Friday, September 30, 2016

Some Loco Local Riding

Well I wanted to head out on Wed eve but as soon as I got my bike ready and loaded (lights etc) it started POURING!!!! Forget it, I waited till Thursday. Gina has been working late so no sense in waiting for her, end of month is always busy for them.

So Thursday I head out and darn it, after riding up San Antonio for 6 blocks or so I realize I hit the wrong button to start the Garmin timer. Well Strava shows it a bit short but I got in about 12 miles with 1,000 ft. I know as it was the same exact ride as last week's mid week ride.

Friday she plans to be even later so heck I might as well ride since we can't ride Saturday. Once again prepped the lights and headed out. This time I racked up 16 miles and 1500 ft of gain. Not a bad ride and really quiet for a Friday as far as traffic.

Of course I had to make a stupid little video of my lights ha ha!



The video!

Sunday, September 25, 2016


36 miles @ 15.9 average.

So it seems it's been pretty breezy lately but I hear many riders talk about wind. Well today was windy! 50 MPH gusts though the wind was not a consistent force. As soon as we got on the trail heading inland we could see the dirt storm approaching Lincoln Ave. I thought it seemed breezy on Saturday but Sunday reminded me of what WIND was really like ha ha!

Good thing Gina opted for a shorter ride after riding Saturday. Kind of broke my heart not being able to go to Yorba Park in the wind. This monster wind is when the real fun starts. But I had a chance to do some miles during the week so I figured why torture Gina?

I did stay at the front all day today to control the pace. Works well this way so that we can avoid the accelerations that seem to wear down Gina. I think she needed it today as the first half of the ride really wore her down. Of course heading into monster wind as a warm up is never fun for her ha ha! Aimee said she was game for whatever distance we chose not having ridden with us Saturday. But I think she was pretty happy when Gina picked the shorter course that would avoid the extra wind toward Yorba ha ha!

Also ran into some dude who was riding a unicycle. He had some interesting stories and some details about unicycle equipment that I would have never thought. Like brakes etc. Different function on a unicycle compared to a standard road bike, interesting stuff.

                                             Uh oh! Dirt in the air means big winds ahead!

Flag at Edna Park was straight out! :-O

I feel the govt should outlaw these bikini cover things! :-P

Unicycle Dude!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

SART Saturday

44 miles at 16.1 with Gina and Jose today. Tried to hold the pace down trying to conserve for a Sunday ride. Gina said she felt really good on the ride till I let Jose go in the front after 25 miles or so. I was controlling the pace pretty well then he went up front and lifted it. OK that was not in the plan but whatever!

After the first 7 miles or so we ran into Mark at Yorba Park. He asked if he could ride with us and I said sure but I was keeping the pace controlled. Of course my legs were a bit toasty from riding during the week which I hadn't done in a while. So I was happy to keep it down. He said after the Circle K store (Kramer ??) he would be happy to take the front for a while. But he was starting slow so he wasn't sure if he would still be up at that point as we had already had our warm up. So we headed off and no kidding! When he says slow he means slow ha ha! I think we were doing 15 or so as there was a pretty good headwind. I noticed he fell back right away so we just kept an easy pace. I figured once he warmed up he would catch up to us anyhow. He never did so we sat up a few times to see if he was coming up but nope! Knowing he can do a pretty good speed I figured he'd catch us by Orangewood but still didn't see him. So kept on to Edna Park for a break, Surely he would catch us there. But he never showed so now I am figuring he probably flatted. I know one of his Strava rides last week was titled "3 Flats" so I'm figuring. After the ride we got in touch and sure enough! I told him by now he probably has the record for most flats in one week. He said this was his 5th flat this week and that he should be good for the rest of the year ha ha! Keep your chains crossed for  him ha ha ha!

Also saw Ron at the start of the ride. No Dixie or tandem today so I figured he'd kick butt while he had the chance to race his single bike. Looking at his Strava, looks like he got his way, pretty fast average there Ron! I did snap a pic but I think I was a bit too far, kind of grainy! But I tried to work it best I could.

As far as the picture of the bikini, I swear some women look like models when they are 40 yards away. Once they get close, kind of disappointing but hey, I took the pic anyway just to show that there are still bikinis out here ha ha!

One shot I did miss today was some young thin gal in a bikini. She walked by wearing a cover but open in the front not covering much. After she walked by Gina asked, "did you see that?!". Yeah bit I didn't have my camera on so I missed the shot. This gal had a very tiny biking bottom on very low cut in the front. Ummm so low that she had about 2 inches of thick bush sticking out of the top. Neatly trimmed but about 2 inches of bush I said! Never seen that at the beach before and I miss the freaking shot! She wasn't even concerned about it, just strolling around like she was proud of it ha ha! Damn, can't believe I missed the shot! :-(

Joaquin and his buddy Eduardo were at the coast as well. Short chat then they headed off to a BBQ birthday party. I got a few shots first, give me something to post on FB as they are both on my friends list.

Yes, bikinis still out there.

Gina's final sprint to the finish!

The end of a joyful ride!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

My Worst Enemies on the Road

Another local ride on the road. 13 miles 1076 ft of gain.
Third day in a row doing 100 crunches after some time. Did them right before the ride and boy were my abs sore today!

Ya know, my worst enemies on the road are other cyclists. Cars seem very polite when I ride (accordingly) but the cyclists suck. I can see why they get hurt.

I'm coming down an 11%-7% grade with a 4 way stop at the bottom. I slow way down,, make my stop but the idiot riding across on the flat runs the stop and almost runs into me as I start my launch from the stop. ​​​​​​​ 2 of them, second guy was the idiot!

I can make my stop on a fast downhill be he can't? Yes there was vehicular traffic as well.

Edit: Oh ha ha ha! Perfect timing. Ron sent this image to me the other day. Seems like a perfect time to use it. He says he has been on that road, I believe I was today ha ha!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Mid Week Ride Finally!

Welp! Gina is back at the hospital with her son so I headed off alone. Been feeling really sucky on the bike so I figure I need to start riding during the week again now that I am done with the OT (rally kills me!). Hundred crunches yesterday then walked 4 miles around the local area. 3-4 % grade so I figured I'd be toasted really quick. After 2 miles I didn't feel bad so I aimed for 3. Got 3 then figured I'd aim for 4.
Then today another 100 crunches then 12 miles with 1.056 ft of gain. Nice local ride. Must get back into shape!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

BUSTED!!!! SART Sunday

Another 36 miles today at 16.4 average with Gina and Aimee. I didn't get the guy's name but when we stopped at Edna Park, some dude asked if he could ride back with us to the coast. Seemed like a fairly nice friendly guy! He hopped on the back and seemed pretty happy with the lift back. He said he had started at Warner & PCH then headed inland on the trail for 20 miles. He said he would end up with about 50 or so. Somewhat of a language barrier there so I missed a lot of details but he was happy as heck when he turned off on PCH with a few big thank you's!

Good thing is my overtime has been cut out so I can get back to riding. The OT was killing me,gained weight that I had loss so time to work it off now that I will have a little more energy.

As we were sitting at the beach stop Bob rolled up. I saw him coming but wasn't sure as I didn't couldn't be sure not fully recognizing him without his buddy Dave. But yes it was Bob. He stopped for a while and told us about his cycling adventures and trips to far off lands. Nice to chat with him again after what? 5 years maybe?

After the ride we kicked back at a new structure put up by one of those office buildings where we park. Right next to the cars so I told Gina she should go relax in the shade on a swinging seat they put out there. Nice little structure. Really nice BBQ too but it's all locked up. Nice deck and some outdoor type furniture. Kind of a test to see if security would chase us out, they didn't. :-)

They "busted" part. Yesterday I mentioned that I was at the front the entire time. But this image was captured but Ron and Dixie. It shows me behind my lead out rider ha ha! Ohhh BUSTED ha ha ha!

The dude!

Bob (no Dave!)

A couple out there that rolled back with us for some time.

They hang out!

Saturday, September 17, 2016

44 Saturday Miles

44 miles at 16.3 MPH average (Garmin Connect). Nice day but felt breezy to me. Really got a workout today. Some kind of organized ride going on. I was at the front all day today controlling the pace. Passed a lot of riders that were doing the organized ride. They jump on but do you think any of them would off to take the front? Ha ha ha, just a rhetorical question. :-P

Had a brief chat with Mark at the coast then Dr. Sarah rode up. Had to jam so we headed out. Along the way we say Ron & Dixie as well as Bad Bob by himself. Hey what happened to all his friends?

Ran into Joaquin and Eduardo at the coast. Doing their usual 19 miler. We left together then after 4 or 5 miles they zoomed around us and took off like bats out of hell! Gina did well but faded near the end. I dunno! Today just seemed a little bit rough but a nice day.

                                  Heading to Yorba with a couple of dudes hopping on the back.


We did ride with Team Sky for a bit today ha ha! Ed and Joaquin.

Mark and Dr. Sarah

Heading back with Team Sky on our tail.

Aimee after the ride, still smiling!

Gina's post ride "I might throw up on you!" pose ha ha!

After a seat in the shade, she can smile again!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Black Chili Compound

Oh wait! Maybe I got mixed up between riding and the tires ha ha! Well I did receive my shipment from Ribble. Had a discount code so I ordered 205 of tyres (that's English for tires :-P). SO now I have 7 spare Conti GP40002's and a couple of Gatorskins for the tandem.

This is the black chili compound but now let's talk about CHILES!!!!!

Got in my ride on Saturday but it's another double birthday weekend,  a party each day. So Gina goes and buys another 76 pounds of New Mexico Hatch chile. This time she ordered X HOT and yes it is! Chiles look a bit small but man they are spicy and hot!

So after the party Saturday we get home about 9 pm. So I stay up roasting chiles on my grill till about 1:15 am. Then I get back up about 8 am and finish roasting them, Wow that is a lot of chile ha ha! Of course everybody in the family wants some so we ended up giving away plenty of the last batch about 3 weeks ago (70 pounds). But now it is all roasted and bagged ready to go in the freezer!

It was the only chance I had to get it roasted so I had to skip today's ride but you can tell I was missing my bike ha ha!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Saturday Quickie!

Gina ordered some NM Hatch chile so she had to pick it up this morning so she was out of today's ride. Then we have a birthday party today for one of the grandsons so I slipped out early in order to get back in time. Perfect timing. 44 miles at 18.4 average and fewer breaks!  And nobody to yell at me he he he! -P

A little cleavage out today. Not my taste but somebody will like it ha ha!