Saturday, December 11, 2010

Saturday 12/11/10.....Gina had a root canal done yesterday so I promised her an easier paced ride. She felt pretty good at Imperial then she said we could do more if we continued the pace. So we figured we'd hit Greenriver to check out the construction. Yup, i'ts construction all right.:D

Man, where was the sunshine the weather dude promised? Pretty cool and somewhat dark, better than rain I guess. A little chat with Brian and Alex2 at the coast. Noticed some dude walk up and say hi. After a bit it seemed sort of suspicious that he was willing to join the conversation so easily. Turns out it's jmX of the forums. So we chat a little more then he hit the road. Cool guy!

All in all, nice ride. 60 miles on the tandem.

jmX in the orange, Brian in the black (white bike). Guys are video shy so no vids today.;)

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