Monday, August 30, 2010

Mo Pictures...GMR 8/28

Some Mo pictures from Saturday's GMR ride with Gina. Pics through the eyes of The Hillbasher. As you can see, it was a back and forth battle beween Gina and I for the hilltop victory! I was doing well til she sucked my wheel then spun around near the line to win the stage! Haha, everybody knows I don't race Gina.

Pics from the lens of Hillbasher & a GMR Profile (click for full size).

Sunday, August 29, 2010

SART 8/29/10

Met ABEC of the forums today on SART. Saw this dude on the side of the road, friendly wave and next thing I know he's on our wheel. Then he comes up and introduces himself, ah ha! So we ride down to the coast from the Leaky Fountain, hang out for a while then head back. Pretty cool guy! Had some laughs then headed back. Guy has only been on the bike a month and he's doing very well. Another month or two and we won't be keeping up haha! Shockingly, he's already asking about GMR, not many news do!

Also caught a glimpse of KingsHockey and the Mrs on a tandem fly-by. Also another guy, I don't know who he was but he called out a shout to us. I didn't stop then saw him again a second time but couldn't stop cause I had a line of riders on my wheel. Hope to see the guy again for a pic or two, and some video haha!

Gina on GMR...8/28/10

Had stuff to do on Sat morn so we decided to do a GMR ride in the evening. Gina agreed to ride GMR cause it was close. She's been talkng about it for a while thinking it would get her back into shape. She's much more at ease doing the ride now and eventhough it's been a while, she did great. She's actully thinking that it cold be our regular Saturday ride. We'll see, but she did have a good time. Hillbasher was the only one to show up out of the 72 invitations I sent out. Not sure what it is but my messages and email seem to get lost when they include the letters G-M-R bwahahaha!

Not many riders or traffic up there on a Sat eve. Met some motorcyle dudes up there, figured it 's good for cycling-Moto relations., Dudes were cool! Can't hear or see in the video but when they passed after the meeting, they honked and waved, it's working haha!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

GMR/GRR 8/25/10

Well, s'posed to get up to 107 today so Hillbasher's decided that I get enough sleep and should get out of bed at 5 am, thanks! It was warm and heat was coming so we headed to our usually landing on GRR then headed back. The plan was to go to the village but it was getting too hot so we decided to forget the tough part of GRR and take some pics instead haha!

I dig that tunnel in the mtns. Looks like a little dot in the center of the mtn pic but you can see it in the zoomed version.

Hillbasher's pictures...I swear he always seems to get my bad side haha!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

SART 8/22/10

A nice trail ride on SART, had good pace going into the wind. Rode with Gina, Hillbasher, El Monarcha, and a few others that hopped on as we rode by. Picked up Brian a bit later on the way to the coast. A good time at the coast with friends. Julie, Bad Bob and Legend Greg of the Haircut Crew, Lucas, and all the loud laughing is Dr. Sarah.

We were doing pretty good till a rider turned into us on the return. Hmm, RINGING my bell, shouting "ONYERLEFT" and the dude has a mirror, along with his wife. We slowed cause the guy looked iffy and I wasn't sure if he was going to turn. He never looked back or signaled so I figured he's going straight so we started the pass gently. Next thing I know he turns and I shoot off to the left into the dirt. I'm in no trouble as I keep straight avoiding the correction in an attempt to avoid hitting Gina who is right behind me. I go straight for a bush but make the stop as planned. I put my feet down then hear a loud BANG!

I thought it was Gina so I shouted "F***" out of fear and anger. I felt my temp skyrocket so I jumped off the bike and began to run back but then realize it's Jose (El Monarcha). Wow, what a relief well, it's just Jose. Seriously, I was relieved though. He seemd to be ok, a few scratches. After he got up I walked up to the guy and said, "I shouted, I rang my bell, you have a mirror, didn't signal and turned when you heard me say we were passing?" He said "yeah". What the! You turned anyways? He said, "oh no, I didn't see you or hear you".

At this point I wasn't all that upset realizing Gina avoided the crash. But Gina said that I seemed upset and the guy was stuttering and confused. Well he rode off after we realized it was ok but Jose's rear wheel was damaged.

Seconds after they left, another group of riders on beachcruisers rode up saying, "that guy almost crashed into me!" Holy crap, it was the same couple! Well it was a good thing we had backed off the throttle and were expecting some sort of incident or things could have been ugly. Jose is fine and he really needed a new back wheel anyways. So we just limped back to Jose's turnout.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

SART 08/21/10

Another nice day on SART. Ran into Bob and Dan who were cleaning the trail with a brush. They started a new club and the goal is to earn high awards to represent their club.. I'm not exactly sure of the details but it's good thing if they help keep the trail clean.

Had a chance to ride with Krylon and Brokenrider of the Leaky Ftn Boyz. Dudes are killing us on bikejournal dammit! Saw a fly by (as seen in vid) by Eric Anderson on his contraption. Brian showed up at the coast on another one of his 60 milers. He didn't return from lunch in time so we headed back with Alex. Nice pace. Gina did very well. It is nice to see Alex getting involved with the whole picture posting thing. Adds variety !

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

GMR to Baldy Village 8/18/10

GMR/GRR ride to Baldy village with Hillbasher. Nice warm day. Hillbasher got it right, the cloud cover saved us today. Warm but the clouds hid the sun for most of the ride, except the tough parts as usual haha! Hillbasher is now a double threat! Now I have to worry about him dropping me on the descent too. He's really picked up some descending skills somewhere along the line. Somewhere around 5,000 ft of climbing. I dunno, Hillbasher's the guy with the Garmin!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday, another 42 with Gina, joined by a few friends along the way. Saw Evil Euro, Insidious Meme, TTOM, and Pinoybentr. MTBLrkr once again tried to escape the camera but didn't. Sarah, Alan and Tammy joined us for the ride back. Garfield Cat with some good luck stories (some guys got it all) at the coast along with BadBob and The Legend Greg (not on his bent today).

Garfield Cat
Roger & His Continental. I'm pretty sure he thought we were all crazy by the time he left haha!
Gloria and brother Alan