believe, there is a ton of open space around that turn. Many cyclists stop there on the outside of the turn without incident but there's always the dumb asses!

Saturday, October 19, 2019

GMR Caca Poo Poo Today

19 miles, 2500 ft gain. Felt like crap, skipped breakfast, didn't work. Stopped at 4 miles for about 30 seconds, thought about turning back. Then again at mile 5. Felt like a wuss so I kept going. I had originally thought of going beyond Peacock Saddle to the Point of No Return but I totally sucked today. Skipping breakfast and trying a ClifBar as a replacement DID NOT WORK WELL ha ha!

On the descent I did stop to take a few pics and then decided to head up for another 300 ft to get at least the 2.500.

Rode alone. Which was cool. A few hot rod cars heading up when I was climbing. Saw teh rangers with red lights flashing. Got to the top and it was pretty quiet. Headed down, no motorcycles or cars. Hmmm!

Got down only to find the ranger at the gate. The road was closed and none of the riders were complaining.

Good thing they closed it! I did see a lit cigarette tossed on the road. Wow, too many stupid idiots in this world.

One of the cars I saw was like super hot car like a Ferrari. Group of 3, a Mercedes, another car then the hot sport car. I still can't figure out why these grown men need to race up GMR at 70 MPH. Super happy they chased them off the mountain! ;-)

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Sunday SART with Gina, Very Well!

31 miles 16.0 average. Headed out with Gina and Jose. Jose said he was tired because he did a solo ride the day before. OK, so I guess I am getting some fitness back, I was at the front the entire time other than the couple of times I dropped back to get pics of Gina.

Did a little warm up from the fire station to Lincoln, our turn around point. Little stretch then headed to the beach. It was a little breezy so I mentioned it. Gina and Jose said they didn't feel the headwind. Well of course, I'm at the front ha ha! Wasn't a bit headwind but a strange kind of breeze.

Once we were by Warner, then I really started to feel the wind. OK, Jose did a solo ride yesterday, he's tired. I did GMR so I guess I'm not tired ha ha! I almost thought about calling him to the front just because but figured I'm better off at the front because he would more than likely lift the pace and do little accelerations, probably causing gaps for Gina to close. She hasn't been on the bike much so I didn't want her closing gaps and getting burned out. I was there to get her back on the bike and hold a steady pace making it nice for her.

So we get to the beach and I ask Jose if it was easy for him. He said no, it really got windy the final 4 miles or so. Said something about his leg hurting ready to cramp. Now that I remember, it did feel windy on the last stretch, Gina got a cramp in her calf on the last little underpass heading up. She had to stop for a minute to let it go away. So we did lose a minute their, for those of you segment chasers on Strava comparing our times ha ha!

But she got back on the bike after a very short stop and seemed fine.

Ran into Joaquin, Tony, Thai, and, and, and, I forget but as I scroll down, I don't see anybody else in the pics so I don't need to mention them ha ha!

Headed back as Tony and Thai headed back with us. Knowing Gina is going to fade on the final section of the return, I just held steady to limit gaps etc. She did fine then Tony and Thai turned off near Warner.

It was back to the 3 of us.. I held steady at the front and expected Gina to fade or ask me to slow about 1/2 mile from Edna bridge as usual when she hasn't much saddle time.

But today, she just kept the pace. Wow! Crossed the bridge, kept on, then saw our average of 16 and thought if we just keep it at 16 or above, we should have a final average of 16, I'd be happy with that.

She did fine and at the end of the ride, looked pretty happy, and very fresh compare to the weeks before. Yeah alright baby! Got our 16.0 as I was hoping for today. Not bad considering the times she had really struggled in the past after time off (years ago with family medical as well) she was holding a 15.2 average on our rides. So being off this much and still 16.0 2 weeks in a row is great! The fact she was so much fresher and stronger at the end was a big bonus!

After couple of miles, I dropped back to take a pic. Gina was rolling away from me. I had to tell her to slow a bit so I could get back to the front. That was a good sign she was going to have a good day, I guess!

I just like big butts I guess!

Holding steady at the front cause Jose's legs were tired from his solo ride the day before, I guess!

OK, I like a little cleavage shot now and then, I guess!

OK, perfect example. Typical forum member stupid statements. SOOOO many times I have seen comments on bike forums from cyclists claiming it is us against them type crap. They say people who drive cars hate us cyclists because they are too lazy to get out of the car themselves. Makes no sense to me and really? Because drivers are too lazy, they hate us? OK, what about the lazy bastard who used this gel  then was too freaking lazy to walk his ass over 5 steps to the trash can? Drivers are lazy because they don't ride bikes? Cyclist are just lazy ass holes, why?

Funny thing forum members. I remember one topic about tinted windows. One dude claimed, actually thought it was a woman because of the way this guy was bitching about his health issues. Guess that might be a bit male chauvinist but you know what, fuck you! I'm in that kind of a mood ha ha!

So anyway, this little bitch boy was complaining about having a medical condition that allowed him to carry a note from the doctor while driving so that the cops could not site him for tinted windows.

Yes, he has a medical condition so he needs to have his windows tinted to the max or he'll fucking die or something like that.

OK, but the dude has his pic on Strava, standing in shorts, jersey, in a freaking desert type landscape scene. Rides his bike around San Diego, the sunny city fairly often. I don't see the guy worried about getting sun on his legs then, while out on a bike. I don't hear whining and bitching about riding in the sun, skin disease, fucking dying, or even shitting his pants.

How freaking mixed up can people be?  Some of the stupid shit from cycling forum members that goes on ha ha! Now I can see why so many cyclist actually don't post on forums.

This just cracks me up. That would be like me saying my balls swell up while I ride my bike so I can't ride my bike cause my swollen balls hurt. But then the next day, you see me out there playing basketball with one of my swollen nuts as the basket ball. How stupid are these people ha ha!

If my nuts are swollen and hurt, then they hurt. I'm not working around the system to benefit.

Thai, Jose, Tony, and Joaquin

From left, some good looking guy, can't remember his name, Jose, Thai, Tony, and Joaquin

Heading back with Tony and Thai tagging along, I guess!

Saturday, October 12, 2019

GMR with Mike

Oh CRAP! I forgot to mention the best part of the ride. Saw Mat up there on GMR! ;-)

GMR to Peacock Saddle with Mike. 26 miles, 3,084 ft. Perfect day for the ride. A bit cool in the shade and nice in the sun, not much sweat at all. I did forget my bug spray but there were not that many bugs attacking me. At the shack, yeah but on the road, no and at Peacock Saddle, actually pretty mellow with the bugs. I big fat horse fly but I couple swats then he was gone.

Haven't been on GMR in maybe 3 weeks. I wanted to ride last week but the son in law was visiting from out of town and brought his bike so we did a trail ride. So I'm back, hopefully most the next few Saturdays as long as there is not a threat of rain.

It was a good ride, I cruised to the shack non stop fairly easily, well better not say easily, maybe more like consistently. GMR is never really EASY. Doable but not easy. Anyway, I felt good even thought those hard core dudes and chicks are flying by me like I'm standing still ha ha! I look at them on Strava and their times are what mine used to be.1:00 give or take a couple. I did a 56 minute while doing the village back in 05. Wow, weight and old age catching up to me ha ha! Right now I am at a sucking 1:21 or so. 1:37 first time back a few weeks ago so I guess I shouldn't complain, could be worse. But thinking back on what I used to do, I know I can again. Just need the time to ride and the means to eat well. I have been eating pretty well lately but so many medical issues in the family make it almost impossible at times to eat what I want or what my body is asking for! Like home cooked food, healthy nutrition vs the crap you have to eat on the way home from the hospital at midnight because somebody else went into the hospital!

But anyway, I continue to do GMR knowing it makes a cyclist strong. Someday I will have the resources to hammer up GMR again! But for now, I keep riding looking for the light at the end of the tunnel when I have a chance to look after myself again.

One thing that really bothered me on the ride was some chick going down. Mike and I headed down from the shack right after her and a group of about 5 guys headed down. Wasn't looking for a downhill race, just going down like we always do.

I will bring up that Mike has seriously improved on his downhill skills. He was pretty scary the first couple of times, couple years back. I was actually afraid to be behind him on the descent. Even at 30 yards back ha ha! The last many times we have done GMR together, I have had him ride behind me on the way down so that he could follow my lines. Good lines, taking the apex, body position, it all helps. I think he learned a lot riding behind me and some verbal direction I have offered over time. So he actually was flying down fast and very smooth on Saturday.

He was ahead of me by maybe 40 yards while rolling by the shack. I thought I would easily catch him but didn't. Not till a mile below Newman's Point (about 5.5 up from the gate).

The group of riders was ahead of us by maybe 1/4 mile. We caught the first 2 guys and with some warning and my bell, made a safe pass.

Second group of guys took a little longer to pass. Doing better than the first group. Same thing, bell, verbal, safe pass, thanks guys!

Then we saw the last guy and the chick ahead. They were rolling and I really didn't think we would catch them. But after the fast straight section (4 miles up) we caught them.

Mike was behind the chick and we thought we might pass like the other 4, safely!

Nope!  Mike was shouting verbals so that she would let us pass. She had a mirror and she wasn't deaf at we heard her speaking as we crossed the gates. BTW, the road was closed to vehicular traffic, YAY!

So Mike is shouting but this chick is all over the road! :-O

OK, let us pass, uhhh move over, slow down if you have to, or should I say, GTF out of the way!

I myself slow a bit and move right to allow faster descending cyclists, motorcycles, cars to pass if needed. Mike got so freaked out about her shitty lines and skills that he actually waved me around. He didn't want to be behind her. Once I got behind her, I knew why. She really sucked ha ha! I honestly don't know how she had got down this far, this fast without eating it!

OK, closed to traffic but you realize there are still cyclists coming up on the other side around the blind turns, right? I moved up close to her when I felt safe ringing the bell and shouting LOUD so that she would let us pass. Yes, if you are fast, good then by all means stay ahead but we would not have any problem passing her as far as speed, so move the fuck over!

You have a mirror on your bar ends, you hear me, you hear my bell, for the love of God, let us all be safe and let us pass. But she wouldn't. Not sure if it was an ego thing or she was just stupid but none of us wanted to get hurt and at the same time, move over because we are obviously faster.

But she wouldn't so I watched closely for a chance to pass. A few hard strokes of my pedals and I'd fly by her no problem.

But just when I'm thinking a clear section is coming up, I move to the yellow line to give her plenty of room on the right as I passed. Just as I thought about passing, she swerved all the fucking way to the left, hugging the left yellow line on the opposite lane. You got to be fucking kidding me!

If I had passed them, we both would have got fucked up! Excuse my language, but this bitch was an ass hole or a very shitty cyclist.

So I pulled up and shouted like a mean mother fucker,  PASSING ON YOUR LEFT 2 BIKES!!!!!.

I used my, YOU BETTER FUCKING GET OUT OF THE WAY VOICE ha ha! Something clicked because I started the pass on a short straight section and she moved to the right some. I moved to the yellow line not wanting to be in the opposite lane but left her some room to be safe.

But just as I am passing, this ass hole flies around my left placing 3 of us abreast along the road. Holy fuck, he surprised me. Good thing I have good skills cause this could have been a big mistake for all of us. C'mon dude, let me know you're there and wanting to pass! You see me passing and still pass me?

WTF is up with people?  Apparently this ass hole thought he was Nibali!

I see him going around so I back off a bit so he can safely move back into the correct lane. YES, that would make it safe for an oncoming cyclist seeing that we are heading into another switchback. Those of you who are not too pussy to do GMR know what I'm taking about. You don't have much time on any of the short straight sections to prepare for the next switchback. Yeah, pussy is the word I used. Too many tough forum big mouth members that have turned down invited to ride GMR after running their mouths on forums ha ha!

So anyway, this dude passed unannounced as one cyclist is passing another, real asshole!

Then as I back off a bit for the safety of us all, he starts cranking on the pedals. He gets about 50 yards ahead then goes into a superman tuck. You got to be kidding me, on GMR, switchbacks galore and worse of all. I let my brakes go and I'm gaining ground on him. Ha ha ha what a stupid fuck!

It gets to the point where I am almost rolling up on him several times. But the ass is in the superman tuck so I keep expecting him to roll away like Vincenzo. Not even ha ha!

Both Mike and I roll up on him while he is hammering away and doing stupid funny stuff. I could have passed him back but what for? The dude is obviously and idiot trying to post some record downhill superman time that he is not and I surely don't want this ass behind me again because I have no idea how he will try to pass me next time. And I am not about to race someone downhill just to prove they suck.

This is how stupid people are. We slowed down for nearly a mile trying to get by that stupid chick. Then that ass hole passes as I am passing, unannounced, goes hammers his pedals, goes into his superman tuck, does the Tour De France wannabe amateur shit then stops at the gate about 10 seconds ahead of me. I get home, plug in my numbers to Strava and the ass hole beat my today downhill time over the shack to the gate segment by 20 seconds. What a dumbass! Risked everybody's health to beat us by 20 seconds. The way he was acting, I thought he may have beat us by 20 minutes ha ha!

I couldn't help it. Got to the gate, dismounted, looked over at him as he was still mounted waiting for his group. I had to laugh and chuckle as I called him Superman! He didn't even look up at me. :-P

So OK, MOST the riders on GMR are experienced and darn good riders but I guess the mountain gets its newbie wannabes now and then. But I think most vets who have been on the mountain over the years agree with me. We need to be careful and watch out for one another as far as our safety. Nobody wants to get hurt up there. Ask me to sacrifice 5 seconds to avoid another cyclist from getting hurt, I have no problem sacrificing far more time than that! GMR? Ride Smart, you freakin' show offs only get people hurt!

AH YES, I WAS CORRECT!!! Went and looked back. Dude only has like 500 miles of riding. New guy showing off in the wrong place I'm guessing.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Bored, guitar fun for now.

Boring Thursday eve, some guitar fun! Hopefully GMR on Saturday unless it's freaking windy. :-P

Monday, October 7, 2019

Saturday Ride Video with Son In Law

The 43 mile ride on Saturday. David is from Ridgecrest so I'm sure he was happy riding on solid non shaky ground ha ha!

Fly by with Ron and Dixie. Smart little kid who knows how to ride a bike. Couple of adults who don't and block the trail knowing plenty of traffic traveling both ways. Never understood why stupid riders stop and block the lane when there is like 50 yards of clear stopping space a few feet away. Strange thing is, don't bike clubs give one another safety tips? Good thing is one is from a first responder cycling club. I guess that is good so she can help somebody right after she hurts them! ;-)

Passed a lady by the firestation. She was rolling pretty good. Once she passed, she hopped on the back and rode with us till we turned off at Edna Park. She did a 62 miler on Saturday and 62 on Sunday. Then later we ended up following one another on Strava.

Anyway, the video!

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Gina 5 Weeks Off But Did Well

32 miles at 16.1 speed.  Gina hadn't been on the bike for 5 weeks. Of course taking care of all the medical family issues we've had lately. Last week I had planned to do GMR but there was a threat of rain so I didn't do the mountains that day. Then she sat out on Sunday so I could do my 60.  OK, but you have to ride next week, it's a deal.

Once we got the bikes ready to ride, I told her I think she could do a 16 average. She said she didn't think so but uhh yeah, that's what I was aiming for, besides only a 32 miler.

So we headed off and I kept a steady pace at the front throughout the whole ride. Jose just enjoyed a free ride today sitting at the back the entire time. Of course I like to be at the front when Gina rides to set a steady pace.

Arriving at the coast, there was a homeless dude. Rather aggressive I would say. Not in a threatening way but pretty outspoken and interjecting himself into our conversation. I was pleasantly surprised to see Aimee took the time to enjoy some fine chat with the dude. They had a good time conversing about boats and planes. OK, not really. The dude was a pest but I kept pointing out Aimee and her experience with each topic, though she had none. He didn't know that. I just had to redirect his attention to the girls so I could walk around the building and escape the situation. Gina said Aimee threatened to kill me for that one! :-P

But anyway, Bad Bob rolled up for a visit. A rather longer visit today.  Cool, had some good laughs and then he decided to join us on the return. Had another nice steady pace then Bad Bob turned back at the Edna Park bridge. We kept on to the fire station which was our start point.

I figured we could do a 16.0 average for the 32 miler even though Gina had not been on the bike in 5 weeks. She said she didn't expect to keep that pace but she did rather well. We actually had a 16.2 when we hit the Edna bridge. But shortly after she faded some and said that's it! No it ain't, only another mile, you can do it!

So I slowed the pace along the 22 fwy stretch to 16 after having held 17 most of the way. She complained a couple of times but, you can do it! She did and even with a little fade, she still managed a 16.1 which is .1 better than I expected. So I can't complain! :-P

Really nice day as far as weather and a good time with buds.

Getting my fat head in the pics just to prove I really ride my bike ha ha!

My 21 year old bike at the back of the pack.

Jose The Man!

Gina and Aimee

Gina making a break for it! :-P

Air show today

A different kind of show today as well! :-P

Probably not spelling his name but a fast dude named Rhio (sp?)

Bad Bob leading the peleton.

...and laughing while he does it!

I told you it was possible to do 16 average today. She thought I was crazy.