Thursday, September 17, 2020

One Hour Iron Tour and a Haircut

Nice one hour of riding tonight, easy 13.7 average speed. I pumped a little today for the shoulders and arms so tonight was just an easy spin to relax and spin up the legs. Finally got a haircut too! You know you're a cyclist when the haircut upsets you because you have to adjust the helmet straps and retention system ha ha!

                                 Finally but I thought they were supposed to cut out the white ha ha!!

Started out without a mask but very little ash in the air so better safe than sorry.

Haircut, means have to readjust helmet.

Some Mr. Beans stuff!

Cool HB aluminum mounts, 2 for $7. Aluminum screws 3 for $7.

Ye old Cannondale, 1998 CAD3

No Halloween for Count Sal

My poor son in law Sal. He loves setting up some major big time haunted houses at Halloween. I mean serious stuff, like preparing all year long. Not sure what he will do this year but I made a silly little fun video just to experiment. :-P

Actually my voice and mouth wearing scary teeth ha ha! Just editing fun with the video.

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Ashes to Ashes

HA HA HA HA! I still check in the forums once in a while to see who is talking crap today. To my surprise, my name showed up a few times but references to my name were actually in humor this time. I enjoy some good ole humor! And yes, there are a ton of a hole cyclists in California! ;-) Add Scapr, I'm coming to KYA! Ha ha ha ha! 

16.7 miles at 16.1 average speed. Just wanting to get out to stretch the legs since I didn't have a chance to ride this past weekend. Had out of town company and with all the fire and ash, wasn't so sure I wanted to do a long ride. Been wearing a mask for the ash but it gets tough trying to breath. Especially when the going gets tough. Suffocate oneself ha ha!

Tonight, I just tried to hold a steady pace and actually felt pretty good. Strange, flat course but it is really hard in some spots. I think it seems flat but sections are 1 and 2 percent, just enough to slow you down but not enough to show any gain. Some spots an easy 17-19 but then others, I feel like I'm going good but look down and see 14. So I have been concentrating on trying to keep those areas up to a decent speed ha ha!

But the ash doesn't help none though I can not blame it because my average has been slow here way before that ha ha! The ash is crazy. I can no longer see it during the day but at night, with a light on, it is very visible, actually scary to think people are breathing it this junk. I actually thought about riding without a mask tonight seeing it has calmed down some, ashes flying onto my truck and all parked at home. But once I hit the road with the light, wow, I'll keep the mask! Well, unlike the virus, I'm hoping this surgical mask keeps ash out of my lungs. I may have plenty of fibers in my lungs from the inside of the mask, but it's better than ash, I hope! :-P

Scary thing is, I ride near the airport and train tracks there on Mission Blvd. I hear the planes take off every now and then so it can take you by surprise but after a couple of seconds, you remember the airport is only 1/8 of a mile away.

But last night I was really spooked! The train is even closer than the airport. So I was heading south away from the tracks. Didn't hear anything but then this loud horn almost blows out my eardrums. OK not really but it was pretty loud. I had this feeling that a big semi had just turned onto the road behind me blowing its horn. I looked back expecting to see headlights but nope, nothing. It was just the train but it sure sounded like that movie with Dennis Weaver, the crazy truck trying to run him off the road. Forgot the name of the movie. OK, looked it up, the move is called Duel.

There are semis loading and driving around as well as parking on the side as well. But I see maybe 6 or 7 per night so no big deal. I can see them well and make sure to keep my distance. If I am on a short stretch and see on coming behind me, I just kick butt to the next turn and get away. Most are slow after just loading and leaving a warehouse. Sometimes I will approach an intersection at the same time as a semi. I will wait and wave them on but most times, they end up waving me on so I know they see me. That is cool! But sometimes, we get there and I am not sure, so I just turn around and make a short backtrack of my course till the truck goes, then I resume. Better safe than sorry if one is not sure.

But last night, I was going around a bend in the road. A semi was entering the road from a drive way to the left side of the road. He had no way of knowing I was coming as it is a blind curve in the road. So I slowed a bit and let him enter. He was going slow so I saw an opening on the ride side and though I would never try, I was thinking to myself, somewhere out there, there is an idiot that would have tried to pass the guy on the right. Plenty of room but if for some reason he didn't see my 2 headlights, 2 red blinkies or the reflector on my ankle, had I tried to pass him on the right, there is always that chance that a blind semi driver could run your ass over ha ha! I thought about what it would be like to be one of those idiots. No matter how tempting, don't do it! Sooner or later, that stupid crap catches up to you. I had been trying to hold a steady pace on the ride but this messed up my step and maybe even my average speed for a few seconds. But who cares, I'd rather stay alive. I'm not one of those I'm going for it cause I have the right to the road idiots! I try to keep myself safe and alive. Screw the rights and macho BS!

So anyway, that is my story and I am sticking to it!

                                                            Ash is in the air baby!

I don't like wearing a mask, but I don't like lung cancer either!

Ash is present here, much more visible in the light or with a flash. I've been wanting to ride Baseline Claremont to Covina area but heck, this ash sucks and even thicker over there. I can wait!

Gina's new desk set up and ready to go. Been at her new job for nearly 3 months and loving it. Not as complicated a system as her last job of 22 years so this is a piece of cake for her. Her big boss called her in couple weeks back and said he is really happy that he hired her. Today, Tues, a customer called wanting to talk to the big boss. He told them Gina was a breath of fresh air to them, very efficient and sweet! :-) Yes she is!

I like the little metal mesh paper trays, pen holders etc. They gave her some shotty slots etc but we were at the big lots and wally world where we saw this stuff. So I suggested she buy her own stuff so her desk looks cool. Color stickies, paper clips etc was all my idea ha ha. The candy jar was her idea! :-P

Some people have asked about her new job so now you know. Doing really well, having fun, and digging the compliments. Most of all, making good money again! :-)

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Ash Wednesday Ride

 15 miles at an easy 13.7 average. Set out for a nice leg stretch after the blazing hot ride. My muscles really fatigued on that ride. Even easy things, of course it was still 103 like watering the yard was rough ha ha! I watered the back and front, and a little touch up work for about 2 hours on Monday and man, I felt tired. I guess the heat really got me this time.

So a nice easy ride tonight in 74 degrees should be nice. It was really nice, legs felt great. Didn't feel any fatigue and was feeling so good, I almost quit at 10 miles not wanting to get tired. Ever feel so good, you just want to stop so you don't ruin the feeling?

Well, I felt great tonight. But luckily I had my little back up mask with me tonight.  Though I was solo, not a soul around, I wore it once I saw the ashes in my headlight. WOW! Don't see it much with the naked eye at night but once the lights are on, here it comes! Also the flash helped light it up for the pics. Glad I wore my mask. Not too comfortable on rides but I'd rather get that stuff on the mask than in my lungs.

So I had a great little ride, had fun, enjoyed my ride and think I was safe enough out there tonight with my mask. Wanted to stop at 10 feeling good but thought I better do the 15 since I only rode once during the last weekend. But it sure was nice to ride in a much cooler temp! ;-)


Woke up this morning to some bad news. As mentioned before, my cousin Bobby passed away about 1.5 months ago from a stroke at 62. His mother 80 had a hard time and had a stroke. In a hospital with a stroke and incoherent. 

Then her other son Joey, 59 did a job on Catalina Island, chemical spill clean up guy who works with his 2 sons David 38 and Danny 32. All 3 guys got the virus.  My cousin Joey got really sick then improved a bit then took a turn for the worse and ended up dying about 2 weeks ago.

They did not tell my Aunt worried it might kill her losing a second son in 1 1/2 months. Joey's 2 sons were also in the hospital with the virus. The older son David somewhat recovered and was released but has lung and heart damage as a result. Then this morning, the younger son Danny passed away. Young 30 year old, thin, looked the healthiest of them all. Married 2 years ago and has a 2 month old baby, WOW!

So my cousin Georgi, poor girl, lost 2 brothers, a nephew all in a 2 month period, and her mother is really sick in the hospital getting ready to go home on hospice. Her mother, my aunt, hasn't been told that the others have passed away seeing the news of the first one almost killed her.

Saturday, September 5, 2020

Holy Crap Hot !!!

 43 miles, 15.9 average speed. My toughest hardest ride ever! HOT!!! Never have I had to stop 3 times on the final 10 mile leg. Felt like I was stopped in my tracks but it was Tony too so I know it was not just me. Saw groups of people pulling over to the side in an attempt to cool off and catch a breath. Wasn't happening today.

It was warm when we started about 9:30 but heated up quickly, 100 at Yorba Park when we got there. Still not bad though. Felt some fatigue but doable. Then we got close to Edna Park and having fought the wind, we were both bushed. When we passed ARTIC heading to the coast, I told Tony we had 17 miles and that was enough. He said OK but I was just kidding. What does not kill you, makes you stronger they say. Man, now I kind of wish that I had stopped it there. But we took a good break at Edna Park then continued on. Still a bit headwind and getting hotter, saw 105 on my Garmin. Suffering so I suggested a break at the top of the hill heading south after Moon Park. We remounted after a break then saw Joaquin roll by with some dude on his wheel. Heck, we hopped on and enjoyed the ride. The dude with Joaquin never offered to help, just sucked wheel. We were both bushed as we do double the distance Joaquin does but we both went to the front to help out. The other dude never did!

We stopped at the coast for a while enjoying the cool air of 91 degrees. But man the trip was tough. We had 30 HOT  miles in us already. Joaquin had about 10 so he was still looking fresh. Tony tried to eat a Clif bar but said it was too hot. Got half of it down and had to toss it. Too dry, not enough saliva, just downright tough to eat anything. I had a bottle of Gatorade but didn't have time to eat my Clif bar as the others got ready to leave surprising me and I figured we'd go back with Joaquin and the other Tony who had shown up, 2 Tonies now, Tonys, Tonies, Tony's, Hmmm!"

We started heading back and I took the front just to get a turn in at the front while I could, feeling beat already! I kept it about 19 to the wooden bridge I think. Then I moved over and let Joaquin take the front. I tried to drop to the back but noticed my ride partner, Tony #1 had fallen back. So I waved Tony #2 by but he wouldn't go. Hmmm! He only has like a 5 mile return so I couldn't figure it out but knowing I was going to drop sooner or later anyway, I just went behind Joaquin.

Joaquin held it steady so I was able to hold on for a while. He usually does that then picks it up the last mile or so. That is what I was expecting. But then Tony#2 got in front around Moon Park and picked it up. Got to 25 (?) then I just sat up knowing I better not, and probably couldn't do that pace feeling the way I was at this point. I sat up and soon Tony#1 caught up. I told him no way I could keep their pace right now and he said he couldn't either. Good, we continued on back together.

We had just passed a group of riders couple minutes ago but slowing down, the gal from the group raced around us alone. Hmm, she left her group to pass us I guess. But later she slowed down and we ended up passing her back up just holding survival mode and speed ha ha!

But once we got to the double dips, Tony said he HAD to stop under a tree. I don't think I've ever had to stop on the 10 mile section back to Edna Park but I'm glad he called for a stop. The other group rolled by and I was thinking, we must be getting old ha ha! But we hit the road again and on the next section, the stopped as well. Good, now I know it's not just me, or us! We headed off again then a couple miles down the road, I called for another stop. Wow, I've never HAD to stop on the return. But today was just so hot. Couldn't take in a deep breath or take in oxygen. Short shallow breaths.

Can't even say that I could go fast enough to tire my legs. Couldn't do a hard effort to feel the stress of trying to hold a  good speed. But by the time we got to Edna Park, Tony said he had to stop again, I won't argue. My legs weren't tired, just couldn't breath and the outside of my glutes were getting tired. Strange feeling. So we stopped and Joaquin was there wondering what had happened to us as we showed up quite some time later. He said he got hot the last section and slowed way down but never saw us so he wondered where we were. I never poor water over my head but the others suggest and it was so hot, I did ha ha! It was so hot that the water from the fountain felt freezing cold. We were there some time but knew we had 3 more miles. I was thinking it might cool down a bit but Tony looked at his cell and said, it is only going to get hotter. We were there for a while and Joaquin stuck around for a bit to make sure we were OK I think.

So we headed off and MOTHER OF GOD, it was getting hotter! Got so hot that the top of my thighs started to pull, then later the bottom as well. Man, my legs were fatigued but really strange not even being able to get up to speed to justify the pulling. Tony lagged behind for a bit as we went across the 22 fwy section, the long fast stretch, not fast today! I started thinking, what if Tony passed out, I'd have to ride back and maybe carry him to the shade which was not close enough. So I eased up a bit as much as I wanted it to be over with. That way we would both be closer and could watch each other. Later I told him about my thoughts and he said he was thinking the same thing, and there was no way he could carry me to the shade ha ha!

Then we finally reached ARTIC (train station) and he had the same thought I did. As we rolled up, he said we should go inside to cool off before packing up the bikes. Good move! I rolled up to the doors, dismounted, took about 10 steps inside noticing all the homeless people were camping out at the tables so I just plopped myself down on the floor. After a minute or so, Tony said I bought him an ice cream last time so he would treat me to a smoothie. I usually refuse offers but today, I had no pride with this heat!

That really helped to cool down but even after several minutes in the AC, we were both still sweating like dogs. So having known Tony for 43 years, we had plenty of stories to share and reminisce. We probably stayed there a good hour not wanting to back out into the heat. But we both agreed that it took at least 20 minutes before feeling back into one's senses. Wow, the heat can do some crazy things to your mind and body. Glad we made it OK but I almost do wish I had called it quits the first time we passed the station. But like they say, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger and I think we did build some character today.

And though I have done some tough rides in my time. Like Ride around the Bear 4 different times (100 miles with 10,000 ft of gain) and Breathless Agony (114 miles with 12,000 ft of gain), I have never been stopped in my tracks like this ride. Having to stop, not wanting  to stop, but having to stop 3 times in 10 miles??? Ha ha ha WOW!

               Tony at our fist pass of Edna Park. Already hot but not expecting what was to come!

Behind Joaquin so it was a good time to snap some pics.

Joaquin at the front. Come on man, B L M, help a brothuh out! Bike Lives Matter! ;-)

End of the ride, Joaquin making sure we're still breathing.

Chilling out at the train station with a smoothie.

Feeling really really hot after the ride. I did pose a little bit ha ha!

Sweaty legs even after 30 minutes in the AC.

My legs after time in the AC, still sweating and not sure how I got the tat!

Tony and George. I took this pic because this is probably about as close as us  909er Mexican guys will get to a Colnago ha ha! And George has 2 of them!

I got this far in and took a seat, about as far as I could walk at that moment ha ha!

After our 7 mile stretch from ARTIC to Yorba Park. Already hot and seemed everybody was stopping at the water fountain.

Kept coming one right after the other.

Tony #2 at the coast.

George enjoying the heat!

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Night Ride and Sum Intervals

 16 mile solo ride and intervals at 15.4 average speed. Amazing how a 40 second interval can make you feel like puking ha ha!

                                                                 Leg band for safety!

Cool scene from the ride. Doesn't do it justice. In person it looks like a scene from King Kong ha ha!

I got the coolest light mount hardware around ha ha!

Psyching myself up for the sprint!

Testing the chain stay mount that came with my latest blinkie

OK, 40 second all out effort and I want to puke!

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Short Ride with Gina

 26 miles at 16.4 average speed according to Garmin. Nice day, not too hot but windy. Well we did start late so I think that has something to do with the wind being a bit stronger. Couple of times heading toward the coast I found the wind slowing me down to about 14 ha ha. Wow, better kick this up but it was tough holding 15.5 in most sections. Once we hit the return thought there would be a big tailwind but nope! Seemed to be somewhat of a headwind as well. Easily holding 17-18 but that was as much as I wanted to do not wanting to push Gina too much since she didn't ride last week.  So it was a nice pace and in the afternoon, not many riders at all.

Ran into Bad Bob at the coast, as well as George who I have had a chance to chat with for a pretty long time! Of course, we have the rich friends who sport Colnagos and we still ride Trek ha ha! Had a pretty good chat with George, mostly cycling so how could it go wrong. I remember meeting George years ago pulling little kids in a baby buggy. Then a few years ago ran into him again and he said the little kids were 16 or so. Wow, that was a few years ago so now, heck, they're probably 21 at least.  Time flies when we're riding bikes! :-P

So after the others left, we headed back and a steady pace just wanting to get in a ride!

                           Smiling not knowing about the headwinds to come ha ha!

Here comes Bad Bob!

Mr. Photogenic

George and his Colnago, and Bad Bob's!

I hate beer but they were representin' today!

Downhill and a no headwind section, time for a pic!


A little tired and hot after the ride.

My good sport Gina, at least let me see something after pulling you to the beach ha ha!