Sunday, December 5, 2010

SART 12/05/10

Another tandem ride, 42 miles. I figured I'd leave out the video today unless we ran into a new member etc., didn't happen so I only got a few pics. Figured we'd beat the rain and we did for most of the ride. Saw Genaro at he Cirle K, figured he'd be at the coast but he was headed the opposite way. Nice no wind situation (maybe a first on the trail) so we were rolling along pretty well enjoying it. No flag movement at Edna Park, no windsock movement at the coast, nice!

Leaving the coast, Alan flatted, big piece of seashell! We left the coast cause it started ligthly raining, figured we'd beat it, nope. It got heavier as we headed inland. So we raced back only to find that both our tires were flat when we reached the truck. One a seashell and the other, not sure yet. I thought Gina was just tired and lagging haha! By the time we were at the double underpass, it was pretty wet and Gina was soaked from behind. Like a gentleman, I gave up my dry clothes at the truck. She had some mud in her hair too.

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