Saturday, May 27, 2017

Saturday SART

Solo like a Cholo again. Partners out of town, Gina making treats for a grad party tonight so I had to go at it alone. Wow, what the heck, almost a headwind both ways. Oh well, I got in a ride so I shouldn't be crying about it ha ha!

I did see Joaquin and Eduardo heading to the coast as I was heading back. Then I saw Alex just as he turned off the bridge but not recognizing him, I didn't have the camera ready. I did start early so it was strange seeing these guys on my way back as it's usually the other way around ha ha!

43 miles at 16.7 mph average.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Whatevah It Was !!!

41 miles 17.0 average. Some strange reason, Strava gave me an 18.4 average ha ha! I didn't feel THAT good he he he! Saturday was a hot suffering kind of day. I really didn't feel like riding but thinking it would help me get better, I went for it. Really suffered but today was the complete opposite. for the first night in like 2 weeks, I didn't cough up my lungs all day and night. I think that ride yesterday burned it out cause I was feeling good today for sure!

Plus the temps topped out at 95 vs yesterday's 104. Average temp today of 87. I just may need to start forcing Gina out of bed earlier on the weekends.

OK OK! Along with the bad, I must report the good, homeless related. As much as they annoy me and I would like to see them moved to another state, some dude actually said something nice today. He can stay in California but the rest have to go to Colorado, Detroit, or somewhere else ha ha! I was pushing hard on the last stretch trying to keep my average at 17. I saw some dude sitting on a beat up bike on the side of the road looking at me. I gave him a dirty look as if to say, "F with me and I'll rip your throat out!". As I approached I noticed he was still looking at me, then he shouted," cool dude, you're looking strong on the bike!". Dammit! Now I can't say anything bad about the homeless today! :-P

I did start an hour and a half earlier trying to beat the heat. Plus Gina would not ride today so it made it easier to get out the door before noon! :-P

Ran into Tony and his buddy at the pier.  Snapped a pic along with a few chicky pics! :-P

Still a bit hot after the ride.

Some people ask how I transport the bikes. Just a bonus pic.

Nothing like a good volleyball game!

See, I do take scenic pics. I got a pic of the pier!

OK, what pier ?

This chick has some biceps, doesn't she?

I still can't figure out why women ruin their bodies with tats, oh well!

I still can't figure out how mature women can have such big firm looking knockers. OK, yeah I can!

Saturday, May 20, 2017

The Frying Pan and Super Trooper

44 miles,15.4 average, 104 degrees max according to the Garmin, average of 95. What is going on here? A few wet days at 60 then a freaking frying pan at 104? :-O

As soon as we started the ride, I could feel the heat in my bones. Not really hot yet in Anaheim but I felt it coming. My arms felt fatigue setting in after only 5 miles or so. Once in Yorba (we head inland first) it was over 100. Garmin said 102 at the time but it did get hotter!.

Doing pretty good till we got back to Anaheim, Gina really felt the heat. I thought she was done and actually thought about turning back since we were only two miles from the truck. She was really heated but then told me to pour water over her head to cool her off. I did, 3 bottles to be exact. At that point I was wishing she had something else on. Ya know, the wet t shirt contest ha ha! Well none of that today but it was fun pouring water on her head! :-P

We did make it to the coast and boy did it feel cold while the Garmin was reading 90 degrees ha ha! I was actually feeling a chill in the air. Gina is a Super Trooper so she made it. I will say both of us suffered though, I'm still getting over whatever bug I had/have and the lungs are not feeling happy. Maybe it was the heat, I dunno but it was a sufferfest today!

Gina hadn't plan to ride tomorrow so on the way home, I asked if she wanted to ride after all. Heck no! Ha ha ha!

Started with Jose then Don joined us for the return. I think we were all pretty hot at this point., Poor Don, he has to ride all the way back to Yorba while we turned off at Orangewood as usual.

Gina's Charlie fell off couple weeks back so she replaced that one with a blue one to match her bike!

Chuck wondering what the heck he did to deserve this ha ha!

We rolled around this guy then he hopped on for a few miles. At least he said thanks! Cool!

3 bottles of water on her head!

She's up and ready for more!

Of course the inconsiderate stupid thoughtless homeless a holes are blocking the trail all day long.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Tour De Mucus

So I was sick all last week, that really sucked! I don't know what the heck it was, felt congested, coughing then spent 3 days in bed shivering and sweating like a dog ha ha! Aching aging old body but felt a bit better on Thursday. Now I feel a bit congested but loose inside. So I was hoping to ride today to blow everything out. Meh! Coughed a bit and breathing was tough at times but I did OK. Didn't get the hacking of the mucus like I wanted but I think it did me some good. Much better than laying in bed with the chills.

So today Gina and I did 44+ miles with Jose. 16.1 MPH average. We stopped at the Honda Center as usual for a tinkle break. Hey, it's a long bumpy drive to the trail head ha ha! There we ran into Alex for a few minutes. I caught a pic of him when he was unaware. I took a second one as he laughed. Much better pic with a smile than the serious look while texting. So yeah, I'm going to post the good one!

Then the other Jose (Jose R.) rode up with his buds Yen and Jack. We had a brief chat then we all somewhat headed out. Jack wen the other way so we kind of somewhat tried to stick with Jose and Yen. Though I had planned an easy recovery get over it type of ride. Gina was hanging pretty good but as we left the HC, a small group of riders rolled by. I wasn't sure if Gina could hang if they picked up the pace. They seemed to back off a bit so I thought we would be cool. But once they slowed down, Jose R. and Yen went around and lifted the pace. I backed off wanting a recovery ride then watched them drift away. Then Gina says she could have held that pace if I wanted. Well darn, now you tell me ha ha! But it was a good decision. Gina hadn't been on the bike much and I was sick so we did our own. Really paid off in the later miles as I usually figure. After 40 miles, Gina started to fade on the return, the last 4 or so, so it was a wise decision to hold it down at the beginning.

Did see the Legend roll by with a buddy. But no Bad Bob. Hmm, maybe he had already got in his double century for the day! :-P

So I pulled to Yorba Park, then back to the soccer field area then let Jose take the front. I felt good but my breather was starting to get scratchy so I figured I'd let Jose do some of the work. We arrived at the coast shortly after Ron and Dixie. We saw then roll by when we stopped at Edna so I figured we were too far behind. Stopped for a chat at the coast then Don and Tony rolled up.

Almost didn't recognize Tony in his race kit. We're used to seeing him in a more casual get up so this one threw me off for a few seconds. Don rolled up and though had planned to roll out earlier, decided to wait a few minutes for us to hit the road.

We all headed out together but soon Ron and Dixie were leaving us behind. I noticed Gina was starting to labor to keep the pace so I backed off and waved Tony around. He loves to go fast and is pretty strong. I think that race kit made him a little faster too ha ha! We got back to the parking area a few minutes after Ron and Dixie. That's when Ron said, "we couldn't keep up with your friend Tony!". That's when I decided I better invest in a kit like Tony was wearing today ha ha! :-P

Don kept up with us on the return and even pulled ahead for a while after Gina faded on the short hill after the 405/605 freeway. I can never get that dern number rights, well one of those freeways. He was doing very well but after Gina recovered, the 4 of us we managed to regroup (Me, Gina, Jose and Don).

Gina actually did very well whipping out the 16.1 average speed today. It was a bit windy with a stiff headwind so I was happy with her ride. She did fade about the last 4 but hey, she still passed a dude who tried to keep ahead of us once he noticed us rolling up on him. Took us a while to pass him but we did then he tried to keep up and Gina was able to pull away so hey, it was a good day!

Gina insisted I take a pic of this tree at Yorba Park. She said it looks like some kind of animal head around the knot area. She said it looked natural and was not a carving. Now that I have the pic at home and see all the other carving in the tree, I'm thinking someone carved it. Looks like a donkey head or something.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

SART Big Freaking Mess

Man, the trail is getting so bad now. Not only the druggies pissing, throwing crap, trash, and junk on the trail but the volunteers make it dangerous for us too. I can't count the times now I have seen vehicles driving or parked on the trail blocking the path. On Saturday, I saw two cars parked near the spot where the fire that was started by the homeless. Yeah, I guess it was important enough to the volunteers to get a look that they had to drive on the trail and park. Bunch of idiots!

About 2 months ago, we were heading out from the underneath the junk, crap, low life infested underpass and upon exiting, came across one of the volunteers driving a van parked across both directions/lanes of the trail. Plenty of cyclist stopped to giver her a piece of their minds. I'm just surprised at how stupid some of the people can be. Not to mention inconsiderate!

Couple weeks back, a big truck and trailer stopped and blocked the entire entrance at Orangewood. Cars double parked, blocking the fire hydrants, making it impossible for  cyclists and joggers to make their way through safely. Yeah, trying to get across the street there with the volunteers double parked and traffic in both directions trying to work their way around the volunteers mess. They're making it more dangerous than ever.

But I see the plan. Feed the stray cats here in this area so they don't go set up camp in their neighborhoods. Yeah, have a heart, give them food, but sure, they don't want a bunch of druggies hanging out in their back yards.

Cars on the trail. At least one idiot was smart enough to park on the side. I'm guessing if I drove my truck on the trail, I'd get a ticket.

But that is the beauty of this whole mess. No rules, no laws, no consideration for the contributing to society people. Heck, loose dogs, no rules. I got a ticket for letting my dog out in our front yard to take a leak. The yard was gated but the gate was not closed so I get a freaking ticket! Yet these people have a free for all, including the volunteers, No sense of direction or rules on the trail.

Just south of Orangewood, there is a big camp down the way from this image. There are white lines striping an area a few feet off the trail. Seems they put it there so the homeless would set up their tents a few feet back making it safe for trail users. You think they would at least follow that direction but nope! Stupid idiots have their tents right up to the trail then park their bikes and shopping carts on the trail making it difficult for trail users to get through safely. And let's not forget their loose dogs that run across the path at will. Total mess! Like these idiots. Clearly they can see their crap is an obstruction, do they care? No, they're just sitting there smoking dope waiting for their next free meal!