Saturday, July 14, 2012

SART 7/14/12

58 point sumthin' miles on SART today. To Greenriver then back to the coast. I was a bit worried about Gina today, not feeling all that well but she did dang good on the bike. The Greenriver section is under some major changes as we saw today, lots of construction.

We ran into Marcello and George as soon as we hit the trail. George and his new bike, cool Giant Defy with some beefy tubes. We'd see them again at the coast but not quite ready to hit the road when they headed out. We did run into Pete on our way back from Greenriver so he joined the group. Mark had company, a couple of friends, Nancy and Henry. Gina got the scoop so from what I gather the couple is starting a training  regimen hoping to do a 4,000 mile tour, from sea to sea, Nice!

So along the way Pete took point and fought the headwind for a while. Then MTBLurker heading the opposite way turned around and caught back up with us for a visit at the coast. Still no interviews ha ha! We stayed for a while but missed Alex2 once again for the return trip. But I did later get another smile out of the guy. We headed back with Pete and the other dude Rick that we met last week. Nice pretty well organized group. Rick took the lead for a bit while we enjoyed the ride. Being the longest ride we've done in a while, Gina tired about two miles from the finish so we waved on Aimee and the boys. Gina suggested I roll with them but I hesitated then realized we were through the rough area so I gave chase for some footage. Wow, I was doing 24.5 trying to catch Aimee. She pulled the guys the last couple of miles and they were flying. Trying to catch up with the recorder, I did a PR on Strava, short 1 mile segment (Freeway Sprint North 22 to the 5) with a 23.8 average, place number 121 out of 1587 riders ha ha! I told ya, Aimee is tiny but a big monster on the bike! ;-)

George showing off his new roadie

                                                        Marcello, just showing off ha ha!

                                         Gina and Aimee at Greenriver. Pics or it didn't happen!

                                          Henry and Nancy in training for their 4,000 mile tour

                                                 Intense Pete pulling into a stiff headwind

                                                 Mark captured by the Pete Peleton

                                              Henry sprinting around for the sprinter's points!

                                          MTBLurker sad! Not riding his bike much lately. ;-(

                                                       Alex2 planning his 100 mile course

                                                                      Removable ink??

                                                                    On the return

                                                                 Rick on the back

                                                      Alex2 liking the smile business ha ha!

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