Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Local Relaxation

Well supposed to be ha ha! 15 miles with a little over 1100 ft gain. Started easy just relaxing the legs after longer mileage on the weekend. Couldn't make up my mind whether I wanted 10 or 15 miles. Felt good just cruising so I shot for the third loop up the hill. Still felt good but my legs were tired. But again, that's cool because I am feeling better on the bike.

 At least I was not stuck in this mess ha ha!

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Another 32 today

32 miles, 17.0 average speed. Got my butt out there again and picked up another 32 after yesterday's 52. Eating better and down 3 or 4 pounds. Getting tired but in a good way feeling the fitness level come back.

Jose did a great job pulling me into the wind today. Told him I was out for an easy recovery ride. ended up with a 17.0 and not pushing too hard. So that is good.

Started at Orangewood (fire station), headed to Lincoln, turned around and headed back to the coast. At Lincoln Jose said he would pull me all the way to the coast. Sure, why not! About 6 miles before the coast he said,  "F" THIS ha ha! So I got in the front and pulled for a while. He recovered then took one good long last pull to the coast. On the return I took the first half then he took the second. Yeah, like I said, tired but feeling good!

             Today's weather report image: Warm but a chilly breeze, if you know what I mean! ;-)

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Some Good Riding Today/ 80 PR's

52 miles at 17.6 average speed on SART today.  80 PR's on Strava ha ha!Mike and I had plans to ride and I was thinking 40 but had this notion Mike might suggest more since he is in good riding form right now. Yeah he did! He initially suggest 60, the whole trail but then said maybe 50. Hey I was willing and ready just to whip my but back into shape but he said only the 50'ish ride. Cool with me too!

We started at Imperial then headed to Gypsum Cyn. Plans to hold a steady pace and if we had a 16.5 average, it was cool as we were just riding for saddle time. But on the way back we were around Lakeview when I saw someone hop on the back. Out of the corner of my eye, I could tell it was Alex. I know his style ha ha! I was on the front at the time when Alex and Mike exchanged a few hellos.

Next thin I know Alex pulls up to the front with a greeting then takes the front lifting the pace.Hmm, we were planning a steady ride but Alex was kicking butt so we just held on ha ha! He was flying into the wind and I kept thinking he would move over and let us help but he didn't. Heck, I've been struggling on the bike it seems lately so I just held on. He was doing 19-21 MPH and I was happy to hold on. The last couple of weeks I really changed my diet again, all healthy stuff and today I could feel it! No way could I keep up the last few weeks but today was cool. I could feel all the benefits of everything today. The draft, the better eating, the loss of 4 pounds and the, uh whatever ha ha!

Anyway Alex was a total animal on the way to the coast, much appreciated.At one point Mike took the front and lifted the pace to about 21 again. At this point I was tired and actually hoping somebody would get tired and slow down ha ha! Nope! We went across the bridge so I got a bit of rest but once we were on the other side, I told Mike I had to slow down for a bit to catch my breath. I knew I would recover and lift the pace again but at this point, my body was on fire.

Really strange though, so many ass hats out there! We could see a couple of guys far ahead, like 1/2 mile ahead. We caught them and they took the back drafting for  about 4 miles. Once we crossed the bridge, I was tired and told Mike I had to slow a bit. He waited for me as Alex said goodbye and sped off!

But the 2 guys that had been sucking wheel sprinted around. No big deal, I was tired. But once I collected my marbles, we picked it back up.I could see them about 50 yards ahead and fading. I knew we would catch back up the way they faded but really wasn't worried about it. Heck,catching somebody from 1/2 mile back shows you were going faster and have a better average speed anyway.

But one guy turns off onto PCH as we are 10 feet behind. The other still ahead but holding a better speed, we stat to pass the guy. I'm in front then as I start passing him, he speeds up and sticks to my side.

OK, myself, if someone passes me from half a mile behind (all we could really see could have been a mile for all we know) I let them pass. I never sprint around and pretend I'm faster, hell they carried my ass there to start with. But as I start to pass this guy, he starts shaking his head at me like I was doing something wrong. What? Sorry dude, you were slow when we picked you up, you're slow now or we wouldn't have caught you again ha ha! Mike was asking what that guy's problem was. I dunno! I was just riding trying to keep my effort up so I could whip my butt back into shape. If you get passed along the way,, don't be a cry baby about it! Especially if you get caught from 1/2 mile back ha ha!

Anyway, Alex continues on his 100 miler and we stop at the coast for a break. Head back and I am tired but feel OK. Not like the last few weeks where it seemed my legs didn't want to do more than 10 revolutions before I had to coast. Gina says maybe I was sick and didn't really feel it other than on the bike. I dunno, I just think I'm getting too freaking fat ha ha! So yeah, eat like crap, feel like crap! Eat good and feel good on the bike. yeah I was tired but who wouldn't be? I was pretty happy just keeping the pace today. That's a good sign the fitness level is coming back and I'm happy cause couple weeks back, I actually thought about selling the bikes ha ha!

On the way back we had a plan to hold a stead pace. We rode side by side for a bit but I felt my legs so again I took advantage and took Mike's wheel. Somewhere around the golf course after Edna Park, some dude pulls up and asks if he can ride with us. Cool! I told him that Mike bought a new bike a couple years back, discovered Wheaties and that today I am just trying to keep up ha ha! He said no problem, it was better for all of us.

After Lincoln man my legs started to burn! I told the guy we were almost done with the 52 and I had to slow down a bit to recover. He said he only had 10 miles so far and didn't have a problem holding back while I recovered. Wow, that is pretty rare. I'm used to guys racing around when you show a sign of weakness. This dude held back till I recovered then took the front to tow us in at a good steady pace. Pretty cool dude!

Lat few weeks were terrible for me but thankfully today, even though I got tire, it was a tired of effort, not a I want to sell my bike tired ha ha! So yeah, I'm going to continue to eat healthy and get my weight back down to where it was. You really are what you eat!


Alex the Animal

The dude!

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Local 10 Mile Stretch.

Just a cruise around the hood, 10 miles 820 ft gain.

I did get to contribute to the cause today.  Saw some gal in a student driver car waiting at the exit of a park for me to go by. Darn, I'm like 40 yards away but sure the instructor is instructing her to wait. After I go by, she drives out then comes up from behind me at a safe distance. Sure the instructor appreciated me being there so she could learn about cyclists too ha ha!

Then later I was near the top of the hill when I saw a penny on the ground. Hey, it's a cruise and Gina always says find a penny pick it up, all day long you'll have good luck. As I rolled back, I noticed there was two pennies. Heck, maybe I'll have twice the luck today! :-P

Then as I was making my last turn heading for home, a bit dark on a shaded street but I got my lights,  my neighbor rolls by in his big truck. As I rolled up I asked if he saw me. Yup, but didn't want to honk worried I'd flip him off ha ha! Well good! I just wanted him to be aware that WE are out there ha ha! He's a good guy so we had a good laugh about it!

I don't care what anybody says about taking the lane, I'm taking two of these MOFOs!!!!!! Ha ha ha!

On another note, I like to take pics of everything and anything.  I replaced the band on one of my watches. Citizen matte black face watch, eco drive (cool stuff, got 3 now). It was a black fabric canvas type of band with eyelets and a buckle for the attaching system. Like a belt and I hated the look of the eyelets on the band. So I picked up this black mes band online for $23. Tool included. I placed it on the band and thought it looked much better....so I took a picture of it ha ha! 

Just fooling around but I like the way the pic came out so for your entertainment, here it is! :-P

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Solo In The Hood

16 miles today 1,427 ft of elevation gain. I sent a text to Gina at 5:00. I will start riding about 6 and I won't be home till after 7:00. I get a call at 6:45 during the most important, toughest climb of the day. 😫 I answer cause you never know about emergencies. I stop, dig for my phone, out of breath panting like a dog. Hello! Gina?🤔 Hey what are you doing? :-/ Uhhhh! 😬 I don't think I should have called you hunh?! 😳 ........Anyway felt good today! :-p Trying to get my chubby legs back in shape!

Yeah baby, that;s what I'm talking about! No meds, all exercise and eating the right things. Down about 3 or 4 pounds in the last week!