Sunday, August 22, 2010

SART 8/22/10

A nice trail ride on SART, had good pace going into the wind. Rode with Gina, Hillbasher, El Monarcha, and a few others that hopped on as we rode by. Picked up Brian a bit later on the way to the coast. A good time at the coast with friends. Julie, Bad Bob and Legend Greg of the Haircut Crew, Lucas, and all the loud laughing is Dr. Sarah.

We were doing pretty good till a rider turned into us on the return. Hmm, RINGING my bell, shouting "ONYERLEFT" and the dude has a mirror, along with his wife. We slowed cause the guy looked iffy and I wasn't sure if he was going to turn. He never looked back or signaled so I figured he's going straight so we started the pass gently. Next thing I know he turns and I shoot off to the left into the dirt. I'm in no trouble as I keep straight avoiding the correction in an attempt to avoid hitting Gina who is right behind me. I go straight for a bush but make the stop as planned. I put my feet down then hear a loud BANG!

I thought it was Gina so I shouted "F***" out of fear and anger. I felt my temp skyrocket so I jumped off the bike and began to run back but then realize it's Jose (El Monarcha). Wow, what a relief well, it's just Jose. Seriously, I was relieved though. He seemd to be ok, a few scratches. After he got up I walked up to the guy and said, "I shouted, I rang my bell, you have a mirror, didn't signal and turned when you heard me say we were passing?" He said "yeah". What the! You turned anyways? He said, "oh no, I didn't see you or hear you".

At this point I wasn't all that upset realizing Gina avoided the crash. But Gina said that I seemed upset and the guy was stuttering and confused. Well he rode off after we realized it was ok but Jose's rear wheel was damaged.

Seconds after they left, another group of riders on beachcruisers rode up saying, "that guy almost crashed into me!" Holy crap, it was the same couple! Well it was a good thing we had backed off the throttle and were expecting some sort of incident or things could have been ugly. Jose is fine and he really needed a new back wheel anyways. So we just limped back to Jose's turnout.


  1. Glad that everything turned out OK with the little "incident" for Jose on way back. Got to watch out for the old folks. But remember, you are going to be one of them some day.

  2. NEVER! Haha! Ony reason I got upset was that I coldn't see behind me so when I heard the bang, I thought it was Gina that went down. I was actully pretty cool about the whole thing, you haven't seen me upset! But somebody had to say something to instill the idea into the guy's head to look back, use the mirror, listen for other riders, or stay at home and ride in your backyard haha!