Sunday, December 12, 2010

SART 12/12/10

Not a whole lot happening on the trail today. Wow, late start (11:30) but I didn't care, feeling pretty lazy today. We did another 42 miles on the tandem. I'm thinking Gina carried me today. We did run into a few brave souls toughing out the windy ride. Condorita was finishing up while we were getting ready so we chatted a bit. Then a flyby of the Legend Greg and BadRob. Hadn't seen the duo together for sometime and the worry was that The Haircut had gone their own ways and own barbers haha!

At the coast we ran into Brian once again. Then AznCarbos and his rocks swept up from the sea. Lucas too! We had some jokes and laughs then Eric Anderson rode up on his bent. We had seen Eric on the trail about 3 times recently but on an upright, what! Yup, an upright so we missed him as he rode by the last few times. But we got him today at the coast haha.

After some laughs, AZNCarbos and Brian went into POSE MODE! Most people won't pose much but these two guys, they've been practicing and had no problem with striking a pose haha! Posefest ended when one of the young guys lost interest and headed another direction so I was forced to stop the shoot! I think you can spot the pic that ended it all.

Nice day, weather said it was 80 in Santi Ana, didn't feel like it but it was nice. Not a whole lot on the ride other than the people so no music, just a few interviews and shots.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Saturday 12/11/10.....Gina had a root canal done yesterday so I promised her an easier paced ride. She felt pretty good at Imperial then she said we could do more if we continued the pace. So we figured we'd hit Greenriver to check out the construction. Yup, i'ts construction all right.:D

Man, where was the sunshine the weather dude promised? Pretty cool and somewhat dark, better than rain I guess. A little chat with Brian and Alex2 at the coast. Noticed some dude walk up and say hi. After a bit it seemed sort of suspicious that he was willing to join the conversation so easily. Turns out it's jmX of the forums. So we chat a little more then he hit the road. Cool guy!

All in all, nice ride. 60 miles on the tandem.

jmX in the orange, Brian in the black (white bike). Guys are video shy so no vids today.;)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

SART 12/05/10

Another tandem ride, 42 miles. I figured I'd leave out the video today unless we ran into a new member etc., didn't happen so I only got a few pics. Figured we'd beat the rain and we did for most of the ride. Saw Genaro at he Cirle K, figured he'd be at the coast but he was headed the opposite way. Nice no wind situation (maybe a first on the trail) so we were rolling along pretty well enjoying it. No flag movement at Edna Park, no windsock movement at the coast, nice!

Leaving the coast, Alan flatted, big piece of seashell! We left the coast cause it started ligthly raining, figured we'd beat it, nope. It got heavier as we headed inland. So we raced back only to find that both our tires were flat when we reached the truck. One a seashell and the other, not sure yet. I thought Gina was just tired and lagging haha! By the time we were at the double underpass, it was pretty wet and Gina was soaked from behind. Like a gentleman, I gave up my dry clothes at the truck. She had some mud in her hair too.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

SART 12/04/10

Nice little 49 miler on the trail. Just replaced a cable on the tandem so figured we'd check it out, worked well haha. Really strange but 3 bikes, 3 broken rear shifter cables in two weeks. Oh well, all new cables now so all are back in good shape.

Started the ride with El Monarcha (Jose) but quickly ran into Alex2 near Imperial. He rode back with us to Weir then to the coast. Cold morning, each mile felt like I had just gotten out of bed. Gina said she felt the same way. A few rain drops here and there but not enough to get us wet. Ran into Octico (John) and his son Gabe at the Leaky Fountain. Plus Julie at the coast. Lady is on schedule for a 13,000 mile year, WOW!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Sunset Ridge With Eyemage and Minor

Geeze it was a tough one today. Known as the endless climb, my friends take me on the toughest route available. You'd think they would start me out easy since I haven't been on the MTB in a while, or not enough haha! Well, what are friends for! I think there are 3 more miles of the climb but this was good for today. So steep my legs hurt just as much coming down. Did the climb with BF member Eyemage and friend Minor.

Nice little postride meal is always good too!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

SART 11/27/10

Sat 27th....first flat trail ride in a long time. 43 miles with Gina. Joined on a portion of the return with Alex2. Alex was riding strong today. We hung for a while but he eventually dropped our arses ! Windy cool day, sun in and out and the clouds were playing tricks. Nice to be back on the flats but geeze, the WIND! I know Gina was tired at the end haha!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

11/24/10 GMR at Night with Eyemage

So the night ride was funs but I needed another sucker to ride up with me. It is more relaxed at night with a ride partner and more fun. Not a whole lot to see at night but it does give the ride a different feel. Heck, just having Eyemage and his commentary around adds some variety to the ride haha! But at one point, he got so cold he tried to jump off the edge but I managed to talk him down safely haha! After the ride, we went to "The Habit" for a bite to eat. More fun! Gina joined us there for a chicken sandwich. She's not a night rider....YET!

When we got down to the The Habit in LaVerne, the temp was 42 but much warmer than at the shack. Did I mention the descent was cold?

Thursday, November 18, 2010

GMR to Newman's Point in the Dark

Well I did GMR up to Newman's point in the dark. Not a whole heck of a lot to see in the dark haha! Only saw 2 cars and I was happy to see them for once. It gets kind of spooky up there all alone. I got to Newman's and figured that was enough going at it alone. It was cool though, nice and refreshing. The downhill wasn't as bad as I thought. Max speed was 31.6 and never did I feel uncomfy. I recorded some video but it's pretty much a black screen with a dot in the center haha! I headed up about 6:30so it was dark when I started.

Monday, November 15, 2010

SUNDAY Gina to the Village (First Time)

She did it, the complete ride to the village and back. 42 miles with 5,000 ft of climbing. TomBunn made his attempt also and guess what, no sweat! Both have come a long ways having made it to the village. Nice small group ride with Pro GMR riders HerbM and Hillbasher escorting us newbs to the village. JanB was also there but so far ahead I forgot she was there haha!

Nice ride. We stayed together for most of the ride . But like always, Gina and I were the last to the top. Who cares! She made it hahahaha! At one point I was thinking I may have to head back for the truck but Gina pushed through it like a true trooper. Again I asked at the village if I should ride back for the truck so that she could avoid the scary descent but she said she'd go for it. Did quite well too. Wow, I'm happy for the two of them, good job!