Sunday, July 29, 2012

SART 7/29/12

Sunday was another 42 miles on the trail with Gina and Jose (El Monarcha). Another stiff headwind, but when isn't it ha ha! Quickly ran into PinoybenterRon. Nice to see him after a long time without having a chance to chat. Later in the ride we would pick up LewisAClark who joined in our little fight the wind line. I would have to say that I was tired this day so having reinforcements was great. Both dudes, Jose and LAC took good strong pulls and lead the way to the coast, nice!

At the coast we had a short visit with Jordan and met an interesting dude named Rambler. Wow, what a nice Colnago. He had some nice stuff, seat post and stem painted to match the bike as well as some custom decals on his wheels. Pleasant girlfriend and lots of good humor from the guy! Forgot to dd that Rambler met Ernesto and had his bike signed in ink. He has it covered up with some 3M clear tape to keep it protected.

Gina's sons were at the coast having some beach fun so we rode down the way for a visit. Along with a visit with grand kids I got a piece of chicken so I was happy.

Saturday visits and a short bit or ride footage was mixed in with this video. 

PinoyBenter (Ron)

                                                       Rambler and his fine looking Colnago

                                                     Rambler and his fine looking girlfriend

                                                            Gina and 31 year old son

                                                             Gina and 27 year old son

                                                             Gina and granddaughter



                                                                  Gina and grandsons

                                                        One of the In law dudes

Saturday, July 28, 2012

SART 60 Miles (Green River)

A nice ride with Gina and Aimee to Green River once again. We've been increasing the mileage over the last few weeks and Gina's doing very well with it. Never a problem for Aimee and Gina did very well today, rode strong. 60 miles at 16.4 average according to the Garmin.

The ride. We headed off to Green River but on the return we were joined by The Legend Greg for a section of the trail. At Green River we ran into Alex2 who stopped with us for a short visit. At the coast we ran into forum member Yen and her hubby on a group ride. We talked for a bit but her group headed out during that time . I missed a good pic of Yen because she ran off, mounted her horse and took off in a mad dash ha ha!

Didn't have much as far as video so I figure I will wait and add on the little bit o stuff on got on tomorrow's video. A weekend video if you will! ;-)

Alex2 Exclusives! His wife has a hard time getting him to smile for pics but I've got a few now. The very rare Alex2 photo collection. Heck, I might start charging his wife for the pics ha ha!

                                                       Yen and Mr. Yen of the 50+ forums.                                                

Sunday, July 22, 2012

SART 7/22/12

Another 42 on the trail today with Gina and El Monarcha (Jose). As soon as we entered the trail we ran into Jose from River Velo. Jose did 96 yesterday and 68 today, wow! But as soon as he joined us he flatted. He stopped for a quick fix while we stopped at the Honda Center park for the facilities. Nice ride back to Yorba where he started as we stopped under the trees for a stretch. Then David the multi time Iron Man runs up for a quick visit.

We then part and head to the coast. Pretty windy today so Jose asks if he can take a pull. Sure, go right ahead ha ha! He did very well and kept a nice pace for a few miles while I enjoyed the ride. Nice day at the coast but not as hot as yesterday. We head back as Gina has some stuff to do. 

Funny, yesterday I told Gina I dusted off my Cannondale so that I could ride it today. I showed it to her after it was polished. This morning when I loaded it on the truck, then we started riding. As soon as Jose from River Velo pulled up he said,"oh, you're on a different bike today". Then Gina asked, "you are?" then started laughing cause she had no idea, uh OK ha ha! Either way, the bike rides nice. The Madone is full carbon and the Canni is CAD3 but man, I just don't see much difference in the ride, if any at all. I guess I'm just a lead butt I guess! After swapping the rims to the Madone, my poor Canni has franken bike wheels ha ha. But it still rides great IMO.

What it takes to ride the B-Train...Determination


                                                                 .....and humor!

                                                         Multi time Iron Man David

                               El Monarcha minutes before Dropping Da Bomb on the riders up ahead

                                                      Another rider that just won't smile

                                               I tried again but no smile, can't say I didn't try!

                                    Near the end of the ride and I think I see some Gina sweat

                                                     My FrankenDale...still rides great IMO!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

SART 7/14/12

58 point sumthin' miles on SART today. To Greenriver then back to the coast. I was a bit worried about Gina today, not feeling all that well but she did dang good on the bike. The Greenriver section is under some major changes as we saw today, lots of construction.

We ran into Marcello and George as soon as we hit the trail. George and his new bike, cool Giant Defy with some beefy tubes. We'd see them again at the coast but not quite ready to hit the road when they headed out. We did run into Pete on our way back from Greenriver so he joined the group. Mark had company, a couple of friends, Nancy and Henry. Gina got the scoop so from what I gather the couple is starting a training  regimen hoping to do a 4,000 mile tour, from sea to sea, Nice!

So along the way Pete took point and fought the headwind for a while. Then MTBLurker heading the opposite way turned around and caught back up with us for a visit at the coast. Still no interviews ha ha! We stayed for a while but missed Alex2 once again for the return trip. But I did later get another smile out of the guy. We headed back with Pete and the other dude Rick that we met last week. Nice pretty well organized group. Rick took the lead for a bit while we enjoyed the ride. Being the longest ride we've done in a while, Gina tired about two miles from the finish so we waved on Aimee and the boys. Gina suggested I roll with them but I hesitated then realized we were through the rough area so I gave chase for some footage. Wow, I was doing 24.5 trying to catch Aimee. She pulled the guys the last couple of miles and they were flying. Trying to catch up with the recorder, I did a PR on Strava, short 1 mile segment (Freeway Sprint North 22 to the 5) with a 23.8 average, place number 121 out of 1587 riders ha ha! I told ya, Aimee is tiny but a big monster on the bike! ;-)

George showing off his new roadie

                                                        Marcello, just showing off ha ha!

                                         Gina and Aimee at Greenriver. Pics or it didn't happen!

                                          Henry and Nancy in training for their 4,000 mile tour

                                                 Intense Pete pulling into a stiff headwind

                                                 Mark captured by the Pete Peleton

                                              Henry sprinting around for the sprinter's points!

                                          MTBLurker sad! Not riding his bike much lately. ;-(

                                                       Alex2 planning his 100 mile course

                                                                      Removable ink??

                                                                    On the return

                                                                 Rick on the back

                                                      Alex2 liking the smile business ha ha!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

SART 7/8/12

Another 42 miles on SART with Gina and Aimee. After our short warm up of 7 miles to Imperial we saw LewisAClark roll by, chance for another pic. As we rolled into the beach stop some dudes asked if I was Mr. Beanz. Yup, that is me ha ha! Turns out I met one of the dudes before. These guys introduced themselves as Gene and Oliver (Pyrenees1 on the forums). Nice guys , we had some laughs but they left rather quickly, after a group shot of course.

Soon after rolled up The Legend Greg with some bad news. Bad bob broke his shoulder on a tour in Italy. I'm thinking the Giro but not quite sure as I didn't have a chance to watch it this year ha ha! Hopefully he heals quickly cause the recorder misses him ha ha! Some bike talk with Greg then he rolled back with us to our stop, then continued on alone.

At the coast I also had a chance to chat with a new bud Rick. He said hello a couple times over the last few weeks but this was the first chance I had to chat with the dude. He's not much into the net stuff but pretty cool fella. If ya see him, say hi! He sure looks happy to be on the bike!


                                                      Pyrenees1 in red with the Boyz

                                                      Gene (yellow stripe) with the Gang

                                                Ultimate Cycling out of Rancho Cucamonga


                                           15,000 Mile per year Julie and The Legend Greg

                                                                    Glad to be back

Saturday, July 7, 2012

SART 54 Miles 7/7/12

We set out today to do a longer ride than our usual 42. Been talking about increasing the mileage so today was the day. From the Leaky Fountain we headed inland past Gypsum staying on the north side of the river. I thought about Green River but I just don't like crossing the glass filled bridge at Gypsum. Besides the 54 was enough for us today. We took it easy on the ride today but funny thing is we did the longer mileage at just about the same average as our usual ha ha! I asked the gals if they felt the difference of the slightly easier pace. They agreed on the ride but after the ride,same average, Hmm!

Getting close to the southernmost wooden bridge we were caught by Ron & Dixie on their tandem. So they cruised with us for a while to the coast and stayed for a short visit. We were looking forward to the tailwind on the return but where the heck did it go? Even the flag in the video shows a weak breeze on the return but a good headwind heading to the coast. Bummer and my legs were feeling it. GMR on Wednesday and extended mileage today? Either that or I'm just getting old.

Alex2 was at the coast too. Stayed long enough for a BIG smile then headed to LB to get in what I'm sure is another 100 miler. Alex2 seems to have a smiling problem. We've had fun listening to his stories about his wife getting upset when he doesn't smile for family portraits. She'd like this smile but I'm guessing she won't be happy and will have a few words for poor Alex..."why do you smile for Mr. Beanz?" ha ha!

Ron & Dixie with Gina and Aimee on their tail

                                         Alex2.........I asked for his biggest most bestest smile!

                                                  Gina happy with her performance today!