Saturday, June 30, 2012

SART 06/30/12

Where do I begin? OK, set out for another trail ride with Gina and Aimee. Aimee's been on vacation for 3 weeks traveling the world, even watched the last stage of the Giro. Today was her first time back on the bike after 6 weeks so she took it easy on us. We stopped under the trees at Imperial right before heading back to the coast when EricAnderson rode up doing his one legged drills. He headed north as we headed south only to be passed by Eric. Meh! He was just showing off after getting one of them fancy electronic fit dealie bobs ha ha!

Soon after we run across Genaro at the Edna wooden bridge. We were crossing paths when he had a bottle in his mouth so all I heard was  "brr, ummm, hrr, grr ,bdrrrr!" as he waved us down ha ha! I didn't recognize him at first but with his strange choice of words, I thought he was trying to rob me. Okay, not really but we were in the danger zone so you never know ha ha! We talk for a bit but he won't remove his shades in fear of driving the wimmins crazy with his green eyes cause he's married. Funny but seems we ran into everybody on the way to the coast. It was no problem stopping for a brief chat since there was a pretty stiff headwind. I never argue about about a chance to take a break.

At the coast we ran into several more friends. One of which happened to be Jordan who we had run into earlier at Imperial. He stopped at a mini mart so we figured he'd catch us on the way to the coast. But we had to stop at the leaky fountain to refill our bottles. Just then we saw him go by at a pretty good effort but not knowing we were there. We laughed all the way to the coast thinking he was probably thinking he was pushing harder and harder saying to himself, "I know I can catch them" but never seeing us on the way. Maybe he wasn't but we had a laugh thinking so! But at the coast he told us of his plans to change the "M" on his Moser to "P" for Poser. He's always got something funny to say!

Jed 19 stopped for visit, El Monarch and his daughter from AZ., Louie on his cross bike cruiser. Alex2 was also there but heading out to Long Beach. We thought we'd see him on the way back but we left a little sooner than usual cause I had to get a haircut badly. On the return we ran into Pete. A short chat about the tour then we headed off, had to get that haircut!

I was shocked that the video was over 7 minutes even without a music section. All conversatin' with buds. I didn't realize I talked that much. I kept trying to blame Gina and Aimee but they weren't having any of it ha ha!

Oh oh! Gina sees a Mazda hitch bike rack, getting ideas I see!

                                                  EricAnderson on the warm up, pre 50 mph!

                                     Genaro still looking good after a VERY early morning start

                                                   Alex2 still trying to crack a smile

                                            El Monarcha and daughter, bike and ocean swim

                          Jordan with plans to change the "M" on his Moser to "P" for Poser ha ha!

                                                         Louie having a good time

                                                         Always good to run across Pete

Sunday, June 24, 2012

SART (Remembering Robert)

Edit: Still in disbelief, I did some searching on the net and found this :-(

ORANGE – A 43-year-old Anaheim man who died after he crashed into a tree has been identified as Robert Armas, authorities said.
Armas was driving in the 200 block of West Katella Avenue just west of Glassell Street shortly after 2 p.m. Wednesday when he lost control of his vehicle and hit a tree on the roadside, police said.
Armas was taken to UCI Medical Center in Orange, where he was pronounced dead several hours later, according to Orange County Coroner's Office officials.

Wow, this is hard to believe. Some of you may remember Mad_One (Robert) as one of our ride partners and friends that rode with us for quite some time on SART (09 and then some).  Well he had some problems with a brain tumor about 2 years ago, cancer. He received medical treatment and was doing better. But doc's orders, no driving or riding. So he rode the bus to work for quite some time. He had just gotten a new car and a new condo just around the corner form A Stadium right before discovering the tumor.

So we kept in touch then later became friends on facebook. He couldn't ride but said that he hoped to get well soon. About 5 months ago he lost one of his friends to cancer and her death hit him pretty hard. But still he continued to keep in touch with hopes to ride again with us on SART.

His birthday was in early May so I posted on his wall a Happy Birthday. He didn't respond but a couple days later he posted on his wall, "I could really use a Ding Dong right now." I didn't think anything of it but after finding the sad news Saturday night, I'm thinking this might have been one of his last days and a last chance to post. The good bye's were posted on his Facebook page on May 21'st.

This morning Gina and I were talking about our rides with Mad_One back in the day. I thought it was strange that I hadn't heard from him in a while so I looked at his FB page only to find the sad news. A few comments and good bye's from friends and relatives. So sad, Robert was a very cool guy and always happy to be on the bike.

I just can't believe it, losing good buddies and fellow riders to cancer.:-(

                                                                We'll miss you Robert! :(


So today Gina and I rode alone so we had a chance to stop and remember Robert and the times we had on the trail. Gina being the sensitive soul shed a few tears for Robert. As well as remembering our other buddy Boyd, then Gina's Dad and step mother all within the last 3 or 4 months.

We rode alone but did get a chance to ride with Jack the 80 year old stud on his recumbent (in video). I've told the story before. We met Jack when he was 65 and he was a super fast rider on his upright. Also a cancer survivor and still riding his bent. It's like this guy just wants to ride!

                                                                         Today's pit stop!

                                   See, now in my opinion, if this gal invested in a better bike, I don't
                                             think she'd  need to walk her bike up the little inclines.


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Well I somehow got talked into riding up GMR after work. Not sure how Hillbasher got me up there but we were there ha ha! I didn't take the recorder figuring we wouldn't see many others, wrong! Heck, I think we saw more familiar faces than on the weekends. Well, Matt and his crew of coworkers. Ended up riding part of the way with the crew as they turned off at Newman's Point while Hillbasher and I rolled on up to the landing above the shack. Matt and one of his buddies had already been to the shack but found it in their legs to head up once again with his crew. Now I know, always be prepared with the recorder ha ha!

I must say, after seeming to end up on night shifts at work over several years, this had to be my first after work evening ride since way back in about 2006 'ish. Felt good. Body is much warmer and looser than after waking from a deep sleep for a ride after a night at work. Even after a few injuries from battling giant spiders, I felt pretty good! ;-)

It was warm at the start 


                                               Running into Matt and his friends/coworkers

                                                   Classic Hillbasher & Mt Baldy fascination

                                                              Ready in case it gets dark

                                                    Hillbasher descending into the sunset

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sometimes Life Decides What Ride to Take, Or Not!!!!

I hate deciding where to ride just a smuch as I hate having to decide what to where to work. FTR, I have 5 pair of pants all the same color and same with the shirts. Some people that don't know me might think I wear the same clothes everyday!  :-0

So we have to be home early for the granddaughter's dance recital, so traveling to our usual ride is somewhat out of the question. We can rush through the ride but if something happens we're behind schedule and our plans include driving my parents to the recital. The recital is a minimum one hour drive as well.

So we figure it will be a hassle so I ask Gina if she wants to to the 8 mile 2300ft climb of GMR. Hmm, not much climbing lately, not to mention not much riding with post funeral activities still taking place on past weekends. OK, she decides to sit out so that I can go do the climb alone and not have to worry about falling behind schedule. So Hillbasher had been asking about the climb so hey, I'll give him a call. We go back in forth in text messages about times and his work schedule. He works nights so unable to make it too early. We agree on a time that suits both of us.

I swear 30 seconds after the final decision Gina spots a spider up on the ceiling of the porch. We were walking into our home. She ha s a thing for spotting any and every spider no matter how big or small and even the smallest one is five feet tall. So I remove my shoe and vertical leap like 6 feet straight up then swat the sucker! Nice shot but on the way down, I hit the edge of the step and BOOM! My ankle rolls on the edge, foot slide off and outside of my foot whack the cement hard. I fall flat on my butt but he momentum roll me back into half a backward somersault.

Gina runs over " are you OK?". I rolled my ankle and the initial pain is shocking so I have to wait a few seconds to see just how much it hurts. "I'm OK" I said, "I rolled it but seems OK". She says she's more worried about the big bang she heard when I hit the ground. Nothing there, if anything it's the foot. Just then I feel my baby toe burn like heck. A very minor scrape but I guess when the ankle rolled off the step, the baby toe was the first to hit the lower section of cement. So what's a little pain? I stretched out the damaged goods for a bit then walk inside for a better look in the light.

I'm OK, ankle slightly swollen and tight, toe burning like heck. Well it's about 9 pm so I figure I'd tell Hillbasher the good news but say I think I'll be OK to make the ride. I actually feel pretty good so I tell Gina, "heck, let's go for a ride and maybe something to munch on." No problem other than a little burn. But when we get ready for bed I notice swelling on the toe. Happened before and I've slept it off. But I wake up like 5 in the morning and something is burning as my foot lay against the bed. Dang it! It's swollen!

So I strategically hang my foot over the edge of the bed to avoid contact. Ah nice, now I'm back to sleep. I get up when the alarm goes off, walk around a bit and feel a burn, not bad though. I even walk around on my tip toes simulating pressure on the pedals. Hey, that feels even better. I'm ready baby!

Then a little voice says "try on the shoe". Yeah, thanks, not a bad idea! I'm still trying to figure out just who said that ha ha! Either way I try on the shoe and oh heck no! Tight squeeze and feeling like someone shot a nail from a nail gun into my baby toe to secure the shoe to my foot. This ain't going to work so I have to notify Hillbasher that I have to wuss out of the ride. Bummer!

So now I don't get my ride but I'll be hobbling around at the dance recital with a wife that seems to have a radar constantly targeting injuries. You know the type, if you have a big bloody blister on a finger, that will be the one she squeezes when she says "I love you honey" while you try to smile and respond lovingly with agony on your face hoping she'll let go!

Either way, all the where to ride, when, scheduling, planning, indecision, it seems life has decided for me, the hard way! I'll be walking around all day, maybe night with a swollen toe and if i don't get home early to ice it, life may have also chosen my ride for tomorrow. Which will also be a ride to "nowhere" :-(

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Another nice 42 mile ride on SART. Not quite as windy to day but still a good enough headwind to get your attention. After a night of karaoke and board games at Mom's house, we only got 4 hours sleep. Didn't leave Mom's place till 3:30 am. But we had a good time and now it was time to ride, so we did ha ha!

Stopped for a quick stretch under the trees at Imperial as Gem rolled by. Man, I tried to time it so that he'd be out of the shadows for a good clear picture but he's too fast to time to time just right. Around the 405 we were joined by Bad Bob who made the rest of the way to the coast with us. He hung around for a bit to listen to some old Beanz meets Gina stories then headed of after a few laughs. Big surprise when JeepSeaHawk of the forums approached us Beach Bum style. I do recognize his face so not having a bike didn't throw me off. this time ha ha! Turns out he was kicking it at the beach with his kids. He stuck around for a good while for a chat.

Then Brian and his gal Evelyn rode up.  Funny dude, always something good to say. We all chat for a bit then notice Evelyn's face is really tone. She's been working out and riding, and it shows. Lean mean riding working out machine! After some conversation they head off looking for some Visine. I guess  Brian figured that if he rubbed sun block in his eyeball he wouldn't have to worry about getting sunburn on his eyeball ha ha! Not really. So when the sunblock container says it won't run with sweat, don't believe it, Brian doesn't ha ha!

Gem, too fast to time!

                                                                          Bad Bob

                                         JeepSeaHawk flexing some beefcake for the wimmins

                                                                  Brian & Evelyn



                                                      Flash photography, window style!

Jose kicking it in the corner by himself

Saturday, June 9, 2012

SART (No Gina) 6/9/12

Well Gina had more family business so I headed off alone on SART. Once I reached Imperial I got ready to head to the coast when I saw LewisAClark roll by. Man it was a stiff headwind today but I saw him blow by several riders. I managed to pull up behind him but stayed back for a bit in an attempt to go unrecognized ha ha! He did look back a few times but the shoulder glance didn't give me away. I'm thinking he figured I was one of the riders he rolled by earlier . It wasn't until he took a different path after Lincoln that he saw me, still not sure if he made me out or not since I was alone which is rare nowadays.

I saw Tammy and Alan at the HC U turn. Alan stopped above the underpass so we exchanged a few words. I heard my name called a couple of times. At first I thought it was the Big Man coming to take me away. Cmon, not while I'm enjoying a ride. But it turned out to be Alan thank goodness! 

Somewhere down the road I was rejoined with LewisAClark so we pulled into the coast together after exchanging a few words. I'm sure it had to be about the stiff headwind. At times I was pushing hard and only doing 14.5 MPH! At the coast, a quick surprise visit with MTBLurker asking to have his picture taken (OK, not really!)

Jordan rolled up on his commuter not clear about my name. So he mentions that a few others know me as Jose. WHAT!!! OK, the cat is out of the bag. My real name is Jose. I just use Fred cause I'm a dorky bike rider ha ha! We chat for a bit about bikes and stuff
 then decide to roll out after Alex2 appears. Crazy Alex2 on another one hundred miler as always. So he rides with us taking advantage of the nice draft created by Jordan an his commuter. Fat tires but the dude moves on that bike. Heck, I was happy, I got to set back enjoy the draft and take a few pics and video ha ha!

LewisAClark has no idea I am behind him he he he!

                                     Tammy& Alan, Lewis A Clark crossing paths at the U Turn


                                     I heard voices from above, thought the Big Guy came to take
                                     me home. Turns out it was only Alan shouting
                                     my name from top of the underpass.

                                                            MTBLurkr as for a picture

                                                                  Alex2's idea of a smile

                                                    Dr. Sarah and Peggy, equipment check

                                        Jordan getting ready to kick some butt on his commuter

                                         Jordan kicking butt on his commuter. Alex2 on a hundred miler taking                          
                                         advantage of a strong draft created by Jordan

                                          Jordan after a nice fast 12 mile stretch, hitting his exit

                                                             Alex2 back to the front

Sunday, June 3, 2012

SART 6/3/12

 A wedding the day before and Gina had a few margaritas so again we were in no mood to do GMR. Blisters on her feet form her party shoes but she did well on the ride today. Nice fun 42 mile ride with Jose (El Monarcha)

This young dude was funny. I stopped to remove a bee form my helmet when he rolled by. We remounted then set off once again. Couple miles later we catch him (not trying) then he hops on the back. He takes a break then sprints around, OK impressive ha ha! Another mile or two later we catch him again and once again he hops on. OK, if you play that game with me, I'm taking your picture ha ha! So he blasts around like a bat out of 7734. Fudge it, next time we catch up we blow his doors off. He couldn't respond but he did let out a loud  yelp like he knew he was whooped! Ah, the young dudes! ;-)

                                                                I think it's a tandem                                                        


                                                           Tammy and Alan

                                                         Leaving the coast with a nice tailwind

                                                           Letting Gina take the lead

                                                                   El Monarcha

                                                    Champion seventy something skater Steve