Thursday, July 20, 2017

Is This Not My Beautiful Wife ???

54, grandmother of  9, one kidney (donation), and still kicking out the miles on the bike. Figured I'd pot a few pics I took of Gina. For one thing, just practicing with the camera, the other, everyone sees her in a helmet so I've got to show she is not all sweat and dirt ha ha!

As we age, our hair goes white. I used to worry about it but now, sheesh! I see stripes developing in her hair and it actually looking pretty sexy in my opinion ha ha! Maybe all the cycling is paying off but I think she's still looking pretty hot !!!

OK, enough pics, let's hit the road! :-P

                                                                   I'm lovin' the grey!

I'm lovin' the white too! :-P

I love the white stripes developing in  the section of her lower hair area (left of the image)

Yes, a sign of a SoCal Summer Cyclist ha ha!

Sunday, July 16, 2017

60 Day After GMR, Ouch!

60 miles (16.6 average)  with Mike and Jose today. Mike and I did GMR yesterday but Jose was fresh so I used him like a little beotch  ha ha! Even though we took it easy on GMR, I could still feel my legs today, it has been a long time since I did GMR so I felt it. But today, another 6 on the trail. I thought Mike was crazy yesterday when he mentioned it after the GMR ride. But later at night, I sent him a text saying, "hey why not!".

Started at Katella then headed to Green River. Once we got there we knew we had to climb to Jack in the Box if we wanted and even 60. Oh my, my legs were fried so I just dropped it in low and headed up. Had a head wind heading out but once we turned around, it was fine. Then once we got to Yorba Park, the wind started. I knew it would be tough and it was ha ha!

We were doing pretty good rotating at the front every mile. But once we got close to Warner, man my legs were really fried. I probably should have eaten a bar at Edna Park but oh well. I took a turn then Jose got in front and picked it up. Oh my gosh! I had to tell him to keep it down as our plan was to hold it at 17 into the wind. He lifted it to 20 right after my turn and I was toast. So he backed off then we rotated a couple more times. Then the last section he said he would hold the front since he was fresh. I was surprised but he did a really nice steady pace to the coast. I was happy cause the really allowed my legs to recover.

Once at the coast I ate my bar and did some Gatorade. Wow, what a difference! We flew back no problem. Not sure if it was the stuff I ate or the tailwind but who cares ha ha!

I think Mike was still celebrating the 4th!


Single speed Thai

OK, this gal impressed me! She could walk and talk on the cell phone, no hands! But to be honest, I was hoping she would fall down and her boobs would fall out!

I kind of like how they squish out the sides! :-P

Inline skater. But to be honest, I was hoping she would fall down and her boobs would fall out!

I kind of like the way they squish out the bottom too. But to be honest, I was hoping she would fall down and her boobs would fall out!

Saturday, July 15, 2017

GMR & Lil Bit of GRR to Peacock Saddle

27 mile ride up to Mt Baldy today with Mike (Glendora Mt Rd). 3,219 ft of elevation gain. Max temp climbing the mountain according to my Garmin was 98.6 degrees. Average of 86. Got warm so I'm sure Mike thought I was crazy wearing an under layer under my jersey ha ha! Yeah, it's hot but they have some big giant bugs up there that bite the heck out of you and make you bleed ha ha!

Somebody did contact me at 11:30 last night. I read the email when I headed to bed at midnight. I returned the email with the info but never heard back. Hope it went through, my cell acts funny at times with Yahoo. Looks like I replied but the recipient doesn't get the response at times.

I did see Matt on the way up as he was descending. He was probably surprised to see me seeing I haven't been up there in tooooo long ha ha! He had somebody on his wheel descending the mountain so I am sure that was a good reason not to stop. But we did get in a shout out, Hey Matt! :-P 

We knew it would be hot so we just cruised up. That and knowing I hadn't been up there in some time, we took it easy. Always the first return to GMR is about survival and just making it up. If you go up the first time to race somebody, you are crazy ha ha!

Didn't have Gina with me to give me breaks so I figured we might get most of the way up without a little warm up stretch, at the 2 mile point like usual with Gina. But then some good looking woman stopped to ask us directions. Honestly, I didn't care if she was good looking or ugly, I was happy to stop and giver her directions. That gave me a chance to stretch my legs a bit ha ha! We usually start off Boulder Springs so the warm  up is like a 10% grade after the first 20 yards so I have no problem getting in a little stretch after the start.

We had taken a couple of extra bottles knowing it would be hot. We cruised up knowing it would be hot. And we planned to save energy since this was my first time up and Mike's second time in a long time. If we felt good at the shack, we would continue to Peacock Saddle. Or actually, at the top of the drop down to PS. I hate stopping at the bottom of a big hill, taking a break then starting up hill after a cool down.

We were running low on water by the time we hit the shack but fortunately saw a truck there handing out water to cyclists. Some kind of club ride. The cyclists headed up to the shack then turned around to head back down so the guys invited us over to fill up. Yeah Baby! Thanks guys whoever you were!

So that made it easy for us to hit PS as far as water. My legs were actually not too bad but I could tell I hadn't been up there in a while. They were getting tired but my breathing was pretty good. We held a conversation pace on the way up. Matter of fact, I think I talked all the way up ha ha! It was cool though, forced me to keep the pace low so I would not kill myself in the heat and first time back on the mountain. But maybe the local rides I did a few months back before the time change helped. I was expecting the little return climbs to be more painful. I seemed to recall them being kind of killer climbs. Not steep, just after a few miles, the legs burn. But doing the short 12-18% climbs at the top of San Antonio must have made them feel easier. Cause I was like riding back and going up fairly easy thinking, like why is this so easy ha ha!

I will say this, I think I will be on the mountain more from now on. Mike and I were talking about the mess on the trail (SART) and how unpleasant it has been. So we both agreed that we ought to spend one day on GMR and maybe one day on SART if Gina does not want to do GMR.

It really was a much nicer experience than that polluted trail! ;-)

Thanks cyclist people! ;-)

Mike thought I was a nut for wearing and under layer.

Nice pose but my little point and shoot failed me. Dark image had to work and work and still barely acceptable.

The profile.

A pic I took of a local lizard. Had to post it, seems he rides for Team Bianchi ha ha! OK for those who don't know what I'm talking about, he has the celeste colors on his back. :-P

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Local Cruise

14.2 miles with 1,014 ft of gain. High of 95 and average of 89 according to Garmin.

It was warm when I started but a nice little breeze made it not too bad at all! My second little climb I was a little more wet on the arms, figure it took me time to warm up ha ha! I planned a nice little spin of the legs and going up the hill was not bad. Nice gentle 3-4-5% grades. Going down Euclid was nice and cool. Going across 18th street was pretty cool but sure was windy. Thought I was on SART there for a bit ha ha!

Viewing Strava, I see I was the only one out there today. The heat? Hmm! Really wasn't that bad. Plus I wanted to warm up the legs to some gentle hills before heading up GMR this weekend.

Got this little story to add. On the way to a hospital last week, a hose bounced around on the freeway and ended up bouncing around under her car. Ended up hitting the passenger rear tire well. It actually tore off the wheel well molding!

DAMN! Checked out the part at the dealer, $160 freaking bucks for a stupid piece of plastic !?!?!

Well, it looked ugly and we couldn't keep it like that so had to pay the price. At least it was easy so no biggie clipping it on the wheel well. Of course, had to wash it too! Yeah, I know you don't care and you may think it has nothing to do with cycling, but it does! Imagine how many bike tires I could have bought on the internet for that price! :-P

No, I will never shave them!

Saturday, July 8, 2017


 44 miles at 16.1 average today (acc Garmin) with Gina and Jose. Max of 102.2 and average of 94.3 degrees. Again I stayed at the front all day setting the pace for Gina knowing I had to control it so she didn't over heat too much.

Ran into The Legend today at the start of the ride. I guess he ran into Jose who was on his way to meet us at our new parking spot. We were really shocked to see he was on a bent. Oh great! The Legend is fast but on a bent? I'm guessing he'd be doing speed up in the 40's, maybe leading out the TDF sprints in France somewhere ha ha! To our surprise, he said it is quite different. Twitchy handling, tricky in the turns and even a bit slower than his upright. Said he fell over a couple of times on the 90 degree turns at the wooden bridge. The bars hit his knees when he turns and lots of other stuff to watch out for on the new bent. My guess is once he adapts to it, then he'll be leading out the TDF sprints. He did ride with us and seemed to have no problem on the straight flat sections but with the little rise in the 90 degree turn at the Imperial bridge heading North, I did notice he nursed it a bit. Well it was all good because I'm guessing that it would be the only time we could keep up with him haha! Cause once he gets the feel of it.......................

Ran into Alex at Yorba Park. We had a head start then he caught us somewhere around Tustin ave. Had a brief chat with Jose, posed for a pic then headed off alone.

Ran into Tony's friend Thai at the coast. He actually opened up and had plenty to say today. Maybe because Tony was not there ha ha! I wonder if Tony doesn't allow him to talk or something. I can say we had a good chat and a pretty friendly fellow. Forgot to take a pic though. Heat must have gotten to me! Same with Mark, had a chat but forgot the pics! :-O

Heading back we felt the heat at Santa Ana. I really didn't mind because I get to soak Gina with water when it gets HOT! I soaked her down at Edna heading to the coast then again at the same park heading back to the parking at Katella.

                                                                     The Legend

The Legend and a peace sign!

Alex chatting with Jose


Fly away little birdie! :-P

Smiles after about 5 bottles of water poured over her head and back. Ready to go again!

I actually found this dollar in the Honda Center restroom after a homeless dude came out from taking a bath in there. Heck, I kept it and bought a lotto ticket with it, you never know! If I win millions, new bikes for all my friends! :-P

Gina's butt print ha ha! About 50% dried after she stood up for about 5 seconds. The heat dried it up  rather quickly. 5 seconds after this, it was nearly gone! :-O

Monday, July 3, 2017

Learning This Camera Thing

I have a Canon Rebel DLSR that I bought a couple years back. An extra zoom type lens (EF 75-300 mm). I realized the other day that the stock lens was an EF-S which is of lower quality. So I went and picked up a fixed 50 mm lens that many photographers suggested for portrait type pics. Made sure it too was an EF model like my zoom lens.

I've gone totally "MANUAL" trying to learn. Controlling everything manually from the aperture, shutter speed, ISO,  pic style, white balance, AF/AI Servo modes, continuous shooting/single shot modes, color space, metering,exposure compensation all the way to flash light compensation to lighting optimizer. Whew! All this stuff seems non critical but when I change the settings on the camera, I can see a difference in the results. Sometimes I see a difference but really doesn't change the picture to a viewer but it does to the photographer and really only makes a difference depending on what you're looking for in a picture. I might like a version of a pic but another may prefer a different version of the same pic, ya know, saturation etc. So I'm pretty much getting it now, go for what you want in a pic, not what others expect. Kind of like that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" thing ha ha!

So I took some pics with the fixed lens and could tell a difference between the two 50 mm lenses I have.

Newer pics with the new fixed 50 mm f/ 1.8.....These flowers were much prettier about 2 weeks ago. On the day I took these pics, they were pretty dry but I still managed to get some decent shots.

I did get some filters figuring it would make the images look nicer but really they didn't. I tried them but they seemed to take away from the clarity of the image. It seems I could get the look I wanted by adjusting the manual settings. Like these first few images. I was able to achieve the filtered look by adjusting settings and not using the filters.

The filters just seemed to get in the way and didn't do anything I couldn't do by adjusting the aperture and ISO settings and related.

I did get a circular polarizing filter. I tested it on a water puddle at the park and that seems pretty cool. One setting let me see the reflection of the trees, turn it and I could see the bottom of the puddle. I figure I need to find a nice pond before I post some pics of water with the filter. Nobody wants to see the bottom of a dirty puddle on a basketball park ha ha!

These were taken a while back with the zoom lens. Try focusing on a bee in flight ha ha!

Couple days ago with the new 50 mm


This was late morning about  11 am. 

Some pics of the grandkids with the new 50 fixed.

Gina and little Gina with the old lens. Wish I had the new lens when I took Gina's pictures. Oh well, a good reason for another photo shoot he he he!

Of course you gotta have a guitar pic ha ha!

A little photo editing of my grandson's BB game.

Then a few random action shots of a game and a skate park I ran into while looking for stuff at the park.

Zoom lens

50 mm lens