Sunday, November 19, 2017

Another 34 on SART

Mike and I set out to do an easy ride the day after the long 60. Yeah right! 34 miles at 15.8 average speed.

We set out for an easy pace but man what a headwind to the coast! Gave it everything we had to maintain 15, actually 15.1 to the coast. So aiming easy but it wasn't easy and our average would appear to be easy but it wasn't easy ha ha!

One of those days you stop at the park look around and there is no wind blowing through the trees. But get on the bike and it feels like a 25 MPH headwind even though it ain't! :-/

But the way back was much nicer. Holding 17 with a soft pedal. That's what we wanted. So it was an easy ride but it wasn't, not the first half! But after the ride, then it felt like and easy ride ha ha!

                                Yeah, we are smiling at this point because we have a tailwind!

Well not much going on so I figured I would practice with my camera (DLSR). Took some night pics of my hometown, Ontario California. Born and raised there since 1963. Darn I'm getting old! Gina hasn't been in my ride pics lately so I let her model for me ha ha!. Of course she is one of those models who is always cold so she's dressed like she's out skiing and it's only like 66 degrees here ha ha!

Starting to like night photography, NO FLASH! ;-)

Gina's dressed like she's going skiing and it's only like 66 degrees ha ha!

Gina thought if she stood next to the wreath, her head would be in the center. OK Gina, you're not that tall ha ha!

Pretty cool stuff. I need to find a running stream so I can use a neutral density filter. Ya know, darkens sunlight pics so you can use a slow shutter speed to blur moving bodies. Like the leaves, I actually moved the branch with a broomstick ha ha! If I can find a running body of water, I bet that would make for some cool pics with the blurred water and still surroundings. Just some practice.

Also the lights streaming on the freeway, shutter speed of about 1.25 seconds. OF course hard to get a clear shot around here cause the thugs climb out on the freeways and paint on the sings like morons so the cities have installed fences, chicken wire and barbed wire to keep the idiots out. SO that is why my photography sucks ha ha!

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Green River Me & Mike

60.4 miles today (17.1 MPH average speed) heading to Green River then backtracking to the coast. I've been wanting to do longer mileage while I can. I had planned to do 60 even if I was alone but a text last night from Mike confirmed my ride today. He said he wanted to do a long ride and hold a 16.5 or so. Of course once we headed back from Green River, our average slowly climbed without too much effort. Soon we had close to a 17. Headed down PCH for a couple to make sure we got 60 miles.  On the return, it felt windier than last week so it was hard to keep 18.5. Maybe I was just tired ha ha! Mike rode strong so that helped. Did a pretty good share on the load which makes it nice!

Did run into Alex, Don, and Rick at the coast. Rick seems to get there right as we are leaving, after I put away the camera ha ha! Saw the Legend again, as well as Ron and Dixie on their tandem. At that point, my arms were too tired to reach back for the camera ha ha! I need to do this more often, get back into the swing of things.

BTW, man once we got near Green River, we got a serious headwind. You know the corridor! Doing OK once we hit the short downhill but after that little bend in the road, it was tough. I was pushing hard trying to hold 14! :-O Glad that was only a minute or two. Stopped at the trail head for a quick break, man my heart was pounding! :-P

Do did join us for a short section on PCH then continued on alone heading South. He may be in San Diego by now! :-P

                                                               Don of the Birds ! :-P

Alex modeling the new board at the coast.

Don and Mike on PCH

Hey, who took my back of the head picture? :-P

Mike pulling me into the wind.

November in California! Puffy Muffy! :-P

Setting up the Christmas deco at Montlcair Plaza. Had to take a couple of shots of Gina. I used the hanging lights as background with some Bokeh and the tree. 

She's not in the bike pics so she might as well be in the Christmas pics! :-P

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Aimee in Peru

I'm letting you know that I will get all the details wrong but here goes ha ha! Aimee went on some kind of a hike/journey/camping trip in Peru. The first week consisting of daily hikes. If I recall, anywhere from 4-6 miles. The final day was  the longest and toughest climb up to the 12,500 ft elevation level. Aimee says it was the toughest day and that it was also raining for a portion of the hike. Says she was wiped out but she made it! I forget the name of the high point and she sent me a pic of it but I accidentally erased it as I clean my text messages every 2 days. I asked for a replacement but I think she may be busy on a zip line of something ha ha!

The second week she said they were zip lining. I believe they zip lined a portion of the ascent. She said it was fun but I know if it were me, I wouldn't remember because I would have fainted after looking down at that height ha ha!

So then they slept in those little capsules way up on the mountain side. Pretty scary but I would have slept well after fainting ha ha!

She sent these pics and I am not sure but I think that is her on the cables crossing the mountain. That's crazy!

She said it's fun, I say she's Cra-Cra! :-O

                                              One of the capsules used to sleep overnight!

OK, this is where I faint looking at the pictures ha ha!

I believe that is Aimee on the wire.

Capsule overlooking that big fall! 

See the capsules right near the top of the mountain! No thanks! :-O

Saturday, November 11, 2017

SART Homeless Update (Image Deserves its Own Post)

Sadly I was hoping that some of the mess would be cleaned up today after reading articles on the net. Thought it does look a bit more deserted, there were still plenty of tents.

I did read in an article that the Fountain Valley people said they would just pick up their stuff and move to Anaheim. Sure hope that doesn't happen but I did hear they had plans to clean up Anaheim as well, keeping my fingers crossed!

On today's ride, I did see a ton of cops in Fountain Valley far side. With trucks cleaning up the junk.

But on today's ride, this was the scene at Chapman when Ron and Dixie and their tandem. Ron sent the image so I replied, this is a must for my blog ha ha! I'm sure he is happy to share it with all of you ha ha!

SART Saturday with the Gang

43 miles at 19.0 average speed. Invited Jose, Joaquin, and Mike to ride. Jose sat out but Joaquin brought his friends Ed and Danny. I thought it would be a nice easy steady ride but as soon as Joaquin showed up, he said we ought to aim for 19.0. Umm OK! I was thinking a steady ride since I had been on the bike twice during the week thinking my legs might feel some fatigue on a faster ride today. They did ha ha!

I'm used to easing into a ride but today, they just took off from the start. Usually once we get to the turnaround at Yorba Park, I have a 15-16 average if I am doing OK. Today we had a 17.5 or so. Have to say I was feeling my legs at this point starting out faster than usual.

We took turns at the front which was nice so I figured we would do OK. We got to the beach and all was cool, a bit tired but I felt good. Almost seemed kind of 'not so hard' heading to the coast so I figured we would have somewhat of a headwind on the way back. You know how that darn wind plays games with you ha ha!

Doing pretty well but then Joaquin's friend Danny was at the front and pulled a cramp near the soccer fields. He pulls off then Mike is at the front so I ask Mike to slow a bit till his cramp goes away. I mean we were working together well. But then Joaquin says, "let's go!". Um OK, he is your friend ha ha!

So Mike kicks it up right away from 19, Danny's pace at the time, down to 15 to regroup then quickly to 21.5 that somewhat caught me by surprise. I closed the gap with Eduardo and Joaquin on my wheel but as soon as I caught up, my legs said, "NOT!!!!".

At this point I knew Joaquin wanted to keep his average up so I waved him and Eduardo on. Trying not to leave a gap for them to close, I tried hard to push but at the same time, allow them to grab on before I faded ha ha!

That's it, my legs were done! I'm guessing from the midweek rides that I have not adapted too yet. Like burning energy that I would need on the weekend but hey, ,that's how you get back into shape, right!?

So I let the 3 go while trying to hold my own pace. Danny was already far behind so I just went on my own for the last 3 miles or so. Oh my gosh, I was tired but not breathing too badly but the legs just did not want to push. My quads were fatigued and did not want to respond. I dropped from a 19.2 down to an 18.9, DAMMIT!

Trying to recompose but also trying to keep the 3 in sight as they pulled away. Feeling my legs coming back but the guys vanished by the time I hit the bridge at Edna Park. Oh I hate that little step in the road midway through the golf course. Only about 10 feet long but when you are tired, it feels like GMR to the shack ha ha! Somehow I managed to push up and did OK. But the next couple of turns (office building area) I swear are inclines. I watched my speed drop from 19 down to 16. WHT! C'mon Beanz, you're almost there!

I hit the long stretch by the 22 and that helps. I can hold 19 again. But my average is still 18.9. So I try to pick it but my breathing at this point is hard. Manage to do OK over the little bump by the first homeless camp after the 22.

Then I hit the last stretch, the freaking messed up crowded, stanky, druggie infested area. Usually loose dogs with no sense of direction, loose homeless idiots with no sense of direction, worse than the dogs ha ha! Not to mention a boatload of volunteers pulling wagons around.

I have to say the stench motivated me to push a little harder. At this point, my nose was hurting more than my legs ha ha! Poor people in them condos!

I look up and see a crowd right in the center of the trail. Volunteers, few little kids, couple ladies with big breasts. Hoping that if I hit anyone and go down, I'd land on one of them  ha ha! I'm pushing as hard as I can and managing about 21 there. Yes, that will help my average but that crowd ahead!

I swear it was some kind of miracle. A volunteer saw me coming then said something to the others. All of a sudden I see the crowd open up and clear the path like the Red Sea. hard to believe, I pretty much believe in miracles now. But it opened up so I was able to keep my 21 going! Got to the end and YES!!!! 19.0....but I was fried! I took the loop around the industrial center to catch my breath. The 3 guys were at the cars so I asked how long they had been there. Only 2 minutes, cool I am happy with that! :-P

 Did see the Legend along the way riding his bent. Ron on his bent, then the other Ron & Dixie on their tandem. Oh yeah, Alex too!

                                                         At the start, nice straight line

The way back, not so straight! :-p

I swear, every time I pull out my camera for a shot, they lift the pace on me! C'mon guys, give the photographer a break!

Ed on his new bike. Yes, I got dropped today but in all fairness, all 3 of the other guys have new bikes! :-P

All I can think of is "Locos on Bikes". :-P

Our tough guy pose!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Nudder Night Spin Around the Hood

 14 miles with 1,060 ft of gain around the hood today. Nice cool pleasant ride for the records. Pretty quiet above 16th street, my like it!

Usually there are a few out on the Strava flybys, don't see anyone today. Guess I was the only crazy guy out tonight!

Yeah, my face in the dark

Happy with them lights.

My fat head with the flash ha ha!

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

My Banner Pics

Just looked at the banner and wondered if I could remember where every pic was taken, yes I can.

Left to right.

Yellow jersey MTB ride. Pic was taken at the top of Potato Mtn by some old dude named Eyemage.

Gina with the pink helmet was back in 07 in the parking lot near SART behind IN-N-Out. I remember because she had just gotten her carbon bike.

Tandem pic was entering the tunnel at Moon Park. Taken by an old dude named Alan.

Red windbreaker pic was taken in 07 on Breathless Agony. If I recall correctly, taken by Frank then posted in a bike forum.

Gina in the blue. Taken on SART. I was trying to capture her cleavage. :-P

Pink and orange jersey pic was on GMR. Taken by an old dude named Hillbasher.

The cloud pic in the background I took while resting at Peacock Saddle on a ride with an old dude named Hillbasher.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Night Ride

Local loops, rectangles, whatever you want to call them ha ha! Midweek ride in the dark, 16 miles with 1,345 ft of gain. Riding up to 24th street 3 times. Second two times were to 17th street to avoid traffic and parked cars.

Nice little ride to spin up the legs during the week. Strange but I'd rather ride when it's dark vs day. Actually kind of glad the time changed. Makes it easier to ride in the evening.

Plus, I get nothing but courtesy from the traffic out there. Sometimes too nice ha ha! Like when you hit a stop sign and you want a 3 second breather but they wave you on ha ha!

Adding this in: Things I like about riding at night! :-P

1) I have shorts with a good comfy chamois that seemed to wear thin before the chamois life was up. I can wear these shorts at night since I wear tights over them so nobody has to see my crack ha ha!

2) Air is crisp, cool, and refreshing!

3) I feel like I am well seen by drivers having 2 rear blinkies (one on helmet, one on seatpost), 2 headlights, and tri color ankle bands that I think really help as far as being seen from the side.

4) I can tell when cars are coming up behind me. Kind of a comfortable feeling knowing how far they are behind you judging them by their lights.

5) Low traffic once above Baseline. Traffic really thins out and there are only very few traveling the road at night.

6) Very quiet. Only one or two people at the parks vs 50 screaming kids when it's daylight ha ha!

7) Flying down Euclid at 30 MPH, cars see my bright lights and actually wait for long periods of time to let me pass. Not sure if they have a hard time judging just how far I am and my speed, maybe not knowing what kind of vehicle is approaching, they seem to wait for me to go by. I always wave as a thank you. Versus the day time drivers that see you coming but figure they can beat you crossing before you arrive. I think the lights throw them off so they wait longer which is a big plus for my safety.

8) For my own entertainment, I like to mess with the heads of the people walking on the sidewalks ha ha! In some areas it is very dark and because it is quiet, I don't think most of the walkers out there hear of expect me as I come up behind them. So when I see one, I like to sway my handlebars so that my lights sway back and forth across their backs. They seem to get very uneasy as if they think someone is running up behind them with a light. Some seem to tense up like they're expecting to get whacked with a stick or something ha ha! I think they're relieved to discover it's just a bike coming up behind them. I did it once on accident and saw the reaction so now I do it on purpose just to mess with their heads ha ha! Just a little something to get my head off the climbing he he he!

9) Because I ride up into the foothills of Baldy, there are plenty of beautiful housed and mansions. At night I can see inside some of the homes as I ride by. Big windows, lit up inside, and some nice setups. Nice sights except that it reminds me of how poor I really am ha ha!

Know how hard it is to get a selfie climbing a 5% grade with a cell phone, they suck ha ha!

Yeah it's dark out here! Looking down on my lights.

Let there be light!

Nice peaceful quiet ride.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Freakin' Split Sidewall, New Tire, Hobble Home!

OK so today we ended up with 30 miles at an 18.1 average speed. I lost about 2 or 3 miles forgetting to restart my Garmin after fixing the flat! Could have had a good average today but hobbling back 6 miles didn't help!

So a lousy day all around! First I get up early, have lots of time before I meet the guys but Gina says she will fix my oatmeal. OK, she makes it and it comes out like chicken and stars soup. WTH! Been over this many times, how can somebody mess up water, oats and 2 minutes on the microwave? But I keep my cool so she says she will do it again. Well yeah cause I ain't drinking that stuff! So she remakes it and this time it comes out a little better but with a ton of salt! OK directions say a dash of salt. She made it with half a container of salt I am guessing cause the hair on my arms stands up.

WTH! OK, really? So I tell her to taste it and she just thinks I'm being picky. So she starts yelling at me! TASTE IT! She does then almost hits the floor. OK, now quit yelling at me cause you can't make a bowl of oatmeal. Mine comes out perfect every time but she wanted to make it so I depended on her to keep me on schedule.

So she says she used the last of the oatmeal and now has to make me eggs. Great, eggs don't do well on a long ride but it's either that or chicken and stars oatmeal soup. Hey, there's and idea Campbell's! :-P

Finally after wasting 30 minutes trying to get my breakfast right, I'm behind schedule. Great! Now I can't poop the way I want to poop! Do you know what it's like to start a 50 mile ride having to poop?

3 of us and we are doing pretty well so I don't want to bother breaking our momentum to poop so I just stay clinched on the ride ha ha! Probably wasting precious energy ha ha!

SO we get 30 miles in and POW! Great! I hit something with my brand new GP4000 after only 60 miles or so, second ride and the sidewall is split! :-(

So we stop and all I have is a $5. Well if you got to use it for a boot then I guess I have to but figure it will be a bit shredded when we get back. But no way am I continuing on for another 20 miles with a bulge.

Luckily just as I am about to install the 5, Alex rides up. I ask if he has a 1 or five 1's. Nope! But he had a section of a cut tube that he carries for a boot! Yeah baby! He lets me have it and sure I'll return it next time we cross paths.

SO we head back and ask Alex if he's going for his usual 100 miler. No, only 90 he says. Oh OK, only 90 ha ha! Says he has done 26 or so centuries this year! :-O

Wow, Alex has my vote for Man Of The Day ha ha!

Oh yeah, we hear some guy roll by making beep beep sounds. Look over and it's the Legen Greg rolling by with his usual fingers to the nose salute ha ha!

Oh yeah, now I am home and so upset about my new tire that I still can't poop ha ha! :-P