Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Chapel Of The Wild Wood Local Ride

Well I remember it by that name though I think it has changed. Pretty good little climb at the top of Euclid Ave. I rode up San Antone, across 24th then up Euclid to Mtn Ave. 800+ feet in 4 miles or so, good little gain. After nearly 90 miles this weekend I was worried about doing it but now it seems a bit more tame than going straight up SA with that 17% at the top. The chapel hit 12%, maybe 13 at one point but didn't seem as rough as I remember it. Jut a bit longer than SA.

Anyway, about 13.5 miles with near 1,200 ft gain. Nice little workout. The thing that makes it hard is being straight out of our doorstep, no warm up, just climb ha ha!

Made a video about it ha ha!

Monday, April 24, 2017

Headless Horsemen (The Legend & Bad Bob)

I only got about 4 clips on Sunday and only one was worthy of posting ha ha! Bad Bob and the Legend heading the opposite way shouting ,where's Gina!?".

I messed around with it and tried to make it look like their heads vanished ha ha! Didn't come out as good as I wanted it to come out, my editing skills suck but hey, it's something ha ha!

The image in the video!

Sunday, April 23, 2017


44 miles with Aimee at 16.3 MPH  average speed. It was freakin' windy today! The forecast when I got home said 16 MPH winds but it felt stronger once we got near the coast. I was pushing hard and doing only 13.5 MPH into the wind on the last couple of stretches.

I had planned to go easy today but felt pretty good so I just went with it. At Enda Park heading into the wind we still had a 16.0 average. I figured we could keep up the 16.0 and cruise back easily and top yesterday's 16.2 average.  All was well till we hit the soccer fields then BAM! I think we dropped to a 15.5 by the time we hit the coast. Luckily the tailwind back helped us big time and without too much effort, we pulled in a 16.3 today.

Gina's son showed up on our doorstep today about 8 am unannounced. So there went her ride plans. She ended up staying home with him or a visit.

I did see Tony and his buddy roll by. Later we saw Greg and Bad Bob. I managed to catch them on video. SO maybe I'll mess with the clip later and see if I an come up with something goofy to do with it ha ha!

BTW, why do people riding think you want to race them every time you pass them? Today Aimee and I rolled by 3 people on hybrids. Looked to be a family of 3. Father, mother and a 16 year old kid (guessing age). Saw them about 1/2 mile ahead somewhere back around Tustin Ave. Later we passed them right at Lincoln. I was polite, rang my bell, said onyerleft then made the pass. 10 second later, the lady shouts, "C'mon let's GO!!!!". Her hubby blows by, she blows by then her teenage son. Um OK! Aimee and I were doing about 17 maybe. Her son blows around us then pretty much cuts me off then slows to 14 blowing his wad withing 30 yards or so. OK, if you are going to slow that suddenly, don't cut in front of somebody. He could have taken us down with that stupid move.

Mom gets a bit further then fades. Um OK! We just kept our pace then ended up rolling by her while she's gasping for air. I just kind of looked at her like, uhh yeeeah OK! I know Aimee is competitive so if I had said let's blow by them, she would have. But what for? It's more entertaining keeping the same pace then watching them fade looking like a fool when they can't even hold the same pace they saw first time around when we passed. Father did a little better. He got about 3/4 of the way down the Lincoln stretch. He started bopping and bouncing around so I knew he was tired. We rolled up on him like nothing too, once he faded. Then he hopped on the back. I thought about lifting the pace just to blow him off Aimee's wheel but I just let him hang. Sure enough, a minute later he was dropped.

After the were gone, Aimee and I just looked at each other like WTF was all that about?  I don't know, just can't figure out these fools ha ha! Wish I had caught it on video.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

SART Saul & TBennett With Gina and Aimee

44 miles @ 16.2 MPH average speed with Gina and Aimee. Well today was a nice day. Started out warm but cooled down a bit near the coast. Again, a headwind but not a killer headwind like the last couple of weeks.

Saw Ron & Dixie at the start but they had to jam having plans later in the day. Later we ran into TBennett (hope I spelled it correctly). This guy is cool, always a pleasure to meet for a chat. We talked about our Cannondales, the Deep V strong wheel suggestions I offered up years ago, and his kids who are now growing up quickly. I won't give too much info on the kids but one is on his first date tonight! It's OK, as long as he rides his road bike with his Dad, he's still a cool dude ha ha! I remember meeting his kids years ago. Man, I am guessing they were like 4 years old. I met them one day and boy they were excited to meet Mr. Beanz ha ha! See, some people appreciated my pictures ha ha! We need more good kids like that! :-)

At Edna Park we ran across 3 dudes. One was pretty friendly with a greeting. I had seen his ride partners before on the trail but never really met. So then later we ran into the friendly dude again at the beach stop. We started chatting a bit then he says he recognized me from the trail. We had a few quick words as his partners rolled out. But I did talk him into a picture with his bike and a short video greeting. His name is Saul and the other guys were his brother and father. Maybe next time, we meet them too, and......take  picture! :-P

Bad day with the recorder ha ha! I saw like 4 people go by I wanted to get but missed them all as they were one right after another and took me by surprise.

I did get Ron and Dixie rolling the opposite way, T. Bennett, and Saul on the video.

                                                                   Almost to Yorba Park

Hmm, this dude left the park just as we did. He took off rather fast but later we caught him so he hopped on the back for a while. He hung for a while but then fell back somewhere,

TBennett and his cool Cannondale 

Saul at the beach stop

I was getting tired so I let Gina take the front for a bit

What whaaaat! 

Inline skaters out today!

On a tandem with her hubs. But honestly, do we really care what he looks like, ha ha!

Lots of little kids out today!

Good news, drought must be over. They turned the showers back on after like 2 years!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Boy In Da Hood

NO, not the movie, just me riding around the hood! 13.2 miles 1220 ft of gain. Right from the doorstep I went straight up San Antone  past 24th, to Mtn Ave then down Euclid. By the time I got to Mtn Ave, I had 800 ft gin in 4 miles. Not much of a warm up ha ha! Especially considering I was carrying all that extra weight of my Incred-i-bell ha ha! 80 degrees so it was nice! Supposed to be 90 this weekend. Should be a nice weekend!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

SART Easter Sunday with Gina

Well just me and Gina today. 41 miles, windy miles, again! I could feel the wind blowing like yesterday. Not sure which was worse. But today Gina looked very strong. On the way to the coast she asked me if I wanted her to take the front knowing it was windy. She said she would give me a break for a bit. Wow ha ha ha! That's more than most the guys I ride with. They will hide at the back and avoid taking turns into the wind if they can ha ha! Gina stepped up but I told her it was OK, I wanted her to have energy for the return.

She did have some energy! Heck she rolled right on by me a few times and up some of the little ramps. She did very well so I can't complain. NO falling behind, no lagging, no calling me bad names, another good day ha ha!

Well, other than the homeless dogs running across the trail in front of a bunch of riders, and us!

Gina bird watching

This is the bird she was watching. Pretty colorful seagull! :-P

No ordinary seagull

I tried for a pic of my Ultegra label on the hub while rolling. OK not really, but I got it!

Gina dropping me again!

Not into tats but I told ya, Summer is coming!

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Almost Solo Saturday

Rode alone since Gina was busy today. Ran into Bad Bob who turned around and rode with me a bit. Somewhere around the soccer fields. He rode most of the way back with me to the last underpass before the coast. Pretty windy ride today. 44 miles 16.8 average.

On the return, I ran into Mark Somewhere near Warner. Stopped for a chat. Wow, with the wind on the way to the coast, I thought I would have a tailwind back but sure didn't feel like it. I could see the leaves on the ground blowing my way but it sure felt like a headwind while I was rolling. Strange side wind I guess.

Saw Ron and Dixie as well. Just happened to have my camera out when they rolled by. Also saw Dona and Frank along the road too.

                           Can you figure out the Mark pictures below, the difference? :-P

                                                                    Bikinis are coming!

Mark with Mr. Beanz

Mark without Mr. Beanz

Here is one thing that is frustrating! The volunteers who go out there and keep encouraging those homeless drug addicts to continue gathering out there making things dangerous for the rest of us, don't even have any consideration for the law, the rest of us, and our safety.

Last couple of weeks, these people have been here, double parking, blocking the fire hydrants, and making it impossible for cyclists to squeeze through the mess they are creating. Yeah, double parking, blocking fie hydrants, and creating large crowds of drug addicts to gather on the trail blocking safe passage for us cyclists. It would be a little better if they tried to organize some kind of system so that they didn't put us in danger. They feed these inconsiderate druggies right on the trail edge causing large crowds. People wandering without paying attention, volunteer playing catch with footballs, loose dogs running around while thousands of cyclists try to make their way through on the trail. Maybe if these idiots moved when you alerted them with a bell or verbal warnings. But they don't they look at you like they own the trail. Must be from all the taxes they pay, yeah right!

Like I said, these drug addicts are out there because they want to be. No rules, no laws, no consequences. Just like their everyday life  here on earth. Just here to make things hard, unpleasant  for the rest of us who actually contribute to society.

Free food, free clothes, free living and now free showers while they block the streets, hydrants, and walkways making things tough for the rest of us!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Wednesday Local

Solo ride around the hood. Up San Antone, to Mtn ave, down Euclid then back up a couple times. Just looking to gain 1500 ft. My legs were very tired on Monday and Tuesday so I was expecting to feel bad today. But hey, I felt great! cruising up the hills without much discomfort. Maybe I had a tailwind up the steep grades. :-P

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Much Nicer Sunday!

Another 44 miles (thanks for the heads up Ron! I had originally typed 4 miles. Ron sent me a message said, wow, all that in 4 miles? Ha ha ha!) but with a lot less wind thank goodness! 16.3 average speed. Gina did really well today, so did Aimee. Ran across Bad Bob but didn't get the shot. Saw Frank out there who rolled by us somewhere in Yorba. I managed to get a shot of him after he rolled by and dropped us!

Steve at the coast for a visit. Guy still riding and racing his inline skates at 77 years old. Wow. I hope I can still ride when I get that age, I'll be really pleased with myself. Great job Steve! He told me a few stories about his races and fast downhills at 40 MPH with no brakes and an opened road course. Dude must have nerves of steel riding in traffic racing at those speeds! :-O

A little tale of the inconsiderate homeless aholes out there. Yes, I believe some are down on their luck but as mentioned, most of them are just bullies and punk drug addicts out there for a free ride not having to follow any rules or obey laws that the rest of us have to follow. So riding through the area, there are people just sitting in the middle of the bike lanes. Ring the bell, shout out politely, they don't care. They look at you like F you! There are even lines painted on the grounds by authorities in an attempt to keep them back off the trail. They don't care!

So we ride through, loose dogs, extension chords, one guy even lifted the chord neck high as we were approaching. Idiot! At the Katella underpass, there is even a workbench wooden horse type fixture blocking half of one lane. No reason at all, nobody working on it, for what? Just to be ass holes!

So these inconsiderate low lives (not all, but many) leave their crap there just to be assholes. Not to mention kicking rocks and glass onto the trail hoping to flat the tires of passing cyclists.

Annoys me but I make it through. Then I get to the beach stop and chat with Steve. Yes, the 77 year old inline skater. He told me that he avoids the area now. One day he was skating down that way. Someone had kicked a bunch of rocks and dirt onto the trail. He was skating by, hit the rocks and took a dive. What do the homeless do? They start clapping, cheering, and laughing because he fell! How low life is that? Poor people just looking for a better life, right!

So on our return, I am riding with Gina and Aimee through the area. Strava will show we cross paths with 150'ish riders so it's not like it's not a traveled trail. We approach the area and some punk hops off his skateboard and leaves it right in the middle of our lane. I ring my bell, avoid the asshole with his bike flipped upside down, working on it in our lane, see the guy about 30 yards ahead, ring my bell and really didn't notice the skateboard till Gina shouted, "watch the skateboard!". It was in the shadows of a tree and being grey in color, I did not see it. 10 yards away I finally see it and shout for the guy to move it. We were moving slowly at this point, maybe 10 MPH. The guys just looks at me!

OK bitch, want to play that way? As we roll by, I unclip, perfect shot, I get my foot under his skateboard on the roll and flip it up off the trail and it goes flying into a tent. OK, now I got his attention! We just keep rolling and he starts shouting. I couldn't hear what he was saying but really, keep your crap off the trail and that wouldn't have happened. Aimee said he was shouting something like I can't believe you did that blah blah blah!

The way I see it, I can't believe he would do something that dangerous to cyclists. I had 2 women with me you punk, you could have hurt me, or worse the women that were riding with me. Keep your shit off the trail and I won't bother it!

                                                Fabulous Frank for the "Pass and Drop"!

Mike and Joaquin


Saturday, April 8, 2017

OK I Got To Whine Ha ha!

44 miles today with Gina, Aimee, Jose then Joaquin joined us after 32 miles or so. Why did he catch us? Aimee who never flats, flatted. So I couldn't sleep last night, only got 2 or 3 hours sleep, got up to ride, then Aimee gets a flat. So I fix it for her then we hit the road. THEN the wind hits! What a tough ride to the coast. Gina was doing well but then Joaquin took the front after Edna Park. I didn't want him to but he did. I wanted to stay at the front for the little up and down section south of Edna so that Gina would be OK as that is the section that gets her. Trying to sprint up a few little hills one right after another did take it's toll and since she hasn't been on the bike all that much, she faded a bit. But she later recovered so it's all good. I just like to set the pace at times so that she doesn't have to put in that little extra effort to keep up. Makes it that much easier. But we did get help from Joaquin and Jose for about 50% of the WINDY trip to the coast.

Garmin said 15.2 average which was good with this monster headwind but Strava gave us a 15.0. They do that once in a while so I'm thinking about revoking my membership ha ha!

                                               Little taste of today's headwind


Few seconds after fixing Aimee's flat. Extra workout, thanks Aimee. She did say your welcome after the ride ha ha!

Joaquin's new wheels


Check out the sand storm at the beach!