Saturday, July 7, 2012

SART 54 Miles 7/7/12

We set out today to do a longer ride than our usual 42. Been talking about increasing the mileage so today was the day. From the Leaky Fountain we headed inland past Gypsum staying on the north side of the river. I thought about Green River but I just don't like crossing the glass filled bridge at Gypsum. Besides the 54 was enough for us today. We took it easy on the ride today but funny thing is we did the longer mileage at just about the same average as our usual ha ha! I asked the gals if they felt the difference of the slightly easier pace. They agreed on the ride but after the ride,same average, Hmm!

Getting close to the southernmost wooden bridge we were caught by Ron & Dixie on their tandem. So they cruised with us for a while to the coast and stayed for a short visit. We were looking forward to the tailwind on the return but where the heck did it go? Even the flag in the video shows a weak breeze on the return but a good headwind heading to the coast. Bummer and my legs were feeling it. GMR on Wednesday and extended mileage today? Either that or I'm just getting old.

Alex2 was at the coast too. Stayed long enough for a BIG smile then headed to LB to get in what I'm sure is another 100 miler. Alex2 seems to have a smiling problem. We've had fun listening to his stories about his wife getting upset when he doesn't smile for family portraits. She'd like this smile but I'm guessing she won't be happy and will have a few words for poor Alex..."why do you smile for Mr. Beanz?" ha ha!

Ron & Dixie with Gina and Aimee on their tail

                                         Alex2.........I asked for his biggest most bestest smile!

                                                  Gina happy with her performance today!

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