Wednesday, July 4, 2012

GMR Closed to traffic 7/4/12

Wowee Kazowee! I guess the spelling ain't correct according to spell check ha ha! But dang there were a ton of riders on GMR. A huge group met at the gate, maybe 100-200 riders. I ran into FryDaddy and Ridindirtee. JimmyNH before the gate and all over GMR, saw Big John ride by too.  Quickly ran into Smogsteve, first time meeting. Again later in the ride and a third time. Ended up riding with him for a while too. Aimee, Tony and myself rode up to Peacock Saddle after a visit at the shack with GMR, Bill, Mat and a few others. I did see Psalm on the climb, another Clyde member climbing GMR on this fortunate day.

On the return I saw a pair of 50Plus jerseys resting at the shack. I shouted to Tony and Aimee that I was stopping fora minute. They just ditched my arse so I stayed for a pretty long time visiting with forum members Volosong somewhat local and all the way from Nebraska member Billydonn. Pretty cool deal the way Volosong chose his handle. as we had a few words, along comes JimmyNH. Crazy Jimmy always insisting on shooting a few pics ha ha!

As I was chatting with the boys a rider flew by and shouted, "Beanz, you're my hero!". Later when I finally realized who it was, I saw that he had a recorder on his bike, maybe he said, " Beanz, wave to my Hero (go pro) ha ha!

I figured he had a minute or two on me before I headed down so maybe I could catch up. So I flew down the hill with high hopes. Passed a few riders but none had the light colored bike that I figured he was riding. So finally I catch a dude with a light colored bike. He looks back at me then pics it up a bit. So I step on the gas figuring it could be the guy. I shoot some video then later roll by the guy and ask if he is a forum member but he says no. At the the bottom I explain why I was recording him,he just laughed and said he couldn't figure out why I was shooting him ha ha! Oops!

So a couple minutes later another dude on a Linskey rides up from behind us at the gate. Then he introduces himself as Drydenfire. Oh dude, I feel so stupid ha ha! He chats for a very short bit then rides off. I guess he and his buds had pulled over to the side of the road somewhere along the way and I just rolled right on by them ha ha!

Well I did the ride today with Tony. I had tried to talk him up many times over the years with no luck. But a new bike, a closed road, he couldn't resist this time. He did very well and like so many others, I'm sure he's wondering why he hesitated. Aimee was also along for the ride. She had a 6 week period off the bike, 3 week traveling the world vacation but wasn't feeling well the last few days. When I sent the invite last night she said maybe since she wasn't all that well. But of course, the Beanz charm is talking riders up GMR again and again ha ha! I told her that we would ride easy, sort of a recuperation ride. So she agreed knowing it would do her good. Well we started easy and she stuck to the plan for quite some time. Wow, that is good for the discipline aspect of cycling. But later yeah, she must have been feeling good. By Newman's point, the ride had done it's job. She was feeling better and once again punishing me on the climb. Well I have to say that she usually crushes me on the climb but this time holding back in recup, she was only punishing me ha ha! Tony did complain about his legs after 2 miles up. But like I always say, that is the toughest part so once we were beyond 3 o 4, he was finding his groove. By the time we were near Peacock Saddle I was happy that we were at the end of the "Out" portion of our trip. Any further and I would have more than likely lost contact with the two!

Met so many people today, had to make a separate video

Ride video: FTR it is scary descending with one hand at this speed trying to capture the guy on the descent. I thought it was one of the forum members that shouted my name at the shack. I flew down the mountain tyring to catch him. The rider later asked me why I was taking his pic. I explained then we laughed cause I had the wrong guy.


                                                           Me, Aimee and Tony

                                                            Mat and Lean Mean Bill

                                                   Forum member Smog Steve, cool dude!

                            Tony at the shack. Expression after asking how he felt his first time up GMR

                                    Famous  GMR Blogger

                                                 Forum members Billydonn and Volosong

                                                      Me and forum member JimmyNH

                                      Tony after asked what he thought of his new bike on GMR

                                                    We did a short version, the profile

                                  A pic from Billydonn's camera. I believe JimmyNH took the shot!
                                                            Photo courtesy of BD! ;-)

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