Saturday, May 24, 2014

Memorial Weekend Rides

Well I planned to make a video of the weekend rides but Sat was the same as Monday but dark weather and same riders so what the heck, skip Saturday. We set out on Monday for a 32 miler but was soon Kurly Karen caught onto the back. She was riding alone then hopped on for awhile. Late she rolled up to my side and asked if it was cool that she took the back. She says she has little experience riding in a group but she quickly caught on.  Of course I edited the video but it was kind of cool to watch. She was behind Jose and every hand signal he made, she copied and signaled as well even though there wasn't anybody behind her. But hey, she learned rather quickly so I guess it helped. She was impressed with our steady pace. Of course I am known for holding a steady pace for Gina, avoiding sprints and hard efforts that would cause her to fall off pace. Of course our communication on rides is there as well. Plenty of signals and vocals, whatever it takes to avoid mishaps.

She asked if she could ride with us again so I guess she liked our little group ride. No problem, she's a strong rider and has no problem holding pace with us. She did however say she rode further with us than if she had been alone. That's cool, always better to ride with someone than ride alone. I figure she'll ride with us but will quickly be too strong much like Aimee. Hey, no problem. As always, we ride together but once we are through the rough areas of the trail, we set the animals free. I mean animals in a good way, like she-beasts on bikes ha ha! Probably be a good companion for Aimee to ride with once the pace is lifted near the end. :-)

We did ride for a while with Herb & Alyce. They were on a 45+ miler coming from a different direction but joining us for the return. I did have a near accident on my chamois. Alyce caught me by surprise from behind  at the coast and nearly scared the poop out of me ha ha! Tammy & Alan also joined us for a visit. On the return Tammy flew away rather quickly. Looks like she's doing a good job of training for that Iron Man in November!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

SART Looks Like Summer Weekend

OK, little test here. I say sex sells and others whine cause I use some flesh in my videos. I use flesh cause taking 3-4 hours to make a video, I want someone to watch it.

So number 1 has bouncing boobs and shaking asses. Number 2 is ride video only,  no boobs, no asses.




OK I have to be honest. This is the best clip of the weekend other than the interviews I got with a few frieeee.......Oh snot, I said I would be honest. This is the best clip of the weekend in Slow -Mo. I have to figure out a way to incorporate this into my video. :-P

The way this gal was jigglin', I have to say it was all real!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Hillbasher & Puddingstone

Had a chance to ride today with an old ride partner Hillbasher. We've done some good climbing together in the past but as I've mentioned elsewhere, we haven't done as much riding lately. I believe Hillbasher hasn't been on the bike in over a year. The name Hillbasher is his name relating to his passion for hiking. He's done some big stuff like the Sierras and other multi day back packing hiking trips.

So we set out to do this ride as the local mountain road was closed due to red flag warnings and fire danger. Probably a good thing because today's average temp was 95 and the hills we climbed were torture ha ha! Legs were fine but the stomach would go empty on every climb. Like a major zap from the heat. Usually the heat does not zap us this much but the lack of riding has seemed to take away the acclimation factor.

Hillbasher thought I was a little crazy wearing an under layer in the heat. I explained it's for bug protection, mainly bees. He still thought I was crazy till I showed him the pic of my face back when the bee got me right between the eyes! :-P

17 miles 1332 ft and an average temp of 95.