Sunday, July 23, 2017


40 miles today (15.5 average) with Gina and Jose. Pretty warm, I think high of 98. Started a bit late so I know we got some heat. But actually kind of cool at the coast. I figured Gina would heat up so we took it easy. She did better than usual as far as the heat but again, there was a cool feel at the beach stop.

Ran into Tim on the way. He hopped on the back as we rolled by but then I had a flat and had to stop, Dern it! Front flat! Kind of strange! At least it was the easier wheel so we were on the road again after only a short time!

There we ran into Tony and Thai. Exchanging a few bike stories and some fixie stuff. Thai rides fixie all the time!

Not as many people as I would expect at the beach but it was a nice day! I did say "SUCKY SART" because of he condition the trail is in now. After doing GMR, this sucks! I wish I could talk Gina up but in the heat? Maybe when it cools down.

                          Started out alone, Gina and I. Jose misread my text and showed up late.

He caught up right before Imperial. One of those black images that need a lot of work. Came out funny looking anyway!

At Imperial, ready to head to the coast.

Edna Park heading South. Gina was heating up and looking shiny!

Caught up with Tim. He got in a Superman pose before I flatted ha ha!

Tony and Thai

Edna heading north, glad it's almost over!

Hot sweaty day but I did try some more pics of Gina last eve.Got kind of dark so I was not satisfied with my light source. But they came out OK. Much different, on and off the bike! :-P

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