Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Really Really Dark Out Here !!!

Local cruise this evening. 12 miles with 1,053 ft of gain. Just a nice cool ride to stretch the legs. But it was really dark out here!

                    A short video later so you can see how dark it is out here ha ha!

                                               Close up of my face, no flash! a bit dark I think!

The flash!

The front lights

Heading down Euclid, about 25-30 MPH.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

When IT Rains, I Play My Guitar

Yeah, got lazy and felt the chill so I ended up meeting my brother at the parent's house for a little jam session ha ha!

No practice so it's hard to get the voices down, the starts, the endings etc. So we just played a few tunes and recorded them. A couple songs are so high it seemed like Mickey Mouse was singing ha ha!

Revolution, I know there is supposed to be 2 riffs but my brother said one so it seemed like and empty space for a second there ha ha!

Changed stuff here and there just to get the song out. On one song I got a copyright notice from youtube so that's a good thing, right?!

Friday, November 25, 2016

Post Thanksgiving Ride & Freaking Homeless People are a Danger

47 miles today at 16.8. I called it Day After Thanksgiving Sail on my logs ha ha! Cause that is what it felt like today, riding into the headwind with a sail. I gave it my all but wasn't going anywhere. I  did a much easier ride last week at a much lesser effort and had nearly the same average speed. Sucked but hey, I got in my ride!

Not many bikinis out today as I went tot he pier. But there were some hotties! Not sure about other stated but they are here as it nears Winter. We're so spoiled in SoCal  ha ha!

Got one hottie on the bike heading the opposite way. She gave a big smile to the recorder. I thought she did but once I got home and viewed the footage, yeah she did. This gal loves the camera ha ha!

As far as the homeless? Geot damn! How much can they get away with? Will it take a cyclists getting seriously hurt before the city/county/ whoever does something about the problem?

Today I was heading down the underpass next to the Honda Center. All kinds of crap on the trail, man on left side, man on right side and a big dog in the middle of the lanes, WTF! I got cited in my own front yard, fenced yard when I let a dog out to pee. They yard enclosed by a good sturdy fence all around but I got cited because the gate was not properly secured. Unbelievable! Today I encountered 3 unleashed dogs on the trail at homeless camps.

Unfreakining believable! Must be nice not to have any rules or laws to follow! I swear, today there were local thugs hanging out at the camps smoking weed openly like nothing! Nice!

                                                   The good and the bad video! :-P

Thugs hanging with the homeless smoking dope (right side) 

Big dog and 2 men blocking trail, and a bunch of SHIT! One man not in pic, left side

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Sunday With Aimee

44 miles at 16.6 average. Supposed to be an easy ride today but man, with the stiff headwind it was hard work! It was push hard or fall down ha ha! Aimee has been on vacation so I planned an easy pace today.  My legs were still toasty after yesterday. I figured 16 would be good but once we went inland and back to the coast (32 miles) I was at 16.1. Perfect! With the tailwind we would easily end up at 16.3 or so.

But !! At the coast we ran into this couple. For the life of me, I can never remember their names. Aimee and I started back then they caught us so we lifted the pace a little more than we planned. I was worried about Aimee not having been on the bike for a while but she was able to hang tough at a faster pace than I planned. Pretty good on Aimee cause I know if I take one week off the bike, I really suck ha ha!


Birds were really friendly today!

Man, I really wish these people treating the homeless to goodies would  be more careful and take charge of keeping everybody safe. I'm thinking sooner or later, one of these organizations is going to get sued after a cyclist gets hurt. They encourage the homeless to gather, blocking the trail, walking across aimlessly putting cyclist in danger. This is a smaller gathering compared to most. The larger gatherings is where the homeless park their bikes across the path in both directions and flock the trail. But it seems none of the orgs have enough sense to see that there are many cyclists traveling by on the trail. Heck, last week I saw a couple of the volunteers playing catch football along the trail. OK, the 50 cyclists you just saw roll by  isn't a hint that maybe you shouldn't be blocking the trail ???

I don't know, I feel no sorrow for the homeless. Heck, they've busted up the door handles and locks at the Honda Center restroom. Today, somebody got some messy crap and smeared it all over the inside to two toilets. Must be nice, have everybody provide for you and have no responsibilities and damage whatever you like and not have to worry about being held responsible!  :-(

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Almost Solo !!!

46 miles @ 18.0 average.

Had a chance to ride solo today so I went for it! I did the 46 alone till I got to the coast. There I had a 17.4 average so I was pretty happy with that. Figuring and hoping there would be a tail wind, I was thinking I could get at least a 17.7 or 17.8.

But Joaquin showed up at the beach stop and pretty much insisted on riding back with me. So we took turns at the front for that 10 mile stretch back to Edna Park where he starts and ends his 20 mile ride. I figured he would have fresher legs compared to mine doing a shorter ride. I think at one point, maybe 8 miles back I started feeling kind of tired. I told him he could push on alone if he wanted but he refused so we stayed together.

We did some pretty even turns at the front but as soon as we left the coast, we passed some dude. He hopped on so I figured he would take his turns at the front, but he didn't! Every time I finished my pull, he would back off and leave a space. I gave him the look a few times. Ya know that, "you're a cheeseball!" look! He didn't care, he was happy to sit back there and offer up nuthin'! We did drop him a few times on the little climbs so maybe he felt he wasn't strong enough to help. He'd catch up once we leveled out. The dude didn't even try to take my wheel after Joaquin dropped off. I'm pretty sure he knew I would call him to the front or cuss him out ha ha!

I was getting tired by the time we got to Edna. But on the last stretch I got up front and gave it one last good push! I pushed so hard, snot came out of my nose ha ha! But it was a good stretch of work with Joaquin.

I did see Bad Bob crossing paths near the coast. He probably didn't recognize me being solo. He likes to swerve into our lane at times and give us a little teasing scare. Today it didn't seem he recognized me so I swerved into his lane today. I think I may have got him today, payback ha ha!

                                               My story and I'm sticking to it!


This is what you get when you ask for a smile!

Gina says this is my best side. I'm guessing that's why she calls me butt face all the time!

Helmet Hair!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Man it is Dark Out There!

Now these are night rides now that the time has changed. But very refreshing and exhilarating! Heck, makes me want to do an night ride up GMR. Well tonight was a nice ride, really felt good! I actually did 3 times up to 24th street and each time my legs felt good. Hopefully they are coming back.

15.8 miles with 1,260 ft of gain. Nice little ride. Of course getting out of traffic is a bit nerving but once I am above Baseline, it's pretty cool. Second and third time up I hardly saw any traffic. But I do my best to be seen.

2 rear red blinkies, 2 headlights, and the two tri color ankle bands for side traffic. I do encounter a lot of side traffic at the 4 way stops but drivers are always courteous letting me go first. I think it really helps when you actually make complete stops. Heck, sometimes you want a break and don't get one cause the drivers wave you through. Can't say no as there are usually 4 or 5 waiting on you ha ha! Oh well, at least I know they see me at the 4 way stops in the dark of night!

Stupid cell phone cameras. Can't ever get a clear shot cause the cells are too tall and awkward. Trying to push that silly button!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Do You Use the Strava Flybys"

I've mentioned this to a few riders I know who post on Strava and not many have used it or even know of it. I've told a few and they just stand there with their fingers up their butts ha ha!
I've explained it to them and they say it sounds cool. Not sure if they'll find it on their own. So I figured I'd make this cheesy little video showing how it works.
Click on flybys, check riders you want to track or check all, drag cursor along the lower elevation graph to make the bubbles move. You can also zoom in and out like a google map for close ups. Sp if you see someone on your tail, you can zoom in and see exactly what's going on.
Or chose the riders you want to track and push play on the rider legend (top left corner). Moves slow so use the speed button to increase the speed of the movement on the map (upper right corner of the legend).

If you click on one of the bubbles with a name on it, it will open another window and show you that rider's info for that ride.

Pretty cool deal. If you cross paths with a friend, you can see it. If you get passed or dropped, you can see just who it was that crushed your soul!

Cheesy video and a cheesy explanation.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

November Day in SoCal

I think we were all a bit tired from yesterday's ride so today we had planned to chill out a bit. But Jose said, I bet we can do an 18 average again!". Mmm OK! We started a bit slow but hey, we were rollin' so why not?! Ended up only doing Lincoln then back to the coast, across PCH to Main St.

On the way back we ran into Bad Bob again. He joined us for a bit but at that point I was trying to keep a good feeling on the bike so I skipped on the pictures ha ha!

So we ended up with an 18.4 average overall for 37 miles which is much better than I expected, and I felt much better today than I did yesterday! ;-)

Not as many bikinis at the beach, but they are there! We took a short break so it figures, when I put the camera back in the case, that's when they all come by. Grrr!

                                                            Beach volleyball!

Hmm, looks like a fire up ahead!

Saturday, November 12, 2016

SART No Gina & 36 PR's Ha Ha!

Well today was a ride with Jose and Mike,, no wimmins! 46 miles @ 18.7 MPH average. I will say that I am pretty tired after today's ride ha ha! The three of us started out at a steady pace and it ended up to a be a pretty good pace. The guys at the end were lifting the pace a bit to see if we could raise the average some but this time, I had a hard time on the final 3 or 4 miles. But I was impressed with the speed. I was tired but I knew if we were doing a longer ride, I'd be fine if we slowed the pace down for a couple miles. Man. I just could not recover today while trying to lift the pace.

We did the ride pretty much with just the 3 of us till the final stretch home. A dude that goes by "Don Wonderful" hopped on the back then said he would work with us. We had met him before on another ride and he helped us then too. At least he was one of the guys who does his share, cool! I thought  he would do more miles with us but turns he turned off Warner (?) so it was a rather short stretch with us.

As some of our friends may know, Gina's son had open heart surgery on Wed to replace a leaking aortic valve. Years of dialysis has contributed to the deterioration of his organs. Gina donated a kidney to the guy about 16 years ago. That kidney lasted a year then also failed.

Well turns out both her sons have kidney failure. One 17 years ago and the other 3 years ago. Neither of them are doing very well right now. Both on dialysis and both with heart failure.

Well the new valve was a struggle for surgeons to install (?) but turns out there are more problems than just that. The new valve is supposed to have a life span of 7 years but the surgeons said his heart is so complicated that if he returns for more work, they will have to turn him away. Not good!

Turns out his hear is twisted inside (best and easiest explanation) so everything is out of place and hard to work with in surgery. So we are hoping for the best and if you can, keep Gina in your thoughts! :-)

Did see Alyce and Herb heading the opposite direction, as well as Alex. Then Mark, Ron & Dixie at the coast.

                                                                      Jose and Mike

I'm not sure but I think Mark is flashing French gang banger signs ha ha!

Dixie wanted a pic of Ron and Mark with all their birdbrain friends ha ha (roof)

Dixie. Sorry Mark your wheel was not worthy of the pic so I chopped it out! :-P

I'm pretty sure Mark wore his cycling shoes and sock to the polls ha ha!

Don Wonderful behind Mike.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Retiring from Cycling. Must Be Rock Star!

Cycling takes too much time so I'm going Rock Star!

OK not really. Btu every once in a while I run across a song and tell myself I should try this one ha ha! I looked up the chords and the notes so I could do both parts.

I played the chords and did the singing. Yeah I know I can't sign but I have to to keep track of the song in order to play it.

So I sing and play chords while recording with the Flip recorder. Then I play it back on the computer screen and play the notes along with the chords and singing I already played.

actually sounds pretty good other than  the singing ha ha!

I know, ain't real good but it's fun trying to piece something together!

Again, I know I can't sing but I'm more concerned with trying to play the guitar and yeah, it's all me!

50 second video and I ain't even gonna charge you to listen to it he he he!

Sunday, November 6, 2016

44 Miler With Aimee

Gina couldn't ride today so I headed off with Aimee. She hasn't been on the bike in a few weeks so I promised an easier paced ride. Of course Aimee always does good anyway. Ended up with an easy 16.0 MPH pace over the 44 miles.

We did however meet an old friend of mine who hopped on halfway through the ride. He rode with me and a few buds up Baldy Rd about 20 years ago. He did well way back then but today he had a hard time keeping up. He used to tease me and my buds back then saying we were old guys. Well now he is the old guy ha ha, no more 21 Mister ha ha!

We did run into lonely Bad Bob out there. Riding alone so he turned around and rode with Aimee and I to the coast. We had given Alex a bit of a head start then caught him at the wooden bridge after a chat with bad Rob-Bob. Then Alex hopped on and enjoyed the draft behind Bob and I.

At the coast we ran into Jordan, who has some really sweaty hands ha ha! No gloves but he didn't need any cause he wiped his sweat all over my hands when we shook hands!

Aimee and I held the pace down just trying to get in a decent ride. Felt pretty good and a nice tail wind back was nice!

Did see Herb and Alyce out there too! Nearly missed them as Bob and I were in deep conversation, but we saw ya ha ha!

                                                  Aimee and I heading back to the coast

Figured we'd have lunch with the homeless while we wait for Alex to show.


OK, not 21 anymore ha ha!

He said he wanted a suffer pose ha ha!

Bad Bob

Jordan. No his hands are no longer full of sweat. It's all on me how ha ha!

Friday, November 4, 2016

Couple Midweek Rides

Can't ride Saturday so I squeezed in a second midweek ride on Friday eve. Same as Wednesday pretty much. Each 12 miles with just a hint over 1,000 ft gain each.

On Wednesday I tried to capture my lights with my point and shoot but man, that 10 second time is hard to work with ha ha! As you can see I got one turning. Finally I got it and all you can see is two dots that are my headlights ha ha! Oh well I tried but most of all, got in a couple of rides.


Friday Top of Euclid ready to head down.