Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween Saturday SART

Sportin' our orange pumpkin colors today! 44 miles @17.5 average on Strava. I like Garmin's average better at 17.6 ha ha! Few pics for now.

It was Mike's birthday this day. What was cool was that the little group of us sang Happy Birthday to Mike at the parking area after the ride. Nice ride and nice day. We did the 44 miler to Yorba Park. Ran into Mark and Gail at the coast. We did a pretty good pace on the return pushing 21.8 on my favorite Strava segment North Bridge to Bridge.

Had a visit with Rick. We see the guy passing but usually in the opposite direction. Today we finally had a chance to ride with him on the return. Nice fast pace!

                                                   November in Southern California!

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