Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween Saturday SART

Sportin' our orange pumpkin colors today! 44 miles @17.5 average on Strava. I like Garmin's average better at 17.6 ha ha! Few pics for now.

It was Mike's birthday this day. What was cool was that the little group of us sang Happy Birthday to Mike at the parking area after the ride. Nice ride and nice day. We did the 44 miler to Yorba Park. Ran into Mark and Gail at the coast. We did a pretty good pace on the return pushing 21.8 on my favorite Strava segment North Bridge to Bridge.

Had a visit with Rick. We see the guy passing but usually in the opposite direction. Today we finally had a chance to ride with him on the return. Nice fast pace!

                                                   November in Southern California!

Monday, October 26, 2015

GMR Video (Weekend Rides)

Ran into a few friends on GMR. I was able to get some video footage of them on the descent. GMR, Bill, Matt and GMR's female friend (sorry don't know the name).

I still have the SART video coming later.

The Sunday SART video

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Sunday 44 on SART

Nice steady pace on the singles today with Gina, Jose and Mike. 44 miles @ 17.2  Nice steady pace. More and video later.

Gina did a few pulls today.

                                                                         The stats!

Heading back!

                                                   Gina taking a pull at the front

                                                    Rotating out so Mike can take over.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

GMR Solo and Some PR's

Few still images from the video footage for now. I will probably have a video late Sunday eve or Monday morn. ;-)

Well had to be home early for the grandsons's birthday party so I figured I'd hit GMR early. I was saddened that the support people weren't there today. IF they had been I probably would have hit cow Canyon Saddle. But with no water? No thanks! So I settled for Peacock Saddle. I think it's about 5 miles across GRR after the shack. On the way down I ran in to GMR, Bill (Mr. GMR) and Matt.

Bill always has these cool swag thingies. Today he gave me a red blinkie with GMR bike and the 2015 SDSR logo. Being involved with the sponsors of the stage race he's always got something cool. He explains it in the video I'll post later. Right now I can't recall word for word now that my brain is sucking for oxygen ha ha!

Anyway, it was cool seeing these  cool people again. I had a chance to descend with them so I grabbed a few clips of them on the DH. Including a couple of their friends.

Overall it was a beautiful day for the climb. Started out cool and finished with  perfect weather. I was happy as it allowed me to set 15 climbing PR's today. Took a couple more minutes off my climb to the shack on Strava. :-)

26 miles with just about 3200 ft of climbing.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

EEEEnother Midweek Tandem Ride

Nice relaxing cool tandem ride around the hood. Getting dark quick now, thank goodness for lights! Usual 12 miler up San Antonio a couple times. :-)

                                                             Yeah it's dark out here!

Stopped for a stretch!

Over the 210

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Saturday Tandem Ride

Few images for now and a video. 44 miles @17.3 average.

This is how I record riders behind me at times.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Thursday Eve Tandem

I really like wearing ankle reflectors along with all the lights on the bike. The motion really catches the eye of the drivers. Well those that are smart enough to turn on their lights when it gets dark ha ha! Gina really started out grumpy but half way through the ride, she was much better. Hey, that's why we ride! :-P

              The reflectors take turns lighting up with the pedaling motion so it's a real eye catcher!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Hot But Better!

Much better today. Aimed for a 35 miler today after yesterday's taxing bike bake ha ha! A better 16.3 average over yesterdays' struggle to hold 14. Tried to hold the pace down today for a few reasons. Aimee was on vacation and hasn't been on the bike for 5 weeks. Plus we were using it as a recovery type ride after a rough ride yesterday. We did run into Fabulous Frank today at the coast. Joaquin showed up and rode back with us after his ride on GMR yesterday, to the shack.  Gina felt much better and so did I. Of course we started an hour and a half earlier which made a difference and it was about 12 to 13 degrees cooler than yesterday. Only 91 average today compared to yesterday's 103.

I did wear my pretty in pink jersey today ha ha! A little more snug fitting than my usual Performance club cut jerseys but it worked. Gina said it looked good so it's all good! I posted the pink jersey pic on my Facebook. I had one comment that might have been questionable but 90% of my friends on FB are relatives. My cousins have been big supporters of the Relay For Life cancer walks and activities. They have been in a few newspapers as one of the big fund raising teams. In total I'm guessing over $60,000 raised for the cancer society. So I might get one questionable comment but I have 2 really close cousins who are cancer survivors so I have a ton of encouraging comments ha ha! So don't laugh at my "pretty in pink jersey" he he he! :-P

Funny though! Today I saw several riders I knew and waved or shouted, "wassup!". It took a few seconds for them to realize it was me as most had their attention focused on the pink jersey ha ha!



                                                                   Fabulous Frank

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Freakin' HOT Gina Birthday Miles!

53 miles as a birthday ride for Gina. Just us too today. Found rather quickly we were a couple of the very few out there today. While riding I saw my Garmin rise to 108 on the bike. Got home and plugged in to see the numbers!  Checked out the weather channel and saw it was 103 today.

Poor Gina really suffered. Half way through the ride I offered to call it quits but she said no, we've come this far!

It was hot, arms fatigued and hard breathing but we got it done. It was like riding in slow motion but we got it done. Gina is such a trooper! 

I had a little fun as she let me splash her down a few times along the way!


Cancer awareness jersey came in the mail today. Not bad, $39. Gina will find something pink to wear on the tandem with me. @XL is the biggest they had. A little snug but OK. Motivation to drop another 10 pounds! That is a gathering at the belly, not my fat belly button ha ha!