Tuesday, May 2, 2017

SART Big Freaking Mess

Man, the trail is getting so bad now. Not only the druggies pissing, throwing crap, trash, and junk on the trail but the volunteers make it dangerous for us too. I can't count the times now I have seen vehicles driving or parked on the trail blocking the path. On Saturday, I saw two cars parked near the spot where the fire that was started by the homeless. Yeah, I guess it was important enough to the volunteers to get a look that they had to drive on the trail and park. Bunch of idiots!

About 2 months ago, we were heading out from the underneath the junk, crap, low life infested underpass and upon exiting, came across one of the volunteers driving a van parked across both directions/lanes of the trail. Plenty of cyclist stopped to giver her a piece of their minds. I'm just surprised at how stupid some of the people can be. Not to mention inconsiderate!

Couple weeks back, a big truck and trailer stopped and blocked the entire entrance at Orangewood. Cars double parked, blocking the fire hydrants, making it impossible for  cyclists and joggers to make their way through safely. Yeah, trying to get across the street there with the volunteers double parked and traffic in both directions trying to work their way around the volunteers mess. They're making it more dangerous than ever.

But I see the plan. Feed the stray cats here in this area so they don't go set up camp in their neighborhoods. Yeah, have a heart, give them food, but sure, they don't want a bunch of druggies hanging out in their back yards.

Cars on the trail. At least one idiot was smart enough to park on the side. I'm guessing if I drove my truck on the trail, I'd get a ticket.

But that is the beauty of this whole mess. No rules, no laws, no consideration for the contributing to society people. Heck, loose dogs, no rules. I got a ticket for letting my dog out in our front yard to take a leak. The yard was gated but the gate was not closed so I get a freaking ticket! Yet these people have a free for all, including the volunteers, No sense of direction or rules on the trail.

Just south of Orangewood, there is a big camp down the way from this image. There are white lines striping an area a few feet off the trail. Seems they put it there so the homeless would set up their tents a few feet back making it safe for trail users. You think they would at least follow that direction but nope! Stupid idiots have their tents right up to the trail then park their bikes and shopping carts on the trail making it difficult for trail users to get through safely. And let's not forget their loose dogs that run across the path at will. Total mess! Like these idiots. Clearly they can see their crap is an obstruction, do they care? No, they're just sitting there smoking dope waiting for their next free meal!


  1. is this near Angels Stadium ? I hear it's really bad there.

    1. Yes, near the stadium. They started a fire right next to the big A last week. But the mess is spread about 1 mile north of The Honda Center as well as 5 miles South as far as Warner. Lots of camps on the opposite side of the riverbed but right on the trail in the stadium area. And growing! :-(