Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sometimes Life Decides What Ride to Take, Or Not!!!!

I hate deciding where to ride just a smuch as I hate having to decide what to where to work. FTR, I have 5 pair of pants all the same color and same with the shirts. Some people that don't know me might think I wear the same clothes everyday!  :-0

So we have to be home early for the granddaughter's dance recital, so traveling to our usual ride is somewhat out of the question. We can rush through the ride but if something happens we're behind schedule and our plans include driving my parents to the recital. The recital is a minimum one hour drive as well.

So we figure it will be a hassle so I ask Gina if she wants to to the 8 mile 2300ft climb of GMR. Hmm, not much climbing lately, not to mention not much riding with post funeral activities still taking place on past weekends. OK, she decides to sit out so that I can go do the climb alone and not have to worry about falling behind schedule. So Hillbasher had been asking about the climb so hey, I'll give him a call. We go back in forth in text messages about times and his work schedule. He works nights so unable to make it too early. We agree on a time that suits both of us.

I swear 30 seconds after the final decision Gina spots a spider up on the ceiling of the porch. We were walking into our home. She ha s a thing for spotting any and every spider no matter how big or small and even the smallest one is five feet tall. So I remove my shoe and vertical leap like 6 feet straight up then swat the sucker! Nice shot but on the way down, I hit the edge of the step and BOOM! My ankle rolls on the edge, foot slide off and outside of my foot whack the cement hard. I fall flat on my butt but he momentum roll me back into half a backward somersault.

Gina runs over " are you OK?". I rolled my ankle and the initial pain is shocking so I have to wait a few seconds to see just how much it hurts. "I'm OK" I said, "I rolled it but seems OK". She says she's more worried about the big bang she heard when I hit the ground. Nothing there, if anything it's the foot. Just then I feel my baby toe burn like heck. A very minor scrape but I guess when the ankle rolled off the step, the baby toe was the first to hit the lower section of cement. So what's a little pain? I stretched out the damaged goods for a bit then walk inside for a better look in the light.

I'm OK, ankle slightly swollen and tight, toe burning like heck. Well it's about 9 pm so I figure I'd tell Hillbasher the good news but say I think I'll be OK to make the ride. I actually feel pretty good so I tell Gina, "heck, let's go for a ride and maybe something to munch on." No problem other than a little burn. But when we get ready for bed I notice swelling on the toe. Happened before and I've slept it off. But I wake up like 5 in the morning and something is burning as my foot lay against the bed. Dang it! It's swollen!

So I strategically hang my foot over the edge of the bed to avoid contact. Ah nice, now I'm back to sleep. I get up when the alarm goes off, walk around a bit and feel a burn, not bad though. I even walk around on my tip toes simulating pressure on the pedals. Hey, that feels even better. I'm ready baby!

Then a little voice says "try on the shoe". Yeah, thanks, not a bad idea! I'm still trying to figure out just who said that ha ha! Either way I try on the shoe and oh heck no! Tight squeeze and feeling like someone shot a nail from a nail gun into my baby toe to secure the shoe to my foot. This ain't going to work so I have to notify Hillbasher that I have to wuss out of the ride. Bummer!

So now I don't get my ride but I'll be hobbling around at the dance recital with a wife that seems to have a radar constantly targeting injuries. You know the type, if you have a big bloody blister on a finger, that will be the one she squeezes when she says "I love you honey" while you try to smile and respond lovingly with agony on your face hoping she'll let go!

Either way, all the where to ride, when, scheduling, planning, indecision, it seems life has decided for me, the hard way! I'll be walking around all day, maybe night with a swollen toe and if i don't get home early to ice it, life may have also chosen my ride for tomorrow. Which will also be a ride to "nowhere" :-(


  1. Well, I hope the toe gets better soon, maybe in time for an evening ride up GMR one night this week? Evenings should be a lot cooler than the expected highs durring the day. Let me know, Bill

  2. And at least you did fall down in public...hopefully you just werent in you chonies.

    1. Yeah, that would be ugly ha ha! ;-)

  3. Beanz -- how is the toe now? Have you had a doc look at it? I had a co-worker walk around with a broken toe for months. Besides I need you healthy for video training school (hehehehehe).


    1. Hahaha! No doctors, didn't feel too bad until I did GMR. I was fine on flat rides but GMR can really stress a toe out ha ha! It was hurting for 3 days after the GMR ride. Much better today on the flats.