Monday, August 9, 2010

SART 8/8/10

SART 8/8...... Ran into Playrider and his lovely wife on her new Dolce. Experimental ride, testing the sucker out! Well Let's say I mentioned capturing a clip for the forum but uhhh, like she took of like a rocket so it took us a few minutes to catch back up. Uhhh, Vickie, when Mr Beanz says he wants to shot some video, you're supposed to slow down not drop his buns haha! I can't blame her, newbike!

Then we ran into D4C4C8 and his wife. Don't worry, we won't tell anyone she put the hurt on you today, Oops sorry , just did! Met Checksix at the coast, no footage, he's camera shy. So we sat around and laughed with Bad Bob, BoyLd, Lucas, Tammy and Alan, Sarah. Did meet a coupe of tridudes, 80 years old, errr young! Wow! The 82 looked the tougher of the two, I'm gonna keep riding my bike haha with my fingers crossed! Then a return section with Brian.

Playrider (Ken and Vickie)

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