Saturday, April 30, 2016

Mr. Miyagi Wanted His Ass Kicked Today Ha ha!

44 miles with Gina today average 15.7. Gina has been dealing with serious family medical issues for a month now and has been off the bike the whole time. So today was her return.

Stupid Mr. Miyagi wannabee ha ha!!! I've seen this dude many times on the trail riding a hybrid. One of those idiots that gets on your nerves. You pass the guy, he drafts you then sprints around. OK whatever but today he got on my nerves. The three of us were leaving Yorba Park heading South after a 10 mile warm up heading north. As I exit the park I see the guy coming so I warn Gina and Jose. So I hug the right shoulder and wait for Gina and Jose to make the turn. So I am cruising hugging the right shoulder so we stay out of the guy's way figuring he is going to pass since we just got on.

Well he passes and pulls away. But we're heading into a pretty good headwind and the dude fades. Actually surprised me cause every time I see the dude he's doing pretty good. Of course that is for a mile or so, you know, one of those one mile wonders.

So we catch up without much effort. Remember I am holding the pace down cause Gina hasn't been on the bike in a month. But he fades and we pass. Of course the guy hops on the back and sucks wheel for a mile or so. Then he sprints around which doesn't surprise me. I'm thinking yeah keep going you moron! He pulls away for a bit then the wuss fades again. I hadn't ever seen the guy ride more than a mile before. But now I have so I can see that his strength is about a mile long and that's it.

So of course once we pass the puss again he hops on the back. What a bitch! Then he sprints around again, oh GAWD! Now he's just getting on my nerves by getting in the way every mile after he fades.

So yes he fades again which is no surprise. So I roll by and give him a thumbs down ha ha! HE didn't like that at all ha ha! So he sprints by and gives me a thumbs down. YES he fades once again and as I roll by I laugh in his face and say, "you suck ha ha!".

Then he starts yelling, "I PASSED YOU 4 TIMES ALREADY AND I AM FASTER THAN YOU!!!'. Uhh yeah OK, SO as I'm riding next to the guy I tell him the only reason he passed us was because after his weak ass fades, he hops on the back, recovers then sprints around only to fade again. HE says he keeps passing us so he's faster.

Then I tell him, "if you weren't such a pussy you'd be able to hold the pace but you can't cause you suck!". Then he swears he's fast and argues blah blah blah. So I say, "you couldn't keep up with me for 10 seconds if you tried." SO he starts a sprint and I just hammer his ass for about 10 seconds and he's toast. OK stupid, if you're going to race somebody on a hybrid, you better make sure you are strong enough to back yo your big mouth.

So I pull ahead then slow down to take his picture. He really didn't like that ha ha! You can see in the picture below he is pretty far back and giving me the finger. So I slowed down so I could get a better picture ha ha! He pulls up and starts yelling stuff. I just laughed and called him a pussy one more time!

SO then he gets upset and as I am slowing so that Gina can catch back up he starts yelling at me saying he's going to kick my ass! Ummm yeah OK.

This is how stupid the guy is! He pulls ahead, stops then slams his bike to the ground. Already the guy is in a rage foaming from the mouth. Actually I think he is exhausted from trying to stay ahead of us at our cruising speed. I stop and gently lean my bike against a fence and laugh at the guy, "OK GO AHEAD!".

This dude is about half my height, twice my weight and I'm sure I can jab him in the face 3 good times before he can reach me. So this idiot runs up to me and strikes a pose. Yes you guess it! The Mr. Miyagi pose ha ha!  C'mon dude, you've got to be kidding me! He does that weird shit where he curls up his arms and places them at his waist and goes into some stupid "crane" pose ha ha! Straight our of Karate Kid ha ha!

OK dude, you realize Mr. Miyagi is a movie character right? His hands down at his waist I am sure I can't throw a straight left jab and smash his nose. He's half my height and I'd bet I can box his ears off and he would never get close to me. Not close enough to do a spinning roundhouse back flip somersault double crouching tiger kick. I've had guys pull this shit before and never fails, a quick jab to the face changes their mind and makes them question their own Mr. Miyagi skills ha ha!

Luckily for him there is an older gentleman jogger with his daughter I believe about 10 yards away. He hears the guy ranting and raving and I'm just standing there ready to react after he stops his posing. The idiot shouts, you sure you want to do this?!" and starts posing some more. I was waiting for the "Hayyy yah!".

The jogger comes up and says, "c'mon guys, don't do this!". I just laughed and told the jogger, "this guy says he's going to kick my ass so I need you here as my witness. I'll let him take a swing then after I beat his ass you can testify that I was acting in self defense protecting myself  from his Mr. Miyagi shit ha ha!".

Well the stupid idiot takes that as a chance to get back to his bike and take off! OK wait! First you threaten to kick my ass, pose like Mr. Miyagi then run for your bike when someone offers you a way out? What a dope! Man I can not count the times some idiot threatened me with Mr. Miyagi moves then decided it was best for him to run while he still had a chance.

I was happy I didn't have to deal with any legal issues but I sure was read to beat this cat silly had he really had the balls to take a swing ha ha! I'm telling you, a couple of swift stiff jabs to the face, the guy would have ran home with his tail between his legs. It's happened before and I've never even got a chance to hit them with my right ha ha!

BTW, to show you what kind of idiot this guy is, he threw his bike down and when he tried to get back on, the bike wouldn't work. Not sure if he damaged his rear derailleur or what but he couldn't get going. I rode by and shouted, stay away from us ha ha! Somebody who loses their head like that is definitely not smart enough to beat me in a fight. I don't care how Mr. Miyagi he thinks he is he he he!

So anyway, that explains the first two pictures of this Mr. Miyagai wannabee ha ha!

Jose R.

His bud Yen

Coming from behind

Yen and Jose R for the pass!

Friday, April 29, 2016

OK no Ride Til Saturday so Guitar Stuff ha ha!

Some dude said I should try a Prince song so hey, this one came out kind of cool. Sounds good with the headphones to pick up the echo. Purple Rain.

Then I saw a band play 8675309 at Open Mic night at Sam Ash in Ontario so I figured I would give it a try ha ha! I couldn't strum the pattern and sing so I recorded the guitar then played it back and tried to sing along ha ha. I'm just a beginner guitar player and a lousy singer but it sure is fun trying to do something you thought you never could do. Like I've said, if others recognize the song then I'm doing good. You should have heard me try to whistle a song growing up ha ha!

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Saturday SART

44 miles solo today at 17.3 average. Ran into Mark and Gail at the coast. Ron and Dixie were a bit late to start. And I thought I was late ha ha! I was about half done and on my return when I ran across them the first time. Had a chat with Mark and Gail at the coast but had to head home so I only took a short break. We didn't think Ron & Dixie would go to the coast with the wind today so I left. If I had know I would have waited a couple more minutes as I saw them about 4 miles down the road. Yes, they can do 4 miles in a couple minutes on their tandem! :-P

Got a couple of images. I might make a little Ron and and Dixie video of our passing  later ha ha! I got about 3 clips on the video today and those 2 are probably the only ones worth looking at ha ha!

I was alone so I had to take my own picture on the ride ha ha!

OK check out this strange little video of Ron & Dixie passing and the dude in funky socks ha ha!

Mark looking at his average, "you better pick it up Gail!". :-P

OK WTH ??? Ha ha ha! I once had a guy make fun of my plain green jersey saying it was psychedelic. These socks and outfit on this guy I was passing on the trail. :-O

A picture from Mark's cell cam!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Bikini Video

OK so this is the footage I got on Sunday's ride. I was alone so I hit the pier. There were plenty of bikinis around but just as I started the recording, some old dude came up on a touring bike and started talking bikes. I like talking bikes but he was asking 101 questions about his bike. What about his seat, what about the clamp, what about the handlebars, what about his spokes, what about his stem???? In the meantime I saw about 500 bikinis go by but I didn't get a chance to record. Grrr! Before I knew it about an hour and a half had gone by, damn! So I took what I could get and split.

All the little side shows were going on with packs of bikinis gather to watch the shows while this dude kept going on and on. One thing I do know, he bought the bike at REI. So I can see why he had a hundred questions about hit bike ha ha! I know I have never gotten a  good straight answer from them about anything bike related he he he!

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Windy SART, Yesterday Was NOT!

I will have a short bikini video maybe sometime Monday. ;-)

I saw several comments on Strava yesterday claiming Saturday was windy. Now it wasn't ha ha! Sunday was windy! At times in Yorba Linda I was pushing pretty good and holding 12 MPH. At one point I was holding 9 ha ha! I was alone today so I headed off for another 44 miler, ended up with 50 miles and a 15.4 average. I maybe have had about a 16.2 when I hit the coast but once I made it there I figured I would turn it to a pleasure cruise so I headed to the pier. Man that path really ruins your average ha ha!

I had my camera and my recorders but just as all the bikinis started walking by, some old dude rides up and wants to talk bikes. He asked a hundred and one questions about his new touring bike. Saddle height, saddle, HB, tire, rims questions, pretty much everything. I was glad I could help him and fill his head with knowledge but man, I missed all the bikini shots ha ha! Oh well, I need to take my camera out there one day for some real shots, This Go Pro and point and shoot I use suck as far as bikini shots. But I tried!

I did run into Bad Bob for a bit. He was going the other way while I was heading into a headwind toward the coast. I looked back wondering if he was turning around. I saw somebody way back there but could not make him out. I was trying to hold a good pace, probably 18 into the wind ha ha! Later I did recognize him as he was gaining on me. He had to be doing pretty well cause I was doing a pretty good effort. I guess that is why they call him Bad Bob! :-P

We chatted for a bit heading to the coast then he turned around and headed home, at least I think  ha ha!

So anyway I was alone today. Kind of nice to do my own thing once in a while! ;-)

A taste of the wind!

Well I used the zoom lookig for a Bay Watch style pic of the chick in the black bikini but got a lil something else! :-O

I need a basket like that on my bike!

The Big Guns were out today!

Check out that tat!

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Saturday SART

As mentioned before, I am also posting a ride journal type thread in this forum in case anyone wants to sign up and talk trash ha ha! :-P

Mr. Beanz Ride Journal (Forum Stuff)

I must say the wind scares a lot of riders away ha ha! It was supposed to be windy, seemed "a bit" windy but not as bad as I have seen it before. Wasn't all that bad really, easily hold 17 in most places. But the Strava ride titles are funny ha ha! "Super Windy Ride"  Heck, we've done rides where we can barely hold 13 pushing hard. Today around Yorba the windiest section imo was not all that bad.

44 miles at 17.5 average. Jose and I hit the trail today. Seriously my legs felt really toasty today. I did the 3 loops at Claremont Hills on Wed eve. Then I did another 2 1/2 on Thursday evening. For a grand total of like 28 or so dirt miles with 5,000 ft of gain. So yeah the legs were toasty today ha ha! I told Jose that I would hold the pace down and if I get dropped, I get dropped. Gina hasn't been able to ride during the week so instead of getting my easy stretching miles during the week, I have been pushing a little harder trying to get into shape.

So it took me about 10 miles to loosen up the legs. Later in the ride we ran into Joaquin at Edna Park. He usually hops on mid ride after we have 25 or so. He does Edna to the coast and back so he's usually fresh by the time he joins us. He'll sit in line then lift the pace on us most times. So today Jose had a plan. He said, "let him pull us ha ha!". I had no objections he he he!

Seems he tried to lift the pace a few times but we kept up no problem. After some fighting the wind it seemed his pace slowed but we just held back in line figuring if we help him, he'll try to lift the pace on us during the return leg of 10 miles. Just when we thought it was about to slow, some dude came from behind and took the front. I really don't know where he came from but he says he saw us around the wooden bridge at Edna. We must have just left the park when he saw us from behind. We had a chat at the beach stop, calls himself Don Wonderful ha ha!

So Joaquin was holding about 18 for quite some time. Then he slowed to about 16. Just when we thought we were in for an easy ride, Don Wonderful came around to the front and lifted the pace to 20. I could tell he was a strong rider so heck, I was happy to just stay at the back today and enjoy the ride. Very steady consistent rider and pace so staying in the draft was smooth. At one point he slowed on one of the uphill ramps and that's when Joaquin raced around and lifted the pace again. That's Joaquin's signature move, wait till you show a sign of getting tired then sprint around.

I could tell Don Wonderful was a strong rider so I knew he would not get dropped by Joaquin's sprint. I was worried about my legs and knowing that when I pull for 80 of our rides, he's going to shoot around when he gets a chance. I was ready ha ha so I pushed at the right ties and he didn't go anywhere.

Later when Joaquin was in front I was thinking about taking the front but I was following Jose's plan this time so I stayed back. But Don Wonderful ended up at the front again somewhere along the line doing another good pull. Btu sure enough about 1/4 mile before the end of the tail Joaquin race around and lifted the pace for one last good push. I was thinking, "poor Don, that's whack!". You know me, I never ride someone's wheel then sprint around without letting them catch their breath to recover. But that's the fun in Joaquin's ride ha ha!

Well today felt kind of funny cause as all my ride partners know, I;m at the front for 80-90% of most our rides so hanging back today felt funny. But following Jose's strategy I held back and let Joaquin do most the work. And my gosh Jose, was right! On the return Joaquin lifted the pace a couple of times but didn't do much racing. Finally about 3 or 4 miles left to go Joaquin asked Jose to take the front. Oh cool! I was thinking it would be a lift the pace blast to the finish ride. It wasn't. Jose had ridden with Joaquin many times so I guess he has him figured out ha ha!

                                    Don Wonderful - Wish I had recorded some of the ride.

I'm at the back sucking wheel ha ha!

Look at me, I'm an angel! :-P

Hmm! For a second there I though it was a Bianchi! ;-)

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Bas Azz MTB Ride

Claremont Hills 3 Loops. Last time I did this was 2005. ;-)

OK today was a Bad Azz ride! 3 loops around the MTB park. 18 miles total with 3,015 ft of gain.
Some stats on Strava that make it cool.
834 riders do 1 climb
Only 25 have done 3 laps all time all riders.
Only 4 over 200 lbs all time have done 3 laps
Only 2 this year over 200 lbs have done 3 laps!
Check out the profile!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Bicycle Hunter Ha ha!

A cousin of mine linked it onto my FB. Figures my cousins would think it was funny figuring most my posts on FB are about bike rides. I would have linked it here but links on FB never work well for me so I just made my own little copy of it to share it cause it's too funny! :-P

Well Gina's son has been spending a lot of time in the hospital. 3 straight weeks now.  Been in and out of the hospital just about every other month for about a year now. She says she knows she has been neglecting me spending night after night at the hospital. Said maybe I should get a puppy. Nah, puppies aren't this much fun, I got my guitars to keep me company! :-P

Still trying to get these two song down. ;-)

Sunday, April 10, 2016

When It Pours, It Pours!

Few images for now, story later.

60 miles 17.6 average with Mike and Jose. No girls ha ha!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

CHWP MTB (Video Added)

2500 ft gain today on the MTB at CHWP. My usual 2 loops then some posing for the video ha ha!

A little story of a lady I met today (got hit by a motorcycle on GMR whilke riding her bike) and a short video later.

Well I'm bummed! With the 65% chance of rain I forgot but I placed the closed door on the GoPro case and it did not pick up any sound. So I totally missed Alma's story of getting hit on GMR a year ago January. She said she used to ride a lot of GMR then one day she got hit behind by a motorcycle.WOW how sad is that?! Broke her arm,her leg, 5 ribs and more. She said she felt like falling asleep at the time of the accident but was afraid to thinking if she closed her eyes she would die. She said she was taken by helicopter to a trauma center in LA. They feared her neck was broken at first. But she must be one tough cookie cause she is running the trail at Claremont. Heck I have a hard time walking it ha ha!

I will say she must be in good shape cause she is pretty fast! We started just about the same time. I was riding and she started out walking, probably to warm up. It was my second loop so I was already warm. I want to say I was tired too cause she embarrassed me ha ha!

So she's walking and I get way ahead on the bike. 2 mile climb with about 800 ft gain. I know Strava says it's a 7%average grade. Later I look down as one can see below on the switchbacks and Alma is about 2 switchbacks behind. I'm not racing her but I see her as she is wearing the bright pink hat. I'm not racing cause I don't think it's a race, no contest. Most people don't keep up, the good runners smoke me!

Later I look down and oh my she's closing in. I don't think twice thinking she will walk anyway. Later I look down and she is still closing and still running! By the time I reach the top I have one switchback left and she is really close, like 50 yards close. OK I usually try to just do my thing but she is closing in fast so I figure I will try to reached the very top before she catches me. I have like one slope left and it's the one that kills me ha ha! Well I made it with a few yards to spare. But heck, maybe she was trying to catch me for a workout. Maybe not but if we were to race off the line she would kill me ha ha!

So I did half the descent on the other side but decided to stop and shoot some video of me on the climb. Yeah I know it's posing but heck, it added another 500 ft of gain ha ha! Then I headed up toward Potato Mtn for a little more footage since there is less traffic. After I was done I headed down and that is when I ran into Alma. As I rolled by I shouted, "you're fast!". She said something so I stopped and we had a nice little chat.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Pushing Myself

Had a chance to ride alone today. Gina had business and my other buds were out of town. So I had nobody to slow me down and nobody to help. I can't believe the wimpy riders out there!At one point I caught some guy that I thought might work with me. But once I started to roll by he lifted his pace and tried to match me. I'm thinking like WTF if you work with me we will both be better. But he started sweating profusely after a minute or two then dropped back and latched on my wheel. Then later I waved him to the front and he refused. He said I hope you don't expect me to help you today, my good bike is in the shop!". WTH! His bike had to be at least 3 times the price of mine. I did have thoughts of sticking my pump in his spokes at one time but you didn't hear that from me! :-P

Funny people bring up my black long sleeves on an 80 degree day. I was also wearing a  jersey today also ha ha! I don't wear it because I am cold, I wear it as bee protection. Funny, today I was riding and felt a stinging on my belly. I pulled over and some weird looking green ant looking thing got in my under layer and bit or pinched me.
I do what I can to avoid bee stings as I swell big time in the area where I get it. I was got it on the wrist and it swelled making it hard to move my wrist for a couple days. Once in the forehead and it looked like I boxed Mike Tyson! :-O

What's up with Strava? I had an 18.3 on my device and 18.3 on the Garmin site but stupid Strava jacked me with an 18.1. Oh well. I always use Garmin as my main source!

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Tandem SART Really Good!

Whatever those Power Bar shot things are that Gina has been eating on rides, MORE MORE! 44 miles @ 18.0 average.

Few pics for now, write up later and a video Around Monday afternoon.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Mountain Bike Video By Request

This is Mario. We met last week on a mountain bike ride. He saw the recorder on my bike and asked me to make a video for him. I made 2. One for Mario that would not upset his wife and one Mr. Beanz style ha ha! I guess he watched my video and got a kick out of the slo mo but shaking ha ha! Well he asked me to make another video for him and asked me to put in the slo mo ha ha! FTR, my Mr. Beanz style video has a whole lot more views than his clean cut video. So people ask me why I do it, view count baby! I asked him if he was sure as I did not want to upset his wife but he said she was cool with it. OK!

BTW, it's a pain in the butt climbing 2000 ft in the dirt with a tripod strapped to your back ha ha!