Sunday, July 24, 2011

SART 07/24/11

Nice 42 mile ride on SART today. Started out with ABEC, Aimee, EL Monarcha and Gina. As usual we started at Orangewood, head to Imperial then back to the coast. ABEC and Aimee quickly took off heading to Imperial. After a Saturday on GMR, we held a Sunday warm up pace, I needed it ha ha!

We meet at Imperial for a short stretch then head back to the coast. Gina and I hold the pace down once again while ABEC and Aimee ride off the front. I know ABEC's legs must be tired as he was on GMR the day before as well. I'm expecting him to fade but at the first sign of weakness, Aimee takes the lead. For those of you that don't know Aimee, she is a tiny firecracker with a huge punch!

We regroup at Edna Park so that we can re water and use the facilities if necessary. As I pull in I notice a dude drinking at the water fountain. He's looking over at me smiling but I don't recognize the guy. So he says something and DUDE, it's The Legend Greg (Haircut Crew) wearing a helmet. Wearing his Simple Green outfit, he just finished the Como Street ride. Dude is looking a little thinner and fit. Could be the new bike, maybe the outfit, I not sure ha ha!

We hit the road again but this time we jump ABEC and Aimiee's wheels. I was having so much fun kicking it and taking pictures that I just hung back and let them do the work. They took turns holding 19-20 mph into the wind to the coast. I was shocked that Gina hung so well after a not so good ride on GMR yesterday. If it were me doing the pull, she'd have scolded me haha! I was having so much fun, I even got a shout out to Eric Anderson and Evil Euro. Aimee and ABEC took strong turns pulling but near the end of the trail, the pace lifted to 22. That's when I heard Gina say, "Sorry Jose!" to El Monarcha as she let a gap open up. Jose raced around her in an attempt to regain contact. Just then ABEC lifted the pace again (about 25) dropping just about everyone including a few other unknown riders that were hanging onto the end of the 7 or 8 man line ha ha!

We kicked it at the coast for a while, then headed back. At this point, my legs were on fire so it was nice to have the aid of the wind.

Guy in red is El Monarcha's friend Joe.

A little side note. Aimee plans to join us on GMR this Saturday. I'm reeling them in BABY!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

GMR/GRR 07/23/11

Seems Alyce has become a billy goat. One trip up GMR to the Shack and it was on, been 3 weeks in a row now. Each week a bit further than the previous. Today Herb invited his sister Sue and bother -in-law Steve to join the ride. Good strong riders, no problem at all climbing GMR/GRR for the first time. ABEC also joined us on the ride. He arrived early and did a couple of miles before we got there. Not to mention a few repeats here and there.

A few of the regulars on the mountain, GMR, Matt and a few others. I also got a quick hello to Hubcap on his way up. Poor Gina, she seemed to suffer on the climb today. But hey, climbing 3,000 ft on a bad day is nothing to be ashamed of. At Peacock Saddle we decided to wait for the others to venture on as Gina was pretty bushed at that point. A minute or two after the others left Gina said, "what the hey, let's go". We headed out only to see Herb and Alyce returning. Cool, lets head back. We stopped in the shade and waited for Sue and Steve to return with their tour guide ABEC.

Sue and Steve seemed to be very pleased with the ride. Further proof going to show that once a rider does GMR, they only want more ha ha! I did try to record some heavy breathing on a steep section for forum member "Freighttraininguphill". According to MapMyRide, the max grade on the steep section of one mile is 20% (could be wrong as many claim of MapMyRide, maybe 14% but who knows). Either way, the breathing is there but nothing like FTU's videos, Hey, I tried ha ha!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

SART 07/17/11

Nice ride today, well a breeze I'd say. ABEC from the forums joined us today as well as yesterday on GMR. He pulled 32 of the 42 miles today so heck, I just sat back and enjoyed the ride. Nice day on the bike, not hot and not cold. Did catch Genaro on a fly by. At the coast, we ran into Steve (lost 45 lbs) and Lucas. As well as a brief visit with the HC Crew and Tony joined us for most of the return trip. Lots of friendly people today and cool bikes.

Monday, July 11, 2011

SART Sunday 07/10/11

Another fun day on the trail. Started out with Abec and Aimee but they quickly vanished into thin air. So we cruised along with El Monarcha picking up a few riders here and there like Gem of RiverVelo. At the coast we had a few laughs with Bad Bob and The Legend Greg. Then AznCarbos rolls up to add to the laughs and some commentary on Thong Dude. Thong Dude must be crazy, showed up about a month ago and has shown his cheeks every weekend since then. Well it adds to the entertainment. Abec figures he heard of the Beanz Blog and trying to get a spot on the show ha ha!

We have a nice visit then roll back at a relaxed pace with Mark, Herb & Alyce, and El Monarcha, and a nice tailwind. A little conversation with Alyce tells me she's hooked on GMR. We're going again on Saturday, maybe a few extra miles on GRR. Yeah, she's hooked ha ha!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Claremont MTB in the Heat

Well today was a little different. I figured I'd do some climbing in the dirt and heat. It was 90 degrees when I started and 91 when I was finished. I started about 3 pm figuring I could use some heat acclimation training ha ha! Yeah boy it was hot! In the mornings both parking lots are full of cars as well all shoulders surrounding the lots. At 3 pm in the heat, there were only 3 or 4 cars ha ha! I got front row parking this time.

So I head up and it's hot! Did I say that already? I did somewhat of a 2 loop ride on the trail. First 2 1/5 mile climb was torture. Legs were feeling the heat and felt like lead. My intentions before actually riding in the heat were to do 2 loops if I could handle it. I felt OK at the top but as fa a second climb, I'd have to go across and down then decide.

At the bottom I felt OK to do a second climb. It actually felt a bit cooler than at the start. Maybe I was adjusting to the heat cause it was actually one degree hotter than when I started. On the first loop I encountered 3 large swarms of bees at different sections along the top side of the trail. SO my plan was to do the climb then turn around for the descent rather than risking another bee encounter. They didn't bother this time me but every time I get stung it gets worse so I wasn't taking any chances. Chalk up one in the heat!

I did take a few pics on the way down. One dude on an MTB rolled by while I was posing. The others are some cooler looking shots of the covered descent.

No music on this video

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July 4th on SART

Wow, what a day! Gina and I back on SART only to meet more super people. We did see a few of the regulars too. First of all, we saw AZNCarbos on the trail. I'm not sure but I think he pulled over and I didn't stop. Sorry about that AC, Gina had just ticked me off so I was punishing her by lifting the pace, Ah the joys of a couple that rides together, you can settle your differences on the bike ha ha! FTR, I did feel better when we reached the coast!

At the coast we met up with Herb, Alyce and another regular named Jordan on his commuter (folding bike look-a-like). Then Eric Anderson rolled up. There were plenty of people so I didn't get a chance to hang with them all. Mark was also there without the company of his wife Gail. And Jeeze, I could not remember Mark's name. He has one of those names that's so easy it slips my mind. Gina made me write his name 50 times on the chalkboard so that I don't forget it again.

I only had a brief chance to talk with Herb and Alyce but turns out that Herb and Tim are long lost brothers. Those of you that know Tim, please don't hold it against Herb ha ha! Tim doesn't play on the net so I can say things like that and he'll never know he he! I did tell him that and he just laughed, got a good sense of humor. We did see Tony and Ed as well. Ed cruising the trail with his partner Snoopy. Yes, Thong Dude showed up again. Wow, tons of people whistling and shouting as he rolls down the path. I don't know how the guy does it, rolling along in front of thousands of people and nothing phases him. I got a great video shot but didn't include it this time. Tony was in it and he had a look on his face that I would not show in public ha ha! Plus it was Renee and Rick's first time on video. I figured that if they email their first ride video link home to Mom and Pop, they'd be in for a big shock.

There were so many people that Mark makes friends with a couple, Renee and Rick (oh no, another easy name Ha!) after we're free he introduces them to us. Wow, Mark said some nice things. He told them I was a very nice person and that I had talent. How much is of that is true, I don't know but sounds good during an introduction to new friends ha ha! Renee and Rick are a pretty cool couple and know plenty about cycling. Renee raced on a women's team back in St Louis, Rick helped coach the team. One guy and 50 women, poor guy! Rick mentioned something about "robbing the cradle". Rick and I are the same age but the comment was directed at Renee. No way, she looks 20 years younger than the rest of us. I'm not even going to talk about it anymore cause the more I do, the older I feel ha ha!

Also met another new friend Pete from GuadaLa-Habra. Wow, I'm surprised meeting people for the first time but they can tell me about the videos and my postings. Like I've said many times before, I do it for fun and kicks so when a new friend compliments my stuff, it's an honor to even think that somebody watches this stuff ha ha! Pete had nothing but good things to say about the postings, so thanks Pete! Mark, Pete, Rick, Renee, Gina and I all rode back together which made for a nice ride. Had another chance to talk with Pete at the end of the ride, so that was real cool. Bike chat is always a good thing!

After the ride, Gina and I ate, headed home. a quick break and glance at video footage then switched out bikes so that we could head down the road to watch a fireworks display at Upland HS. Cool show but he best part was listening to the little kids shout with joy after every bang!

Riding to the fireworks show.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

SART Saturday 07/03/11

Nice day on the trail. Seemed that it would be hot at the start but quickly cooled down once we headed to the coast. On our way north, we quickly ran into CalamariChris and Loretta Fetta from the forums. They were nice enough to turn around for the meet up. Loretta is always the fine natured person I've met a few times. Not only a great gal but a darn good climber too. She's been up to the ski lifts at Baldy, making me look bad ha ha! Calamari is quite the character. He does post a lot of funny and wacky stuff on the forums and is not one bit different in person. The kind of guy that could sit there for hours entertaining you and keep you laughing. It was cool to meet Calamari and Loretta once again!

During our little photo shoot, George rolls by on his roadie so heck, I got his picture too ha ha!

Just past the Honda Center we ran into Tammy near the end of a ten mile run. Wow, the day after riding GMR. Not only a run but after, she's getting her bike for a 25 miler, THEN hitting GMR again tomorrow! A bit further down the road a fly by containing a couple of the Hair cut Crew, Greg and Bob.

At the coast, a short chat with Tony then Tammy and Alan rode up for a visit. That's when Louie from the Sikad ng Bayan ride pulls up. Wow, the dude is still trying to feed me ha ha! He tells of us of his coming adventure to the Philippines on Thursday. Wow, good people, making the trip to deliver school supplies for the children. What really got me was he called his buddy Ben and told him he was there with me so I got to say hello to his buddy too! Louie is too much, still trying to feed me after the feast on the Sikad ng Bayan Ride! Cool Dude!

Last scene in the video. Alan had swiped a limb, it held back til Gina past through then it whacked Tammy as she rode by a fraction of a second later. A minute later, Gina ran over a stick while riding on my right side. Somehow it flipped up in the air and whacked me on the left side of my face. That explains our comments ha ha!

It was a day of all interviews and very little cycling footage, no music.

Sat Evening GMR Ride with Gina and Hillbasher

Saturday eve was a little something different. HB wanted to ride up GMR in the evening so we did. Started off about 6:30 and it was still HOT! A little to hot for Gina I think. She really struggles with the heat and climbing GMR doesn't make it any easier but she's a trooper.

At mile 6 heading up to the shack she said go on ahead as we were running out of daylight time and I had no lights figuring we'd be up and down quickly. HB is known as the most prepared rider in the state so he had his lights handy ha ha! So HB and I kick it up to the shack at full bore on the last 2 miles. We get up then turn right around to meet Gina on the way up. She always says she'll be far behind but there she was on the last stretch to the shack.

Right as we were heading down we encountered a couple of riders. I'm thinking one may have been BitingDuck but not sure. He was flying up the hill too fast for a good look ha ha! I would have stopped for a hello but I wanted to get back to Gina quickly as I rarely leave her behind on a ride, especially GMR. On the way up we saw FullCarbon/Redal roll by. I wasn't expecting him to turn around so quickly and didn't have my recorder out when he rolled by. He rolled by and shouted "no camera?". I shouted I had it but he kept on rolling. More than likely couldn't hear with the wind. Sooner or later, he'll have to stop for a pic and an interview ha ha!

We did get down right as it got dark. Our plan was to grab a bite to eat after the ride so we hit up Sergio's at Lorraine and Rt 66. Nice surprise, HB offered to pay. Gina and HB went back and forth for a bit about the bill. Heck, I just eat so I wasn't involved ha ha! So anyway, a big thanks to HB for a tasty meal!