Sunday, November 1, 2015

SART Sunday Trying For EZ Ride

What the heck?! Started out looking for an easy cruise. Btu when the wind is stiffer than a....hmm, can't seem to fill in the blank on this one! :-P Well we did get up at our usual time and started at 10:30 as usual. forgetting about the winds kicking up a little more as it gets later. I'm thinking we better start our rides at 9:30 for a while ha ha! But the good side was that there were hardly any riders on the trail while we were out there. Plenty when we started but I think they all started early to compensate cause it sure was empty about 1/4 way through our ride.

We tried for an easy ride and our average was about 1.5 lower than usual but wow, it was push hard or fall over ha ha!

A few stills from the ride. Captured Bong, Greg, Julie, and Alex in the video.

No music this time, just a few clips.

I've had a few people say that I force Gina to ride. 
Does she look like she needs forcing?! :-P


  1. You both looks amazing. How I wish one day, I can go out and have some fun while riding my own bike. You inspired me to go out and start biking and explore the nature around.

    1. Thanks Rocky! Why don't you start riding? Gina in her whole life never would have thought she would be out riding a bike for fun and fitness. Been out there 19 consecutive years now and have no plans of stopping now! :-) C'mon join the fun! :-)