Monday, October 31, 2011

SART 10/30/11

Nice day on the trail, another 42 miles. Ran into EricAnderson at the start, riding his Specialized Roubaix. Guy is hard to spot when he's not on his bent. Then Flying Merkel again at Edna Park. A little chat on bikes. Off to the coast where we ran into Jeff and Angie on their tandem. Later Alan and Tammy ride up so we all head back together.

Alan insists on being back up camera man so he exercised his rights today. Hey, I wanted to see what the new frame looked like ha ha! I left in some raw footage of his comments. The other side of the camera sans music.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

SART 10/29/11

Maiden voyage for the new Madone Frame. Joined by El Monarcha for a portion of the ride along with JeepSeaHawk of the forums. Ride was nice. Most people said that once I rode full carbon I'd see a big difference in the ride quality. Yeah, little nicer but not much as far as road absorption. The one thing that I did notice was the scary light feeling of the frame. Wow, little twitchy at first on the steering but the frame felt really light. I swear the bike felt like it was going to come out form underneath me. But like most new things, I'm sure I'll grow to appreciate the frame over a period of a month or so. Don't get me wrong, nice ride but so was the 3/5 carbon Lemond. Biggest difference was the scary light feeling.

Back to the ride. JeepSeaHawk, another " I dunno if I can keep up" rider. As usual we do a warm up pace to Imperial then a good effort to the coast against the wind. Seemed the guy had no problem at all keeping up. Not used to riding with others, he did a pretty good job of riding in a small group. Nice safe rider, nothing scary thank goodness.

On the way to the coast, a guy goes flying by and says, "nice bike!" Fist thought is, somebody knows I just got the frame but I'm not sure. Then a gal comes up and asks, are you Mr. Beanz?" Yup, that's me! So she explains that they recognized us from the blog and read about the new frame.

We get a chance to chat at the coast. Turns out to be Mariana and her hubby Rodrigo. They are from Brazil. Turns out Rodrigo's friend searched bike rides from Brazil and my blog turned up. So he mentions it to the M&R and they check it out. Cool, Marianna says they know me in Brazil ha ha! Nice couple and beautiful bike. I love her paint scheme. From Brazil, to Hollywood, to SART! Cool, they travel all the way down here just to check out the trail after seeing it on the blog! Well, I do touch up some of the pics I post and Marianna is worried that hers might not come out well. But when I get home, I look for flaws but don't find any. So I use a softener on their pic and nothing, looks the same ha ha! Sorry Mariana, I tried to edit it but she is just too dang pretty, didn't need it! That's a compliment Rodrigo, don't hurt me!

So they ride off into the sunset and we hang at the coast for a while with JeepSeaHawk, Gail and Mark. A brief visit with Alex2 and MTBLrkr. Not sure what happened to Alex2 but he didn't show on the return portion. I though the was right behind us. Another thing I wondered about were those little white tablets MTBLrkr was popping. Hm, all I know is that a few miles down the road, he took off like a bullet. OK, a third thing I was wondering about. Did he give some of them tablets to Gail? Cause she took off like a rocket from the start. It took us about 6 or 7 miles to catch her. Not to mention, after she rested on the back for a while, she made another move 2 miles later. You can see in the video, she shoots off the back and takes the front.

Everybody rode well and strong but Gail and Gina took turns pulling. Today was a "Gurl crush Boy" type of ride. Maybe I said something to upset Gail or maybe she was upset with hubby Mark, but she was punishing us today!

I love the scene at 6:55 Music kicks back up and Gail shoots around to the front to lift the pace once again. "Roll Me Away"

Friday, October 28, 2011

Well it Looks Like A Bike

Well I built it!:-D Finally got the headset bearing last night. I needed a star nut as well so the dude at the shop said $12.00 to cut the fork and install the nut. He had to set up the headset as well while doing so.

I gave him $20, saved me from having to buy a hack saw ( I lost mine).

So building it took about 3 hours, most of the time cleaning the components real good and swapping wheels with the other bike. Assembly was easy. Hardest part was removing the ugly warning sticker from the fork. ;-(

Well looks like a bike and tomorrow is the maiden voyage. I expect to make a few adjustments on the ride as the cables adjust.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

GMR 10/23/11

So this was a special event, Jed19 on GMR for the first time. Wow, what, 2 years trying to talk Lucas (Jed19) up and finally ha ha! As so many others, kept away by the forum myth that GMR was the unthinkable. But today he found out just how nice this ride can be! Yes, a good ride, takes some effort but no, you don't need those 20tooth chain rings and 34 cogs.

My standing plan taking up GMR news is to stop after a couple of miles to stretch the legs. Then again at 4 miles. Not because you really need it but a newb finds these stops a pleasant treat to the legs. I must say Lucas made the ride look somewhat easy. Yes, sweat, some huffing and puffing but he did very well. As he said, the ride is the toughest climb he's done but he made it. He can't fool me, he had some extra gas in the tank. I know this because on the last stretch, he lifted the pace and really worked hard. Nice hard effort on the last stretch, that means something!

We did the early start, 7 am which made it very nice! Not hot and not cold but much appreciated by Gina who had a much more wonderful day on GMR compared to the last 2 weeks and hot 11 am start times. She worked too but made it with a smile!

On the way up, a rider flying by said, "Mr. Beanz". He told me his real name but didn't seem to get a forum name from him. We had a short brief chat then he blasted off up the mountain. Maybe he was just being forum name shy. Either way, I won't post his name but his pic came out great (orange jersey).

At the end of the ride Genaro rolls up. We saw sooo many riders on the road that I wasn't sure if it was him or not. Took me a few seconds but yeah, that's Genaro. Nice tough ride for the guy, Fontana to Baldy Rd (via Euclid, the hard way), Baldy Village then back down and across.

Well, just a beautiful day on GMR. We beat the heat, I guess that has something to do with it! Congrats to Lucas (Jed19) on a job very well done!

Gina picked the song.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

SART 10/22/11

Gina was off today so I had a free ticket to ride at will. Most of the ride was pretty lonely as I got a somewhat late start. But I was joined at the coast by Tony, Alex2 and Jordan. Pretty cold at the beach today and not many people around at all. Dark, gloomy, almost looked like a drizzle.

We sat at the coast for a while then headed back. Good thing I had my ClifBar and Gatorade cause these guys were hauling. Jordan rode back with us for about 2 miles and Tony 6 maybe? But those 6 miles were like he was trying to murder us ha ha! Nice fun ride!

I was hoping to have the Madone built up by for today's ride but after waiting a week an a half for the head set bearings, guess what! They shipped the wrong ones, Grrr! But they should be in early next week.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Claremont Hills Wilderness Park 10/19/11


No names wish I could but to protect the identity and PM's saying "Give it to me! Give it to me!"

I make videos because I like to document my rides and entertain the troops when I can. Although at times I have my drill sergeant ways of trying to motivate riders, every so often someone sees that it's motivation and not to degrade others. As mentioned, I have my style!:p

Well one poster kindly offered to donate a video recorder valued at $270'ish to the Beanz Video Organization while mentioning that I have motivated him to ride. He somewhat said he sees it as an investment in his own riding.

Wow Man! Sometimes I post videos wondering why I waste my time but then someone gives me words of encouragement or kudos in various forms.

My videos aren't to everyone's taste but it's nice to know some appreciate them.

Thanks Dude, but I couldn't accept something like that! You're too generous!


OK, I know I'm too old to use the "H" word but the Hotties were out on CHWP today. I did two loops. First one I do non stop to get in my exercise. Second one is a poser loop. Even though I stop, I still get a workout setting up the tripod and doing hill repeats. Set up, ride down, ride up, then back down to get the Flip. This adds and additional mile+ to the ride.

First lady I spoke with was on the steepest section of the first loop. Not much of a chance to warm up so I was hoping she wouldn't pass my out of breath panting arse ha ha! Gina and I have actually walked by a couple of struggling MTB'ers on this section, it hurts!

On the second loop, I ran into a couple of Hotties near the top. I had setup my tripod when they came up from behind. I said, "wave to the camera" but I'm thinking they missed it. But they were cool! I told them of my cycling adventures for a couple of minutes while trying to catch my breath so I'm sure they thought I was a nut!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

SART 10/16/11

Okay, let me get this straight. Seemed like I ran into a ton of riders today so I'll try to get the names right. On the way to the coast we ran into Ray and Pam (orange jerseys) then stopped at Edna Park for a short chat. Nice people, both double century riders. Then near the coast we ran into Jed19, rider formerly know as Prince...oops, I mean Lucas ha ha!

At the coast we ran into Jeff and Angie, their friends Brian and Olivia. Then Ron and Dixie from the GMR area. I had seen them before but never really had a chat until today. We did see them riding their tandem up GMR the day of the TOC. Small world, they know Matt, GMR, Ray Clone and a few others up there in them there mountains.

Back to Brian and Olivia's tandem "Split Personality". Front end is fixed up all racer style while the rear is totally cruiser dude! Olivia's looking pretty straight up while stokin' the tandem cruiser style but believe me, they were blazing on the trail. In no time we hit 24 on the return section of the ride and that was it, we were off he back in a jiffy. Aimee was dong well so we waved her around and so she too vanished with the tandems. Like I've said many times before, Aimee is a powerhouse! She dropped off the back a couple of times but even at speeds of 25 mph, she was able to close the gap and hop back on with the tandems. FTR, she was blocked off the back by those annoying rides that hop on only to interfere when they shouldn't.

Also a short chat with Jose number 2 at the coast (Yellow jersey). He was off to eat and never returned with anything for us ha ha! Met a new friend Roman. Cool little old time helmet. Taking a look at his thing, pretty cool, Cinelli helmet.

Somewhere along the line of conversation, we got Jed19 to commit to a ride up GMR next Sunday. Will be his first and like many others, a little nervous but we all know he can do it...unless he somehow loses a leg between now and next week. It's in the video, he made the pledge, no backing out now ha ha! But really, I think he can do it with one leg if he tried!

Mark was there at the cost too. We didn't get a chance to talk much but he too seemed pretty interested in GMR as well. I'm thinking he may be there next Sunday, not sure but he was awful interested today wink wink!