Saturday, April 8, 2017

OK I Got To Whine Ha ha!

44 miles today with Gina, Aimee, Jose then Joaquin joined us after 32 miles or so. Why did he catch us? Aimee who never flats, flatted. So I couldn't sleep last night, only got 2 or 3 hours sleep, got up to ride, then Aimee gets a flat. So I fix it for her then we hit the road. THEN the wind hits! What a tough ride to the coast. Gina was doing well but then Joaquin took the front after Edna Park. I didn't want him to but he did. I wanted to stay at the front for the little up and down section south of Edna so that Gina would be OK as that is the section that gets her. Trying to sprint up a few little hills one right after another did take it's toll and since she hasn't been on the bike all that much, she faded a bit. But she later recovered so it's all good. I just like to set the pace at times so that she doesn't have to put in that little extra effort to keep up. Makes it that much easier. But we did get help from Joaquin and Jose for about 50% of the WINDY trip to the coast.

Garmin said 15.2 average which was good with this monster headwind but Strava gave us a 15.0. They do that once in a while so I'm thinking about revoking my membership ha ha!

                                               Little taste of today's headwind


Few seconds after fixing Aimee's flat. Extra workout, thanks Aimee. She did say your welcome after the ride ha ha!

Joaquin's new wheels


Check out the sand storm at the beach!

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