Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sunday SART

Took it a bit easier today. Got in about 36 miles and tried to go a bit easier. The wind was not too bad today surprisingly. About 9 miles less than yesterday but we ended up with close to the same average so that was good! 15.9 today and 16.0 yesterday. Gina felt much better today than yesterday after the ride. So that is another good thing he he he!

Got a quick shot of the River Velo guys. Bong, Bang, not sure how to spell his name. Saw Tammy running to the coast training for her upcoming Iron Man. She's in pink and her buddy in the green tank top.

I did ride my 1998 Cannondale (Mr. Beans Mobile) so I had tho throw in a picture ha ha!

I must mention that Gina had some blood work done as a physical. She is Healthy! No sugar problems, no cholesterol problems, no BP problems. You know I have always worried about her after donating the kidney. I worried that it would take its toll and ruin her health. But that seems doesn't seem to be the case here. I was worried as we hit our middle age it would start but she is one healthy woman! :-)

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Saturday SART

44.6 miles at 16.0 average. Not bad! Bit windy heading to the coat but a good ride. Did a good pace on the return. The North Bridge to Bride segment, my favorite was good. Gina pushed a 19.8 average on that section (7.4 miles) so that was a good thing. Rick caught us on the way so he worked with us. Not a bad riding partner. When he took the front he kept the same pace. Not a bad deal as most riders pick up the pace and don't give me a chance to recover. Rick did just that. Then when Gina fell back off the pace a bit, he'd slow and let her take his wheel pulling her back up. Another "not bad" in my book. Many riders will just stay behind her till she works her way back up. I could never figure out why they do that. IMO, this is the smart thing to do so that she gets to recover so that she is ready when she's back on. Hmm, not bad Rick!

Ran into Ron & Dixie at the coast. Also Mark and Gail so there was a little crowd of friends thing going on! :-P

                                                                  Ready to Ride!

                                                                   Say cheese!

                                                            Mark's new flashers!

                                                    Gail and Gina heading back!

                                                               Hold on Charlie!

                                                              Another Rick shot!

                                                    The Rick eating Fig Newtons pose!

Monday, October 20, 2014

From the Lens Of Ron & Dixie

Ron records front and rear of their tandem with recorders. He once again sent me some video so I edited it up and put some music to it. I think it is true, the camera adds a few pounds, it added  about 40 lbs to my belly ha ha!

Anyway, got me, Mike, Jose and Gina on video. I originally used some Toto music since I know a few viewers are Toto fans but stupid You tube muted the video! I hat when that happens on long video cause you don't find out till you've already spent the time loading etc. Good waste of a couple hours. Anyway, just happy to have some Beanzer rider footage, thanks Ron and Dixie! :-)

I did get lazy and took my Flip recorder on Sunday. Too lazy to spend the few hours posting GO Pro footage. Takes too darn long and for only 30 views or so, seems kind of senseless. So as you can tell, I've cut back on posting videos. Pictures are what got me started in the first place so I'll stick with them as much as possible.  

Ron did catch a view of Marcello as he was leaving the rest stop.  From the back chatting with me but I figure I'd let Marcello know since he is a pretty faithful blog viewer ha ha! Just in case he wants to know what he looks like from behind! I believer Rick is in there too, chilling on the bench. :-)

The second video is the few clips I caught on Sunday with the Flip. Wasn't a hot day but still a few chickadees out and about and I captured one or two so hey, why not add them in to attract a few views since I don't people are that interested in seeing me on video ha ha! :-P

I caught a glimpse of Bad Bob, Greg, Alex, and Tammy. Alex did tell me that some one asked him about his new bike last week. I guess he saw the "new bike" video I posted of Alex so they inquired! :-)

                                                Couple still worthy video shots! :-P

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sunday / Nudder 32 Miles

Another 32 on the trail. Pretty breezy day. I know Gina felt it today. Poor baby had a hard time but we did manage a decent 16 MPH average with the headwind. At the coast she mentioned that she was not feeling well at all so we just cruised back. Not a problem at all since we did do a pretty good push to the coast. Ran into Bob and Greg at the coast. As well as Alex. Very short visits today. I think everybody wanted to get home this Sunday.

Funny story. Gina found some dude's drivers's license in the parking area, middle of the street on Saturday. She picked it up so we saved it in my seat pack figuring we'd mail it to the dude. I didn't recognized the name or person but when we got home on Sunday I checked Face Book to see if maybe he had a profile where I could contact him to tell him we had it. Didn't find him so I just searched his name and came up with a number. So I called and left a message. "Yeah, my name is Fred and we have your license. Call me back and I'll mail it to ya, whatever if the address is current on the license." So a few minutes later he calls back and verifies everything is correct. Then he says, you said your name is Fred". Yup! Do you know Alan? Yup! "He's my friend, I recognize your name from Alan talking about you!".

I should have hung up right there but the things Alan does and says ain't his fault so I mailed his license to him anyway ha ha! :-P

I did see KeepingitReal again today. I had enough time to say hey this time! Plus another dude as we were arriving at the coast. He said Hey and also said hi to Gina. I sort of recognized him but sort of not so I;m not sure who it was. Hmm, that one will be a mind teaser for a while! :-P

Saturday, October 18, 2014

SART Saturday 10/18/14

Well, planned on a 32 miler but Gina felt good when we approached the Lincoln detour so we kept on to Yorba Park. She rode strong today! We had Mike and Jose with us so I figured I'd share the load and let Jose do the pull for a while. Then I took over and with a few miles left Mike to the front on the remainder to the coast. Nice strong pulls! I need to suck wheel more often ha ha!

At the coast we ran into Marcello. Dropped by for a visit so I had a chance to tell him how cool Strava is so maybe we'll see his name up there soon ha ha! Roan and Dixie did some of the road with us. I ad a chance to ride behind them for a bit so I had to make some finger gestures into their rear GoPro ha ha! As well as flash my camera into their lens! :-P

Rick showed up at the coast and hung out for a bit. He headed back with us and I must say, this dude is tough. I mentioned last time the C word, then the hernia surgery word but he's back! He took the front on the return leg and held a steady 20 point something pace for a long pull! Did I mention this already, I really need to start sucking wheel more, it was fun! Anyway, a nice cool day, with cool people!

                         OK, so who color coordinates their sports drink with their jersey?
                                                                  Only Mike!~ :-P

                                                                  Ron and Dixie

                                 I left some finger gestures on Ron's rear Go Pro he he he! :-P

      Marcello, dude looks different with the whiskers. It would take me 75 years to grow that!
                                               I'm at year 51 and not even close!

                                                                         Slick Rick!

                                           I must say, one of my award winning shots! :-P

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sunday SART

A nice ride today. Felt pretty breezy though but that is half the fun for me. I love the feeling of spinning into a headwind. We have turned around the last few times at the Lincoln detour. That's 2 detours on the trail now, man they just bug me. Especially this Lincoln detour. The light takes so long and the traffic is nothing but a big blind spot IMO so heck, we don;t mind cutting back on the mileage a bit for now. 

Ran into Bad Bob and The Legend Greg at the coast. They stopped by for a chat. Greg has lost a bunch of weight and been riding 300 miles per week. Wow! Getting back into form and looking like a skinny guy ha ha! I noticed Bob was on his Felt today. I asked which he preferred, his Felt or his Colnago. He said the Felt since the Colnago was broken. Bummer but after only 5 years, his top of the line Colnago snapped near the rear drop out. I asked about the warranty and he said Colnago said there was not a warranty on the frame but they would be happy to replace it for $5.000. Are you kidding me? The current model frame set that he has sells for $6200. I do recall another dude posting in the forums that his Colnago broke and they wanted a few thousand to replace the frame. Seriously? Wow, I guess that is why I am so happy with my Treks. Mine snapped right about the same place and they replaced it free, no questions asked. OK so the Colnago rides a little better, so what! For  an $8000 bike, I'd want somebody to come pedal for me ha ha! OK not really but they better be willing to replace it if it breaks. I'd expect that sucker to last a lifetime. This kind of a story is enough to keep me from ever buying a Colnago, even if I hit the lotto ha ha! OK< I just got to say this, Colnago sucks ha ha!

I did see Julius rid by and got in a shout! Another dude rode by and shouted, "Beanz!". I'm not sure who he was but we managed to get in a pretty good wave ha ha!

                                                       Bad Bob.....on his FELT!

                                            The skinny version of The Legend Greg

                                         Word out on the trail is she stole my team colors!

                                                   Yes, she stole my colors alright!

                                            Happy to be back although it was a good ride!

                                                 She even stole my colors for her socks!

A little hot and sweaty but feeling accomplished