Monday, August 31, 2015

GMR Video 8/29/15/.... Sunday SART

Visiting with a few buds on GMR. Plus a couple of stills!

Mr. and Mrs. GMR.

The free SAG stop!

                                                     A little sun on her back! :-P

On Sunday, a 45 miler with Gina, Aimee, Mike and Jose.

I think that logo on the board she lays on has a smile on it's face he he he!

Saturday, August 29, 2015


Video at a later time. :-)

Well it was Jose's and Joaquin's first time up GMR. They had said they wanted to try the village but had a change of heart once they hit the shack. Both did very well though for the first time. Mike and I pushed on hoping to get to Peacock Saddle. We did but Mike said he was toast and if I wanted to go to the village alone he would wait for me there. I mean literally toast ha ha! My Garmin posted an average of 90 degrees and a high of 113. Not sure how accurate that is but even 100 is toasty on GMR. But he decided that maybe OK he could go a little more so we went down the big drop and got to the rock wall turn out. He again raised the  surrender flag. But no, still wasn't done! I was able to coach him up to the highest point, right before you descend to the village. Dude it's like 4 more downhill miles but he wasn't having any of it. OK I couldn't push him any more at this point, he had already bettered his best. My hat is off anyway with the heat and pushing himself beyond his limits 3 times in one day. Jose made it to the shack but Mike and I went to the high point with a total gain of 4,439 ft elevation gain for the day.

I did see GMR up there. As well as her husband Bill. Always great to see them and her blog, excellent source of info on GMR events, conditions and  rides. Check out her blog if you haven't already. The link is on the side of my page, to the right. One thing I love about GMR is that the riders are so encouraging. Especially Matt! Always something good to say. Today he told my weight loss story to a few riders up there and they were all so motivating and encouraging. I tell ya, the riders that do the GMR ride are of a different breed! Great people!

Also thanks to the people with the sag station at the shack. Really a great help continuing on down the road. I'll have to go through the video footage to get the name and info on the deal, But thank goodness they are there!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

More Tandem Sunday

Another 35 on the tandem, another 17.4 average. Another nice day reminding me of why we spend so much time chillin' at the beach stop. We started the ride with Jose and Mike. Joaquin was at the rest stop before we showed up. Si Gina was shocked when he walked  up to her and handed her a pair of gloves. I guess he accidentally bought a pair of Specialized BG women's gloves. He told her he wanted to give them to her not wanting to bother having to take them back. She thanked him and offered to pay for them but he refused. I think she still wants to give him at least part of the cost so we'll see if he accepts it next time when she has cash in hand.

That was cool! Made me think of things others have given me or us. Hillbasher gave Gina TOC jersey. Aimee gave me a fish! A salmon straight and fresh from Alaska. Jim S offered a video recorder, too expensive, I couldn't take it. Vic offered a trout from one of his fishing trips. I didn't eat fish back then before my change of diet so I didn't accept it. I'm sure there have been others that I can't think of right this second but thanks to all!

Now that I think of it, it would be nice if you would all bring us a gift he he he! I'm only kidding unless it's a Pinarello in my size or Gina's size, doesn't matter, we'll take it! :-P

                                       2 stills from Ron & Dixie's Go Pro on the previous day.

Action shot! :-P

                                                 OK why a I sweating and not Gina?! :-P

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Fitty Mile Tandem SART

Actually 51 miles @ 17.4 on the tandem today. Nice beautiful day, sunny but a cool breeze. At one point I was almost cold. Felt like 75, another freezing winter like day her in California ha ha ha! :-P

Started the ride off with Mike, Jose, Ron & Dixie. Dixie hadn't been on the bike for a couple of months, maybe more. She had a medical scare and thank goodness it wasn't the dreaded C word. So it was nice to see her back out there with Ron. They did a portion of the ride with us then went their own way. I did manage to get a coup;e of stills from their recorders and it's nice to see your own image once in a while. Plus Dixie was kind enough to use exercise her photography skills on my camera for a shot of Gina and I at a rest stop.

Later on in the ride we stopped at Edna Park for our usual stop. Up rolled some dude that calls himself "Q". He's a double century rider. Very friendly guy! We had a good chat then we headed off. He asked if we mind that he sit on our wheels for a bit, no problem. It's always great when someone asks IMO vs the guy who sucks your wheel for 15 miles then sprints around the last `100 yards, I hate that! We were holding a pretty good pace on the tandem and I thought he was behind us the whole time but somewhere along the line he pulled a cramp. Some time after we hit the beach stop he rolled up and stopped to chat again. I guess he has a bunch of doubles already so he was telling about the whole deal. He told that holding the pace we did into the headwind that we were ready for some doubles on the tandem. I had never thought of that! I have and still think I will do the triple crown someday but on the tandem? That would be cool! MY eyes lit up and for a few seconds there I had a plan in my head. But then Gina reminded me of the medical problems from which her sons suffer. Oh yeah, organized rides and organized training are out wit the many unplanned hospital stays. Oh well, it was a cool thought for a few minutes.

                                             Ron & Dixie joined us for a portion of the ride.

                                                        Photography by Dixie!

Friday, August 21, 2015

A Little More Double Double Fun

Mid week local ride. Been doing this ride most Tues and Thurs evenings. It's about a 3 mile climb then across, down and then back up. Grade is 3,4, 5% so it's not tough but a good climb on the tandem. I'd say it has been getting easier and easier. Maybe some of that has to do with the temps outside, not crazy hot like it has been the last few weeks. Today the average temp was about 80, nice!

I've been tempted to climb GMR to the shack on the tandem. I think we could do it no problem. Won't be easy but if we pace ourselves, it's very doable. Gina's confidence is not as high as mine but say she would try it. Only problem is, we don't want to descend GMR on the tandem. Not worth the risk imo. Heck, on a stretch where I have hit 42 on my single, we hit 56 on the tandem. There is a stretch on GMR where I hit 42 and no way am I willing to do that on the tandem. So we'll have to find a way to park the truck up there cause I sure don't want to come down at high speeds on the tandem. :-O

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Weekend SART 8/15 & 8/16

OK where do I start?  First on Saturday at the trail head we ran into Ron. He was done with his ride and it was about 100 degrees. He said. "you look good, I gotta give you a hug!' then he gave me a big sweaty hug ha ha! Hey man, I haven't even started to sweat, that;'s not fair! :-P It was cool though as we had a chance to chat and found out Dixie is doing great and ready to return to riding hopefully this coming weekend.

So we started out on the trail and thankfully decided to only do the 45 to Yorba Park rather than the 50 I wanted to do. First we headed inland to Yorba and starting late like we do (10:30 am) by the time we hit the park it was hot and I could already feel the fatigue in my shoulders. The tandem takes a little more energy compared to the single as far as counterbalancing imo. At times I find myself countering unexpected moves when Gina moves around on the back, part of riding a tandem. Not to mention, Gina really suffers in the heat so I was expecting her to fade somewhat early. I had actually planned to ride singles but figured since the forecast called for heat, we'd take the tandem since that is what we have been practicing lately.

We pulled the first 25 miles or so then let Jose take a pull for a mile or two. It was still hot and the stiff headwind wasn't helping any. We hit the coast with about 33 miles in our legs. Then Joaquin showed up and wanted to ride back with us. He does a 20 miler from Edna Park to the beach and back so I figured he was fresher and would want to hold a good pace on the return. He did! We headed back and we pulled on the tandem for the first 7 miles. Then he came around to the front and took the pull. I was actually feeling wiped out at this point but we gave it all we had to keep the pace. Finally he pulled off the front for his last mile or so to Edna and we took the front again. Hey we had pushed hit hard on the way back, might as well keep up the pace to see what happens on Strava. Joaquin pulled off at the park as we continued on. Not bad, we had a 22.5 MPH average on my favorite segment "Northbound bridge to bridge" A total of 45 miles at 17.3 MPH average.

I know Gina was wiped out after the ride and so was I. While loading the tandem I actually had to sit down and take a break ha ha! On the way home I rolled up the windows and cranked up the AC. This might have been a first, I never use the AC after a ride. The high on my Garmin said 109 degrees and average of 98 on the ride.

So Sunday was a bit cooler, high of 107 and average of 96. Gina was not feeling the love for the heat so she said she would sit out this ride. Not a big deal as we have been doing midweek miles too. Plus it would give me a chance to ride my single with the guys. Well Jose and I started off together then later ran into Mike along the trail. We took turns pulling which was great. I ended up with an 18.2 average for the 35 miles and even though it was still hot, I felt so much better than the day before. My legs were a bit fatigued from the day before but having help at the front made for a good ride. After the ride I felt like I still had enough in me for a dance or two ha ha!

Along the way we rolled up on another rider near Warner. I had seen him ahead much earlier and he was doing a pretty good pace on his own so it took us a while to catch him but once we did, he hopped on the back for a break. After a few minutes he took the front for a pull. Wow, I was happy cause most guys sit on the back and never offer help but his guy did. He stopped at the same beach stop we use so I got a chance to thank him for his help and let him introduce himself on video ha ha! His name is Tino! Seemed like a cool guy. He left on his own before we did, we weren't in any rush ha ha!

On the return we rotated at the front. Held a decent pace on the return. At one point Mike took the front and held a 25.2 average on that Strava segment ear the 405. OK I was feeling OK considering the ride the day before but Mike didn't ride Saturday so his legs were fresher. This would be the point where my legs wanted to say "OK ENOUGH!" but just then I saw him look back. Whew I knew it wouldn't be long now before he pulled off the front.  A few seconds later he did and boy was I happy. It hurt but hey, another Stava PR for the 1/2 mile segment at 25.2. Overall a hot weekend but most enjoyable!


Joaquin on Saturday. Helped Gina and I maintain a 22.5 average on Strava
                                                   North bridge to bridge 7.3 miles.

                             Sunday Mike held an average of 25.2 on this Strava segment.
                                                      Gisler Bridge to 405, 1/2 mile stretch.

                             Tino, helped us out on the way to the coast against a massive headwind!

I can appreciate a nice pony tail! :-P

                                                     Beach cruiser vs roadie race! :-P