Saturday, December 15, 2018

36 SART MIles

36 miles on SART with Gina and Jose. Average 16.2, Gina seemed to suffer a bit today. I asked what she thought the problem was as her average was better last couple times we rode. She said it was the wind. Couldn't find a good draft.

Headed from the firestation at Orangewood to the Circle K on Kramer, Tusin, whatever. :-P Then back to the coast. On the way we ran into Kevin who we haven't seen but once or twice in the last few years. Don was at the beach stop when we arrived. Hadn't seen him in about a year. He moved to the fancier side of town so he comes from another direction other than SART like before. So it was nice to see and chat with him again.

Strange thing, it was a day where most people we ride with met at the beach stop. People we have barely seen at all, they all showed up today!

Alex, Mark, Ron & Dixie, Herb & Alyce, Don, Kevin, Jose, Gina, and Me he he he! Well it was nice to get to see them all again. Maybe it was the homeless situation on SART that separated everyone. I did see a tent down in the middle of the river last week around Warner. Gina and I both said the same thing, I sure hope they boot them out really quick!". Must have because the tent was not there today, thank goodness!

Also saw Jose R and his group roll by. AND, ...Bad Bob! Hadn't seen that dude in like forever! :-P

                                              Somebody forgot to wait for me at the start

Jose R. and his buds!

Some Old Fart out on the trail. :-P

Kevin and Don

Gina and Mark

Typical Gina, entertaining the groups with her exaggerated stories. Once I jumped so high, I hit my head on that telephone pole! :-P

Herb and Alyce

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Tandem Night Ride

11.6 easy warm up, loosen up the legs ride. Getting old, my legs were tight from this weekends effort ha ha! So I figured we would hit the streets tonight, lights, ankle reflectors and all for a few good miles.

You know, I like dogs and understand that people like to walk their dogs, it's nice! But when you are walking 2 dogs and one is a big dog (Samoyed), you really ought to pull your head out of your ass and pay attention. We rolled by in the bike lane as some guy was walking his dog around the loop. The dog lunged at us as we rolled by. The dude was on his phone, both dogs in one hand. Now I heard the dog growling before we even got there so I knew that he was going to bark at minimum.

So OK, once! Then later we rolled by again, the freaking dog just about lunged off the curb and out of his hands. The moron still on the phone. He had to see us coming with the lights and I was sure to make sound as to not surprise the dogs. Of course he is freaking paying attention so I guess we surprised the stupid owner.

F that! I shouted ,"C'MON MAN!!!". Then I said out loud that I need to get some pepper spray or call the cops loud enough so he could hear me.

OK once, second time, pull your head out of your ass! If you have an aggressive dog, get off the freaking phone and hold the 2 dogs with both hands. I knew the dog was aggressive the second encounter so yes, made sure it was safe and went wide out of the bike lane. So if your dog can get even close to us at this point, you're an irresponsible idiot!

Third encounter, I hear the dog starting even before we get there so we go wide. Finally the dude is paying attention so he holds his dogs but that one still standing on his hind legs while the idiot holds him back.

Yeah, I have that kind of mind. If you let your dog bite my wife, I'm going to hunt you down and burn your house! :-/

I swear people are idiots. I try to have a good time on the bike but morons make it hard. We're riding in the bike lane going with traffic when some moron comes around a turn on an electric bike, head on with us and a bright light. WTF! He rolled by and I shouted, "HOLY SHIT!". He did startle me as I did not expect someone to come head on from out of the darkness straight into your path. Make things worse,  he comes around a second time and there is a car behind us and I am not freaking going out into the lane with a car at my back passing at about 30 MPH.

So I hug the curb and force that idiot onto the white line of the bike lane. When he rolls by the second time, I shouted, "THERE ARE SOME FUCKING STUPID PEOPLE AROUND HERE!".

Hell yeah there is and I ain't ascared to fight any dude that rides an electric bike! :-/

Anyway, I tried to have a good time on the bike tonight!

                                 People ask me if we're fast on the tandem. You tell me! :-P

Couple of shots from our backyard looking over the fence. That jacuzzi makes me feel like getting in ha ha! Rather nice even when it's cold.

Monday, December 10, 2018

Born and Raised in Ontario Ca.

Since 1963! Felt like taking some pics so I headed off to the Town Center. Cool place where they have concerts and stuff every now and then.  Snapped a few pics and survived the journey trying to avoid being mugged by the homeless out there. Gina waited in the car as it was cold. But she did ask if I was worried that the homeless might try to jack me of my camera. Nah! Not one of my worries, I have no problem kicking some homeless ass when it comes to defending myself! :-P

 SO anyway, a few pics from tonight! Nice to see they placed a Christmas tree out there. Hope they don't destroy it like they did the Blue Man. He once had arms holding a book of knowledge with some writings in it. But of course, the idiots destroyed that. Poor blue man has no hands and lost his book of knowledge to some idiot! :-/

Gina safe and warm in her car ha ha!

Azz Hats On The Trail

I often mention this as it seems to be part of our usual ride. You're riding along minding your own business when some ass hat will make an obnoxious, stupid, or arrogant remark. Happens to me a lot while riding. Passing somebody into the wind, they will not return a greet, give you a dirty look, just totally ignore you, or say something stupid as if to say they are faster, stronger or whatever! OK then why am I passing you?!

I get it all the time! Not only from men but women as well. Not sure what happened over the last few years but women used to be kind, nice and friendly on the bike. The last few years I've noticed some really arrogant women as well. I've told this story before but I will again. One day Gina and I were cruising at a set pace to the coast. We caught up to some heavy gal, I will say heavy as none of us are really TDF material out here, but this gal was heavy. I'm guessing 6 inches shorter than I but maybe 10 pounds heavier! Yeah, that is heavy. Not just a curvy woman like I like them, I mean heavy! And not that I have anything against heavy women, but she was the last person out there that should be challenging anybody. Nice bike and kit though!

We were rolling up just holding the pace. Gina and I were about to pass so I dinged my bell, called out politely. She looked back and us with this obnoxious look on her face, turned back to her hubby and shouted, C'MON HONEY, LET'S GOOOO!!!!

She blasted off pretty well for a rider over my weight. I don't even accel that fast at my weight. :-p But she blasted off then 30 seconds later faded fast. We just kept our pace and rolled by her with a smile. One of those obnoxious smiles, returning the obnoxiousness ha ha! Pretty sure she felt stupid. I know I would so I really avoid these kinds of confrontations and challenges. If I think I'm rolling pretty good, at my best then some dude rolls by me like a total bad ass, I let him do his thing and continue to do mine. I don't put myself in a position to set myself up for humiliation!

So often I mention these fools but others say I make up these stories in my head. But I have had several female riders back up my stories, as well as other male rider partners where we end up laughing at some moron!

Of course there are the morons on the forums who say I exaggerate seeing they have never encountered these riders. Of course not, you're doing 13 MPH! Nobody is going to draft you then sprint around. You have to have some kind of ability to see the fools who do this! ;-)

Doing 17, 18, 19 MPH averages on the trail, yes you will see this happen often. That is a pretty decent speed for the trail as an average. This is when you encounter the morons who you pass, suck your wheel, then sprint around you.........only to fade 1/4 mile later. I don;t get it but it happens all the time!

So anyway, I got this video from a friend today! Prime example of morons being obnoxious and/or saying stupid things when they shouldn't!

So this tandem pulls out of the park, 2 electric bikes coming up from behind as the tandem enters the trail and begins to work up to speed. The 1st of the electric bikes rolls by and the lady shouts," you should have gotten an electric bike!".

YES!!!! Very impressive, you're passing other riders who are just spinning up! The second of the two rolls by, not sure if he said anything, didn't hear about that but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt so he's cool! It's the lady that is the ass hat in this case. ;-)

The tandem is not too happy with her obnoxiousness so they rev it up and blow by the electric bikes at 30 MPH! Ha ha ha, what happened?! So in retaliation, as the tandem rolls by, the captain shouts, "my battery doesn't go dead!!" then leave the 2 electric bikes behind ha ha ha!

I saw this video and figured I'd bring it up and post it here on my blog just to show the obnoxious attitude of other cyclist, electric cyclists, and whoever else uses the trail. Of course there are some really cool people out there. Heck I had a really cool encounter with an electric cyclist this same day,. He didn't act like and ass hat like the lady in the video. So for me, I just can't figure out the obnoxious attitude out there.

Prime example so I asked permission to post it. Surely granted, to show the ass hats out there ha ha!

Btw, I copied a couple of images from Ron's Strava as he captured a couple of images of us heading the opposite direction.

                                         Last week Saturday. Me, Gina, Aimee, Alyce, and Herb

This Sunday, Me, Gina, and Jose

Sunday, December 9, 2018

32 with Gina

32 miles at 16.4 average speed with Gina today. Nice day! My legs were tired from yesterday and here I was feeling sorry for Gina not having been on the bike much this year. But today there were a few times I had to push to keep myself rolling when she would roll by me. I felt almost as if I might not be able to keep up with her today ha ha!

Pretty much a solo effort as Jose stayed in the back all day and didn't offer to help. Gina took the front a couple of times so I could take pics but for the most part, I was at the front. Again, yes it is nice to have help but knowing some people won't hold a steady pace, I'd rather do it myself.

But to my surprise, the riders out there today were very cool! I had plenty of riders waving at us, at me which is unusual. Passing riders gave us warning, passed riders let us pass, I thought it was be kind to cyclist day or something ha ha!

Anyway, not used to back to back riding days, I wonder how it was we used to do back to back 44 mile rides with no sweat. OK yeah I know, we were younger, not the old farts we are today! :-P

The Cranky Old Bastard jersey is very cool. I didn't like it much when I ordered it online. But did as it was only $24 and I had a $5 gift card from Love to Pedal dot com. So it was only $19 or so, if my math is correct. But getting it in the mail, opening the bag I was pleasantly surprised with the actual colors, very nice!

On the ride, this jersey has gotten more comments from other riders than any of the other jerseys I have purchased recently. One dude said he would even wear it on his Harley ha ha!

I've grown tired of the plain colors and lousy design of Performance so I invested in some jerseys just to add some colors. I've include a few images of my collection now just for the viewing.

Yes, I am an ass man! :-P

Even I look cool in this jersey!

Kind of makes you proud to be a Mexican, doesn't it? Bunch of low lives!

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Jose, Alyce, and Herb, Little Mix on the Ride.

43.5 miles at 17.7 average speed with Jose today. Starting at the fire station we headed inland to Yorba Park. First part was cool but once we hit Kramer, man the headwind was pretty stiff. The trees not moving much but the wind was there. One of those deceptive headwinds.

I held the front for the first 3 miles or so. I like to do that as it gives me a chance to spin up my legs not having to try to hold another's pace off the line. I warm up better that way.  Then I let Jose take the front. That seems to be when the wind kicked up so we started swapping turns every mile.

Heading back to the coast we had a pretty good tailwind in the Yorba area. I'm a master pacer, I don't kick it up when the wind blows us from behind. I hold a pace, today about 19 comfortably. Yeah we could have kicked it up to 30 had we tried but Mr. Beanz ain't stupid ha ha! I've seen too many guys doing just that then a few miles down the road when the wind switches, they're barely rolling into the wind or as I have seen a couple of time, on the side of the road ready to pass out with tear in their eyes. So I tell Jose that we will keep it down and conserve cause I know sooner or later, the wind will switch and we'll need energy to fight the wind.

Moron of the day: Too many out there. Not sure if it is arrogance, stupidity or just flat out ass  holeness ha ha! Gaining on a guy getting ready to pass. But 10 feet before we do, he speeds up. OK. Hold our pace, let the guy fade. He does, get ready to pass again, he speeds up again. OK!

Finally after a really long 1/4 mile or so, the dude can't hang so this time I know we are going to pass. I ring my bell, politely saying 2 of us on your left but the dude is riding about 6 inches from the center line. I start the pass and he picks up the speed clinging to the center line. OK dumbass! 

I have read so many times on forums, a holes saying it is the passing rider;s responsibility to make sure it's safe to pass. True but why be an ass hole and add to the situation. You're fucking slow, move the fuck over an allow other riders to pass safely!

I call out and even ring my bell again so he can't deny knowing we are there. As I am passing I look at his ears thinking maybe he is one of those ass hats that wear earbuds at full volume and having no sense of what's going on around him. But that was not the case, he had noting in his ears. So my final assessment is the guy is just an asshole. 

So we pass him and he sticks on the side till he can't hold the pace any longer. Fades back then hops on the back of our 2 man train. I'm at the front and look back figuring he's one of those ass hats that is too arrogant to say hi but enough of an asshole that he thinks we should be friends when he needs help.

But I'm at the front so F you, I pick it up and sure enough he drops off like a fly who has had enough shit to eat, on a big dog turd, that ate too much, well you know what I mean. I really don't know much about dog turds cause I don't have a dog but you get the idea. :-P

Then we run into Alyce and Herb at the coast. Alyce has been awesome over the last couple of years. She has dropped 56 pounds by eating healthy and working out. Jose and I had cooled down when the two showed up at the beach stop. It' time to go so I tell them we will tag along if they don't mind.

Alyce takes the front and as soon as we hit the trail, she's flying at about 22 or 23 MPH. Holy cow, not much of a warm up so I'm thinking I may not last long at this pace ha ha! Finally she moves over and lets Herb take the front. I'm figuring he'll be a little slower so I can warm up my legs. But the dude goes even faster! Oh snot! Hey if I fall back, I fall back but I give it a good effort to hang on. Would be much nicer if I had time to warm up my legs though. I'm still here then Herb pulls off. thank God cause my legs were frying, from cold to fry, no warming up ha ha!

Like I said, I am a master pacer so I carry the pace a bit lower but steady. I know this is going to give them a chance to catch their breath. If I race off, they'll try to catch me, they'll get tired, I'll get tired and we'll fall apart. Knowing that, if I keep a pace, we all benefit. After my turn I pull to the side and drop back. OK, where is Jose?

I'm falling to the back and Jose tells me to get in front of him. But, but , but what about the rotation? He says he doesn't want to take a turn. I know why, last time it was Alyce, me and Jose, she really pounded the pedals and dropped Jose ha ha! So I think in his head he has a fear of getting dropped again, and not wanting that to happen again.

So we rotate some then Alyce says she has to lower her heart rate. Thank God cause I was fried. I ended up at the front again and just tried to old a steady pace to the end of my ride after Jose turned off. 

It was a little too fast too soon at the start of the return for me, but hey, we had a good ride and a good workout!

                                                                  Team Fat Bastard

The wind in Yorba made us both feel like OLD Fat Bastards ha ha! 

Alyce, I think it's a total of 56 pounds dropped now!

Right away 22-23 MPH. Ever try pulling a camera out of your pocket, out of the case, snapping a few pics, then placing it back in the case, back in the pocket and trying not to lose a step? You know, we could all do like 14 MPH and the picture would look the same! :-P

Herb and Alyce