Monday, July 31, 2017

No Ride Sunday, Pictures

Well, couldn't ride since we had to travel out of town to watch Franki our granddaughter in a play. She got a singing part and to our amazement (the other night) she opened her mouth and this beautiful voice just flowed out! Where the heck did that come from? I have another granddaughter that sings really well too and we knew about that one. But Franki tried to sing with her a couple years back and though she sounded OK, not like the other granddaughter Trinity.

But she opened her mouth the other day and it was jaw dropping! Wow! I know she didn't get that from me ha ha!

But anyway, she had a part singing in a play and all went well. She can act too ha ha!

Still early after the play, I had some good sunlight to take a few pictures. Out of costume but she's too pretty to hide in a costume anyway ha ha!

                                                                  She has my eyes! :-P

Flowers after her performance.

Got to get my Mother in there to show I don't discriminate against old people ha ha!

Messing with color stuff!

Hair down, she had it pinned up in the above pics. All curls!

I actually took this one overexposed so I did some stuff to it just for effects.

Of course, if I pull out my camera, I got to get a couple Gina shots!

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Saturday SART with Gina and Friends

41 miles at 16.3 with Gina today. Started at Orangewood cause Gina said it is an easier return than Katella. Hmm, OK! I think it's all mental but what can I say?

Later Ron and Dixie caught up with us so we rode together for a bit. Pretty much most of the south direction after Edna to the coast, the windy section. So it made it easier on us and I was not fussing about it ha ha! I did take a couple of turns at the front to help out the Ron and Dixie tandem team. I always feel it's just right and hate to think of myself as a blood sucking wheel leach ha ha!

Gina did very well though I was worried not having many miles in her recently. But she did great imo. She later said she was working hard but did very well.

Then we ran into Don at the coast. Ron and Dixie headed back before us. Great for us because with any kind of tailwind, Ron and Dixie would probably hold 35 ha ha and Gina ain't having that! :-P

But we did head back with Don. Gina did pretty well till the last mile or two. Don took the front but by this time Gina was pooped so he ended up slowing for us. Not having ridden much with Gina, I'm pretty sure he didn't know that when she gets pooped, she gets pooped and has a hard time making the little underpasses, well the steep ones. I kind of think he may feel cheated out of taking his turn at the front helping us out but like I said, when Gina is pooped, she is pooped ha ha!

I thought this was funny though. Gina and I were heading toward Imperial just warming up on the beginning section of our ride. I was holding it down to about 16-17. I think our average on the first 7 was like 15.6 (?). Some guy caught us about 1/4 before Imperial. As he passed he said, "wow, you guys were really hard to catch!". :-O Not being rude we just said, "oh ha ha ha!". After he rolled away and we stopped at Imperial, Gina said, "wow, we weren't even trying  he he he, just warming up!". :-P

Wearing her halter top so she can even out the tan on her back.

Uh, oh! Look who's catching us!

Poor Dixie has to peek around to be seen!

OK, I'm tired of looking at Ron. Let's look at Dixie for a while! :-P

Heading back with Don

Hang loose!

Don busting out the tris!

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Bad Ass Cyclist Turned to Little Bitch

Sorry I have to laugh again! The guy did an 81 mile ride in 7:39 with 1,200 ft of climbing that he's proud of. I did Ride Around the Bear in 7:38. 100 miles with 10,00 ft. Seems to me if he wanted to set up a race date, I'd kill him ha ha!

Edit: When the guy was going on about how hard core of a cyclist he was, I told him to give me his name and I'd look him up on Strava. He wouldn't. Of course I found him later, I think he hesitated to post his ride knowing I might find him on the flybys. I did!

Turns our Mr. Fit tough guy cyclist has 1000 less miles than I do for this year (and I'm having a shitty year ha ha!). He has less than half my elevation gain and his biggest climb is 5 times less than my biggest climb. Turns out the puss has never done a ride like GMR, Ride around the Bear or Breathless Agony. Yeah, real serious cyclist! Oh, I forgot, ha ha ha ha ha!

I try to be a friendly but but one thing that really gets my goat is a cyclist that thinks he's a bad ass because he sees himself as a superior fit being.

Well on Sunday, I'm cruising to the beach, again cruising at about 16 holding a pace that Gina can handle since she has not been on the bike much. As we pass Kraemer, we are rolling up on this guy, again catching and attempting to pass him at a cruising pace. Looks to me like this guy is fading in the wind. Many people do so it's no surprise to me. Guy is not skinny, not fat, no impressive build. Kind of thin but not in a strong masculine way, nothing intimidating. Maybe 5'10, 175 pounds with a bark that is much bigger than his bite!

So we are approaching from behind, I call out on yer left ringing my bell several times. OK so this fucking idiot thinks he is some kind of skilled cyclist. There is a jogger approaching in the opposite lane, center of the lane so I don't want to pass until it is clear. We roll up on the guy and kind of hang back till it's clear then begin the pass. BUT THE FUCKING STUPID IDIOT HAS EARBUDS ON AND IS MOVING ALL OVER THE LANE LEFT TO RIGHT. Yeah, some skilled cyclist.

So a s we pass I ring the bell and again say onyerleft so he does not swerve into us. But he can't hold a fucking straight line and moves toward me as I begin to pass. Again I ring my bell but the dumb fuck can't hear shit with his earbuds.

So as I pass, he looks over at me and I tap my bell. A motion to show him I was ringing my bell and calling out so he did not side swipe us. I did not say a word. But he shouts out, "WHAT DID YOU SAY CHUBBY?!".

Oh you fucking asshole. I pulled up got off my bike and stopped him. He stops and asks what my problem is. I explain to him that he fucking sucks on the bike and can't hear shit because of his earbuds making it unsafe for us to pass. Then I said, " listen mother fucker, you're a big man on the bike, now insult me to my face to show me what kind of a real brave man you really are!".

The guy says I said something smart to him. No, I didn't and just then Jose steps in and verifies that I did not say a word to the guy. BUT MOTHER FUCKER, YOU WANT TO INSULT ME CAUSE YOU'RE A FUCKING LOUSY DANGEROUS RIDER? GO AHEAD MOTHER FUCKER, INSULT ME TO MY FACE AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS TO YOU!.

I get nose to nose with the guy and scream in his face to say something. Man I wanted to punch that asshole so bad. I'm screaming in his face but he won't say shit! Then he says that if I beat his ass, there will be consequences for my actions.

OH OK! Now he wants to talk about consequences for my actions. Yeah dip shit! You insult people on the bike with your big fucking mouth and there will be consequences. Like a big chubby guy screaming in your face ready to knock your ass out and body slam you on the pavement! You should have thought about the consequences before you opened your fucking mouth, pussy ass bitch!

I'm screaming in his face, nose to nose challenging him to insult me again! Hell no he won't! I screamed in his face, you think you'r fit and I'm chubby? Do I look chubby to you now mother fucker?

The pussy ass bitch won't answer! C'mon, run your big fucking mouth now Mr. Macho!

The ass tries to change the subject, well he can beat me to the beach. Oh you big pussy! I tell the guy, you little bitch, you were struggling into the wind when I was passing you at a cruising pace and you think you can beat me one on one into the wind because you weigh less? You stupid mother fucker!

But I ain't talking about racing, I'm talking about beating the fuck out of you for insulting me just to show you that a chubby mother fucker like me can shut your big fucking mouth for you!

Again he starts in with the, if you hurt me, you will have to face the consequences! You little bitch. A moment ago I was just a chubby fucker and now you're worried that I might send you to the hospital.

I look up and see another rider coming. I continued to scream in the guy's face just to prove to him that he is a bigger bitch than he thought he was! C'mon man, some guy passing by on a bike is looking at you like, damn, chubby dude is screaming in your face and you just let him?

Yes, he just let me and didn't do shit about it! Then I look up to the side where the RR tracks are just above the trail. An older gentleman up there watching the whole thing go down. OK, now I know as much as I want to, I can't knock the guy out cause there is a witness up there that will testify that I broke his jaw, picked him up then body slammed him on the pavement.  I'm sure that thin fit ass bitch won't remember anything but there is a witness, damn!

So the guy pusses out and I tell him to get the fuck out before I hurt him. He takes off and rolls away while the older gentleman looks at the guy shaking his head like, damn dude, you're a little bitch and that chubby dude punked your ass in front of everyone!

Yeah one thing that really drives me insane. A cyclist who thinks because he is a little smaller, thinks he's stronger, more fit, and the ultimate superior cyclist. C'mon now people! Just because someone is bigger than  you does not mean you are a stronger cyclist. And the dude who looks chubby on the bike does not look so chubby standing in your face screaming at you making you look like a little bitch!

I'm 6'1, about 250. Do I look like I would be a scared little chubby cyclist? You skinny guys who think riding a bike makes you a tough guy, best watch your ass when you call somebody chubby. Especially if the  chubby guy is passing your ass with ease.

It sure would be funny if someone on a forum said they ran into a madman screaming in his face in a thread. Then the others could read my blog and say, daaaamn, Mr. Beanz made you look like a little bitch ha ha! Of course he would probably have a different story how he had a 6'1 250 pounder shaking in his shoes. Well, ask Gina about it, she doesn't lie! ;-)

                           Taken a couple months ago at the mall having fun while Gina shops! Yeah I'm a nice                                                     guy, but there is a little bit of a killer in me!

This is the little pussy ass bitch I let live. I sent him on his way. Funny though, he was trying real hard to stay ahead of us then later vanished from the trail. Gina said he probably turned off cause he knew he was going to get passed again ha ha!

Real tough bad ass cyclist guy. Gina who rarely says anything, said she was shocked at what the guy said. She said he probably didn't think I would stop to confront him. The bitch knows different not. I bet he doesn't open his mouth so soon next time!


40 miles today (15.5 average) with Gina and Jose. Pretty warm, I think high of 98. Started a bit late so I know we got some heat. But actually kind of cool at the coast. I figured Gina would heat up so we took it easy. She did better than usual as far as the heat but again, there was a cool feel at the beach stop.

Ran into Tim on the way. He hopped on the back as we rolled by but then I had a flat and had to stop, Dern it! Front flat! Kind of strange! At least it was the easier wheel so we were on the road again after only a short time!

There we ran into Tony and Thai. Exchanging a few bike stories and some fixie stuff. Thai rides fixie all the time!

Not as many people as I would expect at the beach but it was a nice day! I did say "SUCKY SART" because of he condition the trail is in now. After doing GMR, this sucks! I wish I could talk Gina up but in the heat? Maybe when it cools down.

                          Started out alone, Gina and I. Jose misread my text and showed up late.

He caught up right before Imperial. One of those black images that need a lot of work. Came out funny looking anyway!

At Imperial, ready to head to the coast.

Edna Park heading South. Gina was heating up and looking shiny!

Caught up with Tim. He got in a Superman pose before I flatted ha ha!

Tony and Thai

Edna heading north, glad it's almost over!

Hot sweaty day but I did try some more pics of Gina last eve.Got kind of dark so I was not satisfied with my light source. But they came out OK. Much different, on and off the bike! :-P

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Is This Not My Beautiful Wife ???

54, grandmother of  9, one kidney (donation), and still kicking out the miles on the bike. Figured I'd pot a few pics I took of Gina. For one thing, just practicing with the camera, the other, everyone sees her in a helmet so I've got to show she is not all sweat and dirt ha ha!

As we age, our hair goes white. I used to worry about it but now, sheesh! I see stripes developing in her hair and it actually looking pretty sexy in my opinion ha ha! Maybe all the cycling is paying off but I think she's still looking pretty hot !!!

OK, enough pics, let's hit the road! :-P

                                                                   I'm lovin' the grey!

I'm lovin' the white too! :-P

I love the white stripes developing in  the section of her lower hair area (left of the image)

Yes, a sign of a SoCal Summer Cyclist ha ha!