Sunday, July 24, 2011

SART 07/24/11

Nice 42 mile ride on SART today. Started out with ABEC, Aimee, EL Monarcha and Gina. As usual we started at Orangewood, head to Imperial then back to the coast. ABEC and Aimee quickly took off heading to Imperial. After a Saturday on GMR, we held a Sunday warm up pace, I needed it ha ha!

We meet at Imperial for a short stretch then head back to the coast. Gina and I hold the pace down once again while ABEC and Aimee ride off the front. I know ABEC's legs must be tired as he was on GMR the day before as well. I'm expecting him to fade but at the first sign of weakness, Aimee takes the lead. For those of you that don't know Aimee, she is a tiny firecracker with a huge punch!

We regroup at Edna Park so that we can re water and use the facilities if necessary. As I pull in I notice a dude drinking at the water fountain. He's looking over at me smiling but I don't recognize the guy. So he says something and DUDE, it's The Legend Greg (Haircut Crew) wearing a helmet. Wearing his Simple Green outfit, he just finished the Como Street ride. Dude is looking a little thinner and fit. Could be the new bike, maybe the outfit, I not sure ha ha!

We hit the road again but this time we jump ABEC and Aimiee's wheels. I was having so much fun kicking it and taking pictures that I just hung back and let them do the work. They took turns holding 19-20 mph into the wind to the coast. I was shocked that Gina hung so well after a not so good ride on GMR yesterday. If it were me doing the pull, she'd have scolded me haha! I was having so much fun, I even got a shout out to Eric Anderson and Evil Euro. Aimee and ABEC took strong turns pulling but near the end of the trail, the pace lifted to 22. That's when I heard Gina say, "Sorry Jose!" to El Monarcha as she let a gap open up. Jose raced around her in an attempt to regain contact. Just then ABEC lifted the pace again (about 25) dropping just about everyone including a few other unknown riders that were hanging onto the end of the 7 or 8 man line ha ha!

We kicked it at the coast for a while, then headed back. At this point, my legs were on fire so it was nice to have the aid of the wind.

Guy in red is El Monarcha's friend Joe.

A little side note. Aimee plans to join us on GMR this Saturday. I'm reeling them in BABY!

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