Saturday, May 27, 2017

Saturday SART

Solo like a Cholo again. Partners out of town, Gina making treats for a grad party tonight so I had to go at it alone. Wow, what the heck, almost a headwind both ways. Oh well, I got in a ride so I shouldn't be crying about it ha ha!

I did see Joaquin and Eduardo heading to the coast as I was heading back. Then I saw Alex just as he turned off the bridge but not recognizing him, I didn't have the camera ready. I did start early so it was strange seeing these guys on my way back as it's usually the other way around ha ha!

43 miles at 16.7 mph average.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Learning My Camera

Many know that I love to play with a camera. I bought a Canon Rebel a couple years back but don't use it much seeing that most of my pics are taken on the bike using a small point and shoot. Cheap camera, $75 ha ha!

I have thought used the Canon at a few get together type events. A couple of weddings and a family picture day. Though my camera set up is "cheap" compared to most pro photographers with some really nice equipment, I have had some good luck with my Rebel camera. I spent about $600 for the camera, extra lens (zoom) and a flash unit. Expensive to me but to a pro, my camera is like a box of Crayons ha ha!

But the times I have used it at family outings, I have gotten some good reviews. My cousin's wedding, I had tried to stay out of the photographer's way. So I only shot a few shots here and there between his shots making sure not to interfere. I also made a video of her wedding and reception. Later I asked if she was going to post the pics and vid on facebook so that I could see them hoping to get ideas on how to improve my skills. She told me that they had paid the guy big bucks to take the pics and vid and that mine were 100 times better than the video he made, and the pics were better too! She said they were too embarrassed and upset to post them on facebook! :-O

I could have done better if I had a chance to pose the subjects. I saw how the guy was posing the groups and thought at that moment, "wow he sucks!" ha ha! So I grabbed a few pics when I could but not like I wanted so all my shots were in a hurry without much time to prep and get the right settings on the camera.

                                                                 About 2 yeas ago

Then my daughter hired a pro photographer to take pics of our entire family. About 30 of us! I did the same thing, tried to snap a few pics between her shots, stepping back as to not get in her way. I saw her posing subjects in half shade and half sunlight creating sun spots on blouses, shirts, faces etc. I mentioned it to her figuring she had one of those shade thingies. She said it would be OK. Umm OK!

I managed to snap a few here and there between her shots, but not those with the sunspots. That would be some bad snappin' ha ha! I posted my pics on faceboook a day later. Maybe 50 pics or so. I was not really happy with them seeing that I was trying to work around the hired photographer. So I thought my pics came out a bit blurry not having time to set up. I tried to snap some of the same poses she set up as well knowing they were not good settings. But I didn't want to get in the way. SO the pics came out OK but not like I would want and not like I could had I had time to set up for each pic.

Later the hired photographer posted her pics on a website where my daughter could copy them. Holy crap they looked terrible! So much that my daughter showed her a couple of my pics and demanded her money back. Heck, she paid the gal $200 just for the sittings. Most of them looked like they were taken with a cell phone camera, WOW! My daughter was very upset seeing that everyone in our family went out and bought new matching outfits (color wise) to take these pics. They paid photographer ended up apologizing and returning all of the money.

I tried to work between but when I had time, I could get the settings right and get a few good pics. I really need to do my own sittings to see what I can do being in charge ha ha!

                                                                About a year ago

So I think my pics were coming out OK but not like I wanted. So I have been working on figuring out the combinations of shutter speed, ISO, and aperture settings. NO, I don't want to use automatic like many do. Heck, I have a pro photographer relative that said he just uses the aperture priority setting feature then sets the rest. Heck, that is pretty much "automatic" in my opinion.!

I have been setting each feature manually trying to get a feel for fully manual trying to get it right.

So yesterday I went to Cable airport and tried to snap a few pics of moving targets. I figure if I can get the moving target pics to come out decent, that will make stable targets much easier.

Now this is a cell pic ha ha! It was my birthday. Gina and I spent the day together but she got invited to her grandson's graduation ceremony. I told her she should not miss it so she went. I had a few hours to kill so I practiced with my camera. We were supposed to go out for my birthday dinner but she got home later than expected so we I ended up celebrating my birthday at The Hat ha ha! Man that place sucks! I don't even consider their hamburger in the meat category ha ha! But everywhere else was packed with grads or closed so The Hat it was! 54 years old now, getting old ha ha!

Well I'm getting better at stable subjects. Using a tripod really helps so I'll try some moving targets today! I bounced back and forth between a 18-22 mm lens and a 75-300 mm lens. Maybe someday if I get good with the camera, I'll invest in a real camera ha ha!

So these were the pics I took yesterday, my birthday pics! :-P

The sun was setting when I arrived (just West of  Raging Waters). I didn't realize there was a little look out point there. I arrived and the sun was going down fast. I didn't have much time so I couldn't use the tripod like I wanted. Each second the sun went down more. Wow, the pressure of being trying to be a photographer ha ha!

Some kids rolling by Cable airport. Figure I'd try to capture them. Practice for some cycling event pics or something.

Why not? Still in good shape even though Gina spun her around 3 times on the freeway then hit a guardrail a few years back.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Whatevah It Was !!!

41 miles 17.0 average. Some strange reason, Strava gave me an 18.4 average ha ha! I didn't feel THAT good he he he! Saturday was a hot suffering kind of day. I really didn't feel like riding but thinking it would help me get better, I went for it. Really suffered but today was the complete opposite. for the first night in like 2 weeks, I didn't cough up my lungs all day and night. I think that ride yesterday burned it out cause I was feeling good today for sure!

Plus the temps topped out at 95 vs yesterday's 104. Average temp today of 87. I just may need to start forcing Gina out of bed earlier on the weekends.

OK OK! Along with the bad, I must report the good, homeless related. As much as they annoy me and I would like to see them moved to another state, some dude actually said something nice today. He can stay in California but the rest have to go to Colorado, Detroit, or somewhere else ha ha! I was pushing hard on the last stretch trying to keep my average at 17. I saw some dude sitting on a beat up bike on the side of the road looking at me. I gave him a dirty look as if to say, "F with me and I'll rip your throat out!". As I approached I noticed he was still looking at me, then he shouted," cool dude, you're looking strong on the bike!". Dammit! Now I can't say anything bad about the homeless today! :-P

I did start an hour and a half earlier trying to beat the heat. Plus Gina would not ride today so it made it easier to get out the door before noon! :-P

Ran into Tony and his buddy at the pier.  Snapped a pic along with a few chicky pics! :-P

Still a bit hot after the ride.

Some people ask how I transport the bikes. Just a bonus pic.

Nothing like a good volleyball game!

See, I do take scenic pics. I got a pic of the pier!

OK, what pier ?

This chick has some biceps, doesn't she?

I still can't figure out why women ruin their bodies with tats, oh well!

I still can't figure out how mature women can have such big firm looking knockers. OK, yeah I can!

Saturday, May 20, 2017

The Frying Pan and Super Trooper

44 miles,15.4 average, 104 degrees max according to the Garmin, average of 95. What is going on here? A few wet days at 60 then a freaking frying pan at 104? :-O

As soon as we started the ride, I could feel the heat in my bones. Not really hot yet in Anaheim but I felt it coming. My arms felt fatigue setting in after only 5 miles or so. Once in Yorba (we head inland first) it was over 100. Garmin said 102 at the time but it did get hotter!.

Doing pretty good till we got back to Anaheim, Gina really felt the heat. I thought she was done and actually thought about turning back since we were only two miles from the truck. She was really heated but then told me to pour water over her head to cool her off. I did, 3 bottles to be exact. At that point I was wishing she had something else on. Ya know, the wet t shirt contest ha ha! Well none of that today but it was fun pouring water on her head! :-P

We did make it to the coast and boy did it feel cold while the Garmin was reading 90 degrees ha ha! I was actually feeling a chill in the air. Gina is a Super Trooper so she made it. I will say both of us suffered though, I'm still getting over whatever bug I had/have and the lungs are not feeling happy. Maybe it was the heat, I dunno but it was a sufferfest today!

Gina hadn't plan to ride tomorrow so on the way home, I asked if she wanted to ride after all. Heck no! Ha ha ha!

Started with Jose then Don joined us for the return. I think we were all pretty hot at this point., Poor Don, he has to ride all the way back to Yorba while we turned off at Orangewood as usual.

Gina's Charlie fell off couple weeks back so she replaced that one with a blue one to match her bike!

Chuck wondering what the heck he did to deserve this ha ha!

We rolled around this guy then he hopped on for a few miles. At least he said thanks! Cool!

3 bottles of water on her head!

She's up and ready for more!

Of course the inconsiderate stupid thoughtless homeless a holes are blocking the trail all day long.